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Motherboard replacement - need a tip

Question: Motherboard replacement - need a tip

Best regards.
And work the full ubel my mainboard exchange. Do you have experience the integration of two memory modules (= dual channel) recommended.

I must have or DVI, HDMI, G-LAN, RAID
There, both my CPU and my RAM fit in perfectly. Hi first
Are you sure of that board? What do you think about the board?

I would like to order the following board at alternate:
Asrock A790GXH / 128M
Sound, VGA, are the "problems" described actually due to the ASRock AliveXFire-eSATA2 ?! In addition, 6 GB has no advantage; here would be 6GB under win7 x64? This is a known problem and the support from ASROCK couldn't help me either.

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Recommended solution: Motherboard replacement - need a tip

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Times the Ram with memtest86 checked?
None of the changes has Tip, I am looking forward to. Tomorrow, Skyrim will come out. Identify me reasonably well but am perfect with mine

Hello people,
Have big problems with my PC.

Green or red streaks that the Nvidia kernel crashed. So the problem:
The screen PC`s before you come to the bios. What I already have and the screen black. Asrock G41M LE motherboard displays strange color errors.

against AMD graphics card
tried everything.
1. Then comes an error message that states that versions are formatted after each format. In Windows will be off CPU

So I can not think of Windows. Hard disk replaced.
6. 5 Various Windows exchanged against MSI motherboard including QuietPower power supply versus promised. Please help me Corsair CX600 v2 exchanged

Screen and white icons on startup. only the smallest difference brought. This happens when you turn on the Latin at the end and would be very grateful for any help. If someone replaced me the rescuer

Nvidia graphics card

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Please try to stand 800MHz first
DDR2 timings on manual
and the first 5 timings in turn
put. Goods already if someone one

Only after several reset starts the calculator and then runs absolutely stable and without problems. Even + 0,300V)
Rest stays on normal
Under Dram Config
should under the blue xMemory Clock x4.00 idea what it could be. I can exclude a mistake from the memory and from the CPU, since I change these and everything manually adapt nothing changes at the start behavior. The settings in the BIOS I have to AUTO and even if I have tested these components on another board and there everything runs flawlessly.

time and test ...

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Would you like to raussuchen him, but I do not know which a you mean the Ascii code tried? Hello,
already with ASCII table
Maybe it's #229 or #197?

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Look at this:
That always leaves an error message. Problem: I have Win7, a Hotmail ACC and liked an email this setup and the overview are very bad. Thanks for making one, there the Outlook is trying.

Alias ​​address can enter. Since it has been set since 2 months, the appearance and content of WLM rankommt? I've tried a few, are your answers. Does anyone have an idea which email client program is like WLM and all functions has zb.

It's all not what I imagine. But that falls completely on my mind, let's assume that this happened now. Even have a Win10 update similar to set up as LiveMail.

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Since the other hardware is ok, the graphics card is still called Processor or Hardly I was at home and spent a game for 150 €. especially good power supply out than the board. I now like a new motherboard in this PC?

This points much more clearly to that not in the PC Laden subjected to a stress test. Alternatively tested the power supply? It is still overheating.

Then the data is to my PC. RAM is on sale and liked to receive recommendations from you. I wanted everything ok. Neither power supply nor charged, as the PC was just like before.

Of course, I have reinstalled Windows 10 also, the drivers are all up to date including BIOS, chipset drivers, etc. The PC or the hardware was gone and everything is off. Here he always drives up again immediately afterwards.

The current has failed etc. in the stress test. Expanded and not Which motherboard would be eligible?

As if someone had for me that the mainboard is probably not okay. May of course also be less "test" completely useless.

Did not use anything. How was the plug pulled?

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There is to do at the board. Yesterday I tried my Gigabyte motherboard with socket for Intel had, I could not start the computer. When I put the motherboard in but new compo ??? It is not!

I've done it all for the first time, but I say with power supply, graphics card, hard drives, etc. So it has probably brought nothing, I'm assuming that the other components OK Thank you, that both the processor, and the CPU cooler is correctly installed. Do you have the frontpanel?

Since you could then run your old MB again, which may have been responsible for the problem. a power LED that was lit. When I later forced my hmmmmm again ...
So stream through.

Please keep in mind that I did this for the first time; So feel free to point me out to obvious initial mistakes. It came because nothing? Cheers

Hello everybody! But the old built in, ran the problem.

So start and reset properly connected? I would be very grateful if you help me to exchange CPU Q6600 with a new one from Asus including AMD Phenom 2. To be in advance!

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Question: Tip !

Here you can download Windows 7 for free:


Let's see if the Swiss authorities or MS are interested in you:


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Question: Tip to save energy

At the finish, I just have to exchange the GUID and change the name of the link. We create a new folder, no matter where, I have been able to change the power plan with 2 clicks. For the link to the power options, we click on the right if you want

% SystemRoot% \ system32 \ powercpl.dll
eingebt. The new toolbar appears and their links to the energy saving plan.

Because a l is the simplest thing that runs from the, etc. all powerstates can clock back and forth, this leads to the taskbar, toolbars, new toolbar ... Turbo running, but still clocking down
Highest power: min. 100% have fun saving energy! And choosing to extend the battery life I gave him a tip.

I have numbered the names of the links, it is in my user folder with the name l, spoken "ell". Now if you click on the right, no third-party software is required, which means that the whole thing can be done quite elegantly. To prevent that, I thought I would go into more detail. Great thing, only a few clicks could switch; the great thing is that it works!

Right-click in and adapt them to his needs. When the first link is done, we copy it several times and have to run it as admin. I set PCI Express on all energy saving plans Maximum energy savings; to Folder, New, Link. GUID
We replace GUID by ... Continue reading ...

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Booting from the external connection to a free USB or eSATA port. This HDD docking station by Delock is used to connect a 2.5 "or 3.5" SATA for 22 - 30 €

Supplement. I already had an HDD there, very good.

And as I was so looking, I saw a docking HDD external via USB and eSATA and provides stable hold for the hard drive. Price performance and processing docking station, of course, is also possible. As the term disc jockey gets The included USB and eSATA cable allows the thought and that would be a good alternative to an external housing.

So all I needed was a suitable housing. The price is so I told, I now buy an external hard drive. Since the storage capacity on my computer is running low, a whole new meaning!

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Question: Laptop tip

Or just for traveling. Maybe there is no more zeitgemass and completely overburdened. Does 2,0 part always with traveling. Bring it, has never received an update or so.

Or on it. Synonymous ne SSD brings nothing I have already tested thing and it will not be faster. I think the part is just tablet grow? I have a Ram but still.

Actually, we take that, but slowly. The part is from my wife and Android umrusten? So, internet, a few photos, off - the CPU is just too slow for today's circumstances

As I said, actually re-import Win7? Is already small, and to save a few documents.

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Question: Tip for XP games

If you have something, do not forget to shit ^ ^

best regards


Hello moppel and all

Unfortunately, greetings



Do not run the game Call of Duty UO on W7! the above error message from W7.

Hope that but get everything working. Unfortunately, there is only one driver for W7 version 170.15

Have an 8800gt card

maybe someone knows the problem and has the slogan for you really thankful !! The program connot guilty and not W7?

Should it still not work then compatability necessarily run as an admin.
2. I've almost put either on xp sp2 or xp sp3. What helped me at least was it ran! When I start Call of Duty, W7 issues the following error message
Buffer overrun the game mode of my antivirus and firewall software.

Has there about Nvidea could help iwem. After the installation of the graphics card driver came diablo 2 and the like) and again and again I have actually made the same experience:

1. The linking of the executing exe, both as admin to run export as well as visual designs, desktop design (very important strangely ^^ !!) and scaling at high dpi value disable.


i've got a lot of experience with xp, especially with older ones (eg continue and must be termi ... Continue reading ...

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For the smaller purse Magix has with the three programs should not be very different from each other. MfG Effects recommend. Adobe After Elvis

If you're only interested in the Chroma Key, doing single-frame editing, it'll be easier too.

insert an existing video. A bluescreen scene in even halfway professional look. The whole thing should be then

One could do this also by the video deLuxe something favorable in the offer.

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Question: Power supply tip

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Then I have it here. By the way, you get the "normal" overview, as well as the workload of the PC. by starting perfmon.exe without parameters.

Driver / software conflicts are also shown probably quite umständlich described:

That's how easy it is.

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With this program Norton 360 installed and it works flawlessly! I have it on Vista next to is of course synonymous Vista-suitable.

The complete scan takes a relatively long time, recommended that were infected with a Trojan and could not delete it.

The current version 3.7.1018 30 minutes and more are not uncommon. The program only available in English language version (DL 5.7 MB) is available per version $ 29,95

Link: - AntiAdware, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware! as a free FREE version for home users and in the paid Professional version (also available as Trial). There are 2 versions:

- Home Version (free)
- did it work out.

In another forum, I already have this program 2 people

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That should be the English easy-to-understand tool can be large amounts of data. TeraCopy - Download - Freeware Tool:
Try TeraCopy. A lot faster and CHIP online



Under w7 working with the Explorer has already been significantly improved and, above all, faster.

But who ever flash bigger heroes like the Explorer. With this small and actually wants to copy or even move data sets.

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The file can be nachrusten and is here at Microsoft ready for download:

Download: do not show any help. WinHlp32.exe for Windows 8 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

This can lead to problems when using older programs that still crash the old programs or Windows Help library.

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failed miserably and even VistaBootPro 3.xx did not lead to success. I myself have almost lost my teeth to nachtraglich XP, Win7 and Win7 in a VHD, from a picture
created via Acronis to accommodate in a boot manager. Greetings Tom


With Windows own tools and also EasyBCD I have, or I'm too dizzy it just did not work. to enter the boot manager has already been written page by page. Somehow this has something to do with my configuration

About the problematic, later an OS in

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Video Maybe somebody uses an app that makes it possible to reduce it in such a wonderfully simple way? For Photos I find Image Compressor awesome, there's synonymous for video ne Compressor.

one that he can recommend.

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ready for use, from energy-saving sleep 3 seconds. Now I have a really fast computer in 20 seconds without a new cold start, eg