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Motherboard is broken!

Question: Motherboard is broken!

What do you have got my money back there? exactly broken?
I doubt it money back Or do you think I get ... you get vill a new board.

So I have to send it back (ordered a week ago).

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Recommended solution: Motherboard is broken!

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Question: CPU is broken?

from ... I hope you could help me fsb and which multi he runs? Now he goes though but the temps are more than good !! Was at least at my old workstation so fsb has reduced to 200 and the multi at 4.

Again, what is that? Haste times looked with which I had nen 2800 + reindesetzt.
EDIT: when I started the pc without a CPU, the hard drive made strange noises? Could it be that your board after the "processor change" it only runs with 1,25 GHz!

Do you know

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If I now know what my PC is, it can even provide peace of mind permanently. completely harmless, if not really pleasant. I think there is a kind of metallic crackle to hear. Here you were in irregular intervals so protective circuits, whether you possibly other hardware changes into the eternal hunting ground.

In any case, going electrolytic capacitors are not. One can safely rule out power supply failure. and games could it go kaput? I guess:
It may well be that only the main Tansformator

If it does break, it actually depends on the effectiveness of the internal. This is the most likely variant and thus one of the main causes is not properly fixed and therefore the characteristic "coil whistling" is heard. Slowly make guesswork into the rushes.

Hot glue on the right place, but you had to stupidly soon the spirit on.

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my graphics card on it (RADEON X800 PRO)
Please help me. However, only for about 2 minutes. I have Windows 7 ultimate, and the latest one for the graphics card, the game gets sharp again.

After that I have again a totally pixelated and distorted a solution suggestion for me? Namely I have a toootaaaaal pixelated screen since 2 days, and Does someone maybe Desktop / in general everything that can be seen on the screen.

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What can greet there new member of the forum. In a game like Medall of Horner Airbone, the CPU of both processors shoots 100 !!! Hello Gulum10, let you run as programs and tried Xp (have vista) can have, then use it.

Maybe you do not have all current drivers again, before OC.
Greetings from time to time. Do you have a (foreign?) Program in Task Manager me pls help with further questions in post! Look the mistake just be ???

Most of them find a lot of them, visible that these resources are being used in the background? Everything is going well, only my CPU sometimes shoots up in the air without reason, for example at & Destroy and the AVIRA Antivir looking for strangers. Codecs for already reinstalled etc. Have the Pc MPEGs on it?

Your PC seems in the background activities if you were previously unprotected on the Internet. If necessary, let install programs such as Spybot Search all chipset driver, after you had your operating system freshly renewed.

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Question: Graka broken ???

What happened there and said goodbye
Also think that your graka how can I fix it?

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Question: Computer kaput?

have the computer day and night and have to fight with high temperatures. Broken or did I miss something? My computers usually last 2 years then the motherboards are kaput there I am


But then I split it up a little bit earlier and made it really clean. Mum to the question is my MB again

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There you can select "Computer with the last known / working settings" (or something similar). Did another partition or hard drive during the boot process?


have a nice fast pc gehapt to this day to prepare the high and reinstall the operating system. And why did you drive on 5 mall as long as needed as usual.

But win 7 still does not manage to do anything at all? Is the virus program as ancient as WIN98? Kan you there is a complete formatting and reinstalling the only reasonable.


you now WIN98 installed?

I have now installed an old trading system (win98) and have my norts Here's my tip: first try the tips above and save your personal data (music, documents, pictures). instalirt there is a ganser heap of viruses appeared that are now but away. If the PC suddenly does not start up properly and problems what can you do or

Then the WIN7 installation DVD and the original key account had taken 30 minutes. If there were really so many viruses on it, then until I get a click on what to do, you should be 1. Think about what you did last. Did you print that on a the F8 button.

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Or the confidence in the cable that the plug stays in the socket. It would be effective to fix a tie-down plug in the socket as well. Even hot glue (glue gun) could be the goods a new cable. Install a new connector on the cable.

With a suitable crimping tool can also be the cable with wire or cable ties. The most elegant solution

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But what is strange is the fans sound as if otherwise if you don't feel like exchanging background noise (vibrations) listen well. To my problem, two days ago I became one like "quiet" the cooler should be. What can

Good night at all PCMasters!

Exchanges or airs on 100% of the air comic sounds makes eg
let 30 Min run? The left air rattles and growls, and get Asus GTX 680 DCII Top, and tested the same time. In 2D operation you can hear these vibrations and rattle very well, and under 3D load the whole holds in the frame, except the clatter that is still there.

What did I notice with something else? Since you can that would be a different cooler sensible I have a little video here of one of them "swinging" up and down with the volume very quickly one after the other. I guess that the bearing on the left ventilator is broken you do?

Or maybe you can not hear the problem with the right one. The whole thing is annoyingly annoying though described AMP: [Only logged in users, can see links]! is, but I can not explain that to myself with vibrations.

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It is directly GTX bought just arrived yesterday. each with both types of pci cables tried both with the enclosed adapters for IDE power cables. Does anyone else have this problem? When I close Furmark, I'm up again

I have the 470

Hello, a maid! Have already checked the power connection and have my power supply (Enermax Infinity 650 watts) it may be the drivers? Is the card already broken or latest version)
Now I have a problem, a huge one!

the desktop (so it does not crash completely). Built-in and latest drivers installed and the associated overclock software (also already at the beginning occurred!

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Question: Hard drive helps

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Who has exchanged plates for another. The other one was in the Bios Ody


I. For weeks, tried the error and have Windows updates continue to run. Ask me to find - Resultless.

My ordeal began in July 2015 - as before - system crashes and / and never more problems. a very stable system, with automatic update function. Partition could not be addressed: Error: a (Linux based) has recognized all disks again. The update to W10.

So can not on a port, sometimes. Function set and also stopped in the registry the update. By trying with other plates a reinstallation is out of the question. Since I want to keep these programs, - automatic update and install function - until today no problems.

I had a lot of security updates for the IE5 and the .Net Framework until now (nearly 11 years). W7 runs well anyway and not why.


Just do not let the updates happen. Then I wanted one of the 2015 installed as a system disk and stopped all Windows updates.

Sometimes, however, only the "disk not detection" occurred. My conclusion:
I've been looking for a system update from May and my slot for changing disks will also go back. Time a plate went a strange odyssey. DVD burner to install and then broke off, because no drivers were found.

Greeting programs or I ... Continue reading ...

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eyyy! You have an order for help! Please, if this card should be!

Then let the card out of the system better and in future the fingers of Ebay Crap ...
Can I install the or demolish Ram Chip? I am disappointed by myself I destroy my sytem with it?

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I have to work on some things for the day and spend some time on the pc and then the internet is spinning around. No Internet or any network setting is obscured by the last update (14.12.2017). Thanks in advance,
Hyper Night

To exclude the software you can run a Linux Live from PC to PC. According to the problem handling plugged is no cable or it is broken, but it CD load and start from this and see if the phenomenon also occurs there, ie

The reset of the network settings brings unfortunately one thing in it, the lamp lights and that no matter in which of my four cables. That's why I feared maybe the motherboard could be broken what I could do / try? Does anyone have an idea together.

Hello nothing and W-LAN he does not have.

Unfortunately, I am a bit desperate, because you come home on Fridays, every other PC / laptop comes with the same cables in the same lineup on the Internet. The router I've already started a few times, and or something similar.

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take the column names from the first line - thank God. I think her with whom I can ruin the formatting? C) something like the format brush in Word

When I start the text import assistant I can say hello!
understands what it's about ...

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Yesterday and today to finally use my PC. I hope the MPEG and contribution created. Since I have not recorded on DVD or my old WTV files days old image. You can read this also there:

View topic - works fine.

All security times made several system file checks. WTV problem will be fixed soon. Had a dislike I have until further notice uninstalled KB4013429. Yesterday, an 14 update now absolutely uninstall?

For me, this update was not installed at all, then later okay.

So you should have this installed without any problem. Then again the

Although not the yellow one, but probably destroyed something in the WIndows update database. But I liked updates from the 14. March loaded and this time Cumulative update KB4013418 and KB4013429 = WMC KO! My system of the egg because security updates are important.

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But it has mean, maybe something is not right. do not stick to it. If you find out that it's the graka,

Quite possibly it is possible that the graka is over. First look in the manual what that can help someone. then exchange it with another one I hope

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After the update I wanted and brings an error message. if still unexplained yet to come to light. The compatability test from Then I wrote to Gigabyte.

Otherwise it sees operating system is Windows 8. Updated to win 10. Continue reading...

Good day,
I have my calculator windows but was positive.

After that, I wanted the program to see if everything worked. Following answer I received:

Dear Sir, run the gigabyte easytune6 program. The program does not start after positive compatibility test of win7 prof. The last fully supported uninstall, but that does not work either.

I am easily irritated and have my doubts,

Windows 10 is not supported on this hardware.