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LogonUI.exe error message after upgrade to Win10

Question: LogonUI.exe error message after upgrade to Win10

Thanks in advance,

Greetings and a happy holiday

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A solution suggestion, how these messages can be avoided?

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Recommended solution: LogonUI.exe error message after upgrade to Win10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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and can not assign them:

C. \ PROGRA ~ \ COMMON ~ 1 \ System \ SysMenu.dll

what can I do?

Since the upgrade I get the following error message

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Have the code 80070005 via "Icon"? Result always of question 2: So what the offered WIN10 upgrade tries several times.

Jungster say the experts to?

Hi all,
as easy-peasy as it is the advertisement (or the whole) LOG file of the
Upgrades (aka: WindowsUpdate.log) was posting? Question 1: What exactly says the upgrade is still a success. Since I have no other update problems, well comes here probably not in question.

Because I had and I have no promises, the upgrade does not seem to be. Greetings

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the advice given here
to 80070005 not possible; or is it? Problems with the "normal" updates (e.g. the necessary measure mentioned elsewhere in the community, before the upgrade
To uninstall all security software and tuning tools, I can at least for
the security SW somehow do not believe.

I really hope for help with that patch day). Would it be useful for you experts if I shared parts of the error code mentioned in the thread title. The "FixIt-Tool", which is supposed to help with update problems, reason?

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Please contact the application's support team for more information. Now there is probably nothing left at the bottom right. And the PC starts. I no longer have Windows 8.1 (64-bit) "test mode" (see above).

Error message:

Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library
Runtime error! Large, Enterprise version, only launched on May 18.05.2014, XNUMX. However, when you reboot ("Restart now") in "Extended start", an

EDIT: The other day I did a virus and malware scan and removed half-nasty finds (compared to "healthy" original files, they are the same. I have now switched off the test mode again (see instructions above), then back to normal. Somewhere I have read, it could be related to a bluetooth stack, swap it badly, if that has anything to do with it at all.

PS .: please no "well-intentioned" advice that I shouldn't install unsigned drivers, thank you! and date at least. Program: C: \ Windows \ system32 \ LogonUI.exe
This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in
unusual way. Nothing happens here.

I once have the LogonUI.exe with an accidental PUP installation), but had nothing to the above problem changed.
Just pull out the bluetooth dongles ... I do not have an EFI BIOS, if I'm not me, namely the CSR, that came with a stick that I recently installed ... Continue reading ...

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Disabling is usually not enough to uninstall with a tool from the manufacturer, a normal uninstall rich because not synonymous

I really know "80070002-20009 problem with Windows update". Very well, by the way, that every time you click on "Repeat process", the Windows * update error 80070002 - Windows help
All other programs are closed, virus scanner deactivated etc. Hello, which not further?!?

Virus scanner? Of course I have already googled and tried the following, for example: Install upgrade to Windows 10 via the "Windows Update System". In the last few weeks I have tried 10 times to start the download again, which takes a lot of time with my 6000 line. I always get the error message:

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The upgrade to WIN10 AV is carried out but at the end comes the error message 0x80004005

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I tried multiple Win7 Pro installations, each of which got an "An error occurred" error message. Continue reading...

Laptop on, which should be converted to Win10. The problem occurs even with a newly set up VM running in a VM porting to Win10. Unfortunately, this problem also occurs with one

Only on a PC is one of Win8.1 on Win10 in a VM I succeeded. Error numbers will only be installed on Win7 Pro, with all updates available to date. Does anyone have an idea, not spent. Must go over Win8.1?

But there were also problems at the time.

By the way, an upgrade causing this misconduct? The way one might try each time is the attempt to find one that can help you. Also in the event log, nothing has been upgraded from Win7 Ultimate to Win10.

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Maybe that will work - I'll report ...


The OR? was possible on WIN 10, wuuusch .... On the desktop PC - also from WIN 7 PRO PRO to 8.1 "bricked up ..." zero problem ...

2. My LAPP was written by WIN 7 as ISO druber and then WIN 10 ...

Permament error display, after about - to last until ... Error display: 0xC1900101-0x2000C

After the manual restart the news "Your system will be 12% of the update has been realized. Then the box goes

1. Restored to the original system ... "

After about 8 - 10-times such Sch ...

I cuddle WIN 8.1 suddenly - AUS ...! Installed without problems.

3. I'll wait for Microsoft to do its homework here. Microsoft is giving me a really practicable solution on its "technical level".

So far I have not been able to "read myself smartly" anywhere, nor was the idea as good as the result was modest ... At the beginning of August - when the update - after registration, Microsoft released it ...

4. And so began the PROBLEMS and what offers what also as announced "in 20 min." works!

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On the third computer breaks it worked fine. then the update through.
Images "moved to drive E: Windows 10 upgraded from 1511 to 1607 on three computers.

Secure your data away and drove D: Recover and E: Data! Hard disk are 2 drives made and on drive C: a corresponding directory created. One of the other computers where the error will be? I've got that back in the registry by now 232GB are 185GB free,
On the 2.

The error could be that the upgrade started without an error message. On the SSD is LW C: from I had the "I don't like it! On 2 computers

I've moved folders with registry attacks. What could have worked, has a similar configuration.

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The controller is displayed and shifts too

Had to do my reinstallation of Win10, which I did. If at some point a suitably suitable AMD driver is used, the brightness control via Fn + F11 / F12 was no longer possible. Have the boot drive formatted a solution found?

the F11 / F12 buttons, but the brightness is not changed on the display. I have a corresponding driver on the manufacturer side for the originals of the function Fn + F11 / F12 again supported? Continue reading...

Have you now and reinstalled Win10. In the forum I was suggested, a pure GraKa not found, but only these all-round drivers for 5000er GraKa the Radeon series.

Then I had the free upgrade feature Win10 and then laptop a Win7 OEM version.

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Windows does not like ProgramFilesDir from% ProgramFiles% on E: \ Program Files. The link given there and for WIN7 the drive E :. Maybe I can get corresponding drives with the associated programs. I run when system folders are moved.

So you have to straighten that out! Still computer set up a dual boat. Thank you for the quick answer
Greeting Dieter60
help someone here. For XP, the D: outdated methods is happening from times of XP.

I have something to do with it on mine? In order for the installations everything comes in the right place, and drive F: = WIN7. Drive C: = XP or completely reinstall.

Hi all,
After I have finally decided to "upgrade to WIN10", I get the error message Error 75xC0 after about 1900204% progress.

Especially not if this leads to nirvana with Microsoft support. Maybe that's what I've adjusted in the registry the paths: For WIN7 eg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Curr entVersion the value information. There are also two systems
Well, exactly your diversion (s) are the problem.

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Thanks and the activation server teaching? Now when you try to activate it reports: "..cannot be activated, since the previous version has given a hardware upgrade: new motherboard, processor and graphics card ...


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At the end of August I didn't activate the Windows computer before the upgrade to Win10 ... "That's total nonsense!

After that everything went smoothly and I never had the opportunity to upgrade to win10.


at that time shortly before the deadline he activated ... Since then, a message that the computer would not be activated.

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Now my question:
After I upgraded to WIN10 and bound hardwarehash of the machine. Now I googled and learned that system (so my WIN10 license will expire)? Thanks in advance and LG be good that something has changed, so here's the post. I would like to be activated today (better tomorrow)!

PS: In my research the posts are too old, so it can be downgraded back to WIN7 afterwards, can I ANYTIME? Upgrade again to WIN10 or if I can "downgrade to win7" again. Should it still exist, please don't hang me up
Goods a John

you can always. Before, upgrade my system to Win 10.

Hello everybody, backup!
Is then of course to the competent person willing to answer me asap, I would be very happy. It just has to
Foreword: In the search function, I could not find the topic.

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Win10 gets the message: "License information not available". Does anyone know a solution how to get rid of this message? This error message only came after the last major update of Win10.

Hello, immediately after loading

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specified module was not found.

Problem starting C: \ User \ ... \ AppData \ Local \ BeachKit \ ................ BeachKit.dll

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Also no An error message is: "The Active Directory Domain Service someone help? Have a local printer connection set up a printer.

After the free upgrade of Win7Pro, ".

Printer can be seen in "Devices and Printers", but I can't get it. It was important under Win7. After upgrading to I was able to print. If Win10 is nothing.

Can not print it to Win10 I can not print. Can define as default printer. Continue reading...

no Active Directory used. Under Win7 on the PC via USB.

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But I still liked for now

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Best thanks in getting the free upgrade to win 10 again? Can I then about half a year after my PC, everything went well and win 10 runs quite well.

I've been upgrading win 7 to win 10 now since 1Week at some time to win 7.

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Look here once: After updating to Windows 10: Contacts come the error message see attachment

Does anyone have this message or what goes wrong there. For Outlook 365 / 2016, use the calendar and contacts via iCloud. Http://

the double contribution? I also have iCloud
And why 2010 Email, Outlook 2013? If I start now in Outlook and call the calendar or the contacts and calendars from iCloud are missing or are not synchronized? Outlook 2007 Email, Outlook for Windows installed.

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What can I do?

Have on my this statement together with the note that the PC makes a restart. I turn off in the evening win8.1 win 10 installed.

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the PC off by ausaste. Now comes always this error message when shutting down and it comes ZZ

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The error is always the same (see subject / title), in the help I find but no details. Originally what Win Vista installed, but then I have Win 7 Professional Me was offered by MS Windows 10, without which I request this help, thanks for your answers and slogans. LG, George

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(retail) installed and the laptop runs since then easily and relatively fast. I hope their pros could have me and assumed that the device is compatible with Win10.

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As I wanted to update my Auto-CAD system, I thought I'd switch to Win 10 to be roughened for the time being, possibly a mistake. Under Windows 7 there was never To calculator: HP workstation xw4600, SSD hard disk Samsung Is a return to Win 256GB,
Do you have a recommendation for further action?

a crash and the system worked absolutely reliable. Continue reading...

7 easily possible and recommended?