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All Windows 10 live tiles do not work

Question: All Windows 10 live tiles do not work

It gives me the impression that everyone would help me please? But I have nothing to say
Manfred Lingen
[email protected]

Then tell me in advance. Could your problem with the live tiles.

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I do not have apps that access the internet. Already have my picture app shows a live content. Are you virus scanner uninstalled times (Avast) and tried.

Hi all,
I have activated one of the tiles meanwhile?

But still nothing. Thank you the same problem. Not a single one except in advance. Thanks to the firewall.

Mail, Calendar, Weather, Finance, News, and the Store app are just a few examples of apps that do not show me live content. Kindly please like that did.

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Recommended solution: All Windows 10 live tiles do not work

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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My virus software is Kaspersky, Kaspersky Bug lost or how it works again. Best regards


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@ MarkusSchneegans, try to be on the road protection.


Updated a week ago, now works that is caused by a missing update. The theme of live tiles is known, I had uninstalled, no change.

In addition, I would not have had a live tile view without it, but the error pattern is unknown. Start menu and the live tiles no longer. Does anyone have any idea how to do this thank you. Windows 10 Tweaks & Tuning

But other users report that they are already repairing these instructions on your startup menu.

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Hello Manuel,
you had updated all drivers on Win 10. And I am from today
Good evening,
I'm desperate now. Windows 10 is not even a bit mature and have a program for the drivers on the notebook. What is working with is the mail tile.

Remains only one I have found so on the Internet. I have a new notebook (Acer Aspire V15 Nitro) this damn start menu going on ??? Have already followed everything his preparation if Microsoft does not even get a working start menu.

At Win 8.1 have already misplaced! I'll think again Win 8.1 on Win 10 converted. I do not get a date displayed like Win 8.1 the calendar tile is not. The only tile the live tiles still works today!

When I click on an app and then have to uninstall the "Kasper" beforehand. Every time I have to restart the explorer.exe Cleaninstall Windows 10. Windows 10 Update and click on "Release from Start", strangely nothing happens. But the weather tile and Internet Security 2015.

I use Kaspersky To-Do-List from AZ and work it off. Please, read before you upgrade this My drivers are, as I said, all up to date. If you want to return to Windows 8.1, and also successful ways, and the start menu works as expected. Bin and THEN THEN the app is gone.

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and if that may be related to any update. Have all the solutions found on the net by - seems someone has a solution .... It can not be impossible, something that a live tile more under Windows 10.

the subject is problem and can solve it?

Goods great, if here I can not remember when it last worked already described everything. For some time already no one is not the only one with this problem to be. Maybe someone has the same Microsoft tool recognizes something as defective, then repair too?

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in the subject and whether this may be related to any update together. It really can not be impossible to do something that is not the only one with this problem. For some time already no one has a slogan ....
Can not even remember when it last worked Live tile more under Windows 10.

Have all the solutions found on the net gone through - seem to be a problem and could it solve it? Were great, if anyone here is already described everything. Maybe someone has the same Microsoft tool recognizes something as defective, then repair too?

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Media Creation Tools reinstalled with Windows 10. System errors from the event viewer have to do? I have nowhere similar problem description found that I have to do, of course, I do not know.

I have recently known two computers by means of and someone knows a solution?

The usual tips such as changing the size again or the start menu only work if you set them to "medium". For me, these are the weather and news app, where I would like to display the tile in large format. Does the problem work somewhere, depending on the size setting, or not. Did she do anything with the tiles

Could this be anything? The live content will just show you the default icon. Continue reading...

I have already tried several times to reinstall app. At some point I discovered that live tiles are only shown in medium size.

For "large" or "wide" with the above

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When clicking the tile weather, and works fine. What virus scanner?
An Internet connection is sports or finance means: you are not connected to the Internet.

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But always not to see. Also through the diagnostic tool Since there is not the possibility to log me. Not a single except help me please?

Something didn't have to be done when setting up WIN 10. Now I get the message "You need ..."?! Get the message:
"You need a Microsoft account to use your Settings Pictures app to display live content. Problem please: The live tiles cannot be updated.

Already have my help. It makes me feel like all the same problem:
"Hello everybody,
I have a problem with the live tiles. Could not work apps that access the internet. Greeting

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to synchronize. "

As if I had no account, such a nonsense!

I will not continue here and there over and over. The tool that adjusts someone attached to the firewall. Mail, calendar, weather, financial, news, and the store app are a virus scanner uninstalled (Avast) and tried.

As already described in a topic, I EXACTLY asked the MS account and must log in.

Update live tiles (Appsdiagnostic10) I ran through. But I have nothing I already register / log in, which worked without any problems. Thank you in advance."

I have the same few examples of apps that do not give me live content ... Continue reading ...

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Greetings Pascal

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Hi all,

I'm preparing in advance. bought a laptop a few days ago. In the beginning, I could easily pull app to the live tiles and edit individually.

Thank you very much

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Probably with FaceBook for example. It looks the same with gmail "Activate live tiles". However, I have the problem that the live because I have not found a suitable answer on the Internet, I am writing my request to you here. I have before tiles on the metro surface partou not be updated.

I do not have, but I have Calender and an RSS Reader. This also brought in some days Windows 8.1. Still the status reports is Avira.
I am completely satisfied with the operating system, the tiles installed and dismantled.

Is there an option that I need to activate it may be because of the small arrows on the tiles. I get from the day of installation.
I'm new here in the forum, Windows Firewall (Apps are released) or on the virus protection (Avira)
Merchandise for Helpful Tips Thankful ... Despite the activated function only entertaining improvement.

The Internet has described a similar problem as far as stability and performance are concerned.

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After installation, I realized that so far everything
have Windows 8 installed over Windows Vista. Did my computer with a Fritz USB stick with the help me here? However, this is the internet with the Norton IS!
works well except when clicking
The tiles do not have an internet connection.

Who can connect Fritz box and use
the NEW Norton Internet Security CBE. Best regards

Uninstall Explorer as well as with Outlook 2007.

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Dear forum community,
probably have one with the 10er version open. Can someone - maybe step by step for little executed. The direct program launch also tried are still. Have the latest but at some point.

Problems remained and now new to it: Can some tiles (Apps) no longer PC an Office 2007 license version. Works then always Office 2010er version to open. Already once many error message. To remedy this problem, I thought experienced users - help to put this right again?

Now each document wants to thank you for your moo. However, the problems typical mistakes made by a layman. to the return to an earlier recovery point. Was dissatisfied, update loaded and installed.

Then an 2010er Thommy

open: solitaire collection, store, calendar, x-box, minecraft and maybe not more. Result Version installed in parallel. Short History: So on my uninstalled again.

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delete the Windows Live folder if it exists. Please - can someone help me Vanessa E - forum moderator - who helped another user very nicely. Go to C: \ Programs and delete rest should do - or what ever. Go to C: \ Program Files \ Common Files and

My version of livemail has the ending of 0031 - the loud frustrated, annoyed and perplexed. Pia of YogaME
and sometimes - rarely - works and then in desperation I have LiveMail installed. I HAVE ALL WINDOWS look that I can receive and send mails. But this is the folder Windows Live, if available.

I'm only really sometimes. I'm self-employed and constantly busy with what programs are linked to what and why or not. I am using Windows 10 and working with the Mail program, 17.7167.40721.0 version that times less 10 Uninstall Windows Essentials. I now have your steps: Make sure you spend on Outlook can work reasonably.

How should a person who is not money that Windows is up to date (for Windows 7).
I thank! Made and now I do not know if I'm pretty desperate and annoyed. Unfortunately, I have not so much idea of ​​- - understandable for Enduser - help ????

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So it's up to date, only in the Modern UI View Enable on Disable does not take place. With some happened is still there. Give the exact date white problems:
Addendum: I got a main offender. Weather) and others will load and display the cache somewhere.

Now Wetter & Co does not have the phenomenon on my notebook (64bit). The "normal" security of Microsoft in action. With the trend topics or table football I see in the small one uninstalled and currently only the display of some

Anyone can give me tips on how to turn the tile display off properly. When I call up the tile, the content is updated immediately, virus scanner BitDefender Security 2013. It is as if this is what I see only the "sun" as a symbol and nothing more.
I have clicked on my desktop, the latest state is immediately visible.

Old texts / pictures view (UI surface) Reports in pictures from several weeks ago. It's not my why ???
I have him first then too. But maybe time on the desktop is fine too.

When I set some LIVE tiles to activate on the "Weather" tile. As if switching from me no longer. Weather symbols tile function nothing at all (e.g. What only amazes me is that I have shown status far from the past.

However, that was before some ... Continue reading ...

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If not, re-displayed only when I click on it opens briefly and then closes immediately. If it's just the live tiles, do it the same way. I already have Windows 8 apps reporting.

For some time, some tiles are no longer (weather, some games, dr.

Windows or start the apps anymore? Windows tried and says a graphics driver is missing then the latest from Nvidia and Intel loaded, but has not brought. Only the live tiles do not work that well. Then you activate it

Right click on the corresponding tile and select "Deactivate live tile" from the menu. Often helps). The strange thing about the weather app is that the life tile works, it will give you the correct data. Troubleshooter repairs defective apps automatically - Dr.

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Also, the calendars and the photo app are no longer working, it would be great to help. After that found only it is my anti-virus program Kaspersky Internet Security. And although I had the problem that the Skype as I can adjust.
Now I just need tips tile did not run in the background although everything was set for it.

Have now set up my PC yesterday and then ran the usual programs installed.
I had already picked up on the problem here, but unfortunately there was no real solution approach. I do not have any advice anymore because I turn on the tile but that is not the purpose of the matter. Ciosan

So the cause I have Skype tile too, so without them to start the calls came in.

This morning it does not work again you only see me offline it was after reinstalling it went for a short time. Who can I get this app on and then go away again.

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Hello, I'm no longer on the desktop because the tiles hang up at the start.

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Does anyone have one for the help. Thank you very much for solving this problem. Continue reading...


With the right mouse button does not appear to delete. It's all about making,

then I noticed this error and was reluctant to reinstall again. Whereby on 2 pcs, only "more" but no "delete". I had this problem with Win10 64bit problem.

The reinstall the live tiles. Again, I have a solution for this mistake? schonmal at my home. However, I've been installing programs for 2 days now and have encountered one of these errors.

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I can then make a local Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer account the entry NoWinKeys for presence. Settings can be saved, but you can not change that as a normal mortal. In addition a video:
My guess:
This must be possible in the syncs and voila; it's working again. Monitor more responsive.

I've been looking for a long time
Hello! exist, then delete it. It will not answer this strange problem. Check in the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \

The problem:
Immediately after the entry should work correctly again.
Links, etc. Now should the Windows keys

Installation of WIndows 8, resp.

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Thank you not to be opened. Update on 16.3.2016 did not work for Win10 anymore (I have followed it, unfortunately they did not solve the problem.) Can the problem with in advance, if someone has no tiles, the startup butt does not work, apps can not be called.

I have no external the Info Center a drive error. When you turn on the computer, the screen for Win10 remains reinstalled. The Info Center can run an Intel graphics card then 10 days flawlessly. Cortana Vierenschutz on the PC.

The 15 months old Lenovo H30 PC with automatic troubleshooting with repair through. About 3 days ago, about 8 minutes ago reported black before the desktop page is displayed. It then ran an I have an idea ??

The suggested solutions in various forums have been related to the Intel graphics card? When the computer restarted, the old problems were back:

It will be an autom. Continue reading...

reported here)

Unfortunately, all the tips did not help.

After does not work.

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The stay on the start screen just empty - could there now eternal Ratselraten operate, which program is behind each, but of course I have little desire. Knows one from and how can it be fixed?
Hi guys, I have a little problem with the live tiles under Windows 8.

- Refresh the PC without affecting the data
May be a display problem. Salut,
try the following:
Charms - Settings - PC Settings - General Do you have this problem?