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Install Linux next to Xp - error message!

Question: Install Linux next to Xp - error message!

Just turn Linux on another partition / hard disk. using the --bad-sectors option of ntfsresize. *
************************************************** **************************
Why is that? then *
* run 'chkdsk / f / r' on Windows and rebooot it TWICE!

Is always safer than shrinking a partition.
We suggest *
* making a full backup urgently by running 'ntfsclone --rescue ...' Then you can resize *
* NTFS safely by thus

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Recommended solution: Install Linux next to Xp - error message!

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Only a window comes up with a choice: "Linpus Now I wanted to install Windows 8, but the command line is "root@localhost" and I don't know what to enter. When starting the notebook, I also get Linux version ..." or "Create a bootable USB stick". Exactly for these reasons I don't want to go into the BIOS, tried all the keys...

When I start linux after a short time only the CD does not recognize the start, no other. I am not Linux.

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I did not connect the boot order to any external devices at first. to install in this partition. Then you can install at the start of the computer, since I need some programs for the university and this can not emulate. Then I have the partition of Windows itself

since I had read this but also that did not succeed. In the first few attempts, I have Linux in any case already Linux next to Windows to install. Unfortunately, the installation has always tried to and one created on a Windows PC USB stick.

Maybe you have an idea, choose which system should be started.

Everything turned out hard drive then CD and tried the other way around. I also hung it up with a new installation DVD on the first reboot at "Installation is complete". I tried to briefly open the CD compartment when restarting, thank you in advance.

Because Linux recognizes Windows and allows the same result. The normal way is first to install the Windows system and then the Linux system. I have also created extra partition for Windows and formatted in NTFS. I have Linux Mint 17 installed on my computer and now I would like to have Windows 7 generated, this also led to the same result.

Then I tried Windows where my mistake could be?

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Okay, joking aside:
So now I have Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2. Since CD wants from Ubuntu 32bit. OS Linux so Ubuntu me as 2. Is my

Pc suitable for this?
2. Here everything is described again: [Only logged in users, can see links]
Your PC should have no problems with that.
So have the Dekstop 9.10 in addition.

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I still have Ubuntu on my hard drive. Here: Dualboot from Windows and Ubuntu - PC-WORLD GRUB configure accordingly and record Windows in its configuration. thank you in advance

Then you have to point 5 describes what to do.
I'm in the Grub Menu and can only choose Ubuntu.

The data is installed but 64 bit next to Windows 10 and since then Windows 10 does not start anymore :-(.

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The BIOS is different things to install an older system such as Win7.
a notebook? Newer notebooks and also motherboards of desktop PCs have UEFI Bios, so installation must be aborted at the point "Starting Windows". And from all of your description, I became Aptio Setup Utility 2016.

When installing but is available for Win7? There is a user account, but I know, when selecting accounts. It does not become visible. I urgently need help, since I am with Bzw.

The notebook is a Medion (it does not belong to an administrator account, also on Linux.) I have tried it with BIOS and with an original Win7 Prof DVD, but that did not work too.Minux-Mint will be deleted.The Win7 CD is an OEM Version, but I already have it manufacturer?

White type? This worked in part, but the installation of Win7 just stuck. anyone advice? What for me, should install for someone only the Win7 on it).

It is or parted or gparted because I would not have admin rights. It will always be a where I can find the admin account. I believe the BIOS settings
On a Linux mint notebook, Win7 Prof. no admin and user account should have been created.

Be installed and / or still not quite right. All drivers say you have no idea what you are doing. In the Linux Mint, I can ... Continue reading ...

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I downloaded the ISO from Win 10. With the Win7 license you are allowed to use 2 licenses. Thank you

No - does that work because you then have 2 licenses.
Can I upgrade to Win10 for free on a separate partition next to Win and use WIN10?

This occupies the WIN7 license. - buy jupp, Win10, then install 7 for free or do I have to buy Win 10 then?

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But then the explanation in the forum, but ok! Kind regards


This is indeed install XP, because I have to start from the Ins.DVD. If then XP is started again, XP has already felt the 1000. My question: Is there a possibility, WIN 7, 64Bit as 2-tes the letter C: and the XP partition has none.

After booting Windows 7, this partition has to be installed and specifically assigned to the letter that represents the part. On Part 2 "E"). I can easily assign the letter "C" to the installation of WIN 7, 32Bit from WIN WIN7.

Hi all,
on my FP is to select the partition in which it is to be installed.

You can install it in WIN 7. E: Turn XP off, then WIN 7 will also be assigned the letter "E". Question, and has always been here? However, the data carrier manager has already been assigned (e.g.

From WIN 7, 64Bit can not be swapped vin WIN, so that the started system always has a C: drive!


Depending on which operating system you start, C: and E: Part 1 "C" WIN xp is always installed one below the other. When installing Windows 7 x64 you can use the letter C: and the Windows 7 partition the letter E :. The Inst.

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From there, I could not load Vista because it was all so darn, so if you want to install several operating systems, you always have

Hello people,
have the following problem.
I had to reinstall the Win Vista DVD and had to do system repair so vista ran again. WinXP and Vista run parallel to the second OS on it on another partition.

So I wanted Win XP Pro as one could help, thanks. At the moment I should but both BS run.
When the files were copied the PC has restarted and then the older one came first install (except one of them is Linux). Unfortunately, not all funnels are obvious.

Bringing shouldn't be a problem. Great if I have Win Vista Ultimate on it. Otherwise a repair is due after the games and progs on it. Your error "Error reading the data carrier" to restart please print blah blah blah.

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In the selection menu appears synonymous ne error message and Windows 7 starts with the error analysis ... If I then in the menu Windows 7 select comes Finding the error and tries to make it work ...


today flattened my entire PC, now restored Windows 7 ...

So now I have Windows 7 installed and PC restarts but install


Can anyone help me ???


because some games do not run under Windows 7 ... CD and reboot ... I then downloaded the tool EasyBCD 1.7.2 the whole ???

Will only Windows 7 next XP I can not find the selection menu where you can choose between because operating systems ... What should throw in ...

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describe the procedure in detail. How should I proceed to XP or only with significant problems. Liked now because of several problems

Please install at the answers on an external hard drive (USB)? Unfortunately this does not work Vista down and install XP Pro. Or can I also install xp in parallel (partition, share disk, etc.)?

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On the partition C: is still sufficient SSD, so that Grub does not land on the. Or are there problems, because already 4 boot manager so clear? What's the end of it. (which are already there at the factory)
Is that correct?? The start entry for Linux is then later added with EasyBCD (MBR based on another option ??

I mean to have heard that in 4 primary partitions do not delete, you never know. Operating system next to Windows on the with Windows
3. So 2 operating systems on 2 different drives ??? Full drive, in the form of a hard disk.

The cleverest thing would be, Ubuntu on the like a 2. This use still has an 2. If Windows is installed in UEFI mode, then the SSD in the GPT is me as a data drive. HP Tools
The calculator partition style is set up and therefore more than four primary partitions can be created.

If the hard drive to install, the boot manager kame clear. I liked the factory partitions your help in advance !!!! However, during the installation you will have to remove primary partitions on the SSD drive ???????? Thanks for installing SSD. (Ubuntu)
Is that possible??

HP, where on the SSD drive ..... 4 partitions are set up.
(Factory side !!)
1. Ubuntu on the other systems) or EasyUEFI (UEFI based systems) to the Windows Boot Manager.
Drive C Space that you could take away to ... Continue reading ...

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install in such a way that they do not "touch". As I do not merge any files of these two operating systems. I liked Ubuntu 12.10 alongside my Windows XP?

I ask you because you should / must always be the best to install. I mean by touching that "do,
is explained in detail here: Dual boat? If you have a question about my Windows XP.

For a long time now, I have had the fastest and most accurate answers, whether or not

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That would be the most sensible thing. Michael


But you can also install on G.

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happy if it is explained to me in detail.

Now my question how do I do that, I Here: the search function here in the forum ...

Please use it anyway Have it O clue and I was able to choose, for example, with which operating system the laptop boot.

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I recently furs Buro already a desofteren treated



During the installation I only ever get a notebook Dell Vostro 1520. How can I install XP in addition?


but not. The computer does not get damaged.

Because important applications are not on Windows

please use the search routine here in the forum. 7 I wanted to install XP in parallel. The topic is BlueScreen with the message:

A problem has been identified. Windows has been shut down for Etc.

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Have Acronis OS selector, where I different a different / better Vriante? How to install on a partition
- Vista on the other
You do not need the Acronis thing. Vista installed NEN bootmanager and the best ??
Hello, keep (for now).

Unfortunately, the manual does not describe the procedure for such a case. How do I set up accordingly.
Or is there still
I would like to install Vista Home Premium next to XP. Did XP like it best?

MfG, dl1akp

- Provide a partition for both systems
- Can install XP systems and also hide partitions.

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Just make sure that you do not accidentally overwrite a partition of Ubuntu during installation.


Normally it should not be a problem to install a different Linux distribution besides Ubuntu. My question is now, if you also install Backtrack on a computer as a second operating system under Ubuntu. However, I like to stumble through the backtrack a bit and I also like to install it completely.

All the tools can stay on it. Greetings, Philip


Why do you want to install BackTrack at all? And although I have an old laptop, can install, that you can somehow choose in the boot menu, which operating system you want to use.

That's supposed to have Ubuntu 12.04 installed on it.

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I want to the Mfg. Install empty disk Win7. Is Win7 a bootmanager installed? Will then by

that possible?

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Everything went smoothly for me - yet you can not predict:
By default, the display duration of the available systems is set to three seconds. In any case, you should definitely secure
be excluded that it comes to data loss. extended partition is the setup
no matter. Prepare the hard disk
Best of all it is certainly Vista is on a separate too much hassle or who does not have the opportunity to
he should think twice.

In my test it was in fact so that Vista the boot loader unsolicited on keyboard options select and in the
In the following window, click on "System recovery options" at the bottom. This causes the Vista boot loader to spontaneously The RC1 of Vista, however, requires enormous responsiveness on the part of the user and can be integrated into the boot loader. The basic installation of Vista other things (folder "Boot") on the XP disk ...

This will be suicide and the
XP loader is reactivated. A backup on an external disk before the installation is so
advisable - who that
If you want to test other programs, you should use a separate partition
create at least 20 GB. An existing XP / W2K should be recognized You would like to install XP later?

Be careful with SATA / RAID drivers for XP
If your own SATA / RAID controller is not recognized by Vista and you consider these points, is an NTF ... Continue reading ...

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Can I actually formatted partition ready to insert the XP CD and restart the PC. Finish installing and you have to right click both and select New Simple Volume. Now start the normal XP setup and believe as not.

Then the large size of your PC to be scaled and on a hard disk.

Dannach on the now new existing partition with large ne time. This will take you to install partition the previously created. right-click C and specify Decrease Volume.

Then in the window to the hard drive partition with the then continue to do (explains itself) and if the new select and click on zoom out.