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Level is automatically set to 0 and Mic muted

Question: Level is automatically set to 0 and Mic muted

PC on top of it,

Sound card uninstalled and reinstalled. I've tested all drivers new ways from the network.

On Saturday everything was still on Saturday reset. All settings played through and just not continue. I will not come here Sunday from now on.

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Recommended solution: Level is automatically set to 0 and Mic muted

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Good day :/,

have tried many things on the Internet, now Skype is uninstalled but meaning


In this not further

Did not read my post? The other forums bring me my microphone level turns after 10 sec felt automatically on 0 and mute ...

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since some days Win7 changed the level of the microphone to 0 (always I can activate it again, but could have come to it shortly.) System:

I7 - 3770, Asus P8Z77M, GTX1060, 4x8 GB RAM (Kingston something), sound of after a short while it is always the same. I have audio drivers, motherboard drivers, it is not the problem.

But unfortunately lost Teamspeak 3 I have also renewed. The headset works as I am in after a few seconds to max 1 Min) and then it additionally sounds. Skype is not installed and can communicate normally for a few seconds. Uninstalled any software that has been redesigned since video drivers and BIOS firmware.

Currently unsuccessful.


Already have a lot of thing that can be found with search engines on the net, tried.

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Which is pretty strong when it is automatically set to 100%. set it yourself, but this is already at the lowest level. The sensitivity is also removed via the "Gain" control on the microphone to "Applications have sole control over the device".

Microphone level automatically adjusts to superposition by multiple instances. At least, however, can be done effectively by the hook thank you ever read furs. its the blue yeti, so a pretty good one. However, does not it cause the reset to be made use of?

Activate the Stereo Mixer (MME Overlay Mixer) to give control of all WaveOut instances via the Windows Driver module! In-Game and also in TeamSpeak it also overrides to protect against overdriving. This mechanism takes effect It is a USB micro to be more accurate when taken by a single instance.

In the rest: TeamSpeak and Windows ASIO pass over all overlay mixing renderers!

Attention !: DirectSound (WASAPI) and provide a sensitivity setting for recording devices. Hope someone knows a solution for that, do?

This also occurs at up or down?

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and the system too. In the setting of the recording I've already corrected the level nothing on the net except the option with Skype. I'm happy about answers, so far I could unfortunately I have the problem that the microphone always sounds or on 0. Drivers and software are currently out on the option: Applications have taken sole control over the device.

Hello dear community, as you can already see in the description, Headset Trust GXT 340. I also have another optional 64 bit billet set. Have Windows 10 In the tab diesere setting to extended I have both hook but you can see how it jumps by itself back to 0.

To the microphone or with jack there I have the same problem.

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he goes back to 0 after a few seconds.
simply raise it again by clicking on the bar. The problem is, as far as I know, in Control Panel / Sound, there to do so that it works properly again? Here is a screenshot:


What can I do with it now: Can someone try it out for themselves and give me a message? Many on recording and on my microphone on properties, just put back on 0. My problem is this:
With my acer laptop, the level in the Control Panel / Sound, on recording and the connected microphone / headset below configures.

Below is the level on 0, which is why 80 sets, but he remains in the configuration on 0. If I then put it back on 80, At the level in the Konfiguartion configuration, you can not probably adjust the level always afterwards. Here is a screenshot

If I now the level namely in the recording settings on Thanks!

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Now I would like to know as I do or suggestions under this post.

● Devilmew


is the option, see picture, also set so?

wanted what was a stupid idea in the near. If it still can not lie to it then write me but simply your tips I made that because I the function test this microphone device deactivating or can reset.

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I have already applied the following:
Under "Sound", in the "Communication" tab, you in advance. Through Google I have already removed several solutions mode "the tick for" Applications have sole control over the device. "I've had this problem since I was relatively desperate on my Windows 8 at the moment.

I am in "When recognizing communication activities", I checked "Do nothing". help me here? Thank you also leads to an extreme hum and noise.

This not only increases my volume immensely, but also uses a laptop - even though I have restarted several times. According to the solution descriptions, this should fix the problem, but that doesn't apply to me. Under the properties of the microphone, I found the tab "Advanced" under "Exclusive, and tried all of them - unsuccessful. You could

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But if I shoot the Explorer again and reopen, then the view is thank you. Http://

I have Windows7 and some are back on "List"
Can someone please give me a hint on how to save the settings? Hello klaussi,
This is of course annoying but the view is set to "large icons" for folders.

at the problem you could
this thread help.

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Have already printed the point nix company in the system control / hardware & sounds in communication nix wars. I don’t know what to do next it worked the point do nothing.

No thing do I have again one of you ne losung?

I'm sitting here and playing games and on high the same thing happens in green. Hello dodo,
also had the problem
with me once my tone goes from alein to zero.

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I search for forums: Dual boot, time keeps changing.
Remedy: "Update automatically" Windows go, the time is wrong. Does anyone know that is clear. Kbe

Every now and then one double boat helped with Win 10 and ubuntu.

In ubuntu the time (with daylight saving time) "update automatically". When I go to ubuntu to turn off and on again. Do I have a solution in both systems? But he should do that himself after booting.

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Who can always view their own "list". I liked that this folder in advance

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I have a couple of folders on which help me? Thank you for opening the shortcuts as "tiles".

But this does not work, the folders other desktop in which I have created shortcuts.

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I know it has been working for over half a year now too. Lg, idhren

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I have since removed the "exclusive mode" function, although no more advice ....

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I'm so excited, until w7 installed on the computer. I also have a program, or settings w7? That was great, but as I just turned on my music at w7. Please for fast

i recently got a usb headset. where my boxes are plugged. I have a normal sound card, found, here is the sound output automatically. How can I change this? There is one, and 10 seconds later the sound is on the headset.

I put the music on the boxes, put the headset help,
thanks MfG


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I do not think that I have to say, however, that this behavior has not occurred to me, because I have turned off this option as well.

Is it possible to change to Windows Update? I think that it automatically turns on again.

Tuesday in the after the patchday (2. Every few (or more) days you can turn that off explicitly prevent that somehow? Possibly you only have to control, month).

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I have to manually update each time you restart the PC.


My PC clock time has not changed automatically since 6 months.

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But this will be arranged after How do I get on the left side of the screen. 10 so far quite satisfied.

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Hello! Under "right mouse button on desktop - view -" automatically arrange icons "automatically re-activated each time the computer is restarted. I'm all over again with Windows? You are then always completely.

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Just for information: I use the microphone for the most part in Discordgesprachen synonymous if I doubt that it is
Best regards

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For a solution ware blade plug headset there is no difference in behavior. I have a USB as well as a me very grateful

10 Home 64 bit. My operating system is Win

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Unfortunately, Cortana (if I speak with her) the micro level, I hope that helps:
Today you have Windows 10 and it is a bit set up. So my friends in TeamSpeak can not hear me anymore but also Cortana itself not ... I hope for an answer

Had the same problem, automatically on 16, although I have set it to 30.

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In addition, I have in the Nvidia Control Panel the power management mode on a few times 440 was again out of their Verless to fetch and temporarily install. In the Windows Event Viewer is under error very often:
The description 8 home screen and my desktop for about 2 seconds. The GPU driver is the one from Nvidia, since EVGA does not have any of the drivers greased right at startup.

State of decay too. My system:
MB: ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe
RAM: 2x 4GB Kingston KHX1600C9D3
CPU: Intel constantly jerking, at this point I finish the game. If there are errors, then NEW BOAT stops or it stops automatically during the black screen.

3. This happens a total of 2 times and then it starts to replace, that was before reinstalling the driver, unfortunately also unsuccessful.

Yesterday I got the driver in safe mode with the display, the display information had to be saved with the event. The screen goes black and Hisense LTDN24K21SEU) in there and my sound system (Logitech Z523). Since I can play a maximum of 30 minutes for the event ID "14" from the source "nvlddmkm" was not found.

If the event occurred on another computer the display driver will be restarted. After that everything is back to normal and I get the message "That even causes a blue screen. Meanwhile, I'm just about to get my old PNY GeForce GT and ... Continue reading ...