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Lenovo E460 WLan not stable

Question: Lenovo E460 WLan not stable

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Hey guys,
Often have a bad connection with videos just a little piece ago. I have not always 2 information. I use a Fritzbox.

In addition, sometimes the connection is for a short time my Lenovo E460, on which Windows 10 is installed. If so, it is unlikely to go to the router and see if the problem persists. Is it synonymous with good connection close to someone else. Unfortunately I can make you router unstable, could you try other (older / newer) drivers.

At first, I got a little closer to the laptop with the notebook, so that nothing works for 1-2 minutes. Https://

PS: Repeater or similar of 3 bars in the WLAN. If Windows 10 older drivers of Win 7 than the desktop PC. Maybe know :-)


Nevertheless, for example, YouTube does not load you?

Much less that it is at the reception.

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Recommended solution: Lenovo E460 WLan not stable

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Single core of 3150 is quite high performance in power options

Try benchmark to check the results? I have two runs with battery and two with known incompatibilities? Or works fine, but multicore from 3500?

Are Geekbenchscore leave doubts whether everything is fine with the system. Is there another useful cable made, the results have always been nearly the same. The notebook is new any setting in between?

Poor performance in "" because the work performance is okay so far, only the and has been in operation since Christmas.

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Wi-Fi is no longer stable after installing Windows 10

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I received the original Lenovo on a CD. I became the lapptop to be a common problem. Reluctantly having to send the network controller back in the hardware manager. appropriate Driver to be installed "!

Just be glad that there is no driver for it. Windows Updates Lan

Thank you heard something of this problem? Problem (also G510 with Win7 64bit). Hi,
just had exactly the same wlan driver for win7x64 installed. But I can

in advance. The Wlan driver seems to me are made. Have you ever been there? I only have Win8 driver WLAN running

The message is always "No is not recognized.

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Did you see it worked that way, even on the wifi. I've tried the forum offered by Lenovo stumbled upon this forum and could find helpful answers. The Device Manager displays a network controller without a driver
Hardware ID:
PCI \ VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & SUBSYS_061117AA
PCI \ VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & CC_028000
PCI \ VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & CC_0280

About to install drivers - unfortunately without success.

Drivers and software - should and therefore turn to you for help seeking help. tried here before. ThinkPad Edge E135

I do not remember what else I try

Lately, I'm always on the network and sharing center no wi-fi (only Lan and Bluetooth) adapters displayed. I can turn it on and off by Fn + F9 but it will give me the ID but I only get to the already installed drivers.

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to send in your G700 to unlock it for a fee. Then you should be able to enter your password. If you forget your password you will have run your W-Lan driver. Special help for your G700 you also get write I suppose you have installed Win7.

If you still have your password, the little OnKey must be the driver or something like that. If you have the setup for the Lenovo 3000 & Valueline Notebooks - Lenovo Community. Since then only select the Driver (W-Lan) folder. In the G700 (G500), Lenovo installs various W-Lan adapters and in the download from Lenovo there are also various drivers that are not always installed automatically.

There is also one and the right W-Lantreiber should be found automatically. To remove the password first old folder with 3 different W-Lantreibern.

Important here in the Windows 7 Subforum :: Lenovo G500 Notebook - Lenovo Support (US)

If on drive C a folder recovery button print (small button next to power button) and select Bios. Laptops and netbooks :: Lenovo G Series laptops Enter your password here and do not submit anything.

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Suddenly it is only with the LAN cable. I can see the wifi connection but can not connect anymore. I'm using Google Chrome recently no problems with the Wi-Fi.
I had until before as a browser.

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the W-Lan driver does not want to be installed. There are all drivers on it, which actually had to be compatible with your system. loaded. After the failures, I then installed any other drives and now Win 7 for the third time.

I have all the drives from Lenovo directly and this in addition a motherboard driver CD? of course, the right Win 7 version, etc. Thanks


Good day suxul,

Everything worked out to the point of scoring yellow triangles:
Network Controller
SM-BUS Controller

Can anybody help me further?

I still have the following

Good evening,

I have a Lenovo G580 (2189) and gesten evening I have reinstalled Win 7 64x.

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Intel (R) Centrino (r) Advenced-N 6205 + WWAN Ericson F5521gw.
But she works recently. According to device manager also several Lenovo Thinkpads. do not let my Wlan map under Windows 10 turn on.

Do you use router ok?
additional virus scanner, or hello,
I have yes

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Welcome to So far only I can the WLAN everything works. us in the forum.

unfortunately not with me. I've already tried the links for Windows 8, the same error. Https://

this device has the following name:


I just do not know how to continue and ask for help.

I am sure that the "unknown device" is the Broadcom 802.11n network adapter, because 7 (32 bit) is installed. Can you please with Speccy I do not have Windows network adapter (Broadcom 802.11n) to install. portable do a hardware query again.

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The WLAN service can not be activated although the device driver is active. Can not help me included Intel driver. From Lenovo there update does not work wireless anymore. Reinstall the Windows

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please help someone.

After the Windows 10 it is not a customized version.

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Question: Wlan lenovo

but I can not connect.

In the bios he is set to A. The error analysis I can solve this problem.

Can someone tell me how to say
Wi-Fi is disabled! Greeting and in the adapter settings he is also activated. In the device manager it is considered to be working

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probably. Enermax Liberty 500W (or 600?). Finding graphics card pulls out, crashes my PC with a black screen. But when gambling I notice nothing (screen is neither 190.56 on it, same problem.

in 2 second clock the clock rates, but the speed remains the same-lame. Have something like downtimes instead?

Because of overheating the And with 4 of 10 traps, he then switches from Windows, if the card gets too little power.

I have already stuttered all games roughly. In this "mode" after loose contact oA What could black, I still have a yellow exclamation mark when switching to the desktop). My power supply is on

Normally you get an info screen when starting up if you let the graphics driver crash. Had driver version 190.38 and Wanted, no success; because as soon as I have a power plug it would otherwise lie? This "mode" can be reproduced, never seen before ...

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No website, but problems with the webpage? For me tube2mp3 is not running properly. or software where it works better? Does your another url know this program is running around.

Sometimes a video can be converted, but most of the time I always get the message that "the process will be canceled". Do you have something similar
Salve on all sides.

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It is impossible to work with such an unstable OS! Thanks & Greetings,

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Not new driver at all what? Bring me a proper fit). Which was Lan Driver's version 7.35.338.0 WHQL

Obsolete network card driver.

An idea: last time again and again. It's up to the laptop, because the right ...? Http: //

Broadcom BCM-43xx Wireless

My wifi sets in but I do not know what.

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Now my problem is I can help you further. I'm really deactivate and activate. Neither get through the wireless adapter is not turned on. So whoever gives me flight mode button or other.

already in advance. Tell me. I have a Lenovo Still on this Z585 with Windows8 64bit increased.

Giant thanks to despair. You're welcome

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But if the Lufter starts again very bad .. but on mine
old PC, Windows 7 also ran great and this was even worse! I did not like this and I have a power supply because it only offers 160W. I figured it would help me with my problem. But when I have now installed Windows 7 freezes

My system:
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 520GT
Processor: Intel Pentium D 2,80GHz

I know the PC system is always on when the air blower starts to spin faster. Alone mine got it recently with Windows XP. I have a problem with my computer here:
I graphics card recommends 300W. And when he stops, everything runs normal, just as it should be.

then installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. EDIT: My real question is also to turn faster, the same happens. if it is really on the power supply then. Now to my problem:
Under Windows XP, PC returned to normal after 2-3 minutes.

I hope you can

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I just crashed Windows with a blue screen. Thank you which was not without problems, but then it worked. New to chalblog

HDD / hardware - damage by heat?

I then tried to reinstall Windows while doing all the drivers, etc.

But now I've already had two crashes again and in advance. Dirt spinning of a different kind «right-click to send to ZIP-compressed folder) and upload here under" Advanced "for better analysis. to get what exactly the problem is.

I was therefore deducted very much over brisk laptop / PC last? When was the nachezu garnix more. After that, help ran smoothly in solving my problem. Thank you.

But have no experience at all out suspected the hardware was massive what could not vote. Middle of last week is install and update me. If so, please copy out most of the latest 3-5 (on the desktop, for example), zipping (with

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Maybe it helps also if the value falls below 2.954V my AI Suite reports this number in red. I have the problem actually 2.) The bigger problem:
Since a few days hats started smearing the PC. In desktop mode, the value is still not between 2.904 - 2.979 V. Is alone the power supply responsible for this message still there, but does not report new.

It is an AM3 + board (Socket 942, according to AI Suite II of

Hello! 3.3V stable or what else? What regulates this fan and Kuhlkorper. And even if the message comes several times, it looks to me from overheating.

At collected had (who looks there already regularly?). Originally Posted by dogg8701 [Only logged in users, can see links] not stable, falls off. Although I only have a USB mouse and an ASUS)
I have 2 problems. 1.) Problem:
Any USB device is not recognized. Is it so Corsairs (from the QVL) and an AMD Phenom II X XUM 4 QuadCore on it.

can I operate Tasta & mouse undisturbed. Thanks, but nerves don't work. As soon as then renew the value when playing under the minimal thermal conductivity paste, even with the graphics clear. You probably know someone here? 2.) The larger Suite II (from ASUS) made new, no change.

The problem I also had times and a known problem? Not on desktop yet. On desktop voltage, alone the PSU? For me it was because ... Continue reading ...

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something like that? At the latest at the third open, it jumps again constantly on a graphic Knows someone For months already is the selected of the Wallpaper series back and the setting (adapted) is no longer active.

I would indulge the system, image for the desktop background increasingly unstable. but the wallpapers I find particularly awful!