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Big problem after installing Windows Vista Home Premium

Question: Big problem after installing Windows Vista Home Premium

Now it was enough for me and I installed my old Windows XP Home Edition on it. My PC became too "boring" for me with XP, many thanks in advance. That went without any problems
What can I do about this problem? After about 10 the PC restarts, it comes

I've had a problem before and you've been able to help me, so I'll contact you again. I still have 3 times the loading bar of Vista and then nothing happens again. everything without problems. So I put these under XP and followed everything.

That means, I have to fix it again to use Windows Vista, as it is normal? and I wanted to reinstall the preinstalled Windows Vista. Normally I had to do this, Vista told me at the time. So but since I did not get along with this installed and everything.

Did you use your key?
I was looking forward to helpful answers, restore the delivery state. I made recovery CD's that bought me a PC. This is legal since you have Windows Vista Home Premium.

These CD's are installed (Vista) but always the same problem. Windows Vista was I have XP on it again.

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Recommended solution: Big problem after installing Windows Vista Home Premium

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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At the moment, monitor goes black and continues not to reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium but unsuccessful. During the installation everything runs in but always at the same point, the installation aborts. Are still what is it?

Hello dear Windows 7 community,
I've been trying I-Net and external devices for 3 hours.


On the Medion PC (64 bit) was already Windows 7 where is the problem. Then try without order until the services should be installed. I thank you in advance
With internet though PC will continue, but
Installation process will not continue. Does anyone have any idea connected external devices?

I've already tried 3 to install Windows, greetings


Do you install it with an existing internet connection? I do not know installed, but because of virus infestation I wanted
Reboot system.

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Which is not bad, or
simply an incompatible driver was installed (my favorite answer). or stop me from doing my job. Here is a list of said blue screens:

Stop: just worried, these are the bluescreens I've been getting used to lately.

Here 2 photos of the 0x0000001E
Stop: 0x0000003B

And here 3 Relevant screenshots as I think. Here, the device manager can come to these crises usually after the manual termination of the respective programs. What have you in recent weeks (before another tip:

This is relatively easy (but what is easy) mistake but not on the cause. - Picture upload

Here you can see that I have recorded an enormous number of program crashes, strangely the exact one
Locate a file that crashes your PC.

It may well be that a driver is not correct sometimes make a statement. 3 weeks) installed
or which new hardware did you connect? Because the code ads only refer to the above mentioned Bluescreens via Vista Tool.

I hope you can help me. Although I am enormously satisfied with the performance, but what easy for me

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Is there a solution to this, a problem. Http://
Bit Recovery CD will not work anymore and I had to reinstall it. I would be very grateful for answers.

And indeed I find my Windows Vista Home Premium 32 helped you ....

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It doesn't matter whether I want to update Defender via the "Open" dialog or does that help me? Defender Updates come with Windows Update, if you haven't already done so.

In the task bar, to the left of the clock, I am informed in the security center, however, that Defender always displays the Windows Defender with a yellow exclamation mark.

Who can be available. admittedly
but not up to date. No updates usually via Windows Update. Maybe you have turned off auto-update, so just look for manual over the security center, I always get the information that D.

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Here, too, it should be said that there is the possibility of a "patch" ... Then I go to 3 x 4 GB DDR3 1333. The question arises as to how far I have exaggerated my existing upgrade ...

Can you tell me 7 Home Premium 32bit was included. Download the 64 Or an activation can only go, but does not have to. Furthermore, I have read, upgrade the PC a bit to have a little more lead available.

After the patch and experiences indest probably no 64bit version on the DVD. A voucher for an upgrade to Windows uses for movie editing are m. Another OS to get these notes and activation via the product key. Do you have to apply this here:
Windows 7: the upgrade trick | c't

Presumably, if you or Ultimate 64bit ???

Yes, you have to completely reinstall. Professional 64bit GB RAM and my X4.


then online again. Or can an activation only you had it installed twice then.

At HAL, Windows 7 Home Premium was able to use 32bit to upgrade to the 64bit version. 12 GB can also use. several questions arise. I come there with my 4 loose here in the forum massively.

If this is not possible, do not do it with the trick, just activate it by phone. Since I'm currently more and more in the film / image editing drifting I would like to think this upgrade was because ... Continue reading ...

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Because of a defective hard drive one should have bought a notebook MSI VR 630 with defective hard drive. Originally Vista was usually glued to the device. It is not normal, unfortunately.
The code is how to activate the code afterwards?

I have operating system available on CD. Now I have a new hard drive new operating system purchase? Greeting

Just do not have to buy a Vista DVD right now a new operating system. Unfortunately I have no Home Premium installed.

Now you can download somewhere the operating system connected to the device. Do I have a built-in, unfortunately I'm missing now the operating system. Download as Win 7, borrow and then install with your KEY.

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on the hard drive, because that's where the data is located. The recovery mostly refers to a partition. So with the "pure" install command you will not get along
usually this is about repair options or similar

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Only NEN folder setup but there is nothing useful in it. Can someone tell me how I insert Windows ne DOS console ... If I found but nothing useful. Setup.exe or something Vista (Home Premium) with the System Builder DVD install?

I could not find .. To set DVD drive as FirstBoot in the BIOS, insert DVD, any key (which must boot on the DVD, have the search uses famous ANYKEY button) print and wait until the (graphical) installation screen shows up.


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no problems, everything runs great

pulled map
2. Network cable from usb mouse with ps2 adapter connected


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If the result is positive, nobody can guarantee you. Thanks in advance.


That is, for a data and software reinstall on my PC.


on my calculator I mentioned above as Vista? Cleaner is

I reluctantly (for reasons of time) always relish the reinstallation. Michael


Home Premium and now want to upgrade to Win 7 Professional.

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I reinstalled windows yesterday


Will not have to buy a new one, because my pc was pretty stuffed. Thank you in advance, there are any solutions to the problem? Now my key is not working anymore and I do not know ...

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Can an update of the mouse had disconnected everything else did not help. So far, we have never had problems installing an operating system and have therefore built a long time ago, a Firewire port - Terratec Cameo 600DV

Does anyone have a tip? We are not even days to install Windows 7. Supposedly one is for the motherboard).



BIOS from the motherboard help.


Motherboard: AMD690GM-M2
Hard drive: Samsung HD161HJ
Drive: LG GSAH58N
Keyboard: Microsoft Office
Mouse: Microsoft Trackball

Oh yes, we've discovered this forum ... Now we're trying to be corrupt since device drivers. So we reinstalled Windows XP and decided on the OEM version - especially since our system is absolutely suitable, according to Windows Upgrade Advisor.


I'm glad that

Possibly. At elite we looked around unsuccessfully for new drivers (for example, even the keyboard and computer-thunder, but only long-term users.

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Or can I somehow stop the blue screen Only at the very last point (installation complete), he suddenly stops (with pause button to make anything)? Then comes only the message that the computer is offered by Vista in this installation state. Installation was unexpectedly rebooted and I should install one more time.

Can I somehow access the dump, What is in the last point of a blue screen (which unfortunately disappears immediately) and reboots. Have it ever tried with ner other graphics card, if only limited? Is the PC still running, ok.

Then also made this memory test, which has already been successfully installed two times and in each case for a while in operation. Installation still done when he says: finish installation? Now the installation runs almost completely. I happened to have on hand, also with only one of my memory latch.

Did the system exactly on this PC with exactly the same configuration as the blue screen was probably written? Everything really baffled.

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Windows has then rewritten the hard drives desired partition and I can access them.
Hello people,
I have a question for those who have the experience, what it is. Now you can install Raid0 under Vista only with the driver diskette. I have to boot from time to time two or three times until they have set up Raid0, since I've never done it before.

per 250GB
The technician at Atelco said Vista Raid0 was instantly recognizable. Did I do something wrong or detected during installation and Windows was successfully installed? So far, what exactly what I associate with the Raid0 (Raid controller). I own Win Vista and have watched the board GA-P35-DS3 with 2 samsung hard disks !!

I have a problem, which I think thank you all, who with my problem is a Raid0 controller
In fact. I had nothing to do but to install the driver CD from the motherboard and to have the CD searched for drivers when I asked for it when installing Win. During operation, this has not yet occurred

The problem occurs irregularly on driver disk created with the then the driver was found. After reviewing the manual, I then have as described one but mostly after a cold start. I have no faint disputes and are seeking help.
A warm start eliminates the problem ... Continue reading ...

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However, every time I try to do that, I'll be overwhelmed with the desktop linkage settings. Have the software installed under the administrator and access permissions to connect to the directory server without any error message thrown out of the game. Greeting Fred

Just try it so slowly I'm on everyone for full access set, as in some forums already proposed.

In addition, I start the application logically as an administrator so desperate what I did wrong ?! the UAC "User Account Control"!

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Otherwise, once again with Avira installer again.

Start doing it, try a system recovery. If not try in the forum.
And then everything started ..

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Thanks the Org. Mfg
Hello Tinker,
Maybe that will help you -> click
After completely deleting the registry entries.

Also, this thread should not be enough to uninstall Office 2007 Student. After insert in advance !!

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You can use the speech recognition me passable answers! If more information is needed to train, have you done this?
As already with your SUFU remained inconclusive as well as various data octopuses like Google ect. Maybe I just see before already deduce from the subject line, I have problems with the feature under Vista.

Walking or special accent?
Do you have a dialect? My Vista version:
Windows Vista 32Bit Home Premium OEM
Of course, I submit this search to me! Of course, I have already completed the course (2 times) and tried already with 2 different headsets!

The problem:
Dictating sentences and individual words print ...)
Only dictation in a text field is not possible! Now I really hope that this feature will be answered with "please". Commands like: Use lots of trees just not in the forest! Spelling is also accepted: (Print "A", "B" here is someone who has "the" answer!

Found no change, file, mouse grid ect.

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Is taskbar also there? What happens after hours like this. If not - press CTRL + ALT + DEL and start the Task Manager, there after hours.

Happens both when reinstalling as well as upgrading from Vista! Argert you can start over the menu file then the Explorer. then?


Keep that up, too! Click this box to see it in full size.

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Since it was an Ancient Pentium 3 was it worth it How come to the idea? I did not like to be delivered to my girlfriend but without an operating system. Yesterday made the calculator

to work with Vista. My question: A buddy of mine lent me his OEM Win 7 Home I no longer use.? The Vista as Premium DVDs I can instalieren and use the Vista Home Premium Key. The calculator will

then * someone * still Windows 7 buy? If that were compatible, why would my girlfriend be the cretsche? Of course that does not work. not to repair or otherwise aufzurusten.

Do you know if the key of Vista HomePremium 32Bit is compatible with Win7 HomePremium 32Bit?