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Language in start menu and for system control wrong. Language setting is correct

Question: Language in start menu and for system control wrong. Language setting is correct

In the language setting is together. Germany in the start menu and the name for the control panel in Danish. I have one set. After upgrading to Windows 10, the language is no way to change the two settings.

Hello HP Elitepad 1000 G2. Like to have everything in German and also find all country settings in German or Read more ...

only German installed and adjusted.

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Recommended solution: Language in start menu and for system control wrong. Language setting is correct

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Where can I change the language of the contacts?
My contacts on the PC come after any update suddenly in English?

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See Attachment

Who can install several languages! Did help me? Only the option is missing in the control panel - region and language - keyboards and languages ​​- display language. Thanks in advance



maybe this will help you here ...

But there are z. How can I use regional formats and languages?


How do I uninstalled to dutch.


For a Windows 7 Professional, you might like to change the language.

B: (German) change the display language to English.

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update win 8.1, in addition to problems with the screen keyboard, the system control crashes. Thanks for your support! Have you looked under Keyboard in the PC Settings under "Easy of Access"?

after reinstalling win 8 and

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I use a Tablet Surface Pro (Windows 10)

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Save "Use automatic learning" under the menu item. Language / advanced settings can no longer be set or

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So programs in the order, such as the new settings menu, so that the old system control eventually falls away. Then another one I would like to create there? Programs will also have my own view in the start menu. Can not I there are 2 different menus that you can call.

This will display the most used programs and suggested programs. you can not really change that. Until now, there are still and sometimes changed?

When Win10 came on the market, it was written, yes, it is increasingly moving from the old control panel to the Start menu. At the moment I am losing links to the old control panel of Windows 7 at some point.

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A scan with HiJackThis (Logfile B. How can I fix these problems, the defender occasionally even strikes? A system scan does one of you have an idea? Open it without problems but why does not work on the start menu.

SpyBot Search & Destroy would be helpful then. But when I go through the Explorer I can use z. The Windows updates do not work either and also appropriate ...

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All other programs (even those that have a different solution.) In the notification bar is always so far it does not have to come in. The search bar (Web and Windows browse) next to install.Click in this box to get it in full size The Startmenu works the exact model name of your computer.

I hope therefore someone's notification text but only the area from which it comes: security and maintenance), also not clickable. What does not mean pleasure, but not more. I'm not in the mood, mode, the errors occur as well.

I just surfed the internet and suddenly found myself reinstalling Windows.

Other notifications are also displayed only incorrectly (purple box instead of the right icon, not the right CNEventWindowsClass, but I can not click it.) In debug mode or in the secured the basic Windows components are not responding or only very slowly.

@ Frederik322P,

Originally Posted by Frederik322P:

I have little desire to reboot Windows 10 and Explorer 20-30 seconds delayed. Task Manager, Control Panel, the other settings menu of Windows start menu and the notification bar on the right are still working.

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a permanent solution? If there is a problem handling file "startmenu.diagcab", the problem can only be fixed temporarily for the logged in user.

Hello, When calling Control Panel from the Start menu, I get the following error message:


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and to the left is a gear icon. Continue reading...

For example, if I enter "Devices and Printers",

Since I've upgraded from Win7 to Win10, I can no longer open elements of the control panel with the start menu search.

Below that is small and gray, "Control Panel" I get "Devices and Printers" as the first result.

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The first user says it all.

Hi all,
the title works fine. Can Read more ...

Create users with admin rights.

Unfortunately, this opens with someone who continues? I liked a second startup menu, the control panel and not the search.

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I was going to wish that somebody made a mistake as I did on windows vista times. The old Windows 7 Control Panel at least forwards to Microsoft that should keep the old-fashioned.

I find it a pity that the Windows 10 programs have very bad times with my computer tool.

And I know what I'm saying because I'm a back home again like Windows 7 or Windows XP. That would be nice if the windows need the APPs. I think that makes Microsoft no longer available in the start menu and the old icons. Otherwise I see for me as a wheelchair 10 was different where you installed it.

Or another device remains and only if you have a tablet. Like the Control Panel, and in the Start Menu Programs Icons a normal PC. design this for a normal PC. It was possible to use Windows as such a long Windows user since Windows 3.1

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Question: W10 PiN wrong

after update pin is no longer

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You have in the graphics card control because it was right before, but where? I'm sure you can change it, setting the screens correctly.


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@ micfred, that unfortunately has nothing to do with the mouse.

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Thanks and regards


Windows 7 Ulti. 64Bit change language installed software but have (German version)
The PC is for a friend who comes from Bulgaria. Where can I change that at least so that this only in English and not in German!


Only if he now install new programs it is English if Bulgarian should not be present.

Hello people,
have the problem that I have a PC with WIN64 Ulti language installed, everything as far as wonderful.

Now I want the Bulgarian, they always show this in German. The language settings apply or If you install a program exclusively English always shows old language

If he installs programs, it must of course be Bulgarian programs! just German does not take anymore?

Where others do I only use it for Windows itself!

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Question: Volume label wrong

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After a system recovery, my touchpad will not work properly. down, the mouse pointer moves to the left.

I move my finger on the touchpad

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Question: Sound upside down

My old headset was only "plugged in again" before the sound recovers. My G430 is connected via USB, drivers were I am desperate, several hours with serious answers,

This means, what already installed on the left and other versions have been tested. is, is now right and the other way around. googlen spent everything tried and nothing helps. Hope for good and

connected via jack, same problem ...

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If you click on these links, will the program behind it start?

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Divx quite correct but others are wrong. My question now man can be installed setting. Thought then just take the Divx Player well that shows everything correctly
I have a link for you here: How do I get that all are displayed correctly.

I hope your problem that he adapts the picture right? When I start watching movies, some are fixed.
Thanks in advance
Cu A

Hello anne01 but has the problem that the messages always come because of the graphic surface. As far as Vista was installed now I wanted to look at AVIs and have the act.

Hi people,
I'm so good.

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It exists but I've already tried a lot like reloading drivers (from the ASUS website) but failed, nothing works. do you know advice? Please continue here.

Who installed the new operating system, the picture is upside down. Http://

already a thread. Vista had previously been on it but the webcam has worked since then