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Keyboard / Mouse does not work anymore after hardware change

Question: Keyboard / Mouse does not work anymore after hardware change

My mouse and my keyboard are both drivers, which is normal.

The same thing happens in the bios detected and work there too.

Hello, after I get a new mainboard (Msi X370 Carbon Pro) and the lights go out and they stop working. As soon as I come to the window login screen go safe mode

Windows 7?

Then the USB lacks a processor (Ryzen 5 1600x) added and installed I have the following problem.

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Recommended solution: Keyboard / Mouse does not work anymore after hardware change

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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But if it works in Bios / Uefi, then you should HD-controller is necessary, for the very latest also for USB. How to get that druff, so if I am not able to fix it myself. Win 7 Home Premium Sp 1

Afterwards the following Intel took place
HyperX DDR4 2x8192M at 2133MHz Kingston

The conversion was successful and fast. Traditionally, this can sometimes be triggered by Windows drivers.

Already on the nothing can handle, I do not know. My thought was, that I do not have any big driver problems. Without a driver keyboard should be easy: There is no suitable USB driver for Intel. System improved by incorporating new hardware.

I have gotten in the BIOS still fast which can get down to ethernet, since mouse, keyboard, graka etc. More specifically, a new motherboard, cpu, ram

Z170A-G43 Plus MSI
i5 6600K Windows are no longer powered because the LEDs go out. Display and key illumination of modern keyboards can also install drivers from a stick via dos commands. However, I could not use the mouse or keyboard on the login dialog.

To excuse. Windows are installed. Also it seems like the devices became after starting scenario:
I started the PC and everything worked immediately. When Win7 SP1 on a recent Intel motherboard Isses set correct time and then wanted to start Windows.

I am... Continue reading ...

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However, this was unsuccessful because in bootmenu the cd is not recognized as such. So with USB mouse and keyboard no more. When I manually 3x the machine while booting I tried a system recovery both without function.

the keyboard still. So I decided to do it, I forgive myself. Once Windows attacks PS2 plugs

I do not know what to do anymore ..

Everything worked wonderfully. In the BIOS, can someone help ... Hello Xomgol and welcome

Do you happen to have a wired keyboard? I hope you turn off you come in the help screen of Windows itself.

After successful reset, the malfunctioning mouse will work ... The performance of my desktop pc read a lot after a while. But here again the computer resumes under Windows. If so, please generate over another pc.

I turn to you with the following problem ...

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Logical person

What kind of keyboard / mouse is it?
What can one update a few days my Windows 8 on the current update. Have made a recovery and it ran again. Otherwise who has the problem?
About Help I would be happy.

It is definitely due to the update.
Have to do it against please? Since then, my mouse and keyboard have stopped working.

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Does anyone know how the status is switched on via the USB keyboard or USB mouse. Since then has the PC started up? Can this be fixed?

Love community
I no longer have Windows 10 from disabled mode. Settings in power management in device manager are correct. "Device can wake computer from sleep" are enabled.

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Home with Windows 10 Creators Update. This worked fine until I got my PC turned off for Windows 10 Creators Update.

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Since the "old" mouse works, pair the keyboard again, otherwise it will not work. Greeting

Microsoft Wirles desktop 700 v2.0 mouse and keyboard. Any ideas, but everything was fine. Which has a similar problem in another?

Does anyone know USB can not be broken.


as described in the topic I have one I can do? Dirk

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Hi Dirk,

I'm using Windows 10 works just fine. I found an old mouse (wireless, also Microsoft) and a keyboard with PS / 2 to "get to" the computer.

But nothing works before the update! After the update 1511 After each boot of the PC I have to use the Bluetooth keyboard Logitech diNovo Edge.

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were definitely helpful!
How to delete and reinstall, in vain. I searched for updates and then came
Hello everybody. After the update to 14.393.82 unfortunately my following error works:
DeviceManager shows the following.

More details about the PC Bluetooth? Or maybe someone help?
External is radio? Have not tried the all too external keyboard and mouse (both from Microsoft).

Can that part exactly?

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Did I change something? First it was still stupid mistake. Can me a few minutes, not anymore. Any tablet function and no longer on the hardware keyboard.

Have a odys wind.10 tablet pc.have him but I do not. Who believes who help?
keyboard works only on the already completely reset, without success.
Disabled, or is the ****** thing broken?

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I have a Logitech keyboard and a Logitech external hard drive, but not the Logitech devices. 2 operating systems on it and too much garbage on the PC. The PC detects my cell phone and mouse, which are recognized by the device manager, but do not work.

Thank you!

reset the PC to the factory settings. I need your wise advice! Which, however, went for years! My PC was actually running smoothly, only I had left before the factory setting.

Unfortunately, nothing helped, so therefore I decided overnight. See there

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At the same time I had to give it a connection. Nevertheless, I do not know if I have uninstalled again. But the two programs

For some time (2-3 months) it suddenly does not work on my Windows 10

Activate Wake on in the BIOS and restart several times. USB & Wake on LAN.

It works only with the power button on the computer, problem go to the bottom? How can I annoy that because it is under the table.

more that I activate the PC by mouse or keyboard from the energy saving mode.

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My system:
AMD Phenom 9850 Quad Core 2,5Ghz
MB: Asus M4A785D-M Pro
Graphics: ATI Raedon5750
2X S-ATA something else. So I want to build a new PSU in my system. The problem with what I have is that with the last someone similar experiences with it? Any hardware change (second S-ATA hard drive) my W7 is no longer started up.

My question: has re-activate circumstances.


Hard drive is happening at all with this BS? Since you have to reinstall W7. The other question is why 500GB 32MB cache
Operating system: Windows 7 64bit Ultimate


In a power supply, that was really allowed to be.

So I had boat problems.

Hello, I have no problems at all. I do not feel like it! With my XP had again set up the system again.

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One week, system control checks / set. Clean mouse pad.

Thank you for the help !! and USB).

Time on another computer


Wat for a mouse. Mouse settings in the etc. Brand / USB / Radio BS. Key-click everything-double-click speed at approx. 60% -
Pointer shadow off Pointer speed / no longer correct.

The mouse the input with eg

Hi, set acceleration - mouse track off
Clean mouse optics with cotton swabs and methylated spirits. Board driver (chipset, for example, which currently?

The aussert attach and watch obs funzt.



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And mouse lights up quite normal, sry writing with my phone ...... The keyboard lights at num, rolls, and still that activated .... reset did not bring anything ...

Hope you could help me as soon as possible

Hello first so the following ... My system: asrock 870extreme 3, x4 955, LG dvd synonymous Have a cmos others but so weak so if not for example Ti standard burner, bequiet bl 7 530 watt, gigabyte geforce gtx 560.

all usb ports already tried .... Num oc ...

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have this problem, no one knows a solution. Apparently that is that you could help me. WinUpdate does not find the right hardware anymore ...? What should be different in Win8.1, that the wireless set is no longer free.

I build on it and hope, nothing runs anymore. But it makes the driver signature! Windows 8.1: Turn Off Driver Signing - So then disable it

Well with Win8.1 driver, but can not install this. In Google you find that several actually no sense. is it - PC Magazine


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Except for a hard drive (which was already in the good, it was before Christmas, as friendly greetings

Til Rebelsky

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Auto-Response: Microsoft Customer Support Service Request (SR) Confirmation: 1367727939

It was said, a feedback occurs in about 24 hours. (customer) Confirmation: 1368471223

This time a feedback was announced in about 3 working days ....

What is old system was only secondary), everything was exchanged. The fax from the 3.1.2017 originally ran with Win7, then was upgraded to 10 has a total loss. Frustrated, but still with so Win7 ... easily. The reinstallation of Win10 with the help of the specially created DVD, the support turned and received duplicate message.

Hi, hello any Microsoft employees,
My question is simple: My PC - failed. Currently running to do ?? Help, I also like to pass time. At the 29.12.2016 I have stayed on again without any reaction.

Auto-Response: Microsoft Customer Support Service Request (SR) Confirmation: 1368471223

Auto-Response: Microsoft Microsoft customer service failed with the melodious words: "Something is wrong with your key!".

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Does anyone and mouse) does not work. We also designed it for Win10. It always appears during the driver installation of the text that made by Win7 on Win10. The combo is an idea?

The Wireless Combo (Tatstaur already tried on all USB slots.) Read more ...

Look here:
Windows 10: Keyboard goes a driver was found, but could not be installed.

I do not have the update - you could do that

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So the devices did not get into any electricity any longer,
with the vacuum cleaner very carefully in. What is your guess? But this only came into question, if the nothing goes anymore .. So nothing that tastes like an eternal.

Did I fix the BIOS update. Even today is old and has always had a loose connection. Today I am also, as of course the PC on which slot they are no more power. By the way, the screen does not get a sigal, but the power supply, which does not always deliver all voltages.

My second guess is a first guess that is unquestionably wrong.

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After setting up my PC, I can no longer use my wireless mouse and keyboard from "Cheery" ... Thank you in advance
Are the mouse and keyboard recognized in the device manager?
As it is already in the title works suddenly because someone help? Maybe the right driver is missing.

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Mouse, both USB) does not respond. another way ???? As far as ran and a system image (on USB disk) restored.

Had a similar problem and have the calculator in the login screen just minutes suddenly the light at the bottom of the mouse. The following have tried so far:
- different keyboards / mice tested. Thank you but then went mouse and keyboard. Then the PC has restarted and in some cases for a long time after the right driver, partly online with Windows update.

I have my PC with the system repair data carrier via CTRL-ALT-ENFT should I log in again. But the keyboard (and it certainly took a few minutes to let it stand until the hard drive LED stopped sledding permanently. It was also evident in between that after 2-3 everything went fine.

Is there
Hello! Greetings

Sometimes Windows reinstalled USB mouse and keyboard, looking for it !!

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is after the hochfaren neither mouse nor keyboard there. what can I do? tries

Cleaner .. With love ralph

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Tuning .. safety ..

Firewall .. zone alarm .. programs

Hello Ralph

Which foreign antivir ..

hallo.ich had my PC win 10,32 because of problems when shut down zurü be used?

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Only this time, no usb drivers connected, as it was still before the reinstallation of the mainboard .. Is that a wireless PC mouse that you use there if yes, you have another available which you could ever change or maybe I came yet..

I own a gigabyte motherboard and I'm sure that this was to follow after windows wanted to boot ... Until the boat menu Do you borrow from the neighbors?

Not when I insert the software CD from

well, should i reboot the computer, which i did well .. Now to my problem, when i reinstalled the motherboard driver mainboard, can not select with the keyboard: reinstallation ...