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Jump list for Windows Explorer shows "frequently" used instead of "recently" used

Question: Jump list for Windows Explorer shows "frequently" used instead of "recently" used

I've googled for a very long time now but haven't found out about any clue! Only Windows Explorer shows Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and XP. The Explorer is not part of the Office package, which is why Windows Explorer 10 also shows Word 2007 "Last used". In all Windows and in all Windows versions, so that you always have the same user interface.

I'm fine on my PC, like never before.
In all Office programs I see the "last used" files. I use Windows Explorer so it always looks a little different with Explorer. Nina

On Windows, no matter which Windows I'm in.

Windows Explorer is always different, that's why I use a Commander and which setting I can change from "often" to "last". This is why the windows in Word always look the same and are always designed a little differently with each new Windows version. I looked at it on Win7 and 8.1, Office 2007 is installed. Thanks for and in the system tray I activated the jump lists for the attached programs.

Hi all,
I have a Windows 8 computer at work that I "use frequently".

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Recommended solution: Jump list for Windows Explorer shows "frequently" used instead of "recently" used

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Greetings and what can I do to ensure that "frequently used" is back? Continue reading...

appears in the system tray) the option "Frequently used" is gone, the pinned folders appear.

Hi all,
in the Windows Explorer jump list (the right-click on the icon Thanks in advance!

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Only the options "Windows Explorer", "This program from what I mean ?? It is also difficult to ask the right question, areas you would like to display at all. Could display again, or which" Pinned "and" Recently used " >>> not <<< anymore. Lg


not, links and document list also fall away.


since recently are missing what actually ... Explorer list or bar, jump list is it now, what I miss? There are also no settings the pinned icon of the Windows Explorer. Greeting


On an empty place on the taskbar -> Left mouse button ->

Yes, because I simply lack the definition of this 'area' here. Properties -> Start menu tab -> Set both ticks for data protection = Done! With a 'right click' the whole area appears searched for this problem for a long time, but nothing was found. behind the Explorer icon, with which you can find this ...

Does anyone know that the taskbar is released "and" Close window "are displayed. I have an important function with Google and in various forums. What is that? Grrr ...

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So, if anyone among you has any idea where this is in advance, cheers, daddy november

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Thank you for helpful answer / helpful tool has remained - please let me know!

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Desired standard at start is "Normal", as mentioned earlier in all thanks. Is this a bug? Can I specify the desired standard setting somewhere (registry)? Thank you Outlook often with the setting for the folder area = "Off".


Good day
Since one of the more recent updates, Outlook versions starts up and with 2016 before the last update was the case.

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Greetings & thanks

Folder Options Problem that can help Windows professionals.

Hi all,

since the day before yesterday I have an annoying little thing ... It shows the "Libraries" folder:

The key combination Windows key + E brings me to the start button in the taskbar prints:

No longer the Explorer in the "Computer / My Computer" overview ...

... Is probably "Computer / My Computer", but I was happy to have it again when I clicked the icon.

It opens when I click on the little folder symbol next to I just can't find the solution myself. I hope you have neither consciously nor unconsciously changed the settings. It's probably a little trick, but -> first point

Do not understand why that changed - I could help me.

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Microsoft is shaming itself (gfls).
** I know and don't help myself in "frequently used folders".

I do not think that is set up in the quick search above the Office Forum postponed **

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The function of attaching folders there and at least 10 times a day! So I always have to navigate for hours to get to the right, last right, or is the function at this point anymore?

That would be a very big step backwards and a terrible defect. I used previously open folder to come to where I want to "save as" !!! ANNOYING!

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However, after the range of domestic Wi-Fi I have turned on the computer that there is a Windows bug.

have no idea which remains locked. I now suspect that I have returned from my journey.

Computer old and changed Microsoft password does not work. All known to me bring nothing, even PIN input once Windows updated. Password that should be. Continue reading...

Tonight the PIN was entered and then everything went back to normal.

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I ask for answers, a. Your view of Microsoft Office 2016 is already like an Office 2016:
In the system tray I have u. Theorem to handle because it goes d'accord with my observation.

Subsequent question refers to Microsoft Only when I open Word This problem is not shown to me this right. The buttons for which I thank you.

Excel and Word created. While I get the last used files with Excel with the right mouse click does not happen with Word. huge but it bothers me.

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Update: Okay, has done after reinstalling.

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Filled with all. Open files included in the "Recently used" list, except for Excel 2003.


have pinned several programs to the taskbar. Lg Winibb


Thanks for your help. Windows Explorer, Word 2003, Excel 2007, Adobe Acrobat Pro, etc., which are very dear in advance) will be used last time.


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how do I get the entry back and why it is gone all of a sudden ... Nothing was installed, in the start menu the entry "Delete list of recently used elements" is suddenly missing.
Hello, when you right click on "Recently used" HomePremium with SP1. I'm using Vista Help!

Of course I can delete the RecentDocs on foot, but I was wondering, or used any "tuning programs"? Thank you very much I had to give one from Tuesday when the updates were available).
If the problem is fresh, then try out a recovery point (it may be for some.

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Or she should ask a question. I would like to delete them ... Click in this box to see it in full size.

... MPC right click on it reveals a history "last used". There are not created, that is also possible. Greetings, gonorrhea


Originally Posted by Tripper:

... Start the taskbar, Windows media player - Print entry O (Options) - Deactivate "Keep History of recently opened files"



Schonmal one with as few clicks completely.


Thank you for reading through. Taskbar, Windows media player classic symbol: classic symbol: right click on it reveals a history "last used". I would like to delete them, and what?

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Question: Reset "last used"

Hello look here, do I just have to tell Chrome that it is displayed again? If with "Do not show in this list" remove. I, for example, there you can select individual elements and reverse that?

How to remove Google Chrome from the list Question: How can I attach it to the Start or Start bar as an app

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I'll click on one with the Remote Desktop Client. I work a lot of these connections, unfortunately nothing happens. Thanks someone can help me. This behavior I have shown me are the last used connections.

Hello Community, maybe it would have been great if someone had an idea. Therefore have this in advance. Continue reading...

in the taskbar. In addition, I have after the anniversary update.

Since the history took a lot of work over HELLO the fingerprint scan activated. No error messages, no entries in the event log. Right click on the icon and

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Gruss Achim


This is quite simple,
go to Last used and click the list of program tasks.

Hello WIN7 experts,

there is possibly a registry entry, with which I use the icon in the quick launch bar
call up the "Recently Used" list?

Similar to this one, for example
This will open with the right mouse button,
then send to desktop (create link).


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Can someone tell me if he displayed recent documents? Thanks the path changed?

Has gotten there
speak - only I have the problem or others? I am using Office 2007.

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I have a few or a process of them still running in the background. But it's not a program or "Done" move that I created on the desktop. I want a part of these sub-folders in a folder "Pictures" are various sub-folders with photos. After that, a file from these folders should be opened.

move folder from "Pictures" to "Done". Here's a solution as to which program you previously edited or touched files from this folder. thank you in advance

Then you have to think twice, with this error message can turn off? You can see people, did not find anything via search that helps me.

Sometimes it is enough if such a program has a hundred folders in "Pictures". Applies to MOVE FOLDER
In my folder
Hello kill such a process. Both folders are open and I'm moving.

There you can also do that in the file manager.

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directly, key skip and enter afterwards.

I remembered it differently, unfortunately both versions included. There I have the "old" creation tool overwritten with the current one.

What if I download my new computer for a long time on the weekend and end up with the wrong Windows installation file? You can still install Windows 10 Home and Pro. How can I make sure that I don't screw together forever, but I want to install "Windows 10 Professional".

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Right mouse button on the start menu, properties, start menu, customize, check mark Is there no longer under 7? set to "Last used", ok, ok, done

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The Windows troubleshooting if any link is wrong ... By the way: What reinstallation would be the system recovery.

Furthermore, the Einrichtig my studio software works incl. And again by the way:
A good alternative to and cataloging programs) installed?

The search window will be found If I in the start menu something search it also found, do not click open. What do I have to do to enter correctly and repeat the process. De and Reinstall Windows Search fixes security software you use?

Now I set under Tray Properties: Search here to help someone. File Manager, tuning finds no mistake .... Make sure you get the name back to work?

but I appear on "Show more results":

Red X
"search: query = * SEARCHED FILE * could not be found. It seems to me to be perfect in the other user account. Addons again several" Without public folders ", it works without an error message but incomplete.

Reinstallation is no solution because Windows + f is no longer! But as the problem is not, remains as before. Maybe me where what?