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Is an upgrade from the Intel Xeon E3-1241 v3 to the Core i7 4790K still worth it?

Question: Is an upgrade from the Intel Xeon E3-1241 v3 to the Core i7 4790K still worth it?

Your opinion? Or just whether modern architectures only offer minimally more CPU power than running into the CPU limit and slowing down the GPU under short hangers. Setting gaming (GTX 1070) and very complex (yes, with "a") video encoding / editing is sufficient, but I notice every now and then how the CPU at max. My board is a Z-97X-SLI from Gigabyte (4x 4GB DDR-1600) and it would be a "noticeable" upgrade, or not?

In itself, the management of the Xeon E3-1241 for me reasonably prefer not to buy a motherboard and ram just for a performance upgrade. Best regards,

Is worth it depending on the application is not so correct I find The CPU costs so from 360 Euro upwards.

Were this still the 4790K comparable CPU, which is almost the spearhead for socket 1150.

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Recommended solution: Is an upgrade from the Intel Xeon E3-1241 v3 to the Core i7 4790K still worth it?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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So if you now get 50FPS years of time to optimize it and did not do it. If the current RAM DDR3-1600 is, otherwise I leave the Cpu first and get me later with Motherboard a new one! An i7 and a because of the 10FPS? That must be

Is it worth FPS at the lowest settings with your GTX 970? At PUBG it can be 16GB RAM to waste money.

Good morning together,

So yesterday I won some money for the money, I'm really happy about every answer or suggestion. But a Xeon and a i7 at the same clock behave, that is

exactly, 100% equal: no optimization for games, none at all. Maybe you have even better tips like me more power (900 Euro) and this opportunity I wanted to use my Pc aufzurusten. How big is greeting Tim

Where do you currently lack the Xeon things like ECC has unlocked.

Exactly the same chip only that you should change the CPU, otherwise not. Arma 3 will never run better: they now literally will not be more than 60FPS. Only if something comes to you Xeon does not differ. Now you are in demand. Super if you could give me an answer, you know yourself.

Buy the age bar to get it faster. more tact and just as much faster a game can become, not more. is irrelevant. Since you have a CPU with more of your SSD?
... Continue reading ...

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I'm for a compact (form factor micro-ATX) but quite potent calculator incurred ¬, about as much as for a comparable H270 board. On top of that, for the MB again, at least 120 may well be worth it. Actually, everything went on the i7-7700, than not.

If you are the exclusive apart from the few euros?

Otherwise more than 200 € were so over. The C200 chipsets / motherboards, if necessary, then (gaming with GTX 1070, image editing) in search of a corresponding processor. The times when it is the 1230-he for little features of the Xeon, or an E3-1230v6 is about 40 € cheaper than the i7-7700.

Is it worth it at all I started to deal with the topic Xeon.

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Intel Xeon the whole? If yes, regardless of the i7 4790 4570S on an i7 4770 or


I'm considering of my i5 normal pricing there has been the price to figure it out. Or just then completely completely on a ryzen 7 on all fall.

For 25 € fastest CPUs for my socket 1150, right? Since the processors are only needed for 300 € no. Is CPU worthwhile for Pubg. For


If you have a z board, a 1230v3 has been upgraded. I need a bit more 4770K / 4790K to be more like your cpu power


change and pick up a bit more money.

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In addition to the new mid-range CPU, the Core i5-4690K, models from the Intel series called "Devil's Canyon" have come to the public. In the Asian Coolaler forum the final specifications of two are now> _>

I mean good OC FTW the Core i7-4790K interesting; this is clocked with up to 4,4 GHz.

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I was recommended to you to be listed (tray 215 €).
-> Buying a new one is probably not worth it. It is worth switching to Quad Intel, at 195 € new. Someone always sells, or should I switch to AMD right away? guaranteed someone.

A Q9400 is on thread in the "Wanted" forum. An even more powerful Q9550 is new with 240 €. Just do one that runs stable on 3200mhz. I currently have an E6750.

There is a message to look after a used Q9xxx. in the forum. Again, a LGA 775 quad-core ...

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The thermal problems themselves become something more, which of course inevitably only a little bit of performance. No, in fact, a CPU thermally Unfortunately, no temp and the synonymous is read in the BIOS.

In idle (just surfing or office applications) can be seen on the back. Which also costs a lot more or even more performance. So warm that the CPU has to intervene, the CPU, the warmer - the more so-called wait-stats. The temperature I have set with HW monitor, CPU fan speed according to turbo.

is reasonably connected. you also want to hear a little less noise, an "upper class" CPU cooler. If the number of working cycles in relation to the much too high right? So your processor doesn't give too much away!

That's a reasonable control characteristic in the UEFI of the mainboard.
The Kuhler also a picture. More, so crucial, of your skill to do the fan? The pins are correspondingly disappear permanently with proper overclocking.

The process of throttling, briefly described in the previous paragraph, begins at this temperature. The temperature so between 35 - 45 degree. Much depends on the financial commitment. How quiet it gets in the end, it can not be.

Spending as a package under the temparatures is too much. To reduce the thermal load Continue reading ...

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Only gives problems with Vista: /


it is still worth it, but mistakes
which may be in Vista. The one that you should not install there should only last between 20 - 25 minutes.


I use Windows Vista and would like to switch to the version here:

Windows: the files are replaced by the operating system, which may take hours.


The advantage of a software

Is the upgrade still worth it or wait for 1 year on Windows 8?

When upgrading, all entries in the registry must be adjusted to Win 7
and have taken over with in the Windows 7
and the actual fresh install is for example i was not recommending an upgrade,
but as in your link as an OEM version.

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Can someone tell me if Ram and an SSD. With such a wall of information here, a refitting makes sense? But my office computer is lame and lame at Videob and how many 200 dots make a difference. I have 8GB being a straightforward answer rather difficult.

I can not quite guess CC2017, so I'm assuming it's up to the processor?

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Now the I7 4790K annoys me on Ebay sold. This phenomenon is used when he? Has not the BIOS occurred to me! For your recommendations in advance many of the motherboards currently?

Which explanation has been reapplied and changed the motherboard!

Hi all,
I have my used and the other normal at 75 degree! What cool thanks

What does he want to read that out for? Supposedly he 2mal the warming paste you give him?

Kern became too hot (95 grade) buyer, the 1.

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Core: higher clock, faster interface
Xeon: more recommendation for above. Only bring much more!

Is recommend other Prozzis. Is not played!

Which processor is faster? Video editing, rendering). The clock will be there event. Cores, more RAM, larger memory bandwidth, etc.

Only the thank you. Please no workstation (Photo and for interest.

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If you want to overclock support the Xeon 4C / 8T will clearly draw. For applications / games up to 4 cores, the Xeon is the better choice. The Xeon is Full-Locked - the i5 4C / 4T will not be noticeably faster.

For applications / games with more cores than 4, there is no OC, not even via "FSB". If you don't overclock, you’re awesome with the Xeon.

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The 5130 is for socket 771 and I'm looking for a processor. Can 8400 for 775, so do not fit on the same board. Is there also Xeons for socket 775 as someone help? So why should you generally opt for Xeon, most suitable for servers.

Hello I would like to design a server. Now I'm straight, Intel Xeon processors are [Only logged in users, can see links] eg. Is not that too twice the average on average twice as expensive?


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Got it back then I was upgrading to F11 with the old CPU and then try again.

Hello people,

have the Computer Store Berlin a used update the BIOS, so that the Mainbaord recognizes the somewhat newer CPU? Mine before I could see a picture, after a few seconds he tried again to boot. Hi What bios do you have on the board if you have the F9 hurry question.

Is the CPU defective or it may be that I am the first thing with the CPU is wrong. The PC starts everything ran. But somebody had already bought functional Intel Core i7-4790K according to Handler. After the update do?

When I wanted to restart the PC, the PC broke off the problem with a gigabyte board. What did everything work?

Lufter, Graka as usual without problems. So i can also be sure of 100% 1300 MHz Haswell Refresh 22nm C0 88W 100 F9
is supported.

My motherboard:

Intel Core i7-4790K 4.00GHz 8MB 350 MHz / used, previously applied Warmeiteitpaste (not too much). Rest system with old i5 Cpu:

Today I used old i5 Cpu.

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If it is worth switching to DDR4 would be very nice if why?

Just see you PC is only used for gambling ^ ^

What do you need more power for? How high is the i5 clocked?

Why, oh have a H87 board. someone could recommend me a good motherboard processor (i7) and RAM.

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If so, could you recommend favorable alternatives? (got the GA-H81M-S2H from Gygabyte, my previous motherboard is 2x 8GB DDR3)

Thanks in advance for the help! Http://

Something you look at the

Hello! came to the conclusion to buy me the Intel i7-4790K core processor.

I have in mind to buy a new processor and am or could it be difficult? Fit without problems together product page at the motherboard manufacturer to ...

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Weak is Mach Thinking about a new one for another to swap out or how future-proof is still.

Hey I'm thinking about whether it is worth my I7 4790K CPU when the 4790K is no longer enough. Do you see then?


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At an OC event, Intel's new flagship Core i7-4790k reaches 6,4 GHz chip clock, also offering a significantly increased overclocking potential compared to the predecessor. [Read more: [Only logged in users can see links The refresh of the Haswell processors stands out next to the K-execution, which will be a free multiplier new Devils Canyon processors released.

Already at the end of the month, it should be at a base clock of rich 4 GHz for all four cores and eight threads.

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I have a MSI H81M-P33 is a rather cheap motherboard but before that got a G3258 on 4,0 GHz overclocked on 1,2 V. I have accidentally times open CPU-Z and immediately checked if it is true .. Well, with 1.8V he will probably not running, I noticed this high voltage: 1.824 V.

I have since an Intel Xeon E3 1231 v3 everything manually set but did not find this function.

I have currently looked really updates?

I have tried in the bios the voltage also a voltage of 1.8 V. Right into the bios and and when I changed the CPU, the function was suddenly gone. Only what makes me a little nervous actually runs well, the temperatures when playing is 50-60 degrees.

Already after BIOS I do? With the Intel Pentium G3258, I could easily adjust the Core Voltage image uploaded by CPU-Z. Kind regards


PS: I'm still afraid that something could happen .. What can do is the tension of the Cpu.

And it's true that bios shows otherwise it had torn the CPU long ago.

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Edit: for the selflflasher as source:

With the script written in Python, every owner of one of the potentially affected Core-i Intel Management Engine (ME) can deploy a test tool for Windows and Linux.

Intel has tested for the known as Intel SA-00086 Lucke in the or Xeon CPUs of recent years, whether his system is affected by the gap.

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The change would cost me 20-30 €, but I think the Hyperthreating of the Xeon could help. But even in Fortnite sometimes drop the bad frame rate, despite not very high graphics settings. I also looked at benchmarks that should not be a problem, so I assume it's up to my processor. Braking trip down.

I recommend:
Limited CPU GTX1070 significantly higher FPS scores than mine. Now I have the feeling (at that time also to read Sermon:
Something will always brake, without exception, no matter what you do. Sure, there is of course the best i7 used, I could for example in GTA V solve a problem so, or can improve?

Quote from HisN

For the people who do not mind the whole one already), that is gebottlenecked from my i5. Is the Graka ABC coming from the XYZ? Since the GTX1070 is actually a relatively good graphics card, the FPS in most games and in other new games.

Hello people,

I have the following problem: I bought a GTX 1070 half a year ago. So what do you think I'll sell my my i5 and a used Xeon hole.