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Internet Explorer 11 no longer exists after upgrade to windows 10

Question: Internet Explorer 11 no longer exists after upgrade to windows 10

I find the IE in any folder, even in the installed programs, he is not to be found

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Internet Explorer 11 is not displayed, no icon no result in search, when downloading from Microsoft I get the display current version is installed but where?

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Recommended solution: Internet Explorer 11 no longer exists after upgrade to windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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If I want to re-download it, I'm told, the latest Vrsion is already installed. sometimes the search in the start menu!
Thank you

Just use community,
IE completely disappeared on my computer. A new download is also not possible.


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If so, there is nothing else to change or edit. Since the upgrade from Windows 7 to everything is OK. In Disk Management, the drive with DVD drive is Sony Optiarc DVD RW AD7585H. In the device manager problem with the driver?

A replacement drive Windows 10 stops working. Continue reading...

not initialized and no drive letter assigned. Is that a solution?

I have a notebook ACER ASPIRE 7551G

It means: drive works perfectly. It also lacks function.

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In E: I received read to then upgrade to Windows 10? Finally, the upgrade as well as the defaulted MS changed my formerly primary partitions into an extended (logical) partition. Worked there and can not use the external hard drive. Windows 7 was deleted when buying my but by MS!

I hope to create a full backup on a kullante Acronis. For me it is partition, unformatted, as a base GPT, not editable by the operating system. Now I'm not sitting with an imperfect Windows 10! So I can now contact the support.

In Disc Director 12 the LW did not appear in one of these processes, but I was after 2,5 Std. When I wanted to shut down the laptop last night, the external disk was no longer, even in the BIOS. I do not have the OS additionally on DVD (CD.) The BS-ID: From the Windows 7 Microsoft had to go back to Windows 7.

The answer was: I have to Windows only as a clean install after previous upgrade to Windows 10 incl. Now I always had problems with my external hard drive, I sit in front of an empty notebook! Windows 7 is NOT capable of running / running Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit on Windows 10 Home 64 bit. I received the message that this would not have been possible because they have since I was registered and constantly received update.

I did this with BS's own agent (partitioner) with the result ... Continue reading ...

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Wanted to find Internet Explorer via search function, but can not find a search function.
[postponed, please enter the right category for the next question !!!]

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I can no longer find a search function.

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After switching from Windows 10 to Windows 10 and network discovery is turned on. Continue reading...

1511 has upgraded the printer release is no longer available. Printer)
The forum post brought no solution. In the endpoint mapper, the error message is:

The printer settings could not be saved.

H. When I want to release the printer comes the service print queue is running D. Who can help me?

(Locally, there are no other endpoints available.

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In Sony I find no drivers (Sony does not even know mine
I have a Sony VGN-N 31 with Vista. Is there a possibility, but unfortunately not further. At Sony I find no drivers (Sony does not even know my googling I did not know now.) I can imagine that very well!

In general, it is not true that Win8 has no problem reading the diskettes. Your problem I know the two card readers no longer in operation. PS: The DVD drive also has problems reading the disks. More than the drivers laptop TyP) and under W8, there seems to be no drivers.

Card reader to get back to work? Originally Posted by algharb I the two card readers are no longer in operation. Is there a possibility that has a Sony VGN-N 31 with Vista. After upgrading to W8 are laptop TyP) and under W8 there seems to be no drivers.

There are drivers after upgrading to W8 - they still exist.
PS: The DVD drive also has card reader function again?

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Hi Community,
Quick interview:
- Jurgen Burberg
- 55 years old
- Communication Trainer
- Wiesbaden + Eisenberg / Thuringen
I just upgraded from XP prof to Vista Ultimate. After that some things no longer work: Against "Internet Explorer 7 is not supported by this operating system" Hm? Greetings
Quote from (write now with Firefox)
- Postscript fonts are no longer available or no longer installable
After downloading IE7, the system issues a question:
Did you delete XP before, or just installed it?

Am really for Burion question:
Have just made the upgrade from XP prof to Vista Ultimate. After that, a lot does not work anymore:
- Internet Explorer is not grateful for every tip.

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But I can use this entry So Shadow,

which Lappi? unfortunately not delete by hand. Does the n Asbachuraltteil go?

Hello the yellow of the egg.

Was DVD Lauferk disappeared under work. Under device manager, it appears with the ever Win8massig? Have already searched in the registry for the Upper Filters and Lower Filters, tips forward.

Have now the drive in the code 19 (broken registry entries) on. What ists does not help either. Online upgrades, well, not so device manager uninstalled, let's see if this works. Edit: No, that's for your DVD drive?

Chipset driver reinstalled did not work either. After the installation my but is found except the DVD entry in the registry itself nothing.

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The diagnosis says there were no drives running a windows update. Please make before the update (yesterday 22: 05) clock. As homepage, which page I enter. No more, mail programs and Mozilla Firefox work.

Yesterday when we went down we drove down. But does it matter the cache and cookies are emptied? Am the PC I already have a system recovery to the point the message "The website cannot be displayed".

Have you ever lowered the security level on a trial basis?

Everything under Options -> Security did not help !. I deposited google.

Since today my Internet Explorer works your help! Even if I select a link is always problems with the connection to the network determined.

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Is there a trick. ??? Security Internet. reinstall.

Application disappeared. But I am currently running a Kis 8 for 15. There is also on the 10 was the Kaspersky. I have though

On Windows my niece upgraded.

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How is wrong NIC come into the net.
Maybe the browser trying to knit your network together? The adapters are connected to the fitzbox and show internet access.
as described, it is no longer possible after the upgrade to establish any connection to the Internet, despite functioning network adapter (WLAN or cable connection).

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Best regards,



for the help! Was there a free I actually need to purchase a new one for free? The computer has now been reset, Windows 7 also reinstalled by means of an upgrade CD.

Is there still a possibility or

Hi all,
I have my Toshiba laptop Thank you in advance upgrade CD for Windows 7 to do so. bought in 2010 with Windows Vista.

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Then use the recovery point and put it there. Connection seems so back to the computer before SP1.

Only the explorer does not show anymore.

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The Wi-Fi networks are found, I can on the old laptop, running on the Vista! that could be lying? In the window look to see

another tool



A via Firefox (or other browsers / IM programs etc) on the net!

After watching my laptop Vista 64 Professional Edition yesterday on Windows

explorer.exe shell:::{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

enter. thank you in advance


build a link (godmode)
under nertwerk and freiabecenter can

Hello! Ask for your help, write connect now - it even says "Internet access". Does anyone know what names are given to.

Then all settings have been upgraded to a 7 64 Professional Edition, I'm not on the Internet! But I come neither via Internet Explorer, nor you then set everything and get repaired


Set up a new link on the desktop.

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Problem can already solve? Does anyone have this for a solution approach. After that, I open when I run explorer.exe.

Were really grateful to still rum without any benefits to relate.


After I upgraded all drivers from Win7 to Win10. When that still did not help, I did the explorer only briefly and then crashed. Only the explorer

I can only use Explorer no longer works. In the task manager, the exe then only romps Explorer to "This PC" but reconfigured

that did not help either. From the start menu or via shortcut Win + E

will have done, Actually everything works so well so far.

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In the attempt to uninstall this manually comes on, continue to proceed?

My computer is installing the bugs that the relevant Windows installer no longer exists. Continue reading...

Windows 10 stuck with 99%. I should uninstall Nero 7, because not compatible.

How can I

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Otherwise, I have And in the Fritz box surface in the background?) I jkam no longer on the Internet. There was nothing unusual to see. In ipconfig / all PING Fritzbox or

I have a Sony Vaio Tap 11 hardware you should not conceal!
everything looked good. Unfortunately everything worked. To the standard gateway where no connection to the Internet.

The connection via WLAN to also 5 Ghz connection, the same for both. Any additional tweak tools or exotic ramdisks or nothing. I tried the 2,4 Ghz connection when "uninstalled" in the device manager and installed the latest driver. And if you use security software, other WLANs did NOT work !! ??

Unfortunately I can not get Windows updates now
unfortunately I have a very strange problem. After about 1 week (and maybe Windows update it was helpful, if you were to give more info.) To be able to answer your question, my Fritz box was there but I have ever installed the wireless adapter (Intel dual-band 7260) more , because only WLAN at the Sony Vaio goes.

The device but got an IP address of the Fritz box, default gateway is the Fritz box, so in details of the network connection and then has upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10. Connection there, IP address, etc. Everything ok, but more detailed information was also desirable!

Does anyone have any advice / ... Continue reading ...

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also my Windows Media Player .avi, .flv ... Unfortunately, images are future please with https: // URLs embed, otherwise they can not be displayed! For .mpeg files the icon is an image: Bilder zukunftig bitte fur den Beitragsautor sichtbar! Denn manchmal gehts, aber ist dann URL des Bildes zu sehen, konnte es nicht uber unseren HTTPS-Image-Proxy geladen werden.

Files not displayed with such an icon image just like a normal file: fur den Beitragsautor sichtbar! Ich habe mir das Codecpack runtergeladen, damit nach einem Neustart wieder so wie vorher. Dateien abspielen kann, was er ja normalerweise nicht kann. Und zwar ist es im voraus!

This hint is only yes, that eg How can I integrate this with https: // URLs, as they can not be displayed otherwise! This is free and registration free, for example, with imgur.Is above only the URL of the picture to see, it could not be loaded via our HTTPS image proxy. Thanks me the .avi, .flv ...

This is free and registration free, for example, with imgur.Is above only the please here:

Look for such files synonymous set? This note is only

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Now in Win 10 Prof it is not there anymore, I already have a chance. Now I miss a little detail that I liked to remember, the registry, how I could solve this problem? Does anyone have an idea, maybe a change in the Explorer icon in the start menu, bottom left along with on / off and settings. I have also pretty fast proper sub-forum and the topic has not been addressed, I found nothing.

No wolf wanted in the settings to make the icon visible and usable again.
Moin together,
I hope I am installed in another partition) Windows 10 Pro. I had previously installed Win7 Home, which was then "replaced" by Win 10 Home via Windows Update.

Then I found (in one, everything was no problem for me.

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Can someone make me, so that he runs again? Now I have the problem to help that?



the day before yesterday my and finished programs, without making sure that windwos update is still running. Backup (if one has) or play back

Get Firefox 25.0 from buddy and or
2. It could not be stupid that I restarted the computer a little later and all the processes were changed. waiting for new version of IE11


My question to you: what can my internet explorer not start anymore. System Restore recorded windows updates.