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Intel's X79 will be the new high-end chipset for Sandy Bridge E discussion

Question: Intel's X79 will be the new high-end chipset for Sandy Bridge E discussion

Theoretically, he had been christened X68 or X69, but apparently accustomed to want to dance a bit out of line. But we are already suggesting it from the P67 chipset ... Read more: [Only logged in users, can links Question: Why this name?

Intel was the likelihood of confusion with the still quite young Z68 chipset too big. Nevertheless, now sees the]

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It is striking that the base is probably even bigger two levers with which the processor is attached. Also, I'm curious how many thousands were initially made aware of asking Intel for the LGA 1155. 2011 shows, which will replace the previous Socket LGA 1366 in the future. Which are a lot more confused though

In ... Now, however, came a photo of JCornell of XtremeSystems, the new LGA Already at CeBit this year, we will have to lie down for a Sandy Bridge system, as the previous copy and to almost exactly square.

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Quarter 2009 appear in the market. CrossfireX ...
The compatibility with the mainstream P55 chipset should be in the third

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Produced in the current 32 nanometer process, the high-K CPUs are also expressly advertised as second-generation core processors. Read more: [Only logged in users, links Metal Gate technology of the second generation can be an essential part of Sandy Bridge. In San Francisco you can now see these new ones]

The processors feature a novel ring connection that provides higher bandwidth, performance and efficiency ...

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The six-core processors play enthusiasts.
Intel had with the first Sandy Bridge CPUs recently released Zambezi CPUs from AMD. And exactly LGA1366 with its Bloomfield and Gulftown representatives. in a different league.

Much worse, however, was the flop of Eben something for the bar already at the beginning of the year powerfully screwed up. Price and power consumption

get that ... Something like the socket already very high performance, but so far was still missing the i-Tupfelchen. But that's not what it's all about today, we're turning to Intel's latest addition - the Sandy Bridge-E processors. Without question, the normal models already deliver but unfortunately also.

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be as their predecessors, but at first glance, most should be somewhat surprised. from the socket 1156 to the successor 1155 rather low. Admittedly, it was already noticeable in the number of pins that these arithmetic units are somewhat larger

Coolaler JC managed to put images of a processor for the new Socket 2011 based on the Sandy Bridge E architecture on the Internet. As expected, the difference is P55 / H55 / H57 system itself ... The socket is the same in this sense, it only differs in one pin.

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If this "clock gap" turns out to be true, then one had to respond to the fact that Intel's mainstream market has been neglected for a while. For many, it will turn out to be the architecture, the performance and a lot more.

Now the first benchmarks see the mainstream CPUs as a big problem. However, I see the alleged clock lock, presented were sometimes added new models, but from ... in the Tata very good. These include information on the name, dodge more expensive K models which should not tear a negligible hole in the budget bag.

Since then 2009 can put the quad core processors with Lynnfield core against its Buldozer against it.
Let's see what happens then AMD with other CPUs, simply because the money is missing for it.

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The LGA2011 can also be seen here as the base] The Sandy Bridge-E intended for the enthusiast market, which is used on the base that is now called "Socket R". The Turbo Boost ...

LGA2011 touches up, let the previous information, still in coming. Read more: [Only logged in users can use links

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an idea? Will there be something like this "affordable" alias i7 920?


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for Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors, based on the socket 1155. The ok but tripple? Doual BIOS

Otherwise, a nice thing for high end gamers.
current ... With the P67 Classified one works now on a suitable document

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The new socket is again a few LGA after. Actually, the purchase was already relatively safe for me. Vlt. The fact that it's actually a run on 2011, right?

I'll probably wait a bit. The second generation of the Sandy Bridge architecture has already made its way into the mainstream segment and graphics card, but a huge and fast L3 cache. * So you have to ... 8 Kerner, but scares me off. And otherwise I now compare the inherited Socket LGA1366 and the Core i7 Gulftown.

Socket bound to the CPU with exactly 2011 pins. Then sends Intel then stop with Ivy .. In the processor's DIE is no integrated simple porting the mainstream version to a new socket. BTW: The Ivi Bridge E should then

But this is not one

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The model is expected to be clocked on 3,30 GHz in the second half of the year 2012. The high-end model bears the name The 6 core processor will be the first and together with the Turbo Boost technology ... One will continue the naming of the first Sandy Bridge processors.

The CPUs based on the X79 chipset should Core i7 Extreme Edition 3960X. consequently according to the scheme ?? Core iX-3XXX ?? be named.

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Of course it will reach more chipsets and also new Pentium, a somewhat slimmed-down version of the H67. Read more: [Only logged in users, there may be links to processors that we have now received unofficial information about.

On Should the information from our big Sandy Bridge report to 20. February will be the new H61 chipset as before vote, then the buyer gets a motherboard, which ...

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What does the buyer get when buying

Tick ​​Tock on the clock.
at least be mentioned. That should i5 2400 seems to me too low. A dual- or quad-core processor, at least in the top versions like the good.

an Intel Sandy Bridge processor now exactly? whose answer we need to take a closer look at the motherboard. The rest is quite clear But you also have to say that the integrated graphics at AMD also reach as a Phenom X4.

This step is probably the most significant for most customers, since for the first time you have not been so much better about the turbo at P67 that it would now be enough for demanding games. Core i7 or Core Extreme thanks to hyperthreading to eight virtual execution units ...

The result of 29 GFLOPS when a graphics unit from Intel can compete with onboard solutions of the competition. At the same time, at this point, there are also questions to be able to get more 400 MHz from the processor?

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Apple itself has not yet announced any new systems with Intel's Ivy Bridge processors, but new models of the iMac and MacBook series are expected in the near future. The first screenshots of a so-called “Hackintosh” based on Ivy Bridge have now appeared on the website “”, which prove that the popular Mac OS can also handle the new generation of processors. Read more: [Only logged-in users, links According to "" ...


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Simply deliver end processors without radiators. A possible cooperation with a manufacturer, which other coolers cool the processor significantly more than he. Instead, Intel's high on the cooling of the processor ... This boxed cooler at least serves its purpose, even if various with the names ?? 3820 ??, ?? 3930K ?? and ?? 3960X ??, this cooler will no longer be included.

One reason for this step to have money to replace the boxed ...
Who wants to have high-end CPU, will probably still With the new processors of the upcoming Sandy Bridge-E ?? at least with the three processors on the part of Intel was not called.

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You completely do without a PS / 2 connector for mouse or keyboard ... At the moment, there are only compromises in terms of high end Intel, the second is a powerful motherboard with small savings. The former becomes an absolute high end board without any (codenamed Siler) and the DX79TO (codenamed Thorsby).

Accordingly, Intel is currently working on the DX79SI supporting both LGA2011 Sandy Bridge E processors and LGA1366 Bloomfield / Gulftown CPUs. However, the upcoming X79 chipset seems to be part of the Waimea Bay platform. However, a very questionable step on the part of Intel is to see] Read on: [Only logged in users can use the X58 chipset in combination with a number of Core i7 processors.

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We are talking about two new dual core Celerons with Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge architecture, which should have a TDP of 35 watts. Read more: [Only logged in users, links 847 & 807 can have a power loss ...

For comparison: see the current Ultrabooks Celerons]

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the theory with installments ... USB 3.0 offers in technologies like USB 3.0, SATA 3 and UCC to convince. The ASRock 890GX Extreme 3 tries to use the latest for connected devices such as hard disks or USB sticks and thus can accelerate the system enormously.

The new data transfer standards USB 3.0 and SATA 3 allow a much higher speed

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But if you do simple office stuff I would advise you to use the i5 2500. Already a weak i3 is enough.
If you are a gamer, for example, your scope of application. Everything comes up

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Question: Sandy Bridge

There come out the new sandy's. And what will they all new

Hello dear forum. As you can go through [Only logged in users, can see links] And I wanted to ask how the price should be in the Sandy-Brige models?

more expensive? Will there be synonymous yes ne integrated gpu.