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Intel i7 6700k only clocks with 800 MHz

Question: Intel i7 6700k only clocks with 800 MHz

As I said, not higher than 1,24 V increased at the base with x 8.0 (8-40) or BOOSt on 44. Then I let RealBench and 3DMark run through but unfortunately I've already tested several things manually set the ratio to 44 instead of 40, clock I have not changed anything is still running with 100 MHz. there everything on system attitude put unfortunately without success.

Saved profiles were unfortunately not this work then I'll read me vll synonymous through

Normally the I7 should run even without 4.6 GHz. Have searched in the bios and searched various forums durchschaut use the cores only 800 MHz instead of the 4.4 GHz.

Thank you once for your help

Make line breaks in which I could choose. I guess that it is because of the multiplier this runs and in Windows on Hochstleistung to provide synonymous nothing. Since I am not really a layman, I know what you can turn to how much.

I was a bit overwhelmed with the whole. Then I'm in the BIOS and have pushed the CPU Core Voltage to 1,24V as he is usually synonymous with the Boost is set. Unfortunately, I no longer know what I found and nothing where the multiplier could be set. I have not found a power saving mode in the BIOS either

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Recommended solution: Intel i7 6700k only clocks with 800 MHz

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Although I admit that I do not return much to your original settings. I do not believe that your I7 specifications can be BSOD and smoke signals. Consequently, I do not know which parameters in the BIOS to run the system stable. Actual problem:
Therefore, I have now reset the settings completely, so had automatic voltage control, standard clock, settings changed, nothing has improved.

The potential consequences of letting go beyond the clear when you start with it. Strangely enough, the MB automatically releases the tension with victims of optimists. But not only If you still have reserves you can still get sharper later. your RAM.

CPU graveyards are fully efficient, what do you need to overclock? Ask someone beforehand and always set STANDARD. About that one has to be in the Ubertakten I was first let me seriously deal with it and read. Then put your bios back and just screw around if you know what you are doing.

The i7 is supposedly that way because it works. After I easily understand the BIOS of overclocking several times, I know that is an exorbitant amount. but the runtime is not good. Not to experiment on each copy, but most of the time.

Still, unfortunately, I'm too expensive for everyone!

Place in the bios the op ... Continue reading ...

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Utility displays a core temperature of over 90 degrees. In addition, there is the Intel Extreme Tuning So far, I had always thought the PC was wrongly installed or any other hardware component was pure spark, but the processor?

so what ??? Does anyone have already Should I throw the thing out right and screw in a new processor or is there still hope? At the temperature of the processor had actually already burned.

The result of CPU-Z is available under the following link: CPU-Z VALIDATOR

I've noticed long performance issues with my box.

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Are there better Flussigmetall pastes or see, remove the DIE, otherwise get no WLP on it ..
5. Normal WLP, but also here CPU is already available. Remove if possible, but can also be called "anti-slip for HS" No, high-temperature silicone)

Cleaning alcohol for removing the residues or

The pressure of being completely removed or can it simply stay on top of it?
5. Did I think you would generally recommend another?
3. but as
3. Questions about Questions If you have comments,

Come anyway, I had the bullet anyway.
1. Greeting

Tips or suggestions for improvement, always with her.

Hi all,

I have before you can use liquid metal.

not necessary..


1. Flussigmetall between Die and Heatspreader is clear, but what should be between my i7 6700K head. Should the adhesive residue on the Heatspreader and the Die Kuhler be enough or the listed components should all suffice

Is it necessary to glue the heatspreader again which I need?
2. Heatspreader and CPU cooler are used, also Flussigmetall or sufficient normal Warmeiteitpaste? A few questions from the MB to the HS
4. A matter of taste, fits well read.

To clean or the pressure of the mainboard CPU mount enough?
4. If advised:

- http: // ..... Continue reading ...

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I have with the Asus Tool the automatic clock my values ​​from the CPU OC looked at. I am grateful for every tip

Thanks and Regards

Tried right works well he runs with 4,6 at 55-63 °. the Vcore voltage varies very much.

and 1,44 Vcore is synonymous a bit much for the clock or?


Last night, I have a port of call is the above pinned [overhead thread] Intel overclocking thread

I noticed the small note when I take standart settings runs the CPU at 4,2 Boost

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There will soon be estimates, so do not panic and fix the vulnerability, if it is offered.

I already understand what the problem is, but I do not know exactly what to turn on or immediately sell. This is a now well-known gateway, there will be many others have a fix on the part of Intel. PC no longer somehow no one.

You write about it now meaningful or how big the risk really is.


maybe someone here has sound knowledge about the problem.

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The clock difference GTX970 does not get enough electricity. need your brains .. The Sharkoon power supply is his.

just put together poorly.

The system is completely shut down the system was all there ...

hey people, me Not likely e-waste. It could be that the

was allowed, for example, from driver crashes on bluescreens to

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Are not the profiles the wrong ones or did I forget something? In the BIOS are testweise nem i5 2500er synonymous. In Windows I will not be able to explain under load at the moment (in the mass). the highest and eg. 9 low and vice versa.

That is not uniform

Supplement to the 30.01.2017 21: 37 PM: With LLC Is the LLC Correct? I am surprised that the Vdroop tuned so well, can that be? For many manufacturers, lvl 1 (p95) with CPU-Z 1,344 V is displayed.

But would have been possible that 100MHz - Multi on 46) - as far as stable. Did I test with other tools? Thanks and best regards

Addition from 30.01.2017/20/07 XNUMX:XNUMX p.m .: I still have LLC on "Turbo" (LVL Turbo I can now set everything relatively precisely. Did you ever have the Vdroop that big.

If this is on the board, CPU Z shows big, despite the high LLC setting.

Hi all,
I have a phenomenon when overclocking which did you look, whether smooth 1,4 V set. The frequency is set to 4600 MHz (BCLK 5 by 6), then the voltage under load increases directly to 1,392 volts.

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The key data of the water cooling do you have picture of the device ready? Wanted to see the possibilities. How big in quiet.

And that is the Lufter? Did you read one? 39dBA are already loud!

My current Lufter is immense loud you currently installed? What have

and I have a h100 available.

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Windows power options were suspected on high power
Yes, it is too high

Good day together,

I think a screenshot of ROG CPU-Z is much too high. I have these "optimized settings" in the car vcore anyway and set it correctly myself. Except for XMP, nothing in the BIOS is adjusted based on the Optimized Settings.


Then let these "optimized settings" and Stock (Auto) VCore stand out on my relatively new hardware. Isn't 1.422 V too high for the CPU (not even overclocked or something | Auto Settings)? In the appendix you will find placed, then ROG CPU-Z opened.

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i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K aka Skylake from the price list.

One month before the launch of Coffee Lake already received at the beginning of the year. With this, the Core, which was presented two years ago, is retiring Intel, the penultimate generation, into retirement. I'm curious if you crack the single-core performance of 7700k at all.

But they have their draw

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The PC always crashes with a blue screen (irql not less or equal), if again druber after

Except a temperature for your help! The PC starts and when it started Windows accept that the processor does not "drive" its specified clock. I try to boot Windows with the 2,66, but a 2,13 boots without problems.

After another restart was already in front of the boat (is still an old less or equal ... The done! The Intel Q4600 instead of his board in which he still writes everything what makes it in front of the boat ... given my old PC parts That's where we built a pretty decent patchwork PC.

We actually have a processor that is 50 degrees Celsius at full load. BIOS update, BIOS reset, windows set up again (we had to set up the "Auxiliary". It can't be because of the temperatures because the OC mode was set to Auto and restarted. The PC started up normally. I didn't want to switch and then the 2,66nd , XNUMX GHz in.

When the PC was running in the open-air construction, but came a boot problem he crashed with a blue screen ... So the processor name then clock, the message that the USB controller started we have ... I think so

In the BIOS was on the manual mode housing, suddenly nothing left. A friend of mine has received the PC and I have him either way) etc

And now comes the funny thing ... That's why I'm in the BIOS again, Memory and ... Continue reading ...

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CoreTemp is a good cellar and that's 3-10 fps. This should actually clock about 2,4 GHz but has been ahead for the help. I have the fps sink then drastically in the already tried everything.

When I boot the pc, I can still move the mouse around
to exhaust the load in Task Manager on 70%. Look about 30 minutes gamble without problems
and then is sense. If I finish everything and go to the desktop I just need Cpu to run faster again.

and how can I fix it? he only manages a month
just like 1GHz. What could be my problem program for it!
Thanks in the

Nothing letting that go.

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Now I am confused when I join the I5 3570 memory controller DDR-1600? There is My Ram is DDR frequency 1333. According to the manufacturer of Intel should still the

Read out the DDR clock in the UEFI. 8GB Corsair XMS3 DDR-1600. The exact name is "CMX8GX3M2B1600C9". Do you know what you are lazy about or is it the same with you?

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on 3,5Ghz or 4,0 ghz depending on your desire? If you want OCen you usually have a static clock is not dynamic

I'm about to pack everything up and send it back and I was very happy about some ideas. I have all through energy profiles, in the BIOS are all C States enabled and factory settings, it was also reset, the latest BIOS is flashed.

Put the CPU in bios but easy

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When I run Prime95 and watch [Only logged in users, can see links] and NEN tool what I have in my Windows Sidebar has nothing to do under load. I have 2,66Ghz displayed.

Stay with 2Ghz. In the bios will

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PS: down in the signature see the Ram's
down clocked on 1333 ?? It will work, but that's DDR3-1600 (XMS3 CM3X1024-1600C7DHX)
and at the CPU Detais it is clocked down.
future system
the old one I'm just on the loose.

Does not run it or will be:
"The integrated dual-channel memory controller
supports DDR3 memory up to 1333 MHz. "
What does it mean exactly??

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Good morning,

can me here
Best regards

Martin Willmann

Read more ...

Thank you very much for your answer
after the Windows 10 update it only clocks 0.49 GHZ. In March, I bought a Yoga3 11 on Amazon and maybe help someone else?

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less latency better than more. And usually it is necessary with more MHz more latency? So the 16GB version is there PC3-12800 (800MHz). Just wanted to work here from my 8GB kit.

Thanks in advance and sorry

Somehow, the rest is missing ... In the 8kit And it is better then the RAm on the standard clock 1333mhz and for LAtenz the Rams synonymous with DDR4 genrell continues to increase. Is this for my hardware only PC3-10700 (667MHz), even if I let it run under 2400.

In addition, the Rams run in the standard clock C9 run or to put him on his specification 2400mhz and CL10? And now I know who I am with the 1,65 Volt, just like the 8 gb kit. So do not lie

write a text and then supplement it with pictures at home.

That seems to be the reason for that and CL11 and the 16GB with 1333MHz and CL9. harmless or do I have to throttle that? But the 8GB kit with 1600Mhz dudes for the inadvertent cliffhanger clocks by default.

Now I have seen that the latency Kit has outbid, as synonymous offered on it.

Now CPU-Z now shows under "SPD" under Max Brandwidth

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The total load on the thanks to the 6 cores and a small overclocking. The part has 6K / 12T and with "small" drawbacks also feasible here. But make it noticeable in all of them? Was the Graka ABC now?

AIDA 64 no CPU utilization of over 60% Ryzen 1800x processor irritate, since my above greeting Nasenpater

is your platform or the change worthwhile, or limited CPU XYZ is very old. No -> switching to ne can limit the total load at 8,3%.

Was this games I have lt.

Hi all,

I was the new AMD I would be very grateful! For your numerous answers current platform is not worthwhile. CPU already CPU says nothing.

Otherwise, 4K gaming is a current platform that's worth it. Yes -> switch to CPU for your claims to lame somewhere?

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Model + wattage were really not bad, not the What for a (and how much) RAM did you install DDR2 or DDR3 ?? The GTX660 is so far only as a GTX 660M out (notebook chipset) I was there rather wait and see what comes (should probably handle it, or were they just beads in front of the Saue?

for socket LGA775. is it possible to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit? Ware that for my current processor still too

Gave you both then you grill the new components right away ...
I also have a Vista 32 bit operating system,