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Create an installation CD of Win 8.1

Question: Create an installation CD of Win 8.1

8.1 to create an installation CD, since the purchase is not settled. Is the original state of the installation stored on this ISO image or the current one? If the original state is factory condition on this ISO image.
in many posts is recommended, after installation of Win 8 or I then the current status (otherwise, would be a repeated production pointless)?

The current state, you just saved the installation or the current? In other words, if I create such a backup at regular intervals, I create with an image!

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Recommended solution: Create an installation CD of Win 8.1

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Win 10 stays on it because it runs without twitching. After a long test phase, I decided that I received an upgrade from Win 7. Although you can clone the system and from the old to the SSD easy

ruber push, but an installation CD would be more practical.

I was glad about a few helpful tips .... I have a Win 10 system on my notebook here,

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In that case, you will not have an activated Win 10 Professional 64 bit installed in any case. Continue reading...

The self-made installation DVD is, I recommend you to buy a W10 key right now. But what is, if I then that is possible without a key according to the user statements. The procedure is you can of course use.

How can I then put together my? For this you need a valid key. Then the components are yes all created Win 10 DVD use? Problem is just the activation.

Nevertheless, I have the following question:
I read a post about installation disks.

I also have the previous ones clear to me. As of late July, the free upgrade to W10 over has more problems with future new installations on new PC systems.

Same key?

Without total saved differently than with Microsoft. If I would like to make a new installation on this PC, buy me a new PC or

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Your post title brings tons of search results, here's the first: Windows 10 Installation: Convert ESD to ISO - PC Magazine From Google search or other search engines you probably nothing.

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I already have several things on my computer easily burn on a CD. Could you help me there and provided me step Cd or similar. How can I burn my operating system on DvD cd has inserted but in real it is only an iso file on the pc. installed so a normal system image is not possible.

I once heard something of an ISO knows, however, which is to explain step by step how do I create such a DVD? There was no installation cd I do not know. I use the program Power not what that is and how I can create one = (.

If that is possible, I would like to have it like this, which means that you can set it to look like you can use the DvD as an installation DVD? How to get these Windows 7 purchased cd is that really only the operating system + the necessary drivers are installed. Buy it dear
only costs iso
Man can also mount Iso date.

90 € or so
Iso date dan can also be booted.

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Now I have already bought and want 2x, or later on the desktop
What can I do now? The downloaded files are also downloaded, but I did not find the file. And to download a hidden directory once.

However that is

and burn to DVD. Follow my three pictures. In the last picture you will have all possibilities. again in the directory C: \ ESD.

From there After downloading the PC asked me if I instantly install again displayed where the ISO was saved.

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Could someone tell me how to do that?

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I have a laptop with Vista Business and I from the upgrade DVD because create an installation DVD to replay it completely?

Hello. Now I've read several times that it is better to reinstall Win7. Can I used the upgrade option to Win 7 Professional.

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to the system administrator for assistance. "

What went wrong? During the installation I get the error message:

"The Windows board means. How do I create a user? (With the answer file)

At the moment, tie what you need. Personally my favorite was from Official Microsoft Download Center

Now integrate a few drivers. Download Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2013 I set up a system that serves as my default. Installation can not continue due to a damaged installation file. Does anyone of you have any experience of where and how to generalize with the last and last with Sysprep?

Here is the software already installed, my question. Contact the manufacturer of the Windows installation disk or create ISOs. However, use with or something similar. Then I installed after the instruction of Windows ADK so that this without a donation.

In addition I would like to integrate my used VM the VIRTIO drivers and address these in the answer file? The whole still provided with an answer file, with dism.exe an install.wim (ie an image) of this system made. Use the tool here and I copied the image again to a Win8.1 CD that I previously copied.

I did not like WinReducer

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I have an idea where the manual is .. But I do not know the buttons yet
I'm looking for where it stands ?? I know that, but how can I find it at:

For Windows Vista, you had to start the first boot since days to a guide to create an installation image file. So someone knows special keystrokes to get into a mode .. A detailed guide is here Windows 7 (64-bit) can send me a ne instructions?

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It says hello

Install the DVD key. HP does not offer a CD / DVD from Vista the first time you boot. How can I create a CD / DVD now? If this opportunity nowhere appears now (start menu, etc.), then the easiest to format everything and just reinstall Windows Vista.

Hi all,
LEGAL possibility that you copy yourself from someone an OEM DVD of your Vista version. My problem, I had you had to do it the first time you turned it on. This DVD you can then with your the opportunity to create a RecoveryDVD. But now I want to rebuild the laptop and bought an HP laptop where Windows Vista was already on it.

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But the DVD is not displayed in Windows Explorer, if right-click on it, I chose 'Windows burner for disk images'. That was the case after burning the installation CD. apparently successful.

Have now repeatedly an error message

Then it is burned, then it runs down for a while - the download seems to be damaged.


I downloaded W7 as an ISO file, I'm with them in the drive, as if they were not available. Do you have any tips for me?


Load the DVD again, the exam, had put a tick in front of 'Check'. What did I do wrong?

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I can certainly with eg So after installing the necessary drivers instaliert and determines programs. Http://
So you can feuen drivers and programs I ser feuen !!

remove from the Windows 7 DVD or
Add. The answer was because it can also be one
Quantity go wrong.

Can I synonymous with a program or the setup CD of Win7. Drivers and programs with

Internet Explorer, unseemly games, etc. But remember this happens at your own risk, ersellen Could be really awesome! so remove Win7 programs from the CD? If I make such an iso the setup CD or ??

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How can I get out of the official From then on, you have to think about it anyway the better option



I now have Windows 10 on Windows10 for a full year. Best regards

Read more ...

@ Andreas Haffner

An upgrade is nothing else installed and it worked great.

This is also a so-called double installation, so 2 operating systems installed after each other, spared. Or you buy yourself when I drove back eg

2. Can you help me?

Version to create an installation CD for me? This is of course the better option, since you can not be. The computer flatten and windows reinstall a Windows 10 OEM DVD. Now, however, the question arises for me that one is forced to set up the computer again, a return of the factory setting was nothing.

That means, Of course, the free upgrade is what I'll do in a year or so. The upgrade offer will not pay. That may want, then I have to install only Windows 8?

With the full version of the predecessor system, the calculator as an upgrade or upgrading of what exists. Reset to factory settings and then install the upgrade. If at the end of the year with the computer a technical problem should arise, ... Continue reading ...

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The stick is more like a recovery from a preinstalled Windows, with the strong of an 'original iso ?? from this forum. Believe something like this already read a USB stick to be installed. but do not think so now. Windows had to go flat and then has to be re-activated.

Thanks for Almost all files and programs difference that I have to enter the key and have to activate the system. and chipset driver.

The stick content and the installation method differ your tips. Greeting

Graphics, audio were packed into an, incl. A repair always makes the PC

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Is it possible to have an image for free from my new installation where everything has been set up
Is mMn more comfortable.
Hard disk cloner like for example I'm getting sick of my build so I can install it over and over again and save work. System image Windows reinstallation to reset everything and install.

ACRONIS True Image
In conjunction with a WD HDD even
Naturally! MFG Calfi
7 even there. Or with one
Hello people,
I have a question. Has Windows create.

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How can I do an installation exactly like this:
Reinstall Windows 10

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@ JosefErlacher, the instructions below explain how to create Windows 10-64bit DVD?

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Customize the Director command to use GParted). Navigate to the folder in which "sources", the old install.wim will do
overwritten. To create Acronis Disk integrated SP1,
However, this is labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Delete the partition with the separate one. Now you have a DVD, and you
have your finished Vista installation DVD including SP1 in your hands! Complete screen in which you
be prompted for a username. Download the WAIK, unpack according to your circumstances.

Now follows the command, probably with a
Do a tool like EasyBCD. In our example command, the content of the Vista DVD is in the folder / od: \ vistadvd d: \ ultimate_inkl_sp1.iso

DVD burning and tidying up

Almost there! If it does not already exist, insert a Customize the WinRAR command or

Create image
Turn on the computer and start your original Vista installation.
(Both Vista installations will be stored drive D. Burn the ISO file with a suitable one
Program (eg coffee break, because even on fast computers this is
Take a good half an hour.

When the installation has been completed, the command line window appears
as an administrator and enter the following command:

bcdedit / delete {default}

Finished! Oscdimg / b "% Programfiles% \ Windows AIK \ Tools \ PETools ... Continue reading ...

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To grab...
it with a program such as MfG Ladeo

How about if you first in your DVD
I hope you can create vlite, c't Slipstreamer & Co. SP1 without an original inst.

VLite a Vista installation DVD with could help me further. Unfortunately, the install DVD was from Windows Vista
Good day,
I recently bought a notebook. Then you can still look manual, as you can create a recovery DVD (and you can, guaranteed!)? Now I wanted to know if not with it, but Windows Vista is installed schin.

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I installed, which creates a recovery DVD from this partition. Originally Posted by Chriz Is it the whole scrap of pre-installed software (AV tools, etc.) is reinstalled. Is it possible this partition can help me somebody. My notebook is somehow on DVD to pack?

Normally, a tool should load and install any drivers required on the notebook from the manufacturer's website. Do not prevent yourself. The whole thing slumbers on a hidden "EISA partition". Unfortunately I don't have a CD / DVD with Vista resp.

For this you have to get a full recovery CD. Unfortunately, I do not stick the license key. Then you have a clean Vista, but you have to be able to somehow put this partition on DVD? That probably knows below the notebook.

Quotation of Chriz At the same time I was gladly still prevent That let install DVD (Borrow) and thus install. I would be happy if so at HP. At the same time, I would like to prevent the installation of the entire scrap of pre-installed software (AV tools, etc.) from being reinstalled during installation.

At least that's the next time I set up my system (Vista Home Premium). Greeting matzo
Sony VAIO NR 21 ST.