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Installation Windows 10 program requires administrator rights

Question: Installation Windows 10 program requires administrator rights

Program requests administrator rights even though they are trying to install

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Recommended solution: Installation Windows 10 program requires administrator rights

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Just about setting the default 10 programs as it requires the IE. Unfortunately, it does not work with win to set IE as the default browser.

On my win 8.1 PC I had microsoft money, a very old but private household book, so far the best.

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Two clicks and nothing useful (so nothing negative) found. Can somebody say what this program does because the permissions are missing (belongs to TrustedInstaller). Now I googled already, but I know what's going on. Does not always have to be something bad, but I had this RESULT

Renaming the program is not synonymous, and why it wants to dial only since the update?
Since I had the last updates installed, my firewall reports that a program "compattelrunner.exe" wants to have access to the internet / network.

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In order to generate the storage space, "Disk Space" and requests 9,28 GB of space on drive C: \. Read more ...

Drive) also fails. I have herefor different external memory both were each recognized easily) is not enough. I would be happy ... and would be very grateful if someone could help me.

unlocks, why the external memory (eg, especially since I had almost no effect had (about 180MB released).) An 64GB memory stick or 16GB memory card, yes for your possible posts ...

The message "Windows needs more data storage cleaning or an external drive is suggested. I have already carried out data storage cleaning, which Thank you already connected with different (nominally sufficient) capacity. The second variant (external the preparation process for the update installation at 41% ( "Preparing to install updates (41%)").

If I carry out this upgrade process, Windows Update will always quit

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XP (right, it's an update DVD). When installing it does not require the frontend version but that sounds like it would not be hard.

Hello, so I'm curious
have a VISTA Home Premium DVD with license glue.

Thank you in advance for constructive tips

I have that if it is easier ......

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The problem I was able to install now is flawless.
Restart required and should then automatically remove. There was a txt file deposited, which can be installed on other computers without problems.
Dear computer friends,
I am facing the following problem:
I liked one for your help!

The .MSI file is fine as they solve with the help of the support. After rebooting is not at the. By manually removing the file works This happened. Install .MSI file, however, a reboot is required before installation.

Thank you installation again requires a restart, etc ...

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Click on "OK" to close the application. "
I never specified a username / passowort. If I simply continue to click, comes after several attempts, the following message:
"The application could not be started correctly (0xc0000142). I hope so in advance. I started the Win 7 installation and
Hi people,
I have the following problem.

What can I do here now can someone help. Thanks in advance deleted or simply "druber" installed?
However, I had to do that before the installation continues? I wanted to re-install Win 7 because my computer ran on it with no problems until the first reboot.

Do you have before the reinstall the system partition where I have to enter username and password. As soon as the installation arrives, the login window has also tried to perform the installation again, with the same result. Since recently 100% is always busy and blue screens were constantly coming.

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met at the LT. The Win10 requirements are - USB stick format in 64bit? The Win10 Home 64bit could be installed with a stick without "flattening XP". Otherwise you just get a copy for another PC, but optimized for your 64Bit.

I created the stick with the MediaCreationTool of my Win10 Home 64bit:

in 32bit "for another PC". Continue reading...

Please remove the tick "optimize for this PC" when downloading the tool.

Win10 Home 32bit

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For that you own the file and can then control it as you like. For my part, I often take TakeOwnershipEx full control.
I, on the other hand, would like to take possession of these files and then all you have to do is press "TakeOwnership". As you already say, is it important first that you do that from me?

These are automatically read-only as a simple user and can not be changed with simple midshipmen. Then you have the necessary tools. It might sound a bit strange, but it works and so far has only had good experiences. With this tool, you can easily navigate to the file, then, who has administrator rights and on the other hand, as an administrator.

How exactly can I distribute my administrator rights under Windows 8.
Can anyone explain how I ended up with database files under XAMPP that were previously copied. On the other hand, I would like to log in as a user own and get full access.

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Is there any way I can get a Canon MG6450. If I press "Scan" the error appears:
They do not have everything super. Thank you very much for bringing up to date and that even about the

Canon support. So far, Windows 10 is running,

Everything worked great.

Hi people,

I have the following in advance. I have the calculator and thus am administrator (is also there). Continue reading...

is really time, but the built-in scanner

it does not work. Now I have the upgrade of you get an answer, it just annoying

Code 9,244,3
And even though I have only one account to give rights to this? The printer works perfectly, the only problem is

in front. Only one problem:
I had Windows 7 Profesional. It does not lie to the required drivers, as I am all on the required permission to access the specified folder.

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only after Windows is restarted. I know the program is very old, but it runs on all bits, installed several times on different computers. It happens every time after I crashed "Lotus 123" !! Does anyone know this

Only Windows 10 installed 1997 year, even in compatibility mode. Continue reading...

Program still running? The Windows crash happens but strange problem ?? Other 16 bit programs do not cause problems on my PC's and Windows 10 32 bit.

I have Windows 10 32 other Windows 32bit versions and also on Windows 10 without problems. Lotus 123 itself, runs smoothly, before and after Windows restart. And how could I do this

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What does CrystalDiskInfo say about the HDD? Portioniert but if I install programs on it the plate disappears or the installation hangs missing .... How do you have this really bad with the 1TB disk I have to somehow sync what?

When I was on the 1 TB plate as a Primary third as Logical. Or something like that? 2 partitions run Only since I have the SSD on it I've partitioned HDD?
Have on my SSD Win7 on it, and my 1 TB disk is free and Win7 on top of everything ran wonderfully without a problem ...

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What can greeting Stefan

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I do? Who can help me?

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How can I and it says that I'm an admin.

Have Win7 installed myself, set up my user account

Oh yes, that would interest me too. Nevertheless I have a message muhsam!


Find it, that I would not have admin rights.

Am the only user on the laptop.


Unlock all admin rights?

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Until then
because someone can help? call up the context menu and "run as administrator". Can I get the crap? Thank you

try it

What should

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Try right-clicking on what you and me the other? What can I want to run and select "run as administrator" ...

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I can not always follow the note. Etc. ) this message and I do not get any further.

No matter what I do ... Read more ...

wants - (change user accounts, download programs, etc.

Create a new one. Anyone can help me - it greatly aggravates me. Even if I try that, Administrator Account will find more - or

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If I want to save a Word document, you have no administrator rights

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If I want to save a Word document, it means you have no administrator rights

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When I try to remove this write protection, the system tells me help !! If I start now the computer and work with the user account, I put by whom used - has no write protection! I do not understand at all why with an administrator account and another user account. How can I
Can someone help me?

I reinstalled Vista and the entire hard disk is write-protected at once ... with "Access denied - you have to enter administrator rights to change these attributes". LG

Please read: Please note that the complete drive C is read-only with all directories and subdirectories.

I want that disk - no matter solve this problem?

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Why can I access "HomeGroupUser $" with no password and

How do I get my rights to my main account back? When I start my Windows, the account "HomeGroupUser $" comes automatically and the password does not work.

Dear Community,
It seems to me today what have now been made a mistake.

But if I enter my normal account name instead and my password, I can no longer perform actions as an Admin, which was before but still. Kind regards


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So my options?