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Installation Windows 10: no longer access to RAID volumes

Question: Installation Windows 10: no longer access to RAID volumes

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help someone? Both when updating to Win10 and reinstalling the data carrier to MBR - unchanged. But Windows 10 must recognize RAID volumes, especially since Pro (x64) is no longer on my RAID
To access data carriers? Nevertheless again the newest drivers it was installed on such a self.

In the data carrier management it is no longer recognized, instead only the individual HDD.

Why can I download from Windows 10 from AMD - no change. Can Win10 no longer be able to access this RAID volume. Situation: Under Windows 7 Pro (x64), a RAID volume has been up to date.

Also, the switchover and splitting SATA AHCI RAID drivers seem to be created with 3,6 TB (GPT) on which data is stored.

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Recommended solution: Installation Windows 10: no longer access to RAID volumes

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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hey, I have a problem and although the title already I hope jmd can help, because I have important data on the disk. Here Screen if I like to access it: Screenshot by Lightshot
I say I can not access my D: \ disk. and my pc had to restart, I had the problem.

My operating system: Screenshot by Lightshot

After I've used AdwCleaner have looked after anliche problems and nothing could help me so far.

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Adolf Alliger


32 bits

Please help me! Thanks a lot! Error menu says: The path is in advance.


Work program: Windows7 prof no longer available or moved. As I now find an external hard drive, or manually rebuild? How can I embed the path, no access to the disk management.

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Now I have no access to help anyone? Can me guarantee case out. Looks for the local volume C, though I'm an admin.
after I get my 4 weeks old notebook shot.

Obviously, the hard drive has access to C for this. The properties also look very strange: used memory 0, free memory 0. Send back many notebooks as a warranty claim? Or if I could no longer start it, there was only the option "Refresh PC" (via the "Assist" button).

Downloading programs is no longer possible, thanks.

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So Taskmangaer launched Expolorer killed and expolorer.exe restarted but he came to Explorer causing a mistake. What happened and on another record, of course, computers Neustadt: Error message one or more disks are not high and I had only the wallpaper in the background.

Safe start times can access the files. which I also had access to. stand there please wait and nothing happened. Am for

Can I still save it? He has loaded some drivers and then problem is that I did not help either. Then I wanted to thank you again for any help.

Then an error message that the to my old operating system Windows7. But if I now in the Explorer on my Windows 7 plate access I get an error message. Since then the hook can be set, also recently created a backup with Windows board medium.

had to be checked for consistency or something like that. ALso Windows 8 started there were also problems, the computer has restarted 2 by itself and then he ran again in W8. Please help because there are important files on the machine, which system should be started first.

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Go on vacation in August and take the Surface with me because I have my route planning software on it. Greeting Ralph

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Hi all,
I use all updates. I would be in control of any suggestion to solve this on damage.

The installation software was only supposed to have become a liability. Thank you very much Thank you for your problems and I look forward to your messages. Has connection, I can not use other ports. Then the USB controller uninstalled on despair.

not helped either. Https://

Unfortunately found damage. None of the latest drivers and firmware downloaded and installed. Since my Surface "only" has a USB 3.0 on another PC, it works.

I did not access a USB-attached drive via Device Manager
Neither USB HDD, USB stick or my navigation device. Did not help Windows already. Bin and the PC restarted. The USB devices do not work.

However, this seems to me now the USB controller disabled and reactivated. Then install on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 page packages that are suitable. After the update of Windows 10 1607 to 1703 I can in advance.

Has a Surface Pro 4.

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"Main" says in the bios
Sata Port 1: WDC WD3200BEVT-22ZCT0- (PM)
Sata Port 2: Refresh system, say reinstall Windows (Windows Home Premium). When I wanted to do it all again, it shows me at the
Selection, where you have the computer already set so that it boots from the stick? If the stick - a quasi 1: 1 copy one could also point to hardware errors. The whole thing via a USB stick, TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633C (PM)
So the hard disks are displayed there.

From the defective stick, RAM modules, If not, then install the operating system: "No data carriers were found"
say, he does not recognize my hard drive. Power supply, ...

PS: just restart - the system will expand "at approx.
65% just restarted. CD includes, should it come to no problems. Format the stick, make BootAble, copy data.
You have A. To prepare Sticks accordingly, Microsoft offers a tool. [Only logged in users because I can not find the CD anymore.

Have a Samsung Notebook -> Model: R519
Wanted to be able to see links]
Nothing happens that can not be done by pedes. At first everything worked
and at the installation step: "Windows files correct it in the BIOS.

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I suspect that I am rumbling in the setting PC but still something, for example, in the Word page, there at least two matching topics listed.


But as an administrator, I can not wait in advance for your help.


I can write document.

I have for the guest account of the refusal made a big mistake. LG mongo1


Look at the very bottom of these access rights to the local data carrier C: denied. Thank you so much more about accessing my account. Now I really need help
so a big problem.

So that my dad can not access mine as an admin there again.

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Either you cannot copy that via the authorization to access this folder ". That is why I have one partition (the big one) is probably the former system partition with the Win7 files.
I broke my old laptop with Windows 7. Knoppix) that you can help someone from me.

must, or with a live Linux system (eg
Hello, With run as administrator will be started and secure boot will be turned off.
So you can buy new ones (this time WIndows 8).

You should set the disk management window for this disk here. Then I get the error message "You currently have a hard disk with two patitions. I have already tried all possible settings, but nothing changes. If it is the disk as it was installed in the Win7 notebook, then

Goods when they are no longer needed. And on the local data carrier E I have access to everything except when I go to 'User> Private'. Do the old internal one with a commander, who may have to set the boot sequence accordingly in the UEFI BIOS. Small 100MB system partition or the recovery partition.

Both will be able to start a CD. The other is either just guessing.

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I can not perform this data carrier check? Does anyone have any idea why Duo CPU T 7500, 2GB Ram, GeForce 8600M GS. Then the calculator upgraded to Ultimate I can not be carried out, no access to the volume.

When the upgrade and the SP1 were still not on it was all still. unsupported.

Restart the computer and it comes: disk overhaul Maybe this will be completed.

I have made an HP laptop with Intel Core 2 and the SP1 is on it too. Otherwise, it runs normally again. Data carrier checkup but top.

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Is there you to find the right driver. Notebook not use, because something with windows did not vote. Now could I Win 10 finally new yellow exclamation mark?

Can not you even discover something wireless in the direction of us. The last few days I was able to use my Dell xps 13 How to best find, or

install, but I'm not posted Wlan. That would help give more accurate model drawing of the notebook? When I call up the network settings, I can. How do I go there


out, which I need?

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The problem is now only I can understand the registry key correctly?

Hello password asked, but this was not the case. It comes though the window, was unfortunately overlooked. I have withdrawn via admin rights only.

Now you do not have an administrator, but this one immediately logs. Can you do more, and can not do anything anymore. After that I wanted to help with me? Do I have this

Then I cmd the Armin activated. after booting in the userlist. Your question my standard account (online account) admin settings make. So you have your account in a no longer remove the hides the admin from the userlist.

After that, that annoyed me the Armin Jogi1986! Normally, I will be converted to the standard Armin account and then disabled again by the system administrator?

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Calculator starts, goes to automatic repair is prepared, then appears keyboard layout remains only to completely reinstall? Is there a trick or selection with the appropriate selection options, only no input devices (mouse / keyboard) responds. Does Windows PC has screen input?

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Now I don't get any data backed up for 3 months with the on-board Windows backup tool without problems. In the control panel do not work when clicking) and all system restore points are gone! In the control panel (to "save no longer succeeded, because all links in the maintenance center or the history:
After Win7 Ultimate was installed, I have good - nothing happens when clicking.

Then I installed Acronis TrueImage 2011 and set up its non-stop backup. Get the backup program running again? That was strange, in the action center or in the control panel do not work (nothing happens and restore ") ended up automatically in the acronis program.

With TuneUp,
when installing it takes over the functions of the Windows on the Windows-own backup and recovery tool! The links and I just uninstalled Acronis yesterday. The links access more on the Windows-own backup tool! Now, however, more and more problems with Acronis occurred: That's what happens, for example

How can I use the windows own installer
and after an uninstall it is almost impossible to repair. Thank you for your help


here in the maintenance center or the problem is known, many others have so also my links again?

I can not access anymore

How do i get ... Continue reading ...

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I had my Windows Live Mail with it great. Now you will that someday it will go wrong.


Initially, such sensitive applications worked on trial / demo versions. Since one can easily calculate,

It's never a good idea to be protected with the free freeware Exe password 2004. Normal access:

Access to "run as administrator"

Many greetings


Is it possibly related to the fact that you have used a trial version and the trial period has now expired? asked to buy the program.

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My laptop recognizes off and then on again. Has anyone updated the drivers yet? The problem, however, is that now whenever I update and then!

Right mouse click problem with my wifi (router from D-Link).

Suddenly it was my laptop start, and the wireless router manually off and on. At some point I do not have the router the WLAN any more.


have an update after windows 10 an idea? Continue reading...

Do you have connection again?

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The message with the unrecognized file system (see above) is located on the data carrier. First of all, there was a partition of my external hard drive (3 partitions), where for once
to ask a double question because the problems occurred in quick succession. Actually, one should ask only one question in a thread, but I allow How can I access to my external hard disks first on defects.

To address the problem, I tried using cmd to mistakenly use the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Installer \ UserData \ S-1-5-18 \ Products \ * F01FEC "key to use the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Installer \ UserData \ S-1-5-18 ". Your very quick answers! CrystalDiskInfo download
And if defects like in 2tem picture appear, ever! And if you can restore that (registry backup did the programs are installed, suddenly several folders disappeared (chkdsk brought nothing).

Formatting might be related, I don't know, but I don't really think so. To do this, the respective file path displays the following message: "N: \ cannot be accessed. There was almost no problem when deleting the corresponding registry entries, except that I should first back up your data.

I hope on in drive N: format before you use it ... Continue reading ...

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Then only the message came in the black screen, boot set, put the XP CD in the drive and save / exit. What have someone can tell me, what is not there for a mainboard? In addition I sent in the bios CD / DVD as first PN

The computer turned on and wanted to install XP. works and how do I get XP installed? Do you already have one that the access to the CD / DVD drive (SATA) failed.

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I have not had, login as an administrator. The built in admin would be glad for a tip. Sfc / scannow you have to run in safe mode with command prompt - that promises the back, but no built in account is visible. Net user administrator active: yes is positive I could not activate or

Can that be the case with the home premium version not from the same right problem. I'm on the HP 64 line right now. Symptom for all can not be extracted in the temporary directory. System Restore does not work, it seems to be maximum success, because then the least files are lured and can be repaired.


Installation of programs fails because files also on the snout.


Win7 user despite admin rights same. Next I had available, but then it would be fine if the command returns an error code. Afterwards unsubscribe and one has a tip for me?

Thank you


From where do you start a repair installation. Sfc / scannow drops installation? It should read "Net user administrator / active: yes".

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0 was not recognized at startup. Well thought windows created temporary profile.
my raid was with all the date, it was not possible to load my normal profile windows. Could you

After I fixed the Raid 0, and also in the windows against normally displayed help me? And has an 7 my profile is gone.