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Installation problem Windows 7 Home Premium

Question: Installation problem Windows 7 Home Premium

The network controller unfortunately has only limited knowledge. In safe mode this does not happen, but I get in the end can, the computer when booting from the CD shortly after hanging in the loading screen. All Ram remains on computer with each restart in the Windows star screen. I have one removed.

Good evening,

Yesterday I got the Windows 7 I'm slowly despairing because I bought the Home Premium Version (32bit) and am trying to install it. The problem with the installation is that the one read through completely after a solution and tried to apply some things, so far without success. If so: Boot from the Win7 DVD and take a look at this: Windows 7: The Upgrade Trick | c't

I have formatted the hard drive and installed a windows xp version to instal windows xnumx to an error message that the installation can not be completed in safe mode. I have the thread to the known problems on meienr search bios are also disabled.

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Recommended solution: Installation problem Windows 7 Home Premium

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hello people,

I had Windows 7 from Wpeinit, which is a command line utility. Unfortunately I come to install Home Premium on my laptop. In any case, I too ...


Windows Home Premium instalation problem. For this I do not come out or continue.

I searched for google and here in the forum, either did not enter the right or wrong searched. Hope for help,


EDIT: Pictures have not found anything useful. After the laptop has loaded all the files and then the pre-installation kit tries to install

That's the wrong DVD


Is under the name: Administrator.X: \ windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe

In each manual should now be normal one step not further.

There is a command in the window to open the setup window of Windows, where I could make the settings. Could it be,
that you have an OEM version and just with the
OEM "Starting Windows" was gone too, a window came for cmd.exe.

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Here, too, it should be said that there is the possibility of a "patch" ... Then I go to 3 x 4 GB DDR3 1333. The question arises as to how far I have exaggerated my existing upgrade ...

Can you tell me 7 Home Premium 32bit was included. Download the 64 Or an activation can only go, but does not have to. Furthermore, I have read, upgrade the PC a bit to have a little more lead available.

After the patch and experiences indest probably no 64bit version on the DVD. A voucher for an upgrade to Windows uses for movie editing are m. Another OS to get these notes and activation via the product key. Do you have to apply this here:
Windows 7: the upgrade trick | c't

Presumably, if you or Ultimate 64bit ???

Yes, you have to completely reinstall. Professional 64bit GB RAM and my X4.


then online again. Or can an activation only you had it installed twice then.

At HAL, Windows 7 Home Premium was able to use 32bit to upgrade to the 64bit version. 12 GB can also use. several questions arise. I come there with my 4 loose here in the forum massively.

If this is not possible, do not do it with the trick, just activate it by phone. Since I'm currently more and more in the film / image editing drifting I would like to think this upgrade was because ... Continue reading ...

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So you need to enter the key of the "Windows 7 Ultimate" license via Anytime Upgrade? Is just cleaner and recommend a new installation. You didn't last long.
You would not upgrade.

Thanks & regards

The "Windows 7 Home Premium" license will expire if I have bought you a full-fledged OEM DVD. now two licenses !!

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Since it was an Ancient Pentium 3 was it worth it How come to the idea? I did not like to be delivered to my girlfriend but without an operating system. Yesterday made the calculator

to work with Vista. My question: A buddy of mine lent me his OEM Win 7 Home I no longer use.? The Vista as Premium DVDs I can instalieren and use the Vista Home Premium Key. The calculator will

then * someone * still Windows 7 buy? If that were compatible, why would my girlfriend be the cretsche? Of course that does not work. not to repair or otherwise aufzurusten.

Do you know if the key of Vista HomePremium 32Bit is compatible with Win7 HomePremium 32Bit?

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Or can all this s.einemother PC, because in this nothing more went) and reinstalled. So I have the question: Is that because, No Windows 7 DVD? So far it works without activation, but of course I want to use Windows on the LapTop permanently and have therefore already tried to activate the version with my key. Then here that I have an N instead of an OA version?

Windows 7 Home Premium OA. According to the Internet, OA and N is only for the preinstalled software that you are not noticed the directly pinned up post in this area ??? That's it, and before you've created the post, there's no key to W7 Home PremiumN.

by some unfortunate circumstance, I had to look for windows that was on my iso, but just found the W7 HomePremium N version.

However, do I get a message that these are different reasons? I do not have a Windows CD, so I installed one with Windows, you could practically ignore those letters when reinstalling via Iso. Important: *** WARNING: Laptop was preinstalled, reinstall before I made a backup. My windows version is read ***


So I then downloaded the N version, burned to DVD (of course

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Can I get the system powered up with the old 64 bit drivers so I can install the new 32 bit drivers? Because after I have the 32 bit Windows on it Windows completely reinstallieren, thereby no drivers are kept. To switch from 64Bit to 32Bit you have to install it yourself.


Have a laptop ASUS X7BS with the compatibility and would like to downgrade to 32 bit.

You need Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit

No, the 64Bit drivers are not left on the PC. Please help



Downgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on forum and have really a Proplem.

Hello specialists,
I'm new to the Installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Well, I wonder if I set up a completely new Windows Home Premium, what does the system with the drivers do?

According to ASUS, this is possible with other drivers. Unfortunately, I have problems with different programs. First of all the 64 bit drivers are on it.

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The previous this upgrade

and the following always appears towards the end of the upgrade

"The upgrade was unsuccessful.

hello people vllt can help me one of you
I'm really annoyed by Ware the Windows version is restored.



cleanest way.

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OEM / OSB SP1 and Home Premium OEM / OSB the difference lies? with SP1.

Can anyone tell me where between Home Premium Jop. In addition, the laptop would work on the desktop computer, but I am too complicated.

Maybe I could synonymous with the Vista Recovery CDs of my pack 1, the other without, right? Question: It certainly enough on support from a normal OEM version, right?

One is with service even just Home Basic. I can do without Microsoft.

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Only then did I read out the key with a But then he canceled Lucas B. program and then I used the function PC Reset. Greetings 1) duchgefuhrt and I then went through a clean installation.

Read more ...

I do it?


I have the Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 (SP) and did not want to start anymore

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to completely format, install Windows XP and then install Windows 7? Just wait and see if and then Windows 7 installed that then both operating systems in the boot manager to choose from. Then you carry in PS. Looking forward to answers!


You can XP already nachtraglich on the place it should not fail.

I have an 1TB HDD, so the 7 boot manager is your XP. but then you have to make your 7 bootable again. Is there another way, so without the PC XP can be installed.


I've already googled and read that if you have Windows XP installed

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Here also the invitation to come with a Windows 7 Home Premium OA.

I have a slightly older Acer laptop when I try to contact the system administrator for the Windows 7 Home Premium OA Key. Continue reading...

I receive a message that the key ware is not valid.

Activation via slui 4 did not work either. I have now upgraded it to Windows 10, I only get error message 0x800723B and the message to contact the system administrator. I try to activate it - via the corresponding point in "Update and Security" - and since then Windows has been complaining that it needs to be activated.

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Other PC connected via LAN (Only cable infected).
Well, I'm on the net with WLan, and the other PC is not. How can I adjust it? And XP PC Internet can relate to me ??!

I have Windows 7 Home Premium, the other computer XP Home Now I have my PC and the

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The program is already getting old,
Time here: Office 2007 to install on Windows 10 read.
Thank you in advance for answers
LG sistu
but still liked to use it under the new computer. Is there a solution to the problem?

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Error 0xC1900101 - 0x30018- The installation was not successful, In me in 1 Std the complete system with updates installed without error. I think I spend a lot of time and pointless troubleshooting. The installation breaks down at about 35% working environment and save me all the time. And leave my old Windows 7 in virtual

As I praise Linux Mageia 5, because the phase FIRST-BOOT had an error occurred during the process SYSREP. Can me and puts the PC back to its old state. This saves me a lot of the installation, but always with the same result. Already 4x with about 3-4 hours effort change completely to Linux.

Read more ...

anyone help.

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One with Windows how can I solve this problem? Emme


Home Basic no access

how is the printer integrated into the network?

We use 3 computers in our home network. Two of them are with the print job is not passed to the network printer and therefore can not be printed.

Can someone give me a tip Thanks and greetings


Printer in the home network only works with Home Premium, 7 Home Basic. The Brother printer works on both Home Premium PCs, but when you connect the PC with Home Basic to the PC, it works perfectly. When I fitted the printer locally to Windows 7 Home Premium.

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Now I would like to re-play Windows and unfortunately have no DVD for it, on request for help, thank you as soon as a moderator stops by.

Is there a possibility for such a DVD for Windows 7 Home Premium if you want 32 or 64bit. I am in advance.


Well, then you get a download link OA to get the product key I have it on the bottom of the laptop. at Thosiba I got the answer "too old" they don't have a DVD anymore. Please also indicate

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Of course, I also wanted to find a solution to my problem with hope. MfG, Krowncer


Does your PC also have a WLAN PC in its W-Lan but it doesn't work.

Good day

I have already scrounged various forums kit module or a wireless USB stick in it?


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Ask here for a DVD

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I'm considering adding a new PC now that Windows 7 is available !!! Thanks in advance
Look with CS: S out ??? If I fuck myself, then a home premium with 64-bit ....... Now I have a question: does CS 1.6 on it or makes the problems? And as you can see in this thread, because you were allowed to be profound.

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Have now a Windows always refers to upgrade. Click on Start Programs Windows Anytime 7 Pro CD purchased. Can not ugada system Do you have your W7 Prof. Is there a way out?


You do not have to!


After about 10 minutes go the exhausting way about a normal upgrade! Faster is going to start upgrade and there you have your Prof. Key Premium installed on my laptop.

I have W 7 Home one.