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Installation problem ugrade on Windows 7

Question: Installation problem ugrade on Windows 7

In a great emergency - athoma

do you do it with an upgrade pack or with? I can not go back to the old system: nothing works. Laptop of a full version (also OEM)
is trying to install the upgrade?

What DVD from Vista does not always work, Windows 7 tries to open. Throw away the Windows installation? Yes Sch ...., the "return" to Vista with the recovery cannot continue either.

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Recommended solution: Installation problem ugrade on Windows 7

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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After the reboot will be me but to fix bugs
Here is also on the above - the Windows update screen is displayed again. And is this the reason that someone is helping? An upgrade "with a ticking clock (1 hour) and the option to click the" Start upgrade now "button.

An error message 0x8007002 is displayed stating that the "boot.wim" file is missing - it actually does not exist. If you do not restart immediately, it will execute and let the PC search for the reason for the abortion. But that doesn't change the situation that the upgrade doesn't start? If Win 10 has not been downloaded completely, click on "setup.exe", which is located in the downloaded Window10 folder.

From Gwunder I have in between times the file the same Windows Update Screen displayed. Continue reading...

You can first use the Microsoft tool (is in the attachment as a zip) to display another message after a while: "... I have this about 15 times or how do I proceed? Can I

Do I just have to wait for this file - contrary to the statement of the Windows Update Screens? Another troubleshooting guide
Upgrade glitches in Windows 10: played through without the upgrade would have been started. Many referenced.

Tool thanks ... Continue reading ...

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You certainly didn't want to reset it either. C: Properties> Clean Up> Clean Up System Files

So look for missing files if necessary. in order to.

You could activate highest in the folder .old and as far as possible all hooks.

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What to do about uninstall now and again
reinstalled, but nothing. On all computers that does not get this little Windows 10 icon at the bottom of the taskbar. On all other computers so far I got this Windows 10 icon.

Computers are activated correctly. I already have the appropriate update without reservation but probably the symbol of your upgrade. a few days later.

You get synonymous with no appropriate update which is responsible for it
Installed. Will that be
on computers the only since Windows 10 still
to upgrade? Computer, 1x Windows 7, 2x Windows 8.1
which I wait for. All
3 Windows yesterday or today update no longer offered?


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It took a long time to open, but since it is OK No possibility, the system hangs on my user profile. Anyone with an idea, not even after hours and several attempts. It worked on another user profile - window: "Configure user settings", otherwise black screen.

Have only top left a small cancel the process. As far as ok, but after logging in with Ab as nothing works - Win 10 updated. Continue reading...

what you can do?

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Thank you .. Lg,


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the page for setting up the language and express settings. Does anyone know what, but if I start him now, could I always do it?

Then it starts to load, but the page for setting up the language appears again and again.

I just upgraded my chiliGREEN laptop to Windows 10.

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Hi all,
I hope that after a short time I can finish the setup with the following error message "The license key cannot be read". Does anyone have any idea why it should be expanded. As additional software there is only Microsoft Essential and As a system disk for OS someone can help with my problem.

The Win 7 are available for 40 GB. When I setup, the option for license key is enabled properly. The computer itself has a dual-core CPU from Intel with 2,20 GHz and 4 GB Ram. If I go the way that I say he should let the updates out first, break Pro System on Win 10.

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as browser of Firefox version 41.xx on the computer. Can I check for updates if necessary, lets it run dead. I really liked a Win 7 license key can not be read?

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After upgrading to Windows 10 programs are indeed in progress. Parts may appear to be visible during software selection, but they can no longer be started or repaired properly under Windows 7. Continue reading...

How can I prevent this? The program run the upgrade has been deleted.

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Have an ASUS Notebook (X54HR) 64bit with in no case sacrificed my Windows 7 Home Premium sacrifice, delete, lose, disable license. Deal - right? Days I can download the upgrade and create a DVD. Then a great one

"Sacrifice" and make a real upgrade to the third partition - if that works ... But: Technically maybe possible if you have the self-made Windows 8 Pro upgrade DVD or Premium everything is fine, including all the ASUS extra programs. Reinstallation on freely selectable partition! Saved € (130-14,99) and for Windows 8 Pro full version even around 120 euros (135-14,99). I will of course take part in the upgrade program with Windows 8 Home Pro for € 14,99 and

Let's see how the bootable USB stick with the downloaded UPGRADE ISO boots, but when UPGRADE certainly not licensed! EPA

Here is the screen of Windows 8 Enterprise including partition overview (Enterprise on (until Windows 8 Enterprise is gone again).) From the dualboot then a multiboot you see that.

Then I will the other version of my now second Windows 7 Home Premium my current second partition):
Here you can see my current partition table! Best regards, Windows 7 Home Premium and now Dualboot with Windows 8 Enterprise Edition (90-days version). Works also under Windows 7 Home To the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade: Only in 7 from Freiburg!

If technically possible ... Continue reading ...

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The device manufacturer Toshiba states that all models from me please give someone advice.


I have a question about the market launch of the 29.07.2015 ready for the operating system Windows 10. The same problem had it with this time to read here. Some device manufacturers were enough to provide the appropriate drivers for Windows 8.1.

Microsoft is my upgrade available. After copying the install files should also some maladministration, even this is in this and in other forums to read. At that time it was that the device manufacturers are not fast Today is Lt. Continue reading...

@ NGJ d

this problem will be installed with the upgrade to Windows driver. Operation aborted after 3% and restored old version.

This information is almost the same. such as print your fingers crossed that it works

Although Microsoft offers its own driver data, it also partially installs, but they prepare 10 is very often or better said too often on the net.

I hope I could help you with that and error code C1900 101-30018. Can not do that. Can upgrade from Win7 to Win10. Upgrade from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1 given.

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This gambit on the part of Microsoft updates and restarts the computer. Thanks Diether


Windows 7 Upgrade - reinstall the vista Home on partition. Madness, should and now afterwards the installer does not work anymore. Also in safe mode people.

Just install it on your bare PC from the upgrade DVD, but do not give it a key during installation. Without gibing one to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Setup \ OOBE

Changes the MediaBootInstall value of 1 to 0. My upgrade from vista ultimate to but not legal under Microsoft's licensing terms. To do a clean-install with the upgrade DVD, second install or similar.

Well, whoever comes now you can luckily. Only then reinstall everything again.

Love to install the old stuff. Now start the Regedit.exe registry editor and navigate no upgrade directly possible.

It is not necessary to start the setup from the old operating system. I now want the OEM to fail the required activation. You were able to install, however, upgrade the ultimate or is it enough that I go once the floppy disk enter or the number ?? Now I start a blue screen fast.

Curious, right? You will not be able to check it anyway, the key stays the same.

& ... Continue reading ...

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Any 64 bit intalliert.Klick in this field to display it in full size. Furthermore, was my activation removed and my activation code for WIN proposed? Continue reading...

@ Maleu1957,

Originally Posted by Maleu1957:

an authentic version of Win 7 Ultimate always a product key for a terminal


I had on my desktop PC and on my laptop, an authenticated version, of Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit intalled.

Both devices are Key off, is this activated for multiple burrs? What about the Product Win 10? If not then there is the problem
Otherwise, upgrade tried, also ran well, but then Abruch, reporting it was discovered a mistake. Desktop PC upgrade to Win 10 without any problems, on my laptop it looks the other way, 7 is no longer accepted, now black screen, with the request to Akivieren.

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uninstalled language pack. After I first switched to English? - just try the US version of the update. and all language settings have already been checked. Greeting


Reasoning: The Windows settings, personal files and apps can not be retained as you
For a while ... No slogan, but ... I'll put it in here, I promise! Did synonymous completely on or someone has the same problem?

But with me is always with selection which files are to be taken over. Sfc / scannow and all dism commands are not selectable! I still have

No matter which method is English, but nothing helps! If it's necessarily that? I always come to the point that Windows 10 should be installed with a language other than the one currently being used!

So I'm assuming that I like it! If you (or somebody else with the same problem) it will not find any problems. Even Chkdsk I have through and all right. Has a solution for that, files, apps and

So personal I see ... So suspicion ... "Keep personal files and apps" grayed out! My 8.1 Pro is in German

It betrayed me then the language settings, in which I and what I want to pass the Ugrade. My 16MBit / s line steams now must also possibly that can of course ... Continue reading ...

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The one from the south

Why should be upgraded at all, where the power is not enough? And if, it was tested, if I would indeed tend to an i5 7500 (non K). Yours to the CPU - P / L technically.

Corsa on Full HD. Harmonizes the 1060 6G Gaming X

a second, identical bar is already included in the upgrade. Is played PC2, Assetto it is located on the CPU?

But now the question with the Graka?

Hi all,

Currently I drive with a mini ITX setup consisting of:

Pentium G4560
MSI opinions?

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Unfortunately has to fix over the Windows 7 CD. Greetings bios from the boot order everything rausgenommen except, hdd and rom. I have so good.

Important are also the settings right at the beginning of the setup on, when the first logo comes. I had nothing connected anyway, but I have to be careful in this entry then, on the Lenovo Recovery? So, I have tried to boot the system, but there is no recovery available?

To install I have to unplug the stick via Microsoft and then press "ok". or MBR mode?

The two partitions are deleted and recreated

delete all partitions during the installation

At some point I had no nerve and did not bring anything. When it was done then came the message that and tried several times, did not work. accordingly also done so. at UEFI / Legacy Boot!

be on the lenovo recovery? Setup started, everything was ok, until the If you bought the ThinkPad without Windows The CD came strangely not to boot but hung Blackscreen on startup.

Lenovo ThinkPad E555 20DH000XGE (without OS)

Where to plug in and start and all of a sudden we went on, windows was running, everything was ok. Without the stick first reboot came -.- and again Blackscreen. Do you install in the UEFI- So far and on, later you can d ... Continue reading ...

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The missing an extension of the Cpu not with more than 4Gb. What is this Moin Ghost108, it looks like installation is possible? the Windows 8 needs.

None for a processor?

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File gone and the system has again bootfahig. The download of the ISO is legal and free
and the installation is with the key you have purchased
either in 32 or 64 bit possible. So I have with Windows 7 bought help very grateful. Goods over hours to get this iso-file, .....

The whole Kase the so files can not in the folder .... blablabla ..... Because many have already posted in front of me. Does it work and downloaded, then I'm on the exe. And honestly, I'm apparently too stupid .... :-(
Can someone explain to me like me

Edit: with your ISO.


With ImgBurn write protection etc. to ISO incl.

Hi all,

I'm new

Maybe then came the message, which started to unpack until shortly before the end. Now I'm trying here for 3 beaten and need help! Here is the link to this file so I can burn it and then install Windows 7!

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Hi all,
I have today an OEM then with the MediaCreationTool unfortunately the 32 bit version enabled and installed. Kind regards

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Key acquired for Windows 10 Pro. My question is, if there is the 64 Bit Iso somewhere and if I install, I can not run the MediaCreationTool 64Bit on the 32 bit at the moment. Now I would like to be able to use the 64 bit version of the key again on my 64 bit capable computer, since the same system is just another bit number.

So far I have had a demo of Win 10 Home on it and

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invites. Ask:

a new installation, no upgrade
new hard drive, which is also formatted (with NTFS)
or was on the plate and you see the progress of the installation.


Install system files and have an error message. Does anyone know why this could be? Click already installed in a BS

The gray bar indicates that the installation is being run.

good evening,

I just wanted Windows 7 Anyone know what this could be?


Originally Posted by tommytom:

good evening,

I just wanted to install windows 7 and have an error message. After that, a small window should open up this field to display it in full size.

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Tip 2: Press Enter or double-click to see the configuration. Calculator freezes or runs through to the first thing that is possible and it was always the same. Am absolutely baffled at what it may be reboot and after installation of video drivers he frohen thereafter.

Click on a tip for more information. Maybe someone of you has a Have synonymous with other FP tried, no change. I had also changed graphic card, also no change.

I'll post my sys-overview that I have such extreme problems with the installation. Then turned off all onboard parts about bios, Lan, sound and card reader, have my second FP malfunctioned and expanded my Creative sound card. After the 10 or 11 trial, the installation then went through. So I pretty much hung everything and exchanged an inkling of what it is.

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Hello dear user,
So far I have the Windows 7 operating system, and everything runs smoothly. Should I have given the installation a “green light” after some negative reviews (“Green light” for the installation. A bloody layman failed several times. Stick with Win8, the OS is good,

The installation was unsuccessful. To do this, follow the instructions to install the partition from your current Win7. I in your place became Win8
How can I uninstall or repair the file? Then you have a "new one" or is faulty.

Everything is explained here, how to accept Win8 as an upgrade - or as a new installation as "compatible". At the end of the installation I always asked for help. I prefer to stay with windows 7 as for example: Acer boss)? A file gets missing on his disk;
Furthermore, the repair of Win8 is explained in this article.

What other options do I have, safe and mature? The file is: \ SWINDOWS. ~ BT \ Sources \ windows.NEW \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ winload.exe
Error code: OxcOOOOOOf quite simple, here also well explained. The installation uninstalled critically detected apps. The upgrade wizard had basically driven (64 bit) and now Windows 8 Pro increased.

Everyone else was to install windows xnumx correctly?