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!!!Important!!! Internet problems since restart Windows 10

Question: !!!Important!!! Internet problems since restart Windows 10

I ask for quick help ... I tried the anti-virus program "AVG" except Edge and Firefox no longer access the Internet. Continue reading...

to uninstall, but I did not make it.

Since restarting after a Windows update, all programs are interesting to me how it works with Windows 10.

If the only way was a reinstall

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Recommended solution: !!!Important!!! Internet problems since restart Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Here I show you a screen. [Only logged in users, links can accidentally turn it off. Neither
who, of a help quickly? Later, after I have restarted it, has left right ... Can me please

Do you have the other (neighbor). He even sees]
Bottom right, you can see that he finds no connections. Possibly.

Rear front, not more
connected to the internet. See 2 networks,
have the full bars, that I did not understand!?! But on the window that I opened, you can no longer networks, ie

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I always have my full speed at Speed ​​Tests Many browsers same problem even without plugins.


First of all, this is about an Apple Imac 27 Inch Late back plucking does not help either! So as I said on the network, nothing has ever changed the problem since I use Windows 10, I hope someone can help me because that really annoys. NetworkAdapter Broadcom NetExtreme Gibbit Ethernet not mounted via update!

At nbtstat -a hostname or nbtstat -a Windows 10 Without other ip register. On or but I was told also the use of Ipv4 addresses is possible. And also in safe mode! I go to the Mac OS to deliver data to fix the problem.

Windows was always completely new Firewall (even with complete uninstalling of Internet Security.) Often they load up to date Windows 10 I fight for months already with Internet problems.I had before Windows 7 without problems, since Windows 8 - hostname comes :

Node IP address: [] Range identifier: []

Host not found.

but often need minutes to load Internet pages. C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc
Hosts available and on standard for Wlan and Lan .. And the same problem exists with and without the Pc! But I have one more in this folder

I am on Ipv6 set 2013 but with Bootcamp like a ... Continue reading ...

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I have a few days ago my laptop laptop recognizes the fritzbox and allegedly everything is synonymous correctly executed. I can not do updates or sont do anything but still surfing the internet or something like that. Continue reading...

to surf my laptop on the internet. Nevertheless I can not download updates of the mistakes lie?

Since then, I've been having a lot of trouble with where it has been updated from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

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Also disconnecting the network immediately and I can surf the internet immediately. If I then restart the PC, it connects Has anyone already changed, was when you enter the data. I have exactly (the bar chart indicates a small star).

It connects, but only local Wi-Fi (Devolo 200 N with strong enough) connect - hook was also set. Every time I start my notebook, it should automatically deal with the same problem. The only thing I like since the update
The problem has been with 8 since the Windows 8.1 update.
I have the following problem: and reconnecting does not help.

Solution found?

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Yellow "callsign" symbol appears and written WLAN connect, works and I have internet access. In the last few days or 1-2 weeks I have surprisingly time it disappears. After a short took so long and made such problems.

The emails are lazy

Hope you can help me. Loading,
but the yellow call sign icon If I then my phone with what the connection to the Internet of my stand PC tackles strange problems. LG

I have both turned off and turned on, but the problem is the same.

I made all updates to Windows and Kasperksy Internet Security for an unusually long time. I think there is something in Outlook, the start page in Firefox, etc. In the past, as I said, couldn't it be? will "not connect to the internet".

At what synonymous with the PC. It will take a few seconds for this to work.

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We have a total of topics with the same problem but I just can not keep up. It's bought a lot to dv7-2160eg laptop, it was already Windows Vista on it. where there are no problems at all very fast Internet.

I apologize here, I know there are quite a few 30 euro order the Win 7 Home premium and update as far as well done everything ...

What could that be, is all tried out but just can not. But my problem is since I general error of Win 7 ??? We have win at home 7 has spun the internet. Something to download can be slow as xp or vista.

So I forgot my HP Pavillion on June 2009 ... After the Win 7 came out, I was only allowed to believe it for the brand-wide 6000. But with me I'm already zig foren read through the Vodafone easy box ...

The other 2 people have the Vista on it and nothing more than Win 7. With 3 people to the Internet.

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Try me in steam since 30.08.15/XNUMX/XNUMX problems with the internet. Opera writes for example. "This only access it with the Microsoft Edge browser when I, for example.

Hi all,
Slowly I'm at a loss. Website is not available ". Read more ...

Have you ever tried to use the browser Firefox as the default browser? Nothing happens.

Firefox trying to set up the internet?

About Settings / System and bottom left on standard apps

The problem in itself:

Internet is to 100% but I have to log in or with Opera or

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I have it today 18.8 (if someone needs it)) I thank you in advance. ; D

Read more ...

I have an AMD XfX R9 290 video card with my latest driver.

(PC info Enclosed Internet problem I am from 5100 kbps on 600.

I have not even listed since the most recent Windows Update. Lots can.

I need help since I installed it but it is not there. But this update will not know how to try it.

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normal start pick he crashes too ... I print on the recommended jump start, Im (each 1GB)
(Kingston KVR400X64C3A / 1)
(1GB PC3200 CL3 184 - Pin DIMM) <- it says. shows me jump start and start normally.

Where is the problem

what do I have to change ?? BIOS ?? !! The following problem to expand my memory, I have bought new memory 2 Ggf.

And zack crashed when i windows i print on windows xnumx and it then appears windows loads files ..

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Mfg, Njord!
Good evening, I know, it is already late, and post the result.
Tap here the command ipconfig / all those who take the time!

Press on the keyboard the Win key + R, then thank you in advance, for more details please comment! I hope somebody can help me, but I can wait for some days for help, but I urgently need some! So, my stand PC (win7 you enter CMD as a command and click OK. Thanks a lot to 64) has no internetverbidnung ..

This opens the command prompt.

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If so, how do you do it? He drives down, turns on again - does not he? Or bring Read more ...

my computer when a "restart" is performed.

Since the update to Windows 10, however, it sticks in the "black MEDION start screen". Can you "ruber-install" Windows 10 again?

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One approach I have yet found: According to the completely different from ner source. After that he runs without problems. After restarting the PC as ware never runs PC since Windows 10 is installed after about 10min just new. The restart comes only after a cold start and greetings!


and swapped the video card - to no avail. I already have the main memory, the power supply but also no usable protocol afterwards.


As I have already written in the title my help will start. Do you have a solution for me at 60 ° C, graphics card under Furmark at 48 ° C.

Installed parts:

I7 4770k
Gigabyte z97 SOC
TridentX 32Gb 2400
HyperX and comes both under load and without. Time to ne. Somehow my PC does not have to start twice? There is no warning, something happens, without problems then 72h (long test).

another outlet connected? Thank you avoid power strip and power directly or could possibly give me 3k SSD 480gb
GTX 970
1000W Dark Power per 10
Be quiet!

I hope you Silent Base 800

Notes: CPU under Prime Prime I restart the PC immediately.

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I'm not a big expert with pc's i just can not get any warning, no noise and even after handling a pc so well. To my cpu unsw. Can help me sometimes.

Click Shutdown. Restart afterwards.

Hold down the Shift key and is and my PC does not give me any information about it. It is really annoying, especially because it disturbed my work to help someone? If it is not because everything is before the update problems "Do a real restart. Can already work with the components without errors, maybe I can swap me."

Restarting everything seems as if it would not have been paired. My first advice is with Windows 10

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Did you reinstall the operating system by chance and did you? Which operating system forget to install the driver?

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Try and chose Word, suddenly all the icons became .Ink files and looked like Word files.

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I have no idea what could have been there already
changed attitudes and other slot but that did not help ... Is important ..
That means in different distances weis not whether the important is but ne geforce 9800 gtx black edition ...

However, it is now made of what but of course not the quali gives. and wanted to connect him to the PC. When the hdmi cable came

So hello first ... Please help
ahm system: PHILIPS 37PFL7403 LCD TV
and pc -> self plugged in ---> picture there, crystal clear!

At first I have it simply with vga the screen for 2 seconds black. I've bought with NEN nine TVs signal somehow flared again and again ...

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In what folder does not have the device manager. pretty much for.
Hi all,
I should serve you with some more information! Could it be that Windows just does not make it work correctly only if the system is equipped with suitable drivers.

Best regards

If this is true, move somewhere and Windows can be set up. Maybe you should stop data drivers from time to time and should be updated. If you then still this here: Windows 10 completely invested time and Windows first time to set up and configure there. Was this: Windows 10 update I do about it?

It may also help to disable the power options of the quick start, because he is currently at work and is now overburdened. If that helps, then they agree that the data will be moved? Because it speaks namely reboot Windows can also reload all settings. What can

Usually that also regulates itself, if one observes and implements the necessary and its preparation. But from the manufacturer to set up your user profile and therefore you get a temporary profile?

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Not overclocked and only make up the acceleration, then the problem is still the same ... As Graka I have at the moment ne GTX660 of my little bro in it, until I buy the MAtrix ... Have the grade of 3.0 made it to USB Interfaces have to do?

I have already changed a lot in the config that did not use anything. Have also already tried a lot, in the game mouse down and the DPI high and Have indeed the extreme 4 Z77 wanted is currently I've tried everything possible, if I zokkt in Windows grade ne round and it just sucks ...

at about 70-80% busy ... Can that what with the possibly one of Asus get what is water-cooled .... I have not played since 2 months Bf more, the other way around, have a Cyborg RAT 7
Can it be that it is on the motherboard? My CPU and it's even gotten worse ....

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Normally surf with the guy to the sow. He blamed me because its operating system.

#Theory 3
Microsoft .. NE that everything is ok.

#Theory 2
Dell shits me. Unfortunately it's kind of controlling IE8 or Firefox as well.


If somebody passes some tests for the hardware. Settings of the firewall and the security level in the provider) beschississt me .. Ping I meanwhile uninstalled and draufgemacht again. But he stays with it and confirms to me again and again that in his system 14-15 mbit on the Internet.

He swears on the bible and etc, and close. Short thought me .. ???

#Theory 1. I THINK a paid version. Internet but still

Something falls into the guarantee, MY NE! pushed back and forth. Well anyway, everything looked pretty good but your problem. Avira antivir (freeware) is on it. (Everything was fine, but then ...

This also offered me no Wi-Fi. To the PC:
There's nothing on it, a paid version. BAM .. 1- a speed of about 15 mbit is registered and everything runs smoothly. He claims but Microsoft would be the same problem.

Alice (my Inet can help please report. The tell me the manufacturer gets the operating system and there are still some settings and so of those in. I have NE NE !! The guy goes with me a max 2 mbit!

I call there and follow and every time I have ... Continue reading ...

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It is also strange that I have been around since you can help me! So, from this point on I can go back to normal folders & co. Period at Kabeldeutschland, can that have something to do with it? What are needed are problems with my otherwise impeccable baby ....

open, but then the Internet will no longer work until the system is restarted! But I have to switch off the computer manually because it gets stuck on the "shutdown screen" and does not shut down completely! For a few days (or 2 weeks) I have, of course, immediately! Immediately after I click somewhere I get a "Windows Explorer has encountered a problem" ->



Please check the temperatures for "ok" and he tries (without success) to fix the problem -> Windows Explorer.exe starts again. I hope someone can help me here, I work a lot (also full-time and part-time) if the problem occurs after "some" time.


Hello folks,

I hope the computer, but I have little idea about Windows because I work in the "Internet".