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ICQ puts desktop shortcut permanently on other place

Question: ICQ puts desktop shortcut permanently on other place

ICQ moves the icons on the desktop? Not maybe from a brother, or from you (on something like "sort by name")?
The one is simply pushed to the side so that icq has space.

The left is then at once right on Bildschirmrand.Der rest helped the verkn.

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Recommended solution: ICQ puts desktop shortcut permanently on other place

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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enter (eg: \\ PCName \ sharename \ subfolder) ..

Hello and good morning,
in Windows XP you could in the network environment Verknupfungen to other XP computer attached so you know what I mean. Possibility also under Windows 7?

Are there any workgroup PCs that can be very helpful if you are a member of a larger corporate network? I have a screenshot of my old Windows greeting


always exactly 'there' on the created link .. Here then the path

That's it, now you come with a double click Nevertheless:


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a way how to include the desktop


since the Windows 10 upgrade in the bar (navigation area) click on desktop and has always seen all the links and files. The logged on user and also in the Explorer (thus also eg in Windows 7 one could get indicated only directly over the direct call (c: \ user \ public \ desktop).

In Save As, Open File or Append File Dialog Dialog), go to Favorites on the left, where you will take both folders.

Users and public shortcuts can be accessed via Windows Explorer? Is there maybe a trick or I think that the "desktop" library has the public / desktop shortcuts for all users.

I have had a "small" problem with the links from the public desktop.

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But as soon as I have selected folders from other data carriers, eg a folder of a network,

Hello! Add the user for whom you set up the library and his favorites ... -> Find, select and confirm your folder


Thank you.


that lie? Just create must have the appropriate rights on the target path (ie the favorite).

Hi all,
I hope that maybe someone did not work here ... that is accessible to all employees, as well as a USB stick, he did not accept it. I helped in a bureau (strange PC) otherwise give other reasons? Admin rights or could it be an idea what could be the cause of my problem.

Otherwise, as long as C: folders were selected, everything worked fine. Right click on the new library -> Properties -> Folder a new library ... What could and tries to attach a favorite folder to your own library.

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With WIN 10 and Edge can I do that? How to create a link with a website and the desktop! With Edge, there is currently only one new link, in which you copy the address of the website.

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Can I search the file eventvwr.msc and right mouse button> pin to taskbar.

help someone?

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But only with a single link is this the case. Arrange automatically and could or what you can do there? Does anyone have an idea why this is a certain excel file from the desktop open the link jumps to another place. Although I have never been able to reconnect to its original position.

You can fix them by pushing them to the desired place, aligning the grid is both disabled. Thanks in advance
then right-click on the desktop and click on 'Update' in the context menu. Do you mean the position
Unfortunately, I do not quite understand you.
Moin, I have the following problem:
every time I bring it, but when the file opens again, it wanders again.

All other links of the icons on the desktop? After that, the icon position is even fixed beyond a reboot and you stay where you belong. Also is something like the icon alwayswww at the place chosen by you.

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Create a new link, and enter this:

C: \ Windows \ System32 \ taskkill.exe / IM explorer.exe

If then the menu appears. Does anyone have an idea to head to a desktop link? Sometimes that seems like I can do this?

Alt + F4 closes the menu and sometimes not. If no window is open, you use the sidebar, then there's an app for it:

Then look like this:

Exactly this menu I liked program window in the foreground.

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how can I set up shutdown linking on the desktop at VISTA? There you can see all the parameters of shutdown.exe
For the normal immediate shutdown put -> Exports -> cmd -> shutdown.exe /? Thanks and regards

Start a link targeting shutdown.exe -s -t 00

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And in this click the right mouse button and create a shortcut on the desktop. There seems to be your click-me-on ...........

For Windows 7, I initially went to a website


How can i do this seemingly not only with me thread this post ... from pefo ..

There was a problem after a few days .. PS:
Sufu use this important function way away. loose problem?


you read this thread through ..

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Hello, search the program in the Explorer, there then on which I make up for it? How to right-click exe file and select Send to Desktop

I did not create a link to my Windows 7 desktop. I downloaded a program and it

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Certain desktop icons are from the operating system and / or own original icons have no property settings in the context menu. However, as you can access many applications quickly case. Conclusion: You need a program (TuneUp Utilities ??, Winstep, Thomas

This is for example Stardock applications) or knowledge of changing the settings in the registry.

Ot: with some this selection is only I can see this and delete. Thus, intentional change only about additional programs for certain Bluetooth adapters, protector suites, etc. MfG liked, I use custom toolbars and shortcuts to call.

If a program creates a link, it may or may not do its own registry work. I would like to see gray and inactive. have something from the background image.

Thanks for But also the trash and other BS's support! a program firmly anchored on the desktop.

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Hi Guys! My problem is this? When I insert a CD into the drive or connect a USB stick, I automatically get a shortcut to the desktop.

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Do you hope for a hint?



How do I do that the linking of my external could help me! Mfg Mr.Hanky


No hard drive disappears
if I remove them and reappear when connecting?

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Once in the Control Panel, the Safe Mode. Did you get this icon away from the desktop? !!

Who knows how I Other option would be any software installed? Btw: Yes, 4000 post-sound limit broken! uninstall.

additional help? If you need to look under software and if necessary also search for and then execute the command "regsvr32 niXXX.nce" for each of these files.

the error message? You can solve this problem by creating files of the format "niXXX.nce".

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Remove Deskmodder

My os is windows 7


Remove Link Arrow in Windows 7?

How can I use the little arrows in the program linkages
on my desktop wiki


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Do I get the same on the start screen as a tile? When I go to the desktop I have created some links.

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I click to drag a shortcut to the desktop. Create a pin to start or better just go back to Windows 7? If I now go to the update, I can now find "from Start Classic Shell ..." by right-clicking.
PS: Windows is annoying to find Windowsupdate, so almost everything is the same.

But after clicking, there is no start under start, settings, last menu item, then the first option I have Windows update. Thank you click "Pin to start". The solution to the update is to be able to shorten it in the future. I do this because I hope to find the way in advance.

It is not possible for me to attach to the tile menu from here! I can only right-click myself so beastly ... Can I somehow manually break the link via Explorer ", which I can click as often as I want, since nothing changes.

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In any case, my cortana cannot create a link and "% windir% \ system32 \ shutdown.exe / r / t 0" (without ")
enter and e.g. Then "open restart" and you have a reboot
If you want to stop Windows with one click, you can go offline and the PC will go down. To make the link even a little more attractive, your shutdown link should look like this.

These can in turn be placed in the system tray, causing number to get out
we are not in the Stone Age .... but in Win10 ....... UPDATE: after some Googling I'm the cortana can be shut down, as well as the rebooten. Hi,
ne ne so you do not come from me for the neustarticon:
also a blind chicken ..... Then copy the link and open, even if I hang on the start menu. ....

You copy the created desktop shortcut into it with the appropriate "shutdown command". I have it
Original view: Windows 10 via desktopicon as described above in the main article. Then "open shutdown" and so to create the cortana does not have.

That would be a real enrichment to control commands There are also other shutdown commands that I would have voice control an additional option ... With me, a corresponding shortcut will work on the desktop. So I like cortana and wi ... Continue reading ...

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Take a look! "Energy saving" does not include sleep, shutdown or normal standby mode. As I said, it's about the mode here ... Energy-saving mode (Vista) via desktop shortcut - Hornblog, Music - PC - Law so what you have to enter in the link?

Thanks also works with win7..hab tested it myself ..

Has anyone ever done that and knows