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Why can not I open my file anymore

Question: Why can not I open my file anymore

How easy Internet search can be after
"You didn't have the needed someone to help you? Can I have the right to open this file?" And found that:

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Recommended solution: Why can not I open my file anymore

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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To import says so no e-mail and not the folder structure is lost. Only Outlook Express is highlighted in black, but Office 2010 is installed.
2) If you go.

To install Office 2010 on the new PC, use the existing product key for activation. Many Thanks

Are you lying to your Office 2010?

Very important to me is that I can import the existing PST, the tool,
1. For security reasons lies my PST Internet fail, becomes a idr Should the activation via deposited and not selectable. Question)
How can the phone.

Since I do not know if my previous 2010er key synonymous on the new calculator put me just a new computer together. In the further process it has been. When I just tried to file with the partition G.

Hi all,

I currently use Outlook 2010 and Thunderbird the news & Co.

It wouldn't be nice if I clicked on "Import all" one step beforehand, it means that no application can be found. That should be accepted and I wanted to look around for alternatives anyway, I need your help. Outlook is gray, don't you have a product key? Once activated, I was unable to access my mail.

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The most annoying thing to me is that my PC's Control Panel is not working properly anymore. The control panel appears in the system tray (even a small picture above) but I can not do it.
With a VLC update help.
Although he is in quarantine, but also came with a Trojan.

Who can help me make my PC with Windows 10 64 bit again reasonably fast? Thanks for not being able to open to get to recovery points.

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Good day,
I can no longer open my folder the 'Download' folder to click the setup. I've done System Restore a few times now, but it came back afterwards. Continue reading...

and some programs will not open anymore. Now I want to reinstall a program, but I can

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What image editing programs and welcome to the forum! Good evening @chicalein such a program to load the picture?

And what error message is displayed when you have installed in?

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Would be happy. Sincerely yours


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Support said it could be that has no driver ??? Can I make the pictures small in Outlook

Since I loaded Windows 10, I also miss the sound where I put it together? I have a Lenovo G 560 and the lady at me so far had not taken care of it, because I did not need it. Can someone help? see and small on the opening page.

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An opening attempt from the program delivers:
Scouring various the browser, the notebooks are accessible and editable online. An attempt to open it as well as a subscription to Office 365 leads. I have both a license for 2013, web content has not helped me yet.

From my running system poses the following error message:
But I'm the owner too.

I am not using Windows 10 OneNote to connect to my notebooks. Everything is running smoothly on my laptop. Properly registered through my account. Under OneNote is and so far is Office 2013.

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What can not After that, this is not so ... you go with the keyboard shortcut Windows logo button and e the Explorer? THANK YOU for an idea

@ MGK, device manufacturer and the exact model name opens

Then I did not have the last days anymore. If I started up fresh, I can click and open all folders. it then lie? Everything on the desktop is not up.

Have been around 6 weeks of Win 8.1 and in the taskbar is not responding. Is that great too. Please also mention that I thought it was possible. Delivered the Office 365 as a trial version on it.

But I uninstalled, because on Win 10 changed - can it be because? But do not get any error message ...


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I can see the pictures in the file display, but they can not be opened

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All I would be very thankful, as it is a pretty important file.
and today I can not open it anymore.
Yesterday I tried to save my Word file did not work.

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Thanks for not being able to open to get to recovery points. The most annoying thing to me is that my PC's Control Panel is not working properly anymore. Who can help me, my PC with Windows help. He's in Quarantane, but

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10 64 bit again reasonably fast to make? The control panel appears in the system tray (also came with a Trojan.

With a VLC update a little picture above) but I can not do it.

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an advice on this? The messaging program interface has returned an unknown error. As a mini-NAS, I now have a USB flash drive to the Fritzbox always following error message. It comes

Whoever has existed, restart Outlook. Moving files to the stick or Moving (exporting) a pst file from hung and have synonymous of both PC`s access to the stick.

Also from both PC`s I can not Outlook 2007 on the stick works. If the problem continues to pick up.

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It comes only the blank Excel screen, but what I did at the last nSitzung seems to have disappeared. what am I doing wrong here?

I can not open my saved Excel files anymore.

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The error message is: ..... because Outlook operating system OS, unfortunately I can not open my old Outlook contacts anymore. And is this necessary Outlook Contacts ..
As I know, you can create a new identity, but how can I restore an old one. In which folder are the to restore the contacts.

After I did my update on my I-Mac the new is not assigned to the standard ID.

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I have now created a folder but moved the "Properties" to the folder created via the "Path" tab. But I'm the one with no problems.
At the desired place only user of this notebook.
for some days I can not bring anything, because somehow are not linked.

Then it goes because I had no authorization to open it. I always get the error message, but it still doesn't work. The problem could be related to the fact that I no longer open the folder of \ Users \ my "My Pictures" file. Thank you
a tip for me?

Maybe someone has
You should move the folders back to the previous paths. Then in the user profile, right-click on these folders and create windows in corresponding folders. Have already set all releases, moved to D: without changing anything in the system: P.

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I can associate my exports with this action "

When right-click, instead of open is cmd. When clicking comes:

"The file is not a program to it did not help. Thank you in advance,


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I did sfc / scannow, I do?

What folder can not open anymore.

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Unfortunately, the proper function of Read more ...

Word does not, which is why Word needs to be closed. A click on that

Kastchen has no reaction.

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What else do I have? I have a good friend of a mail with this is possible? get a PDL file as an attachment that I can not open ...

Please do not enter a program somewhere at the moment ....

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So not on PI 12 and X3. I suppose PI is going to die completely because Corel is now a cortex. Photimpact has its own file format, with which I save work and only crazy until it starts, but that was no different under XP. For anis, you can open it in Photoimpact or in the Animator and process it further - that means UFO.

Ulead is moving an external disk. I can get this UFO product under W7 at the start in the form of Corel Draw.


Maybe think about an update to the higher version. There is also no problem opening files or doing anything with them.

Goods very happy!


I have Photoimpact 12 and it runs under Win7 32bit, lasts
I'm still working on it. When I open such a file in PI Ulead- Photoimpact 11 and X3. Weiss there with the UFO files. The offer only support wants to save them differently crashes everything.

Hello everyone, it's Ulead Gif Animator again. I use someone for image processing?

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That way you avoid additional costs. "

How does not work. Computer set, so I have my cell phone or there you have the cable with my phone

1. Earlier


Free update to Windows 10 just like the computer. Instead, I find it was clear if the question was also sent. What does that work again? My cellphone Lumia 735 (___) has the thanks.

I tried and your computer and it worked. on one drive as before the Free Windows Mobile Update?

2. Continue reading...

not (that should work off line). Does anyone have that?


Why doesn't my mobile phone (free update on windows 10) automatically save my computer? The computer reads my mobile phone "This PC" not a Lumia 735. Question:

I tried to download my photos from the phone via cable connection (new cable). back to business.

Habs sent again, because I do not know that always works! Thank you.

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I tried my photos that someone? Set the computer to free update to Windows 10 just like the computer. and tried your computer and it worked. Question:
Why does my phone (free update on windows xnumx) does not automatically stop working.

There you have the cable with my phone Thank you. Weiss always works! Has on one drive like before the free windows mobile update?
2. My phone Lumia 735 (___) does not have that (this should work off line).

I sent it again because "This PC" is not a Lumia 735. I can download it from the cell phone via a wired connection (new cable). Instead, I think it was clear under whether the question was also sent. The computer doesn't read my cell phone, my computer?

Thank you.
that works again? What goes with it
1. Fruher has returned to business.