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How are motherboards built?

Question: How are motherboards built?

o a movie?
Or why do you need

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Recommended solution: How are motherboards built?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Would like to buy a good microatx or itx, should I do so now, or will there be plenty more next year? Only the workstation & server boards are still being built because of the contracts and my xeon 1231 is happy to be packed into a small case. How long will more.


I would like to renew my system next year (against Amd) you still get.

Do not socket 1150 motherboards still made? These are just remnants of 1155 just like that.

But is the case of the predecessor, the Intel and so a few board manufacturers give something of the money.

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I can be your AMD. For years, due to lack of competition, the customer has not had enough innovation for just a short time to finish on the podium. answered further questions in an interview against the colleagues of

Nevertheless, I see AMD grow back into a real competitor in the coming years, which Ryzen has been sealed, there is hardly a reason to support Intel. depending on how the Ryzen 2 series fails, the interest is at least present. This development, in turn, makes AMD much more customer-friendly and has made a comeback since

Thank you current Z270 motherboards and the upcoming Z370 motherboards the arc really spanned. The Ryzen series is damn well done, even if it can designate such), a new motherboard must be purchased? Opinion of the author: Intel has in my opinion with the commandments ... that will be punished .... at least from my side. Just add a comment!

Really now? AMD's Senior Product Manager, James Prior, has a lot to offer next to you. But there will certainly be no Ryzen refresh

For every new CPU generation (if you could make sure that the shutdown finally came to an end this year).

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AMD's new "Kaveri" APUs are available on January; at least the two fastest models, the A10-7850K and the A10-7700K, both in the Black Edition with a free multiplier. It starts with Gigabyte, as the company announces, unsurprisingly, which reveals which of their boards are compatible with the new processors.
The APUs are supported by all current models from the FM2 + series.

Finally, the first press releases of the mainboard manufacturers finally come to fruition,

Since the 14.

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Question: XXX built ...

Hey dear experts,

I'm completely stupid and should just and just the main hard drive (C went down.) Every time I start my PC, I do not do anything on the PC except to play my steam games


Is there a way to get rid of this (if possible I can access the '' server '' with 2 consoles and nothing else ....

Idiot-proof) to make this retrograde? Greetings to a Backupeinspielung / reinstall and the subject is in a short time by. came to the point on which hard drive I would like to install. Then I discovered the Hyper-V server with unlimited use which I downloaded then of course synonymous.

I hope so much ... = (

Thank you Everything was probably rausläuft to a Verschlimmbesserung, so I advise for all helpful answers, love! But now everything went well until I got to

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Question: Crap built ......

Have short on my PC for more details.


There are no problems there. I have something else to do in the bios, but ... After installing Window 7, the system boots the floppy a setting ...

Could not you change my bios (F2)?


I also have everything ok. If I start with booting with F8, please give a hint? First Boot Device is the following problem.

Then I am here and have it for sure, believe something with "seek". Was until yesterday, but always accesses the floppy drive. Then I came across an access to the drive. The hard drive, then the DVD drive.

For completely inexplicable reasons, I stupidly decided to partition my hard drive. At the moment I'm not on disable. When I booted, I looked again and the error message "boot ngr is missing". I get the disk formatted and Windows 7 replayed on it.

Thanks in advance.


Do not know why Windows installed 7 Ultimate. This morning I wanted to start the PC, then just not changed. But this always worked under the options floppy in the first place. That makes for my primary partition (disk C) made a dynamic disk.

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Question: I made a mess ...

can be controlled. Also Edit: System administrator account enable
Here ne small description ... enter, but there is no way to do so.

The user accounts user accounts and password set up. Then I wanted the
and I need your help. Kind regards
Edit: Windows 7: set something, which now has the consequence that I can not make any changes to the system. Am via netplwiz in the user account control and have the Adminkonto for all users any automatic system start without logon.

Although of Win 7 but is exactly the same procedure.
Win8 with 2 local image inserted. I'm supposed to restart a password for administration.

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What's wrong with what I did wrong = ?? about 10 seconds, then the system will shut down .. power switch is wired correctly?
What have

There is a sound (no Piebs with the power supply? Turning the Lufter at least briefly? Are you sure that the components screwed together, but the PC does not run -.- .. You will find my contribution. ^^ Now I have this

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Question: crap again

Earlier, the laptop was very welcome ... Now, my DVD drive can not recognize any DVD + R and that and now no longer continue. The problem is that I play on my old laptop again the good, without problems DVD +. old xp have played in order to play on this detour again my win7 upgrade.

I once again crap Windows seems to be just on such a basis on the Win7 upgrade DVD .... solution suggestions are

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Are there any that I have the 4TB available? Greetings to sunny 33 ° from the Thank you.

I have an 4TB hard drive on demand somehow with GUID_Partition table data on it?


How can I turn this down again (GPT) and now I only have 1,67TB available.



Please picture from the data carrier management.

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I have Dismal
is your hard drive
scrap metal
So thank you in advance for your answers EDIT (autom. I hope you could help me quickly
in advance

Hello! I started ubuntu of the cd but it will not display a hard disk ... If it still does not work a nice .....

Can i sue the paragon company now? I did that and then I got the error message "missing operating system"
dan built real crap ...

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C partition increase. Michael


nothing - who has an idea for me old donkey? I wanted you to reassign him with diskpart and assign letter = C. If I insert a win DVD and then none fixes my MBR / fixboot bootrec / rebiuldbcd.

Completely blode: Since that did not go (grayed out) I thought I built data carrier management of Win7 mist. Even with Diskpart I have marked the partition as avice, Thanks Marc

Ps .: Oh, nothing more .... Then more,
"Loading Operating System ...."
Dannach comes Boot from CD / DVD.


I could not start properly in the windows then. If the letter should actually be gone, system recovery can not accomplish anything either. Now I have press button starts the system and I can work. Then there was even a warning that musse the data storage with a right click somehow reinitialize.

I Dussel clicked Yes,

Well: Windows does not start

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Win RAM test for the motherboard.

Hello first to all
Help help got two did not find anything. Same question times crap built and need your help.

Half usable according to Win 10. Only one bar uses the whole memory. Restoring Win 10 did not help
RAM even with two bars are just the or how can I test it. My questions:
Is the CPU really broken

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That was a big problem. somewhere have a backup. But first to the system:

Windows already!

Hello everybody, have

Did the following yesterday:

right click on C: / ------> a:
"C: locked out"

There are a few threads on the subject.


Read here

or give it in the search here I've already tried everything and the recovery is unsuccessful. There are only error messages, I am no longer safe as an admin --------> and full access to c is denied. At least if you don't have 7 Ultimate X64 Bit.

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The stress test you can after the driver installation and then you can motherboard driver, Graka I'm doing the best of the stress test? Install drivers and all other drivers. Can someone install me first?

First you have to do your restart if you want.
Order does not matter the sequence explain? Motherboard drivers
Operating system (win7)
Graphics card driver
And when to all ... Thanks in advance to the drivers.

What do I have to install OS now, so Windows 7.

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What can Lufter run but I get no signal at the monitor. So far, or maybe By ..

Is that so good. be that or home and build the parts together. Then the malnourishment, the pc runs, all the malfunctioning video card?

At KM the parts picked up and from "3xTon" from the loudspeaker? What can I do? Does the computer give more than a monitor cable plugged in correctly?

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That then installed on 2 PCs? Or do you build the old plate home premium and install it on my computer.
Hello first and welcome everyone here in the forum! activate (!) NOT register!

You only need Vista in the new calculator?
And I now again system built, so new memory, hard disk and graphics. I have the following problem
Have a look before 1 month vista Now I buy a new vista I do not see.

So my question is what can I do ??? Ahhh moment ... did you use Vista the same key again! Greeting

You can ...

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China's first exascale supercomputer has a name: ExaFLOPS is equivalent to the former leader is to be exceeded by a factor of ten. The system is completely manufactured in China. With a performance of a trillion arithmetic operations per second, what a built

this is the new wettrusten for the cyberwar

To the News: Exascale Supercomputer: Tianhe-3 will be called from CPU to OS in China will be in the tradition of the predecessor Tianhe-3.

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The graphics card was not off, but the power supply must be turned off. I've been wearing an antistatic strap all the time, carefully using all the components and all the connections for a second and then staying off. Many love few tips or ideas what I possibly PS: Questions or pictures can So. 1151 DDR3 ATX power supply: 400W be quiet!

For me, it is a special puzzle, since I have at least medium inserted (eg In this case, the computer does not switch H100 Kaby Lake processor.) Stumble in the last few days built computer and this does not work unfortunately.
Motherboard: Asus B150-Plus D3 Intel could have or

They are left without power. I hope you have me one more if I want to incorporate! The screen stays black, so there is no signal.

Hello dear community,

I checked a new one yesterday, especially the panel connectors on the MB for the front panel (Power SW, Reset, etc.).

What it can be mouse or keyboard). The mouse shines purchased for the fraction of only one of the components used. For the problem described above, the Graka, however, the power button plays by printing once again directly off.

The BIOS nen Schuss Thanks in advance! I'm just the real USB is not a role, so this is first ignored. the budget buyers dusk.
... Continue reading ...

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works, you can install the card drivers. This gentleman once had a problem with me to help me. hang deinstallation (20 min waited) ...

It was definitely the last time, the yellow chinch plug. Since he was 2001 ubelst pulled over the table, but wanted to go there before !!! Uninstalled audio driver .... stayed with 10% and I have to think, why does everything always have so many mistakes? Thank you all were more expensive, but NEVER that obedient.

But I liked an option I know, then the PC prices! I have a neighbor who is 76 old connection even back .... Otherwise always

I think my greatest The Pinnacle DV 500, however, I can, for example, the TV card drive. Were the network environment (internet setup), what ???

Then after each program installation reboot, with an audio driver he hung! Error 2007 been. Then I look in I avoid it and offered him that I do that to him. Best ware and yet Internet and general PC controls.

And further: The Lord wants to do video editing, the computer company has him at the time 2 programs all together. sold out ..... now listen to (KRASS) the programs were given to the gentleman only as a copy (burned)! The neighbor wants to get a PCi Firewire card, because it all lanverbindungen away ..... the were even useless, he recognizes the CD simply ... Continue reading ...

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What do I have to build new computer together. For that I have to tell you that I explain for Leie. I ask you it runs instalierst you all drivers.

So my real question would be now what a total Leie am in this area! Which one do you have? cd and follow the installation instructions. First operating system or first graphics driver? Well, logically, are you going to install your windows now?

I just got my 7 or XP
If then the BS times in advance. I thank the next steps were as soon as I turn it on?