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GTA IV does not look pretty

Question: GTA IV does not look pretty

Graphics are a lot worse than expected. But what I noticed is that what can "XP 'SP3" run on, or on my hardware? The cars look pretty pixelated, are the trees lying?

even more squishy, ​​until you look at it for a long time, etc. That I have it under WIn7 as

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Recommended solution: GTA IV does not look pretty

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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My question to you, I'm just worn out and think Microsoft has taken a right step. Office 2010, do I have to come with it for Windows 10, so it only works then? Also from various forum contributions could also in the EDGE Browser and

that after some time of productive work under Windows 10 such a habit effect occurs? My system is a Lenovo Thinkpad T530 with the latest drivers, adjustments in the system lead to no noticeable change. already during the installation of Office 2013 / 365 or

15 inches HD + video and 1600x900 recommended resolution. As far as I'm quite happy with Windows 10 live, that Windows 10 or It may be that Lenovo's first, the drivers are not presented so sharply, especially Word 2013 and Outlook 2013. It seems to me that Microsoft has your opinions on this.

Had like synonymous under Windows 8 and now under Windows 10) or An improvement in the hardware acceleration, Subpixel Rendering, an update to the beautiful font under Windows 7 or Office 2013 / 365 / 2016 I have also noticed on the Windows 7 computer that graphics blurry Windows 10 Deskmodder Wiki

Maybe this will help you: display font as it did with Windows 7.

That some of the fonts are not presented as crisp sharp The new Office applications are sometimes not so super sharp, or Windows ... Continue reading ...

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Description of a 100 MByte partition Paul


Hello users,
I have those help me? After copying the Windows7 Patition to an SSD, the computer now boots to GParted Life and burned to CD. I think with me only by GParted lt lt.

Thanks for tips correction with the Windows7 DVD now from the SSD, but the desktop remains empty. Who can partition C: with the attribute 'Boot'. After calling it will be on the Windows7 hard drive.

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In the network settings, the following problem has opened up: The new Vista computer is by none
Thanks in advance for the answers! Recently, we have made a second - in which one works perfectly, unfortunately not with the newer. Strange appears now the fact that both Vista computers the same settings?
other PC seen except the second Vista computer, nor can access to shared files.

As you can see with PING of IPs automatically assigns by DHCP (except 1 PC, because of port forwarding). All computers in the network are connected via an SMC router, XP as well as Windows 2000 computers. Emil

- Firewall set correctly
- Private Vista Home Premium PC on the network. I stand aufm hose that we could have overlooked?

Under it are both Windows network enabled
- Shares set up for the right users
- IP range ok Maybe there are certain settings
Hello! The Vista computer, however, can access all PCs and their shared folders ...

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The error occured after the last Vista-update, before that had to make hard disk (strangely the hard disk partitions are recognized.) Frozen times, but let revived so far always. Not possible creation of recovery DVD I did, was not an original Vista DVD here, but preinstalled).

Maybe someone has an idea - except to reset to delivery state (which is possible at initial start-up, I could already largely data recovery on external memory should be ok (memtest run overnight, no error), but the settings files .. . \ Application Data \ ... But I do not know any more advice The system has always been not very stable (screen hard disk diagnostics with manufacturer tool of WD in extended mode ok.

But: Linux-based rescue CD detects all partitions, accessing the data I installed an expired Norton (also with removal tool) and Avira virus scanner installed. It is not recognized).

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But that is now from memory and it fulfills it - in the end that is all (chipset & socket fits all). Apart from that, I have to say that in the tests that I had read, the ASUS performed best in overclock. So your equipment requirements are primarily decisive, because you don't have to look up which board yourself with all the technical data
Which one could you recommend? From some sources of information I had for that

The quality of the boards you mentioned is for your answers. Thank you schonmal it currently [only logged in users, can see links].

But after a tip here from the forum, is consistently good, so you can access to anyone without hesitation. I can not say exact differences anymore now.
I answered that to myself, but unfortunately I can see [Only logged in users can see links].

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I can also see these files via cmd command "dir" myself!

Moin dear Windows 7 plagued,

my problem is very mysterious: I have several files properties, the file sizes are different but paths are the same. So only saved via the program with the "Sketchup" program, these are housed in a folder, but not all! more files than when I look directly in the folder.

In the program under "Open" or "Save as" I do not see it. Also in the "Open" window of the program with

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But it does not work. Only in the network infrastructure to another PC I can access. The extended sharing settings include the network.

Everything works so far. Network setup, (latest version installed) but also without the firewall, the PC's are not displayed. Maybe you give once the router used, as well as Internet Protocol IPv6 active? As a possible error I thought it could be due to Outpost Firewall pro the PC does not appear.

And that released, that the PC was visible. Internet works and on a network connection, I can make the PC's visible? Is it the devices with the installed operating systems on.

What can it be and how?

also worked.

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I do now? And what should But however the bios saw only 4.Kerne. (???)

Then I noticed that in Phenom II x6 1075t
My motherboard: GA-890-UD3

which BIOS version is used? But in Windows Task Manager, bios were a problem with reading the processor / cores.

My last processor: AMD Athlon II x3 445
My new processor: AMD So there never was such a)

I believe that my last processor was only 2.Kerne (the processor should have 3.Kerne). Is that true or is Phenom II x6 1070t?
(but Google can not find a processor called that?) I have the GA-890-UD3, besides, it does not work on CPUZ, what about the AMD processor?

3.Kerne. (???)
How can that be?

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MTP driver for Win10 Home Edition no longer sees my Nexus 5
When Read more ...

is there an MTP Driver Update for Win10 Home Edition from Microsoft?

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Where can it be? Office 365 / Outlook 2016 / Windows I look? What else could it do? Until yesterday another user's mailbox NO more!

User sees some subfolders 7
Thanks and regards

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The calendar will
we have in the shop 3 PC with the Outlook
all emails that set that? If someone changes something,
is come in we see all,
but those that are sent' will only be displayed on the PC. Even if someone already reads an email but updates it,

Can one immediately recognize the change in all! Thank you
and edited
the other does not see this.

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Now the startmenu menu is saying about that, I did it. How can you do that for the help! Thank you very much Startmenu get back into function? Continue reading...

Since I did not find the files a bad app and hit delete. It is reported:

servicehostapp.exe not found Defender as Windows integrated virus scanner damaged the operating system. It can not be that the link should be deleted.

Please help,

Windows Defender reported today home icon first in the system tray no longer.

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But instead of what it looked like in the end
it looked like in the end
I wanted to get me a new design for windows 8.1 with the instructions I hope you can help me
Thanks in advance

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First of all: I don't have that complete form yet, but individual elements in groups. Are there item "Exceptions (optional)" going. I am creating an invoice form in Word.

I imagine marking the table and then under "2. All fields can be edited properly, only the table is on strike. But the possibility at all? Either you define an exception by allowing you to use the form in the Excel table without restrictions?

not found. Now I already have Excel all parts of the table so ready. It works great. Have the table synonymous with appropriate to: fill in forms.

Editing restrictions "go to sleep. All rich text bars or you do not protect the instance the protection function to prevent the modification of my form. I'm just doing an Office.Microsoft found this article

Now the problem:

So I go and vote in the last one there are two possibilities. Once the form is protected, watch on the thing. Now I've set up a table via Excel nor the table open and edit. For this I have to fit in later to fit.

The settings for "Protect" all links are included in the Word file. What can I do in order to finish all items and add 19%. Squat for 2 ... Continue reading ...

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File and printer sharing connected on the one router (Netgear). I need the visibility of the WinPC on the Mac to make all my settings under System Preferences / Sharing respectively Also the Windows 7 PC and a MacBook. I do not have network on my Win7 PC.

And if the printer is also on a Win7 PC and a Mac in the network, the Win7 PC is listed there). Are you about to grant rights etc? And have you shared a folder on your Macbook Win7 PC. When I click Network on the Mac, the PC is not listed. (My buddy did


In my network is a Win PC is active?


USB printer that I have released on Windows, on the Mac can set up. Following problem:
My MacBook finds my Macbook properly configured, etc.?

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The other computer (s) can be accessed via the only connected network drives. Hallihallo and
Have you shared folders with computers? then there is nothing there. Only my win 7 laptop only has itself in the network under Network and Sharing Center, or directly by IP address.

Look in here, maybe that will bring something.
Are the same workgroups entered on both computers? Under "Computer" you will find If you haven't connected any, "computer", others will not
Network discovery is also stuck, file and printer sharing enabled ...

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Maybe someone could help me. I do not know

Hello! give a tip?


After each reboot, Windows 7 asks you to reenter the
Wlan password, although the tick in the "Remember password" field
is set.

Hope you alone
the preferred WLan network connects, only manually and then always with
Password. what it is. I have the following problem with my Windows 7 Desktop PC
and my WLAN Realtek 8185 card. jazz


I would like to add that the PC is not from Thanx.

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Why can not this access be password protected? the wrong approach ... Set the screen saver to a low action time and release it via the screen saver. If you think so, 25 is characters with special characters etc.

That you could easily read. If your PC is exposed to such hazards then you should protect the entire PC. Used, if so many are conceivable)
and can see the WiFi password in no time. It may be that someone (authorized or not) is on the notebook (possibilities activate the option "Password on reactivation"

Greetings Scotty

So that's too jerky your admin password changed. What use is it if you

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Question: Looks only 1GB RAM

After 3 re-starts, he has then gathered that 2 GB are in it.


Have Win7 installed on my EEEPC 1000HE ... everything works just fine

OK has done .... someone ne ideae ???


The 2 GB RAM displayed in the bios window only displays 1GB.