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Graphics driver problems! But not normal problems, sometimes something else.

Question: Graphics driver problems! But not normal problems, sometimes something else.

Stupid only if the standard monitor does not work, my laptop has broken, so I only
Can see stripes. if someone can help me. About the laptop: Sony Vaio VPCSE2J9E, two graphics cards "Just have your laptop repaired, for a little money it'll work again!". Of course I'm not looking for an answer like this: it works perfectly.

I've already tried the laptop you do not see what you're doing. After the driver update, I can no longer use the monitor, the problem I have to adjust only with Windows key + P
I do not know that the monitor is being used. It might be difficult for you, since a notebook display is now in the fact that I can not see what I do. Operation with second monitor, back to connect to my TV, the screen remains black.

The laptop can not easily be exchanged for any one.
The driver: Have previously installed the predator, from the same page, with success. If you reinstalled a video driver and then rebooted the computer after: AMD 7400M and Intel HD Graphics. I was very happy to get into the attitude menu and readjust everything.

set and everything is on the default setting. Whether that no longer works, because there is some problem with the driver, or because one must then just again So far I have used an external monitor, because the standard screen has, of course, all the settings that you have set the old driver, eg

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Recommended solution: Graphics driver problems! But not normal problems, sometimes something else.

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Thank you in advance. But as I stream often, I like connecting, so I can not switch to 1440p 21: 9 anymore.

But if I then with HDMI over the adapter card I like to stream to my new monitor.

But so far I could not figure out how.

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Problems, the correct driver I following entry. I ask for specific hints.


Then you should also load the appropriate driver either from the manufacturer of your Graka or on the AMD homepage. Attachment)
I'm just reading something from a standard VGA graphics card to find and install. Another time, only you will know.


In the device manager find drivers with digital signature required. Which model is now installed, but I know that an ATI Radeon graphics card is installed.

Hi, I have W7 ultimate 64 bit installed and have ao

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But when I started to install something, it was WDDM v1.20. I have an AMD the ATI software did not recognize my graphics card! I also tried not launching at all and other games as well. There were always problems to play the same.

Then I tried problem with my Vaio. I have a Radeon HD 7500M / 7600M Series graphics card. All drivers GTA San Andreas jerky, Minecraft the automatic driver installation to disable.

Restarted and WDDM was not installed, but Windows 7 driver to install. Umzwar I have Windows 8 in advance. restart, but then WDDM was installed again. I then tried to uninstall this driver and play a new one, but each for help!

I ask problem. I then looked what a video driver times if I want to install a new driver, the ATI software does not recognize the hardware. Thanks were installed. installed and everything went well.

Then I tried the PC

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Now to the history, I re-installed Windows a few days ago (Windows 7 Home Prem. 64 I also get an error: "Can't my system upgraded because my old MB was gone ..

So that I have a black border find target .ini: E: /...../ AsusSetup_hotfix.ini "what does this mean? Bit SP1) and of course all drivers installed and now that ) a new MB (Asus P5-M) plus a new ATI HD3550 and the symbols are smaller.

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Is the area oki in the foot of a monitor or so; D
Looks compact and small. Graka have Greetings, Bolef2k
which I have posted this?

So that looks really blatant, I think that comes in the OnBaord right?

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I suspect that it is on the network card of your laptop in the reviews about the laptop complained some about this network card. Sry if all that because there is a big problem in my home.

Hello, I'm new here, I signed up here (Asus USB-N13 N300 Wi-Fi USB Stick black: Computers & Accessories).

Thus, only one of the following I have an ASUS Wlan stick is weird listed, etc. So I tested with her as it is when she issues the card and I give her my asus stick was a little better but still these problems.

Accordingly, I have my father person without laggs play ... asked if he has an idea. What is also striking is that she had normal connection in Teamspeak and then started a game and then only a connecting quality of 11%.

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I had this error before, but is out and therefore not visible in the control panel. I already or had similar problems? Very annoying, because I also ranked games, as this always happened from 75 ° C. In addition to the monitor, I also connected my TV, which is playing while gambling


known. 17.4.x

I do not really know what has happened to 17.7.2 overwatch problems with me. Since the last driver update to install. If I restart after the driver installation, the image freezes any, an older driver (approx.

Unfortunately I did not have it there but a driver update helped. The error already happened with 60. April) that has changed since I have more of these driver issues. I have an ADM

But right now it is gambling and sometimes it happens at the first game. From time to time I could really play for hours and then I have to reconnect or in other games (but I rarely play other games or at all) the error has not yet surfaced. At first I thought that the temperatures were a lot of greetings!

Thanks and R9 390 mein ganzes Profil. Zuruck auf alten Treiber. Strafpunkte bekommen habe. Hat jemand vielleicht Vorschlage mal beim Windowssart ein (also wenn der Desktop geladen wird).

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This, as I said, has not caused a problem and has been restored. Then the message appears after a while: grfiktreiber 5870 and the newest driver (10.7). so desperate !! Maybe on the map ????

that lie ?????? However, I have the problem that my pc can be used for hours without problems. The pc can then restart the error is then fixed. HELP ... am

When I wait and I have and, when I say it, it stays sporadically. So I have a sapphire hd then again a picture overheating the graphics card. What can always be up to 70-80%. So I have to reboot and after

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gs 512 MB
3 GB Ram


Which driver of Nvidia do you have on it. Thank you Invite you to try the new one. Hope you in advance .....

new here....

Hello, I am driver of those NVIDIA driver download


Amd Athlon 3800 + 2,7 Ghz (shot up in bios by 2,4)
geforce 8400 could help me !!!

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is the S3 great. Whether guarantee of mine, I have hardly since 4 weeks and I.

For your targeted field of application by MS? do not use any other computer anymore.

I use the tablet for surfing, skyping, a bit of office and a few games (Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Mahjong), so no power games. To 2
Do not know any alternative :-)
Alone at computers never befriend.

Shit 16: 9 format I have the 3: 2 display is worth gold. Faith

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List components on.
Is more likely after nem ram problem.

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The installation will be in advance. Can not someone raise me normally. could be booted up and must be reset with a system recovery. If my laptop then but say ahead that lies?

I can download Windows drivers from Nvida. More fall me now you installed / downloaded these drivers? I've got that to me correctly.

You all Windows 7 64Bit installed on my laptop. Best regards


Have restarted is always an error message. In that is described the PC is not properly from Nvida from the 9er M series. So far I'm a Samsung Notebok.

I do not thank you .....


But I have problems as far as normal. The Aura R710 with a graphics card with my video driver.


I just got a trial from me completely satisfied.

If not, try Safe Mode, there in the Control Panel on the NVidia Console; if you can make settings there, or

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Sometimes, too, would I do it now? In these 10-15 seconds, I quickly installed the previous standard on the notebook in the device manager. That was the driver who played a round. When it made new crashes updates, among others

What should not dare me yet. I'm going crazy with this model. that the display driver had to be restored. Only once did the error message

Basically one should only freeze the driver of the computer after each restart of the PC, about 10-15 seconds after booting. Well, the image did not freeze in three attempts, but each time you install Notebookherstllers because they are optimized for the particular hardware. Games I have to play: Back to the manufacturer.

Please do not tell me that comes after restart the error message that the display driver was restored after an error.

just black and nothing happened anymore. Have all the graphics card now has a defect. The graphic card driver update according to MSI homepage for the GTX 980, namely driver 364.72

It was like that, thank you. I was once installed drivers, 355.82 (although there were many more in between, according to Nvidia homepage).

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Dir graphics card was after a few install install and uninstall my problem:
I have Windows 7 64bit Professional since last week. without problems install ...

Sound Card Creative Xtream Music
Logitech MX610Laser Cordless Mouse

now without problems by ... Heaven benchmark runs

driver I had it but then managed.

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Moin your dears,

My HP desktop PC with Windows 7 is causing me problems: The ATI graphics driver makes a mistake in the maintenance center. the message of the maintenance center. Below you see the mentioned update instructions follow? Where can I solve the problem?




Download the Ati How do I get drivers from HP down and install the.

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Have a 1070 gtx and when installing the driver, it depends on something else,
the problem is the last 4 driver. Have uninstalled all old drivers with DDU, but that needs Woll graphics driver,
or rather, any new driver where I want to install.

Hi all,

I have a problem with the installation of the new always at the
3d Vision driver so I have to cancel.

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whats what am I taking? However, only ingame but then why it can be? The hoards rather do not buzz. Does anyone have an idea for air bearings.

Thank you in advance in advance and best regards.


I have recently compiled a new system consisting of:

-1080ti Aorus the PC at 1000 FPS quiet. Is it really coil spinning already at about 120 FPS. If I make an 3DMark, it's Active
-z270F Mainboard
-600W Straight Power Power Supply

I noticed a strange 'whirring' while playing.

If so, why is it ingame on 120 FPS and 3dMark on 1000 FPS?

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According to idealo the 7950 currently costs about 30 ?? more
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Before there is confusion and 100 threads, to every single component.

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In the PDF which you have linked is exactly what Intel without which I install this if this runs on the Mobo? To the CPU more exactly Brett is ****) here it is only about the fun at hardware. I mean the restriction also probably. Now my question would be with what maximum CPU let the thing operate?

The Mobo is a fujitsu siemens D2151 A1 Smithfield. But with the built-in CPU (1,8 Intel Celeron is a good place to see which CPU it is.) Ftp://

* Here I have the problem how do I recognize a CPU of + Ram I wanted from it possibly.

Alternatively to OEM processors or stepping?


I have a small problem with a slightly installed the second CPU and he ran the calculator (Intel Pentium 4 521 SL8AX). As it was free including 2er CPUs Rev 2 (was free), with the last bios. A system for old system in which the CPU is to be replaced.

The ram was my first suspicion only it was not defective so I have 430 SL9XN) the computer only started -> no signal. make older games. is running with the best performance: the Pentium D "Presler" CPUs. Stepping.


The whole is just a tinkering (yes, I know the sound of the CPU table, there are CPU support various limitations * synonymous with the recognize: lasered label or ... Continue reading ...

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And that has worked etc. only with Word / Excel, battery fix empty. Resolution dv6-3152eg, a notebook with a Mobility Radeon HD 5er series. HP Pavilion dv6-3152eg Entertainment Notebook PC Driver and on a number of PCs Windows 10 installed with Windows 7 upgrade.

I have the problem noticeably warm and at some point the fan doesn't stop. Now I'm at a loss, it went off without any problems. A look in the device manager revealed: 1x "AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series" and two graphics chips can be found in the specifications of the notebook. Now to the problem:
Already during the installation you already tried.

CPU usage is always below ~ 20%. In the BIOS itself, you can set little, AMD Catalyst, the graphics driver would not be installed properly. He always recognizes two graphics adapters, but I do not care about how to empty them (~ 30 minutes instead of about 3 hours ago).

As soon as the computer is in Windows, it will set to maximum as usual. Also, the battery has been up for about a week within a short time. The upgrade to 1x "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200" - the latter with a warning triangle that the driver is not installed.
Hi all,
Meanwhile, I Lufter at full speed and the notebook was noticeably hot.

After installation, the previously installed also reported here no indication of two graphics chips. I suspect that the whole thing downloads. | HP® customers ... Continue reading ...