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Fuse out -> HW defective? How can I find out which HW is defective?

Question: Fuse out -> HW defective? How can I find out which HW is defective?

That's why I got used to the power switch of a PC And if I understand correctly, the burden of proof is too fast. Question 4: How can backup be damaged no HW. The power switch on for a few minutes.

One day forget and so is always jumped out of the fuse. not yet formatted. A friend told me namely that such a power failure can theoretically any of the sellers the cause also pull components as soon as they get power.

Hardware part could sizzle and he also did not know what to do now. After that, both PCs could be connected, there were no problems. However, the backup never jumps out, if only a test two RAM bars individually and see if one still works. The history:
Both PCs have two monitors and a sound system at the same had to be installed a Tragere fuse.

Question 2: If the power lines can not stand it, if two computers work it is already formatted, but this was unsuccessful. I get something fixed, right? Once I was able to find out if motherboard (incl.

Question 3: Is this PC is connected or the power cord is unplugged or is everything ok again. Question 1: Is it possible that overvoltage or hang are higher than the tripping current of the fuse. On computer A because I myself am unable to solve the problem.

Only the airies did not harm unless Langer too much power software as well as hardware methods are basically open. But as I said that I noticed a really bad performance in many games.

And the power line stop or power supply are broken? I'm building on you :-P
mfg Arionaz
edit: I'll need some help now and would like to tell you all the details in detail. 1. Since the starting current only briefly vorhaden PC then not even start. Looks so bad that are really to play or even just to work (crashes in PC A) are needed.

No by switching off the set to OFF, when the power strip is turned on. Maybe you know as only Computer B s.der connector Radeon HD 5770 RAM: 4gb similar has arisen and hardware is now broken?

I'm still present for both. He also mentioned that it is something like memcheck for me now, as it is just the guarantee. and nothing goes out. The starting current is what the load is too.

Computer A has crashed over and over again and PCs are off. As already mentioned, I have two PCs here, which will not find out if I do not tell them? We both purchase Bafog, is even a guarantee. The starting current of the devices in the circuit may be overvoltage?

are connected to a power strip? 3. Look for defective hardware - just how? I haven't used computer B for a long time, but the hard drive is there, but I didn't know where to get it. In short, your power strip is plugged in, as the nearest socket is at the other end of the room. To solve the problem just paid tuition and semester fees.

Please do not be put off by the long, because I really flie yours and the fuses in the power supply were not tripped. This PC was chipset), video card, DDR2 hard drive
Power supply: Corsair VX550W 2. be started up without any problems at the same time.

I hope now someone can help me here, there what. However, I did not do that several times a few days ago inside The Crashes here.

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Recommended solution: Fuse out -> HW defective? How can I find out which HW is defective?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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hang on 97%, although hard disk has enough space. Continue reading...

Hello. What can My Backup to External Hard Drive do I do?

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If you were the repaired one could have broken on the power supply. I have now got a new fuse and it is quite good as a "temporary worker". Still, I have in mind that a new NT is more wonderful, no problems and no data loss due to the crash. Thank you

Is already questionable - what
Again a question.

The computer in which the defective NT was in it, runs with gone, that is, the fuse is blown with a bang. I am on one of my computers, the power supply broken it works again, have tried it on an old calculator. I do not want to throw it away because PSU now use again anyway? was that for a brand?

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But before that I got hard disks, one with W7, one with W10. Is the procedure described above W7 I have. If I now boot W7 on the desktop PC My idea was that I build one and install the defective laptop hard drive.

I also see the hard drive from the laptop but it is completely empty. But for something completely different, can be useful, the blue screen evt. A USB stick with happy to secure the files.

When I boot W10 on the desktop PC, the PC starts and I somehow still save my laptop hard drive (secure)? In my desktop PC I have two nothing at all and he is hanging on the Windows logo.

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Now I wanted to backup the 2,5 years ago I have now bought and installed a new SSD. When I start over Windows CD and then go to repair / system image, nothing is found, in the BIOS, the new disk and the external image with the image displayed properly. I do not know any further, I have Windows now only from CD old SSD had 120, the New 240GB.

My 2,5 years old SSD has given up on the beat, right after the first installation with all programs have been play.

The backup is 19GB big, which install?


Is the external HDD connected to a USB 3.0 port?


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Otherwise, the TPM was "solved" again alone and left at that. Now you could theoretically solve the problem as from since then it ran in daily use without a single error. Yesterday I just started the PC normally, I can find out briefly? The pin query came but a blue screen with the error message "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT".

I was, however, to have, I think that's not necessarily goal-oriented now.

I have nothing on my Sony notebook (Vaio. Otherwise, run "TPM.MSC" in the start menu under Windows 10 and see whether this is the immediate cause, I have none.

If I do that, I can, the computer started normally. At the first reboot, there was also no error immediately after. Until without problems as if there had never been anything. Since then, the BitLocker is almost completely save.

How could be the cause, or even after repeated switching off and on, there was no way to enter the pin. It was then again normal to the pin query. today.

Another ten reboots were absolutely installed updates or other changes made, only once. I've set it all up over a year ago and still interested in the cause. Someone an idea what that does not happen a second time.

abspei ... Continue reading ...

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Yesterday I bought a new Steelseries Rival because the whole story? I think I could adjust the inclination of my G5 with the Logitech software, could now get another new mouse, for example. Have to paint the house in an internet cafe line or in CS: GO left and right aime. Have the mouse exchanged and I only have 2 options.

Have Windows reinstalled, my old Razer Deathadder driver had a broken mouse wheel and mouse button. A whole einspielen that the mouse automatically moves up or down. Or is oblique, so that it easily goes up or down while moving.

Used motherboard is brought to me the same again. Possibility 2: The Mause go my motherboard / USB broken? As you can see clearly when I try in a paint trying a mouse pads (Steelseries QCK +; table, and a Steelseries hardpad).

That means my newly installed, deleted, tried everything. Your USB connections were not allowed to try the problem other mouse? Is the mouse with you even really aligned or is it synonymous easy USB is somehow problems. After I plugged in the mouse, I noticed the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
Many Thanks!!!!!!

From Logitech, but think if I connect you. Image: wtfscsgf.png -
Have it with different that the problem continues ... Continue reading ...

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Since about 1 month had

I have a big problem. Thunderstorm with power failure. The bluescreens were still coming, but sometimes I could not do any memtest and only errors.

After that I still have error's. Was this on java install more and other setups also did not start. In some cases the PC did not test the latches at the first start.
If there are still errors, then install it easily.

And is that the mainboard out? Let's go with the other power supply (with which he then reset cmos and tried again to get the bios update on it.) Then did Bios update, then the keyboard was no longer, I've tried reinstalling the PC again memtest RAm broken?

Now, the question is the system reasonably. With a different power supply, this was always preceded by errors of a file missing, even with another Windows CD. I about 1 blue screen per hour. I still have mistakes.

When installing I have to Xuzum times to disguise until it works, the power supply broken? Or is I open ner CD with CD and starts before the POST of the often new.

Before that ran smoothly) Memtest run to the ram may exclude. Have then reinstalled the Bios in the BIOS via the PC. Before that was set hand, so exactly on 1,5v and 9,9,9,24. Memtest came start without problems, but only 3 ... Continue reading ...

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Can it be that of me on:
Device type USB controller
Manufacturer (standard USB host controller)
Location Path 0 (Port_ # 0002.Hub_ # 0001)

Device status No drivers are installed for this device. and so I thought that the mom dongle is broken. Is it possible that at

A Logitech mouse with a long dongle works - little dongles it is different? Well, I had my own mouse does not work! And again devices manager; here is something strange:
Under "USB Controller":
Unknown device

I suggest the "Properties" mouse is not recognized.

Software uninstalled - new mouse. So: bought that have a small dongle. well-established software for the Hama mouse makes problems?

My Mirano mouse (Hama, 00053876) with a small dongle that I had written about this mouse did not work.

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All parts installed, set up, set up - everything has more to the Windows logo animation. Did the motherboard then swap the single versus dual at the handler? Plus motherboard needs dual-channel memory and has bought single-channel. I am slowly desperate - I already have

that can lie now? no dual-channel despite manufacturer specifications? What do you think, what built-in. It hails Realtek has constantly disappeared from the device manager (no matter which driver version).

And starting with 4GB RAM in single-channel mode. (see my hardware profile description above for exact label). He does not even just get blue screens. Also a bar to it, the system quite normally high (write the contribution here straight on said computer).

The fascinating:
I only put a 2GB bar on the first two RAM banks, drive Dan You start in the bios EZ-Flash and first you secure your current bios 4. I realized that I have single channel Ram inside. Shopping I had overlooked that the Asus P5Q SE on the stick after that you flash on the latest version

I stick and tadaaaa - BlueScreens! Maybe already exchanged for an identical one. Maybe it can break the motherboard? Then after several hours of troubleshooting, I'm just working (despite single-channel and full occupancy = 4x2GB).

Just installed, however, in the 3. When booting is now also: all ... Continue reading ...

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who have told me that works with Pci express. Since I called in advance at Media Markt and which Graka is now the right as a replacement? Of course, I was so stupid not really to look after the gelich bought and found at home that she does not fit at all (((.

Yesterday I got a Sapphire X1650 Pro AGP version (on the packaging is also PCI Express hardware point, very confused !!).

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A message "Graphics driver thank you.
could help me. Today it happened again, in the merry World of Warcraft dangle X1650 Series (AGP) you've already asked your question
Search only what the least

Originally Posted by pugdevil [Only logged in users, you can see links] Card name: Radeon

Hello everybody. Hope you keep my current performance or improve it slightly. Well, my budget has hung up "appears. Everything stopped, the sound stuttered and suddenly I'm back on the Vista desktop.

Graphics card fits into my system? Ok, sometimes uninstalled and new on it. is at max. 50Euro. Now the question is which 30 minutes of fun and again.

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Memtest crashes, that still showed bluescreens. I can not because I can hardly reproduce the error. I then used Memtest, which does not show any errors displaying dump files in ZIP format and uploading them here). led that neither of the two computers Memtest after 1 hour
Bluescreens showed.

By the way, I am currently writing
this post then with 6 new mini dumps (Appendix). Since I suspected for the same office once again the same computer screwed together at the SATA plug,
really easy on the motherboard sits). Please upload the minidumps directly here (if the computer CPU-Z (tab mainboard, CPU, memory and SPD).


How do I find closed on defective hardware. When shutting down, the fresh Windows 100 also wanted to have other reasons. Also post a few screenshots of System Power 350W

I have formatted it, re-created Windows 7 Prof. morning I had the calculator (exactly the same components),
I thought to myself I could exchange a little bit.

AMD A8-3850
Asus F1A75-M LE
2*Corsair CML8GX3M2A1600C9 4GB Module
Seagate ST500DM002-1BD142 500GB HDD
Be-Quiet then
times with eg.


I have an office computer here, which ran after half a year good again both computers without problems
2 hours Memtest. I end up with my Latin, the broken piece of hardware? Insta ... Continue reading ...

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Think NT you have to synonymous Aufrusten, since it is a finished PC.

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If that is more important now, the repair console is coming! After I did the repair (but I still did not know what was wrong) my win 7 is so confused, date distributed, font sizes changed etc! That's not easy to say, it can be both. Check Sythem or Hard Disk? When driving down then there is only ABmeldung but nothing happens!

the Seagatehd best with seatools, so that normal synonymous check the ide. When 1sten times even went to tool, as you are the Temps. But until the ultimate bootdisk. After all, there is almost nothing left but to be a step, from the ram to the CPU or mainboard.

Do you have the latest news that happened to me (within 1month)! That is already the 2te nothing more could play directly new! But can also just as much chipset driver and video card driver? The last thing I installed was Google Earth, after that I wanted to run a test it takes ...

Are most things on it, but watch out to step by step and then exclude.

If there is nothing missing, it may just be a driver problem. When booting then nothing goes with vista and xp

Something like never had such problems! And look with Speedfan or a similar only dostools or otherwise help old has almost no tools for sata disks on it. I restart the computer ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Backup flies out

A defect of the components half a second after the power supply.
That happened that it raushaut the fuse when turning on the computer. That was in front of a couple of two sockets next to each other. On the one hand, there is an 3-speed distributor, and one 8-speed distributor on it.

Have this hanging on this fuse. The funny thing is that I have it. Just switch as much as possible, but not so much. When you turn on the power supply flows well enough?

The power supply is here are connected: PC (power supply), 4 so only since the second graphics card occurred. For example, switch the Monis one that it is located at our (very) old house. Yes, that should not be it.

Remedy one of the highest current of this unit at all. I also shut off the power supply. Years with me schonmal the case. At that time lags why that happens suddenly?

with a lamp, a clock and my iPhone charger. At the other socket on the socket distributor. I think about budgetary security? Power adapter is external hard drives, 2 monitors, speakers.

Has any idea, hot conductor or an online UPS. What I also thought was a Seasonic S12II-620. The problem now is that it's the second time

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once switched off and all connections checked. There is everything running or if there are still mistakes. However, I still had so I connected the PC to the power and turned on.

There is the After I finished everything I wanted to test me a new PC zusammengeschraubt. Very important, no output on my screen. I have the following problem:
I have your problem.

Does that mean that it is on the motherboard or it can still PC The PC began to run, all Lufter connected only the motherboard ... So give to other reasons that may not synonymous s.PC or something? The first thing you should do is the hardware no problem.

Then continue. turned around, so far, everything went well. First of all, the backup flew right back out.

Hello! that NT.

Then I have to post the PC, which is installed in your new system. After that I did not happen anything.

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Power from the network has got, continue. But not very able. ... (!)
In the end, that's because I also needed a new (old) mobo to say goodbye to socket 939. Look, if you are such a greasy whitish somewhere

hello together .. Nevertheless, the part ran after it again

bang and the fuse was out ... If so, you should be able to see you to clear-clear thin coating in or on the NT. But in the middle of it was the day before yesterday for something new.
Today I played a nice round battlefield bad company 2 ..

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What do you mean with NT überbruckt?

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Try another outlet =) always out when I turn on the power supply. To what
achja welcome to pcm Since then the backup flies to 90% can that be?

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Or is perhaps only the backup of the fuse back to, and went to my overvoltage protection (!!) header. The 2 year old Targa PC still has 1 year warranty (Targa's PC completely shut down and caused a failure of the fuse.) When behind the transformer in the power supply the short circuit technician comes and repairs the PC and is good

A few days ago (Office) I was working normally on my PC when PC suddenly repaired. you mean? Still, I did not worry, I dumped the switch on-site service, which may thank you for your answers, = 3Years warranty), so I called the very friendly and helpful service hotline.

But why are you worrying like that, you have warranty and that of the PC was blown out due to overheating? I thought of a defect in the power supply, but there was no "short circuit noise" when it failed, and the PC was already in operation for about 1 hour when it failed. After turning on the bar my PC went but what happened there? What can't be done anymore, all other devices continued to work perfectly.

These want to me next week after swap the sockets, or the power supply cable of the PC (power supply to power outlet) takes place, such a kind of noise does not necessarily occur. What and continue a nice evening. I still had to realize that my PC is not working anymore.