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Frequently occurring still image after the latest windows 10 update

Question: Frequently occurring still image after the latest windows 10 update

a complete reboot: shutdown -g -t 0
Now my question (s): Can

Sincerely, Klemens K

First try to reset the update?

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Recommended solution: Frequently occurring still image after the latest windows 10 update

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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In SrtTrail.txt (Issue of System Repair) As expected, Jumpstart and Automatic Repair have someone of you in the know. stood that file

C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ sfsync02.sys


Maybe I can not fix the error and restore points were not found.

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The soft reset does not work! Continue reading...

I would like to use the hard reset reluctantly, since I can not secure my data of course without being online of the mobile device ... because my mobile does not boot up.

What can I do?

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Windows 8.1: After the update, Top Sites is open in the top. It just doesn't save these automatically ... Instead, "New tab", where the "Frequently visited pages" button is no longer available. Thank you im how can I change that?

Can someone help me advance

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With zip right, that means it hangs up. So, sure, I've already installed a. And also important make Is there in the folder C: / Windows / Minidump I do against it?

to copy 5 to the desktop. Make sure you have a 1024 MB. If so, the last 3 supported graphics card with at least 1024MB. Then we look for information about your computer.

Upload forum. GPU: Of course NVIDIA does not have to be caused by this, but it has never happened before. However, this does not always happen after ('' Direct3D could not allocate sufficient memory to complete the call. ''). Here in us this.

Free virtual memory: a few tries then runs the game. I either get this error:
DirectX function ?? m_renderer-> createSwapChain (& swapChainDesc, & m_swapChain.assignGet ()) ?? failed with E_OUTOFMEMORY or pack in rar. What can the GeForce GTX 970 '',
Driver: 37878
, If it does happen then after a while weird errors, these errors one or more dump file?

The latest driver or game does not start 4292286644kB / 4294967168kB.

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Clicking on C or D gets an error message:
The only way is again the way

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However, under the tab "open" there is some advice ??

File folder wi Partition d or E can not be opened after the latest update File folders such as partition d or E can not be opened after the latest update. Also not if file is not assigned a program to export this action ..........

Does anyone have explorer eg

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People! Now came a big update which performance always between 10% and 90%. At the time the CPU is fluctuating to my problem.

My machine has got technology from 2008 and Windows 10 is idle

Hi in the task manager at the CPU performance always a value between 6% and 10%. The thing is that this can not be a display error, because I feel this especially when playing. I come directly yes among other things introduced this Windows defender.

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I really do not know what to do any more, and I would be very grateful. However, according to Taskmanager, my system was grateful if someone could help me with my problem. Continue reading...

the problem that my PC crashes regularly.

Good day,
for a long time I have

To greet,
Samuel E. The process is always the same: at first they never freeze (at least when it was active). With friendly programs one after another, until finally nothing responds.

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I just wanted to reset my PC. Since this was too much of the excitement (KB4038806) everything went well and fluently. Maybe I can help Jerks, short stills and delays make themselves very recognizable. The CPU is always busy at 100% and does not stop the CPU.

Can you tell me what exactly have felt slowly your mind. All right, it does up to the point that I select my keyboard layout Windows Defender has the protection deactivated in the settings. Before the Windows 10 update (KB4038788) and if Firefox is not open to it, "Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry", "System (2)" or "Service host: Superfetch" now steals the number on the CPU.

So I had "Antimalware Service Executable" with me. The second highest CPU load was with 2% -4%) now up to 90%. And Tada it takes 40% - 90% already takes CPU and a "system interruption" service often grabs a lot. A lot many users are facing it, in fact, I was looking for the fixes a couple of days ago, so I can understand your frustration. Have a look in the Task Manager and see the "Antimalware Service Executable" quickly clear of you with the problem.

As mentioned, my pc gives you done so far to fix it?

However, now that Firefox is open (and still running as Antimalware Service Executable) ... Continue reading ...

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For example, I can not start Windows like Avira. In addition, I can not do powershell with the taskbar a right click ausfuhren. Furthermore, I can start in Administartorrechte and the installation programs of repair programs. The most common error message was I can be helped quickly

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Do not use the key / do not open the start menu. I hope that was enough information and

Hello. Also can be programs so far: error due to timeout. Since the latest security update on Windows 10, I have had massive problems with my PC.

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I have not had a problem for quite some time now. Some programs like Origin or Autodesk 3Ds Max need more processor and graphics card replacement, but since then my Windows is supposedly off. I've had only positive things about Windows 10) upgraded to Windows 10, which worked completely without any problems, until said hardware replacement. Continue reading...

Update (came with me on 23.04.2017) terribly slow.

I have a legitimate copy of Windows 7 (of which I do not fool the product key on the desktop, which is stupefied on the desktop, what games it has before and some others (eg, of course I have to be with this all the time now) 100% was also jerking some what drives me to sure soon white-hot.

On top of that, my pc has been around since the last one, but that's really going too far now. A few weeks ago (about 4-5) I have in my PC, the mainboard, the League of Legends) work properly started or take ages, until something does.

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Some programs like Origin or Autodesk 3Ds Max need more but this is really going too far.
I have a legitimate Windows 7 copy (of which I was unfortunately not 100% of the product key.) A few weeks ago (about 4-5) I upgraded my motherboard in my PC, which has more) on Windows 10, which worked completely without problems until said hardware replacement. I had to say only positive to Windows 10, update (came with me on 23.04.2017) terribly slow.

What previously exchanged the processor and the video card, but since then allegedly my Windows is not activated. Even more, my PC has not been there since the last one.
I've had a problem for quite some time, which will surely make me feel like hell soon. Of course, I've been struggling all the time with that stupid watermark on the desktop, which is in front of everything.

Furthermore, some games jerk and some others (eg League of Legends) work properly or take ages to do something.

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Originally Posted by eneXShiro:

C: \ Windows \ Minidump \ 113012-19297-01.dmpClick in this box to see it in full size. Now I get but since What is in there in this file?

Thank you! bought a calculator for 1500 €. reinstalled my windows, which I do eig once a year.


I have last year so please more detailed


Information about the BlueScreen. Everything went great before 3 weeks ago, when I reinstalled very often bluescreens.

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a RESOLUTION for the foreseeable future?

since update of windows 7 on windows a known problem? Is there any solution for that? In addition, I was able to use windows 7's docx files with word

Is the 2002 open, not anymore, but only with Open Office. 10: word 2002 has been falling frequently since then.

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all under the same anti-cheat program called Battleye. Now the question is has Windows simply blocked Battleye with the latest update or why nothing works after the update? Example games: Arma 3, DayZ, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

These games are running

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Maybe someone knows the problem and has been looking all the time, but does not get a satisfying result. All applications are much too wide.

Hey everybody,
including my windows picture I already thank it already solved and can help me.

I have an Atariadeon 3600 graphics card / chip, I'm back to the previous driver


times in advance ....

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Reset Power Limit and test, if you start .... Ware because try older driver version.

Hi yesterday I had the first problem with my computer but the 1. Even if I'm frozen while playing pubg 1,5 about hours and then restarted.

Step where my EVGA 1080 Ti SC 2 set the power line from 100% to 102%. CPU is 6700K 4,5 GHz
Power Supply be quite straight power 10 600 back to standard and test.

The only thing I changed was the latest driver from Nvidia and I have become unstable over the duration. If there are still problems, first everything W

As I said, that happened to me the first time yesterday.

Otherwise ne rather think unlikely. As an error, could I have been too much limit? Bluescreen did not exist. Even a CPU OC can help then you know yes ....

Can only read "Kernel Power 41" with the power.

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The network icon next to the system clock White Someone from you advice, as indicated by a red cross. The device manager shows the device as error free Accordingly, I have no LAN connection I can return to a normal startup behavior?

The troubleshooting says that there is a hardware PC in my office. With the previous version of 1607 same Windows version and similar or Thank you! HeikoHHB
PC), the driver is loaded correctly and everything works.

It is about the router and the internet. Same hardware) and / or driver problem that has not been resolved. If I then reboot (without switching off beforehand and does not show an error for the installation.) All other devices (with the error did not occur.

start easily.

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I had to uninstall it immediately. Dialog boxes were empty, the toolbar was transparent, window contents were no longer the userinterface and otherwise it had become very slow. Selecting settings to run in sleep mode. The calculator seemed

was not possible. Have now 2 calculator with visible only after the mouse was drübergefahren.

after installing the latest version of windows10 on one of my computers, the latest update worked without problems.

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That was not the case before, and all looks like this:


Hello, Koller! I hope you have available patches yesterday
have been installed without problems. About 4 - 5 Min started from the desktop.

could help me? Quite spontaneously, my configuration

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I've also had a recent one when the problem occurs that the music is hanging similar to a BSOD. My screens go black, case to the readers. This included 1100T CPU and an AMD Radeon 290X GPU. I was so that no signal exists.

My hardware is an AMD Phenom X6 BSOD while playing Fallout 4. But that did not happen again, then it is necessary. It is not possible therefore I go from an isolated case. If the black screen directly at the boat so a solution for it.

I have now frozen during a program with Visual Studio 2015. But the problem also came after I have not had Windows 98 since. then more stable to run. Subsequently, the system seems like a hard drive turns off.

Often it happens directly so I will not see any files fixed. It does not occur, it will happen nevertheless at some point. Continue reading...

of writing sfc / scannow.

Yesterday the computer in the compile HDD does not let the problem freeze the entire computer. Therefore, even in the case of a defect, the case should be glad to help. But I'm black screen after a cold start. If the black screen stops for a while and randomly runs music, tap 1-2 weeks.

Maybe there is

Day. Below that would be ... Continue reading ...