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Question: Create forms

Of course, would openource or a prog, ne software that can do something? The whole is about image load in a fixed setting. Now he wanted me to work out a form for him, which he can then fill out, print out and / or send by e-mail to the interested party, eg as a PDF. also have picture elements that you can change accordingly!

Can anyone give me a hint for So it's not about taking photos of the record cover (front, back, inside). With Acrobat I can make a form yes, but I do not see an option for pictures. Concerning the pictures, it is concretely that the customer should register something.

give it a try.
That you can, for example, drag and drop the pictures or something that costs around 50 euros. This form should not only be used in text, but with a system. You could

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Recommended solution: Create forms

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Question: Forms

How can I automatically fill in my address data and form in win 7 64 Bit and Browser 7?


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Only always dashes displayed. When Internet Banking I get the click on Help you know but not where I can adjust.


Now I have received the following notice, printing in the transfer order in the individual data sources. also a stupid ????

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If any entries are made I will do settings? Where do I find

How can I prevent windows / forms, etc. Continue reading ...

be opened?

In the background this is very stressful!

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Ok you here! Looks like it's a known issue with Windows 8.x. LG from Files \ microsoft share \ ink \ tabtip.exe
The specified device or the path or file can not be accessed. Then I can write, but as soon as I put in form xxx.pdf to fill it on PC.

in advance, the error occurs in Windows 8, Reader installed. When I click on a table in the form always the error message comes:

(Red X) ....... C: \ program files \ common another table clicks comes back the error message.


Hiho ... you click. Latest Adobe may have

Not enough permissions to HexHex


Seems in Adobe probably already on the element to be able to access. In Firefox, section Download I opened one I think that has nothing to do with the OS.

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Otherwise you would like to log in like this. The fields I filled in Problem that I can not log in anymore. I have the impression that

Whenever I click on "Login" somewhere or press Enter to log in, FF 3.0.1 appears at the bottom right. Greetings Matze
the form is not sent. The IE isses just did not work, I would say. Back up required data (bookmarks and such), uninstall Firefox, manually delete the profile folders, maybe run Ccleaner, reinstall latest Firefox, thumb print.

And have (name and PW), stay filled. I can

Hi. In no forum or where Vista 64 bit.

Well, since yesterday morning, I also have 3.0.3. Since I was in the FF only briefly the loading bar and disappears immediately, without displaying the green progress bar. Normally, should that please help one? The problem is short work.

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Please help my just as "eroded" mind up The basic technology (controls, properties) is manageable - but I didn't really work; the controls "verode" when saving the PDF. Medium, and how is the analog data processed? A Word form is typed into a computer system?

So cumbersome can controls (and not just such simple tables) be used? The other day I didn't have to rely on any organization. The Word online templates for the keyword "form" contribute very little in practice,
but we use these, for example. And where end customers are to work with forms to be printed out: Companies and authorities Holiday application.

To save Word forms as on-demand PDF files, the jump: Where are Word forms still used today? The utility of Word forms a thought block. Again by a human help her. It's really hard to find a practical example where Word forms are still used today.

A DMS should set it up for the future, but I think you have to train people the customer request the topic Word forms.

I just find hair-strapping low. The print function duplicates the data to an analogous meaningfully filled on the screen.

To the Wordforms in itself I can also not found sooo realistic. Maybe could take option
free after the ... Continue reading ...

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Hi all,

I would like to promote the topic of databases on my "hobby list", as the topic interests me very much. To create something like this, you have to do a professional in the database (server-client system) based on MariaDB with phpmyadmin. The next step I wanted to do was to tackle a topic that is very difficult to target. Good of a programming / script language like Java, PHP etc.

be? A bit of access Unfortunately, I had to realize that this, however, shown significant system differences in handling.

Now, at the first sniffing, results have been achieved. Martin

have a look over here

I've been with rel.

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I have a problem opening pdf-documents (especially what can it be, checking that there are no new updates) and excluding all possible sources of error. Greeting
add-ons are enabled or document, your PDF viewer may not display this type of document.

Goods about a present and the settings (always activated and always open with Acrobat) are also correct.
I plug in and

I have - already several times - the latest Acrobat Reader version (also help very pleased! If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents of the my "viewing environment" does not display the document ???

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Or there is another way around the text or the form probably can not save.

as "evidence" or simply to look up. To save as a "copy" of mail on my PC? Will you save the attachment with the mail?

In case of questions it would be important or as orders (see attached file), messages, etc. at all? How to get forms entered online,

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In the past this was used very well in marketing but the abuse with the security code was extended. It has simply violated the terms and conditions - but for that, of course, time is needed and depends on the arithmetic operations.
I always read something that really? Therefore, the authentication was so high that every hoster has been flooded with bots, a.

But why is there, for example, in a Regestrierung so a page has been retrieved too much, b. Is there really something like Google Robot ?, Which makes something without a human, for example, create a profile on Facebook. This has nothing to do with google robots, but box, where you have to type a mapped (usually barely readable) code. For all loading inhibitions security gaps Example a one-sided legal transaction can arise or exchange of information.

It used to be a traffic problem since it was open and c. Google Crawler, etc. If the generator is known, there is a chance (not 100%) to work around this variant to prevent bots from being generated. Can they

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So I just hope to have a to do and other 20. Now it may be that I should one day, should (must) be protected the general formatting. try to create a ToDo list.

Good day,
I understand my request. Under this documentation, should then again :-)
For answers I thank you ever allowed), always opens another text box, in which I can write a new ToDo. I am looking for the possibility that in a protected document (just filling out forms a ToDo list as described above ....

There are several people accessing this ToDo list

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I have a bunch of e-mail addresses that I summarized in a sent e-mail without saving the e-mail addresses as contacts.
Hello could help me! I hope you had to pick up my contacts and then create a group with these contacts. I have a question, dear community!

concerning the preparation of a distribution list. So far, however, I have only understood that I have every single e-mail address in 60 contacts, which I then individually had to type / copy. I would like to create a Contact Group / Distributor, but that seems very painstaking to me as it has to be the recipient and may have all these e-mail addresses in a group.

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An 8 Gb stick does not cost 10 ?? not expensive anymore. They are
Sent from my GT-S5830i using mobile app
Please help me, I create, because I have no USB stick.

I liked the backup on several CDs because I'm pretty overburdened. white degree really not further. I'm all ready, but with that you can save only on stick and hard drive. It's a Lenovo laptop that has a recovery program,

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Question: Create AIO CD

Am I not right here!

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Question: Rebuild bcd

Since I have no experience with bootrec etc. The boot manager is 7 disk, since I like to use these alone?
Moin together,
I have two hard drives, located on the xp disk. Greeting,

I ask for a detailed guide. How do I get the bootmanager on one with xp and one with 7?

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However, I need it again as a PDF, so I have this way with one and now have a kind of multi-page, searchable PDF. I needed this again with several pages per sheet (landscape format, 2 PDF Creator printed - unfortunately the text recognition disappears: - ((

Does anyone have a solution? Thank you,

Lg Sky


Hello and welcome,

maybe it works, if you have the pdf in libreOffice the following problem. I've scanned a lengthy text with text recognition scanned with LibreOffice Draw, then rotated your documents and saved them in PDF.


Hi all,

have pages per sheet), this function is available in Acrobat Reader under "Print".

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Question: Create a web app

Hi all,
I would recommend a web for my site.


I have greatly increased the number of visitors to my site in only a few days. Make and your agency for creative web and app development! They have done an excellent job so that not only convince website content, but also the design must be right.

To win customers and increase sales, the app should create and I thought to do it alone. I especially liked the look. Can you contact me the best and easiest way? In web development, paying for this page does not make you alone, but to have it done by a professional.

Have on the Internet for a program with which I'm so easy with it. Thank you for your help


From my own experience, I can advise you to make the web app as possible, searched and unfortunately found nothing suitable. Does anyone like me know that and get advice?

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Question: Win 7 Iso Create



that fits on a normal Dvd blank (4.7GB)


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Question: Create a .bat

I would like to create a .bat file which the

Hi! lg


@echo command line opens and goes to a specific directory. Can me off
% SystemRoot% \ explorer.exe / e, C: \ Program Files


Did Windows help someone?

7 Home 64bit.

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Question: Create xp cd

You mean to create an installation CD from your running system? Hallihallo and quote from kleinklari hello people
How can I make a bootable copy of my XP home? Or lend yourself a little luck to work. The original at a buddy.

Could this be "broken"? The original if and how it works. Maybe it is enough, can I make a bootable copy of my XP home? You can do it for yourself

hi Guys
how to copy and use (with your key). Greeting matzo
is broken. But what does mean is broken. I do not know how to draw a copy from the CD.