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Font pixelated / hanger by plugin Shockwave Flash / Performance

Question: Font pixelated / hanger by plugin Shockwave Flash / Performance

I should do. Updated AMD a few days ago, do you do that?

... Why I did that is partly because of the Shockwave trailer and the Lappis expand, but no idea how. Only I am AMD_Catalyst_13.4_legacy installed (that are namely the AMD or Nvidia available drivers) not necessarily work.

And because of scrolling, but also because it sometimes takes forever to set up a page. Have you uploaded as an example 3 images. So I first became the racing car and with a laptop the possibilities to do what is very limited.

Memory that too a little bit.

Somewhere it said that if that's the case with pixelated Schirft, Firefox can "evaluate" it. Actually, I wanted to update the graphics card / driver because I thought it would. However, you should also be aware that you don't have a wheelchair, the font is pixelated. again, sometimes it just normalizes for a moment and it comes back, sometimes it stays.

In the beta version of Firefox, this is not so in the hope that the Lappi works faster. Only when I push the mouse or double-click it normalizes

Hello. This is so colorful and hard to read. No idea what drivers remove and install from the computer manufacturer.

For compact computers, the manufacturers often use their own hardware layouts, on which the reference drivers are the reason for repeatedly hanging up / image scrolling poorly. I also did not install Hydravision, which I do not need and if I want to uninstall it again, it says I was going to uninstall everything, the whole video card. Somehow it always downloads drivers from the manufacturer of the machine. Then I would like to expand the performance?

To be honest, I'm "a little" overwhelmed with all of this.

As good as never possible. In addition, one should with compact computers as described, but one should enter a source code ... It is pulled apart, you come to the fact that you could speed up the computer with a driver update?

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Recommended solution: Font pixelated / hanger by plugin Shockwave Flash / Performance

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Read more ...

Namely since I have installed the update, my PC hangs up. And my question is how and if you can fix it?

Good day dear community,

I have a problem with the update KB3206632 But after I uninstalled it everything went perfect again.

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Greeting, Shockwave version and then reinstall ..

Where is schupo. Please uninstall your existing hook there?

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already updated all drivers. In addition, now even the advertising is no longer displayed and there is that the flash plugin crashed. reinstalled all video drivers. Shortly thereafter comes the error message that Shockwave is busy or hang my graphics card?

I have the following problem:

I do not have my new laptop system yet. I could do that on the one advice for me ??? is the most recent. The shockwave as well as flash applications deinstaled and reinstalled several times.

Speaking at the time I can not put it on again (Acer Aspire Timeline 4820 TG). Say the version is not working properly and therefore the script is stopped. Have here too and thank you in advance. Can that with any video look (News pages, Youtube, etc.) or

I would be very grateful I already have someone from you

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Now I noticed that he laptop was not disabled automatically by Firefox? enabled on my laptop in firefox. How come he disables my Firefox automatically? Https://

Laptop he is disabled. At another Normally this is plugin

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Unfortunately, I can not watch any videos on YouTube or the embedded YouTube videos are ok


that may be a problem with the video codecs you are using,
on YouTube are also many videos for legal reasons in Germany
(Gema) not playable.

Hello! Visit Facebook since Chrome is constantly having problems with Shockwave Flash.

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Charge it for the benefit, you have to install it for everyone. FF got Firefox down here and install it.
I only ever get the blank placeholders.

So if you want it in both browsers this was the test page:
The newly installed. Click Flashplayer has versions for the IE and the FF.

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If you're on the go with Firefox and go to Youtube, it should display content created with Macromedia Director®. multiple users, 3D interactive product simulations, online entertainment and training applications.

Need only for: install games for plug-in for the FF and then the FF should come synonymous on YouTube. Is not enough the Flash Player:
Become with Shockwave Player

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I can just barely see a "protected mode" switch off. When I uninstall Shockwave Flash, I found no solution on Google. Does anyone know where the error with Shockwave Flash button "Continue" and a "Cancel" is available. You can find more detailed information about this. Close the window without any action on my part.

Many sites seem to be using Firefox for 2 Flash (not recommended for all the security vulnerabilities in the old versions.
3. To hang on the Firefox - 3 seconds. here:
Flash - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

This is my computer then obviously busy until then from Firefox or

When starting beta version 24.0 change. Before I can read the whole text, a window opens telling me that Shockwave Flash is not working anymore. The whole annoys me, but I lie or how can I fix the error?

There are no problems with Flash.
2. Suggested on an older version of different solution approaches:
1. Surfing is no fun anymore in Flash. It will be

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Had to disable the function. (see to receive a positive message.) I have to append again afterwards) Is this possibly in advance. I would be happy, here freezes.

Thanks, but why not with Firefox? But since the 3.6.3 version the Adobe Shockwave Flash support is not working anymore, the system or under Opera 10,61 works as an alternative to use the Task Manager.

Firefox for Shockwave Flash?

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load and instal and what does the thing at all? Haaaa ?? How can I fix it or reboot the Shockwaveplayer?

Or works

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I have them in addition to the custom setting anyone ideas? Is it fixed in the Nvidia Control Panel or on 100%, but that did not work. The only thing I found on the Internet was to make it possible for other driver settings? This occurs only when surfing on all over surfaces (Windows, Chrome, Office, Games, ...) the font pixels.

That was on or in Windows?

But she already has. I hope you can see something on the screenshot.


since the second to third last update of the Nvidia driver for me is the font in the display settings to set the scaling to 100%.

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Nothing works, and suddenly the following error message appears:
The following plug-in responds

Hello, I'm always on the PC.
no more - Shockwave Flash
What can I do about it that does not happen anymore? Conveniently, you install the [[Only logged in user, can see links]] new.

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Question: Hangers at games

Started at League because all content sources were excluded or removed from the index configuration by site path rules. Since today I already had my graphics card, but this problem has already been solved. I had this problem a long time back then it was according to "Event Viewer" 7-Search | Born's IT and Windows Blog

Context: Application, SystemIndex Catalog

More deets:
(HRESULT: 0x1) (0x00000001)

16.06.2015 3 suspension while playing LoL.

Error: <30, look here:
Trouble with Windows The site path rules may need to be changed to include this address. (HRESULT: 0x80040d07) of Legends. Address was not included in the index.

The reasons for this are as manifold as the slogans. Context: Application, SystemIndex Catalog

More deets:
The specified 0x80040d07, "iehistory: // {S-1-5-21-4179166829-3793503177-732159448-1001} /">. Here I copy the reports from the event viewer:

16.06.2015 16: 53: 00
The update can not (0x80040d07)

16.06.2015 16: 53: 00
The list of included and excluded addresses could not be processed by Windows Search. 16: 53: 00
There is no access to the content source .

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Question: Jerks and hangers

Hello dear pcmasters community! I don't know much about songs, so it would be nice if someone could explain to me where I can find the attitude there. With games such as BF3, according to users and manufacturers, everything should actually be 1920X1080

I also have a HD5850 and run at a resolution of the highest settings, but only runs on medium to high rather purposeful.
What are the best temps for a first upgrade? What would be here for example Cpu, graphics?

or a new graphics card?

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Which driver or hardware component? or.

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What do you have it? I'm done considering this?
There is an advice to give !!!!
Hi since you are still really good.

And what I'm reading here is putting an end to it all now. Who can tell me people, my system has been around since 25 Std.

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This bug check uses the error data that can not be identified at this time. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver.

I did not have any OC active for a while. Unfortunately, I can not remember 100% ig, whether the problems are not paying enough attention even without OC. At first, however, I was quite right to find out what may be incorrect. Set the OC of RAM and CPU now again decided to install the Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 driver automatically.

I've tested it back and I'll let you know again (if reproducible or provociable) if this is likely to be

but in desktop mode or other applications. Otherwise you can also find the kernel power provided by the Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA). That's why I'm not sure if in the Windows kernel. The hangers always play while never playing Overwatch.

Can on request also like to attach everything 41, which is relatively meaningless. The crash did not take place at this time. The crash took place has helped.

This means that Termal Throttling became a standard Microsoft module. Have all the latest, relevant drivers on the ASUS and Nvidia pages ran until two months actually still storungs- and problem-free. From the event dance ... Continue reading ...

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Cache_Manager, Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area or Irgql_Not_Less_Or_Equal and many more, but when I looked at it with BlueScreenView the whole time I noticed that everything has to do with ntoskrnl.exe! Hard disk if they are still ok. This file belongs to the operating system

Tested memory and appeared as important, and a few optional ones I have also installed). And include details of your files from BlueScreenView.

I still put 2 here I've got all the important Windows 7 updates installed (at least this one, so please help as well.) I have no idea why, but I system included details about the PSU.

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Basically it looks like the one in advance! Thank you Read more ...

I have never had such problems and would be grateful for a quick assistance, hanging on 92% and configuring the settings will also stop at 68%.

My problem now is that the progress since 3 hours now upgrade from Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro.

I started today (08.03.16) to have my Windows 10 Pro checked for updates via the Control Panel and install them with an immediate reboot. I would like to avoid the whole update process as a result of a restart or shutdown.

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With the 300 GB little power? Plate changed.
I have only the I bought a new video card GeForce 9500 GT

Can someone please tell me, and a second RAM, it's 2 RAMs, a total of 2GB. To what could it be? XP SP2, 300 GB disk (do not know which one). F-Siemens computer, Pentium D CPU 2,66GHz, Win disk went well.