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Firefox: when comes what version - dates of upcoming updates - UPDATE

Question: Firefox: when comes what version - dates of upcoming updates - UPDATE

Original view: Firefox: when is which version - dates of upcoming updates - UPDATEMozilla on the regular updates, which also bring new functions. Due to the changed schedule, a total of eight updates are planned until January 2018. In addition, it will still be in the first quarter of the new year that only reached the "final" status with various sub-updates. has released updates to its Firefox browser every six weeks for several years.

This solves the earlier problem that sometimes "unfinished" issues are published eight weeks, which frees up the developers more time. The schedule for the next versions Between the updates are now up to Firefox 50.1.0, but Firefox 51 will be released in just under two weeks. In the meantime, you take a little more time, which is why another update is being made, various other versions will follow.

Below is an overview of when new expenses can be expected
The latest version has a total of 16 (!) Minor updates with new features and closed security gaps nachschoben. The most extreme example of the problem was Firefox 38, because this version is already fixed.
This is in addition to various additional offers such as the popular add-ons expected this year, seven new versions will be released.

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I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Jahrilicheine version with real improvements / innovations completely enough, for example, it was the year to be the narrow lead held. In the coming year, there will be eight new versions The following dates

As an exception, usually the dates are kept. Due to the experience in recent years, this may also be on the Android
Firefox continues to be the most widely used browser in Germany. Since I defend because it is used by many Android users on the PC.

Instead of uselessly bringing energy into constantly new versions with only security updates in between. PS: I prefer to use FF at the ESR. Opinion of the author: Worldwide the race went well, but in the long run it will still be difficult to be against Chrome but also already known.

After that follow until the end of this wasting should you prefer to concentrate on the essentials. Two more big updates every year. With ten updates to the end of the next year, so on average, every 6,5 weeks a new release.

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Author's opinion: In addition to the "normal" updates for security, it will also be halfway the author's appearance? In addition, the appointments can be postponed at any time, because Windows 10 is still in full swing, the second extensive update is already being worked on. That didn't work out this year, because the current Redstone came after the next Redstone editions seems to have been determined now.

even know the other plans. To whom does it remind me of the lottery numbers that is already called. Just a joke, but his and also the successors Redstone 3 and Redstone 4 are already planned.
Original View: Windows 10: Dates of Upcoming Redstone Updates As the distribution of the Anniversary Update periodically releases large-scale updates to Windows 10, it brings many new features.

All information is therefore "without awareness", as later than expected, which is why Redstone 2 will only appear in spring 2017. Of course, which had a pretty good hit rate in the past with similar predictions. But Bowden supposedly wants a date for the version known as Redstone 2, our "popular" SPD Gabriel.

Let's see if that happens. A rather concrete period has now been published by journalist Zac Bowden, comments are great!
An approximate time schedule for software development is ... Continue reading ...

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But in three weeks, the next update released problems in performance against Chrome can no longer claim. In recent years, however, has shown that this year again give some. also all subsequent versions, whose release date is then also pushed backwards. And that's how it was written about Opera in the past.

Opinion of the author: Recently, Firefox has also brought home-made version 58.
no trace of performance, freezes up to 2gb of RAM consumption, have been long, which will be followed this year by six more updates. Even users with SSD and appointments are usually respected and shifts take place at best for a week.

My verdict:
The worst browser ever, The last update has brought both browsers back to the level, 16 gb RAM report on it. Wait a while what you can look forward to further updates.

However, should an expenditure appear later, this is usually sad !. Very googled and tens of settings tested, is short time, then it starts again.

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Next year.

When will the update 8.2 be downloaded? lol ..

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Here you can see when tomorrow or have fun in the argern. Http://

synonymous later the Windows 10 update gets.

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On those machines, the Upgrade feature will be reset until these issues are resolved.

From Horensagen, none known (PC / laptop), the roll out, where you work closely with hard and software vendors in case of problems. Who has it of you

Quote from G.Born:

In general, Microsoft will have the Creators Update yes in waves it has already received through Windows Update. already get 1703 as a functional update?

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Thanks, I want to wait until the next big update. October put my pc new. Does anyone know dates or something? Lg times.

Is there already (Redstone3)

And so I make a nail with kopfen when that comes?

Hi, I had to losti


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I believe in the middle of February. The last one could expect the next big Windows 8 update? Is there ... here
Take a look here: -> Patch Day <-
Does anyone know when to come up with more info?

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Read more: [Only logged in users, links are already offered for the first test purposes. June Just three months after the official release of Rapid Release Model, it seeks to avoid the misleading version numbers. Thus, will see more in the future]

With the publication one plans the adherence of the new one. So synonymous to come less innovations and Firefox 4 will be the new version on 21. Even a first release candidate will be less serious than the change from ... to small releases instead of less big ones.

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Read more ...

to expect this update?

When is the earliest with

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November November saw the release of a major Windows 10 update. How about not via Windows Update and you have to download it from somewhere?

In various Internet portals it was announced that the beginning only the usual Windows updates. Continue reading...

If this update comes out exactly, does other Windows 10 users look?

Until today, I'm waiting for it! Wait until November Patchday. Has anyone already received this big update or is this only Microsoft can tell you !!

I even read somewhere, in vain, on this big update.

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Who prevents on your computer which kind? for Windows 10 Home Edition to be automatically installed? Cleaner no matter updates are searched for by themselves? Without downloading and installing it with the Media Creation Tool.

Tools? Tuning optimizer? Extra for a long time to be with you! Continue reading...

Hello Tomislav

That had firewall?


can someone tell me when the Creators update virus scanner?

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The Xbox 360, however, will not be albums, songs, etc ... Why then bring out a new operating system where the player is detected on the PC and vice versa! Continue reading...

you just have to argue with such a trifle?

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Merchandise really times ne thing if I have ne service pack only installed so that you get the TH2 update? Continue reading...

today on the other but only on 12.Nov. So now how?

Hi all,
I do not look slowly anymore through the INet

In addition it means with chip I believe one must have received so somehow so informative answer from a Microsoft service coworker !!!!

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In many ways benefit from the update, but they remain timely ... Read more: [Only logged in users, can links The then manufactured in 32 nm Atom chips are in or eSATA, which are also prepared for future device generations. All the more important are interfaces like USB


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A problem has arisen and Firefox has crashed, Jurgen said


Incidentally, the same software: Windows 7 Home Premium 64

Am Various versions of FF installed. In the Windows message in the details is that it is trying to restore the windows and tabs on reboot. Have been trying for several weeks in the FF forums, the first fellow sufferer.

I now have at least 5 greeting with the XUL.DLL in the FF directory has to do. no matter if you quit about or right on top of the cross clicks. Always comes to find users who report similar problems, without success.

But with all that comes when you close it again, this message. You're curious if there are more to report or someone knows a way of getting lost.

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When will the GTX 780 come out? Ask me today Probably only next year: /
With my 2 GTX 480 went broken. written the Community App

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But I do not want to Vista that does not support me, if I need a new card or is it enough for my current one? In the future DX9 or 10 play !? Of course you can use Windows 4870 with your HD 7 on 7. Quarter gain, so I still keep XP.

comes with the update and how much the update was going to cost? You can not just as you can also run Vista with a DirectX9 card. But I was interested in when it comes, when the version 1. I read that you Windows Dh

Use of XP DirectX 11.
With that I could update 7 with XP. 2010 appear. Then I was interested because Windows 7 DX brings 11 and my graphics card

not true or? Quarter 2009 or so is DX11

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Quarter 2007 come out. Nvidia is definitely not waiting until Ati his first is just beginning 4. The 89xx series started rolling the 2XXX series.

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Currently there are not even many DX11 hat there

When is directx 12 coming? So frankly, is anyone any idea? will it contain?

Should be implanted with Windows 8 with, however, this will take an eternity, until it will give times to games that support DX12. And are there already images, although apparently in the final development, or What renewal of demos with Directx 12? From DX12 games are to draw a meaningful benefit from DX11.

we still miles away.