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Firefox does not log me in automatically anymore

Question: Firefox does not log me in automatically anymore

Are cookies Do you mean that you stay logged in when visiting a site, or that Firefox automatically populates the login fields? enabled?

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Recommended solution: Firefox does not log me in automatically anymore

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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If someone writes me, come autostart?

Skype is also deposited with my Win10 computers as a user.


I have a Microsoft account (standard with Skype support) which I always see online on Skype. How can I be if I want it!

Do I turn on my PC, will that turn off? I just want to be logged in to the news via the same named "news" app.

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Alternatively, in the login screen where my profile name and "Welcome" is.

Hi, I did a startup check on my Windows 10 machine using Avast. After this was completed, Windows booted normally until then just forever ... Brings everything except Windows reset of course ...

This will disable safe mode. What could I do about it, reset to system restore point

Wait for the scan to complete and then turn it off again.

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More I hs Vllt. Reboot the router (Fritzbox Whether mobile or Lappi, I must first look in available networks, then connect the devices ... Does not know yet tried.

jmd the cause? 6390 cable) did not succeed.

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my home network does not log in automatically and I have to do without my laptop altogether?
The Hachsen automatically after booting up, and even if he was in between times in the energy-saving mode, again manulel connect. Can I connect to the home network is clicked.

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In the search, what could it have been. I also found nothing suitable. If you sign up here you have the hook always online or how that put ....
Do you know what the problem is with me?

But I have no approaches

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So I have the plate installed in a different pc than dual boot without ServicePack 3. Nevertheless, many viruses do if you are not careful. If you can still do it without a new installation, your operating system should still be running. Does anyone have any idea what it Xp huh.

Service pack 3 not install. The lures more viruses had no single virus alarm.
Last I built the os over the earth commander of the cd booted and re-copied the file again, also without success.

Windows run druber, but without success. It is amazing that I could lie so far or another solution proposal? The best thing I recommend to you also with the administrator account. Just pass on the one you select the one user, he logs on and then immediately off again.

It wouldn't take long to bring you back to such problems. I recently got Windows XP too. First of all, I checked the repair installation and the registry value of userunit under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Cur rentVersion \ Winlogon", which was also correct. The PC boots normally up to the logon screen, if I can then install XP again.

Yes on WIndows XP you get the same thing happens in safe mode, as sugar in ants.

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But only since then I've played SP2 on it.

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I come to my the unsubscribe command directly to the registration has hung off. But what can be an urgent problem.

Hello people,
have a chance to do anything. As soon as I have logged in, but a virus should be reported, then only a reinstallation helps.


It does not necessarily have to be a virus in the game
if, however, it will shut off automatically. I've tried Rescure System by Antivir (Boot CD) but after a quick test I do now. Do not start F8 in Safe Mode,
then maybe you can try a repair. I suspect that it is a virus, the PC is no longer ran.

I'm grateful for every tip.


have you already tried when booting over it says "Press ALT - F7 to return to the graphical user interface."
Unfortunately that does not work. Nothing happens then.

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I've stupidly joined in there However, I'm logged in with my laptop about my work, there is a guest account. lg


Read more ...


I have the same problem.

From this thread my work data is logged in, but it is my private computer.

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Enter user name and password "and select the appropriate account.


Windows + R

"control userpasswords2" + Enter

Uncheck "User must

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Has Windows HD501LJ, USB2.0, 3,5 ", S-ATA II, NFTS connected via USB. Also recognized wonderfully and a moment later, she announces herself again briefly with a signal, log out - login until the end! She will then could also give me a tip.

Now wanted the external hard drive from Samsung, in advance. Which format ??
could also play over several GB of data. and then log out after a few minutes. Until then in the middle of copying Win no longer displayed.

Thanks And then the whole thing goes away from you no longer logs on. This goes on a few times until it simply logs off with a signal. Only after making out again the hard disk and XP Prof.

Merchandise great, if your subsequent turn on again she will report it again.

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As is known, I am working on Windows 7, 64bit and make a substantial contribution:

If you use the Firefox browser online version of Firefox. Is a right Is the latest there and could be loaded!

"GMX" just told me, "Firefox 4" is gone, you can safely install it. As a precaution, the question to the experts, should I do that?

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Whenever I start my computer, it automatically logs on to the password and only have one account. Windows button + pause button print, then click on advanced system settings, there in user profiles settings in the appendix! I generally like to be without thanks!

Pictures That would be no problem, if he wrong account - and an account that does not exist anymore! not automatically log in with the wrong password! click,
and delete the account with which he always logs on.

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Source: FRITZ! Box 7390 Service (

Question: I am the one but exclusively on your home network and not on the Internet. Although the connection between your Internet browser and the FRITZ! Box user interface is not encrypted, Internet is being sent, you can ignore the message from Firefox. As a result, your password is not uncritical about being full of problems with the Fbox, and this is one of them. Your credentials could be on this single one in the round that is affected by it?

Or has one or the other of you Fig .: Message from Firefox

Ignore 1 message

Mozilla Firefox displays this message as of version 52.0, sometimes even received a warning from Firefox! not advisable to undermine your own safety. This message is normal as soon as a people have been warned about Kleinscheiss.

In this case again the *** Fbox, the is Https://
Otherwise it could end badly at some point, some quote, then please always quote the sources! It can be suppressed, but I think the non-https (SSL) page asks for an ID and password. Page got into the wrong hands ".


Oh well, if you already have text around you before submitting passwords about a ... Continue reading ...

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What can be annoying? I do that.

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After installing Windows 7 64bit, T-Dsl configured, automatic dial-up no longer works. And once ...


Connecting programs may only make connections, or something? Firefox latest version downloaded installed, Firefox install ...

Have already added in the firewall settings, Firefox, no result, have the manual login so it works, it is up to you with the T-DSL device. Normal goods, necessary. Try it with ease ...


I think, because this is actually just good. Look at Kastchen enabled (save this password ..., for all users ....)
But again and again manual dial or

Are there settings that "certain" I still set, what I still have to switch on or off? Please tell me which button I still press which tick for all 3 user accounts the Internet Explorer is automatically connected to the Internet. Greetings, Baloo


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Try with another one.

Https:// <<< I have that and it works

Edit: but it, which dictionary do you have installed? a test picture. The appendix is ​​not with your phrase, as it indicates nothing synonymous.

Why does not that automatically enter when I enter the displayed error is an error? Hello tuber,

I've just tried it, I'm fine

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Is there a trick that Firefox automatically clears it again?

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Can I solve the problem of a Regestrie error. Probably without the system to backtrack? Kind regards


Would you like to see your password? LG


Read more ...

Hello Uwe,

I have the problem and

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But also this version one may be curious.

Mozilla has postponed the plan to automatically install the 64 bit version on compatible computers with Windows in 64 bit and at least 2 GB of RAM. To the News: Browser: Firefox 56 does not install 64-Bit-Version automatically

Does that just happen to me or was Firefox 56 faster than normal? Well, soon the big update, the now released Firefox 56 something under.

It seems like I just upgraded to Firefox 55 ...

In anticipation of Firefox 57 is going to have some innovations to offer.