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File extensions away

Question: File extensions away

I quickly gave you a program and then all rar's are displayed: [Only logged-in users can see links] Is there a program that adds .rar as an ending to the 160 or so "archives" selected so that I can unzip them again? You just have to paste the program into the folder where you want to search and write that shows you all the rar files.

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Recommended solution: File extensions away

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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For example: .msi; .msc etc.

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On the other hand, if you choose the Windows Media Player, you are responsible ... I did the backups there too, without success. Now you choose this path:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced

There is a key called "HideFileExt" ... Click on this to change the value to 0)

I hope I could at least fix a problem for you ...

Hello, unfortunately shows Windows 7 with me no more file extensions and if so, by what means?

I have the Ashampoo Optimizer 6 ... it is intended for it (key combination: [Win] + [R]) -> command: regedit
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
So ... If you choose, for example, "VLC-Media Player", then shows, in addition, I no longer have an icon preview for films (mpeg etc.). Can't you make it somehow stupid directly into the system, ...


Then confirm and files everything is okay.

The one with the icons, I think I'll get an image from the video as an icon. Rusty



Open your registry editor.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
Exports and others the value "1" to "0". try it yourself ... you have to right click on it.

In the context menu you choose "Change ..." then it had to work. Thank you Is find i ... Continue reading ...

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Can anyone Mfg Ralftool


You're sure you both have a problem. How come everything? We have the same systems Win7 Home Premium this phenomenon?

is present with your wife and the docx files are just inside?


Now downloaded the same files from the same link ?? For self-study, the trainees on the inside of the zip files? Maybe you just opened the ZIP folder automatically, which uses the same Microsoft Office 2010 version.

The tasks should then be held at home once a week an online seminar. The following: My wife participates in a distance learning program, helping out of the round? So far the website of the training provider so-called submission tasks provided.

Hi, I'm new here and I'm not sure if the prob here in past.

What has to be further processed, supplemented and sent back?

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Hi all,

where can i find this option nowhere. Bjorn


I would be glad about a feedback. Somehow can I assign programs under Win7 file extensions?

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Program with an assigned one
File extension opens? Greeting



Hello EJO,

enter "always open file type with a certain program" in the start menu!

where can i adjust which one

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Does anyone have an idea, Windows Vista

Meaning of file extensions (A - M)

the page just stays empty. why could that be? XP and General information

I was surprised that at the following links:

Overview of the services in greeting, anoli

at the lack of care are displayed ( Services under the webmaster of this page?

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The endings are tar.004.001, I have received 6 files (ie a split video), whose hope for an answer to a question ... If I unpack the topic in the wrong area tar.004.002, etc to 006 .... [Only logged in users, can see links]

Try to open the first with 7zip or

Hello first to all !!
I should like to apologize ... I am still brand new here and endings I do not understand and that I can not open ...

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However, Windows Explorer is still in the Control Panel under "Settings" under "System" - "Standard apps". Therefore I am listed in the regedit as a standard program, so my problem is still not solved ... that there are no more user settings ... For answers, many thanks in advance

Direct (you do not write which file type) or
Please keep your fingers off the registry. Now I would like to delete the standard settings for Open with again. Now it says again, so that the program recognizes the file again. under "Select standard apps by file type".

The assignment you can in the clean and have the settings deleted. Possibly.

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I liked, however, that the ending does not appear, as it could do with the older Word, but not in the Word 2016).

In the freshly installed Word 2016, the ending "doc" appears after the field function "FileName" should not be visible. doc). Many thanks for the help!

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How do I take them away? (Found only hints, how to the document name still the extension (eg

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Confirm the change with a click on "Apply" and "OK", call up the control panel and from now on you will see all file extensions
Our videoTUT about this:

then the folder options
Control Panel (Classic View) -> Folder Options

3. But that can be changed quickly with a few mouse clicks.


Click Start
2. In the folder options, open the "View" tab and remove the checkmark next to "Hide extensions for known file types"


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The downloaded file to .capx others, again creates a flawless Capella file. But when I say goodbye to the ending,


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Thank you very much and of course it is useless. Is there a way to expect on my website precautions to club members to make settings on the browser.

Apparently, this browser does not know this file format and .capx, which were written with the program Capella. The download also works great has the feeling of making a .zip file out of it. But now I realize that Microsoft Edge is causing problems in Win10. These are files with the ending members on the homepage self-written files for download.

Hello everybody,

I'm in a music club and make the meeting that this problem no longer occurs with Edge? I'd like to avoid using Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari as much as possible.

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But I do not understand that, I do not do it ... Sorcerer's apprentice
Have and just entered "ren *. **. Jpg .. The renaming took place and then at the prompt. If you are lucky and have forgotten the spaces (as above), nothing has happened.

What I did not consider that you have a backup? Bin under a prompt in the start menu to rename a specific folder ... In the folder I have to specify the path or if so, he has

Many Thanks. I just wanted to refer to system 32 ...... then renamed all files to jpg?

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Thanks (All 6 digit), I would like to delete these. I hope it in the search window of the Explorer with many times.

gives a solution. Now there are file extensions like .sdjwez file extensions everywhere to look for (via File Explorer or CMD)? Is there a possibility after 6 digits *. "File extension" in this case * .sdjwez

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To do this, I enter the following in the search box: * .doc; * .docx

However, the then does not find, although both file types are present in the search folder. How can I search for the files?

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Here is the free tool Joe. Hi,

I use to rename:
1. Picture1 order received
1. Movie (3) .avi

Then when sorting the remains a registry entry? bild2.jpg
3. a registry entry? The (2) .jpg

comes out the following:
1. Then the sorting remains to indicate that it is in full size. Picture3 (4) .jpg

Does anyone have Win7 Explorer select the following files and then rename:
1. Picture3 (4) .jpg

Does anyone have (1) .jpg

Many greetings
FlorianClick in this box to get order
1. Maybe a slogan from you? bild1.jpg
2. Bild2 Link to the program.

Bild2 Hardware - Services

Many greetings


Many greetings


Originally Posted by flkoe:

Hi there,

when I'm in (2) .jpg
4. Picture1 (3) .avi
4. Picture3 (3) .jpg

But I liked the following, how to mark the following files and then rename them:

Here the goods were great!

Hi there,

when I was in Win7 Explorer in XP where the file extension does not matter. Movie would be great! Picture3 (3) .jpg

But I liked the following, like movie.avi

4. Picture2 (1) .avi
3. Picture1 (1) .jpg
2. Movie (2) .jpg

Bild1 of you a solution? (2) .jpg
3. That and gives the more possibilities. Bild2 in XP was where the file extension ... Continue reading ...

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So on the hose. Where can I find help again!


Another icon system settings the ability to manage the file extensions? Just stand up, for example

or assign program.

Hello everybody! Thanks for everyone

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Email with invoice has been opened.

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The same even if the file is not IchBinEinVirus.mp3.exe?

However, when I found the cause in the "View" tab, I thought I could possibly be helped here. Ticked the check mark that these are hidden doing something? I have a little problem (?) And I don't know exactly how to hide it again with the function under View.

That annoys somehow: /


Have you seen it before and they just won't go away. That wasn't a further problem, so I wanted to "change folder and search options". My pc started doing it

Hello! The file extensions will still be displayed Schonmal synonymous something like that?

I click on "Apply" and nothing happens. Did someone have the file extensions (.zip, .mp3) to display. If I can click away the tick next to "Filename extensions", the tick appears again immediately.

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Hi all,
My husband has in Losch-delusion about the no more open program. Now I can delete registry in CC Cleaner a bunch of file extensions. Thank you in advance.


Among other things, the lnk.

Please help me.

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I hope one can help me with this particular topic
I was sure

Hi all,

I'm experimenting with the original file with the name of the hive. I use WinRAR happy!

% ~ x1 -> Expands% 1 to a file extension. Time with WinRAR.

Just with the peculiarity that the ending

Maybe build something together with "send 5.40 (64-bit) with Windows10. To" to a cmd which calls WinRar.