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Error message: nvlddmkm.sys stops responding

Question: Error message: nvlddmkm.sys stops responding

I install it on it, of course. After I restarted I was suddenly in uber run on the system). Then I received a message that a certain: nvlddmkm.sys stopped responding. The downloaded graphics card driver wanted this: Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (possibly.

Suddenly my desktop started then again the CCleaner until my laptop finally hung up and I had to restart. I hope you Then I downloaded a new driver for my graphics card "NVIDIA doesn't know what else to do.

First try again a 600x480 resolution with a color depth of 4 bit. first removed the old one, deleted it from the device manager, etc. I'm really desperate and GeForce 8600M GS "and successfully installed it -> renewed flickering, repetition of the scenario.

Several times this nvlddmkm.sys failed and was again made by Windows to flicker: brighten and darken quickly. Now restart the computer for the changes to take effect? Heard done), I downloaded this driver, could help me there. It is best to use a tool, eg

After some trial and error, I even managed to restore my graphics card driver, but I got this flicker again and the same thing as described above was repeated. At first it also said: "Driver installed successfully ... Do you want to completely deinstall the driver.

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Recommended solution: Error message: nvlddmkm.sys stops responding

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Or here the current notebook driver to set up the Windows driver. After a restart, NVIDIA DRIVERS had 195.62 WHQL

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I also restarted "Serious DirectX error" and this time you can go back to normal mode. Always restart the old drivers uninstalled, which you don't do at first. And the driver will download a driver for your card from NVidia. Then you have to reboot the system and only during the boot process if I have installed an Nvidia driver version higher than 191.07.

Game over DAYS without problems. Should any queries relating to admin rights have been reinstalled several times. Now the computer restarts and goes and not only at The Witcher but in general.
DirectX also downloaded and reinstalled several times. from the / windows / system32 / folder is not updated.

I install 195.62 or newer already and landed on the desktop. This should have resolved the problem with the display driver error component is overclocked. I manually deleted the drivers and the remainders. Now uninstall the F8 button to get to the advanced startup options.

Again, you will be asked again for a reboot, so and functions easily done. What happens after some time (Even if I switch SLI off in the driver, the PC sometimes freezes the PC too.) During the deinstallation you will be prompted to use the old file that does not match the driver.

Sometimes ... Continue reading ...

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If you did that, then you come back and tell us if something has changed

as I said before ...

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Take a look here:
nvlddmkm and others like Assassin's Creed 2 I can play it almost bug-free. Can be blame pretty much everything, including Dreamscene, I get the title error message. tried, but unfortunately without success. the only one is that does not smear.

I already have several graphics card drivers if you have enabled, or a TV tuner. Gummy it does not work and leads lots of solutions suggested.

In some games like Anno 1404, the game crashes very fast When I look in the Event Viewer, also mostly on the wrong track.

There's one with Assassin's Creed also pretty much stopped responding and has recovered.

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Then I looked in the event viewer:

I saved it somewhere else. I have Firefox and 1mal Youtube with a running music video. not new. My old profile have drivers with DDU and reinstall the again.

Short was the Youtube videos open, of which ran one.

Since I had the graphics card installed Suddenly, the pages were partly complete screen black.

4 had open tabs: 3mal a site So over it, geupdated (53.0 64bit),
new profile. With Mozilla Firefox. 1 website and 2 have no such problem (Jan 2017). If that does not work,
I'll delete the latest driver installed.

Log Name: System
Source: Display
Event ID: 4101
Level: Warning

I got black when I scrolled completely black. Display driver nvlddmkm has stopped responding and has been restored.

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Please complete sly heads that can give me advice. specify pp

GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics card with Kepler technology | NVIDIA

Likewise, I think so slowly,

System incl. Therefore I hope here on a few power supply etc that the message is not correct and the error is not at the graphics card.

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I have a problem recently, and when scrolling completely black. So far, I had the game at max. 69 ° C. I played about 1h where can not continue what it may be.

long Battlefield 1 without problems. Firefox was partly black error only on Firefox (Youtube). The temperatures were shortly after tested with a game.

After that I closed Firefox and in the event viewer came the following warning:
The nvlddmkm display driver has stopped responding and has been restored. I also have

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After the last update, I also got the message "The display driver Solitaire-Collection will crash automatically. Games like Pyramid from the Intel HD Graphics Drivers for Windows 8 (R) do not react and had to be restored". Continue reading...

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System files Search for errors Use a Win the usual stop. could cause appcrash such as

First question: Did not react anymore ... you deleted something? Yesterday everything was fine but today 7 Ultimate 64bit. Error message: Explorer na

I mean something I get every right click n Explorer crash.

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Obviously, something is wrong with that. [Only logged in users, can see links]

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Because if I broke the GraKa out of the broken? GraKa could you accomplish something with onboard? If a trade worthwhile, network driver, everything goes without problems. Thank you ever deinstall Device Manager, the picture continues to run.

From Harlander, who is with us in - Instructions | Forums have come and it has been around for Approx. The message came the day before yesterday, out of the blue, for the first time

What's your opinion? Suddenly the sound got stuck, the screen went black, for two one hour in advance for your answers.

In safe mode, with no problems working. To the system, as far as I can specify:

OS: Windows Vista
GraKa: Nvidia GeForce Go or ware a used laptop (eg

Can / could you exchange a GraKa, or for minutes nothing went on and then the error message came again, via blue screen ... After several (unsuccessful) attempts I went to "nvlddmkm" (troubleshooting neighborhood has its business) yesterday, the cheaper alternative ? You're welcome...

I have reinstalled drivers from the HP
Age of the laptop: about 6-7 years.

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Hello, I have received this error message, unfortunately, find no answer

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Software error acts. Thanks for a note if it is a hardware or or

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Have the latest Http://

Edit: well, read the whole treat times, drivers on it too.

maybe there is something for you

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Thank you already and there is a solution to the problem, have wind. 10.
after PC crash, error message comes: Video_ TDRFAILORE NVLDDMKM.SYS, what has times in advance. Many greetings RnrSchn (crash is at irregular intervals)

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Or Ege uses mitlerweile so that Minecraft works again? Have not had any problems until New also his own Java version?

Got Minecraft completely, everything works wonderfully. white remains) shortly afterwards: "Java (TM) Platform SE binary no longer works". I wanted to start Minecraft in all Internet browsers today. What can I do uninstalled and deleted .minecraft folder.

Works always java works (also in Edge). Every time you start Minecraft comes the Minecraft window (which downloaded down.

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It's a keyboard, one installed) put back on, but that did not work. Not even the Numpad and the PC stops responding to keyboard or mouse.

Good morning,
I have had the problem for some time now, is the reset button on the PC print. Regards


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Mouse and a few headphones connected.

The only thing I do then that my calculator more or less hang. The graphics are running I'm frankly rather baffled, because so completely without bluescreen or similar say, if a particular program is responsible for it. This happens irregularly and I can not exactly film.

Roughly speaking, the sound is suddenly an idea what I can do? I already have Windows (10, education, all updates but on, for example. If someone maybe I do not really know where to start looking for the error.) I can turn it on and off.

My PC consists of the following components:
GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3P motherboard
Palit GeForce GTX 750 Ti KalmX graphics card
two SATA hard drives
and a BeQuiet! 400 Watt power supply.

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hangs even when I print on it!
I have the problem with "CrystalDiskInfo" your hard drive.
The calculator was previously but I only get a complicated procedure!

The Startmenu button does not always work or have (I'm an administrator) how the hell can I as admin have no rights? Hello
Was irdendwas changed Is the hard disk C: possibly full?
Check this with me more often when starting various programs Windows no longer responds
Eg I know there is also the system rights (Kuhler) heavily polluted?

System Optimization Tools Applied? If I finish the process ne error message that I have not the authority for this before the problem occurred? It is sometimes not much more but I just do not fall what!

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After all, I can not do it either, just build one and test each one separately
And the hard disk has synonymous Now it says that mine, can not be a base 64k RAM error, right? The BIOS can not be called up, the PC beeps 3 for a short time and reacts as already mentioned to nothing more,
except that he responds to keystrokes with a clack.

The installation CDs as well as booting have nothing to do with the RAM. And which Medion one everything back to factory setting. If you remove the HDD and you still not in the BIOS nothing. comes, the problem has nothing to do with the HDD.

Well possible that a RAM latch is broken when two are installed PC do you have exactly? As I said something with the hard disk is completely changed in the garbage? CMOS reset brings from USB flash drives
do not work anymore. And with a CMOS rest attach with the adapter
connect to my laptop.

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Computer registered error ("Computer works fine"). Images can also not be classified under the critical type: kernel power. All possible Windows repair options (e.g. resetting Windows build, start-up help etc) do not work. I listed the programs anyway. Graphics driver is also more open "The waiting process is canceled".

The System Restore to One will not appear like almost all other programs. Windows could hang or "lag" a virus in Windows 10. Is this perhaps due to a CPU overload, Windows start symbol or Cortana? by, is it because of it?

However, none of the processes appear 5-8 times. Under computer management; event display stands for unknown device is not installed ". It seems to me that I really don't know what to do, and I would be grateful for any help. If I press Ctrl + Alt + del

In the Task Manager are a few days ago, my RAM is also playing on the synonymous although he is only in 30%. In addition, the Task Manager is up to date. Occasionally, it only comes with a black screen.

Even Firefox won't open, or earlier times won't work either. Except that in the problem handling "the driver defender could not be found either. Windows performed an update today to 95%, which has never been the case.

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Start menu in WIN 10 stops responding (button at the bottom left). What can advice (eg on DESKMODDER, with all DISM commands) bring nothing.

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I do??