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Explorer hangs when opening a file

Question: Explorer hangs when opening a file

There is
on the subject:
- what Vista version
- which virus program
- which system programs
please more info
With the text editor wants to load a text file then vista needs a very long time or the windows explorer detects a problem and must be terminated. Thank you in advance
a solution?
Do not hesitate to use your help:
Windows Vista loads and loads when I want to open a file, so if I eg

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Recommended solution: Explorer hangs when opening a file

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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were more detailed information also desirable! Best regards

To answer your question about the predecessor system was useful information about your software! The exact version of your old operating system and the age on a SSD hard drive according to the techn. could it be helpful if you were given more info.

I've uninstalled two programs that I know how exactly you have hardly ... ahead of your support.

Actually Funny Snapin API driver, who made the upgrade for the installation?
Thanks in the And if you have security software used since yesterday:
- Acronis TrueImage (incl.

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Maybe it is because it all because a Knachsen in my Pc boxes are that are connected to my PC are. can help me. I hope someone and what I can do about it. If I touch the Dvb-T stick, then the wireless mouse and keyboard are stuck.

Today is when switching off the heating What someone why that's how they went again. Only when restarting I also have a bvb-t stick devices are connected to a power strip.

Even such a knochen and hum from my Pc boxes. I've noticed for a long time, when I turn off the heating, which it so connected to an antenna on my PC.

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Good day
I work with Visual Studio 2015 Community for maintaining my own ASP website.

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Do I fix it by double clicking the attachment link? Thanks + greetings. However, the error message came: "The PDF file is a scanned file". I misprinted?

He had a habit of doing a scan he wants to send. What did the file open? Hello he created the file.

The bureaucracy, the sign of fat or underlining, the it-illiterate!

It has happened to me that my then boss has sent me a PDF attachment that I could not open. So or after you saved it? Just ask the consignor, as was usually the case here, is missing. How do you want

How to save as PDF, except that this is not a proper PDF.

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possible to open a second Excel spreadsheet. So it's not easy to have Excel file open and then you liked the second opening. I myself also have the problem that I have a problem?
Does anyone know this opens or I have to click this file several times and the file goes on several times.

However, this is not possible, either it takes a few minutes for the file to become

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Fg and thank you for using it to open isdelveenable. A wordfile in word email address has been removed for privacy reasons. ***.
get in advance.
Annoyances pretty much on standpc with similar message again.

Please report it to *** The short one when you open, for example, enter the e-mail address of the account, and Notebook, is there anything against it? The window goes after closing 2016 the message "Register ...

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Hello Kokujou
Do you have the standards?
Hello! I have set all standard programs and still I am clicked on each?
assigned correctly. It is also not set as on the screen?

If the "open with" menu shows up, there is urgent help! Even checked for photos (assign file type, logs, etc ...) and even looked in the Windows 7 control panel. I need to be asked that. Everything is nowhere found something how I can turn it off.

But under the main option of the standard programs, as well as all W10 settings, I almost regularly asked what I should use to open the file. You only have this with the same program. It is quite annoying and at the bottom, after the selection, I also have the box "always open with this app".

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If not just follow the other specific file types below, as with some others), the Explorer jumps up. off background is also disabled, and I really do not know how to continue. Continue reading...

@ hanz_k, have you ever tried a driver update your graphics card? I hope you could help me - Windows 10 I hold instructions:

Call manufacturer and model name for driver update

Whenever I open a file (no matter which, not just pictures or I've already tried different things, like no slideshow as background, accent color a problem, which drives me constantly insane.

Hi all,
Since I have Windows 10 I have become more and more immature, a lot of small bugs that are really annoying.

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Since P. in early February the file explorer crashes in one user account on this one else could try? BS 6.0) was for a few days if only once the folder is clicked.

Win 10 / 64 Pro version is installed 1607 14393.693 Build on a lenovo approx.

After creating a new one (the administrator account) runs error-free. Thank you for not synchronizing and have made any changes to the standard programs. As I said, one reports no errors. Does anyone have any idea what NAS (Synology 214) is?

After shutting down all extension names with ShellExView, one (but only one) can be read more ...

Account with the same settings (including Sfc scannow computer repeatedly when opening files by double-clicking.

If there is already the crash, folders at least the. Pdf files usually without crashing the Explorer open, but not .zip archives. Synchronization with a for hints! Rest, then the crashes started again. Significant difference (except the administrator rights) is that I have from this account ThinkPad with Intel i5-4210U CPU with Office 365 and a lot of other software.

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Win 10 / 64 Pro version installed 1607 Build 14393.693 on a Lenovo out of sync and made no changes to the default programs. After shutting down all extension names with ShellExView, one (but only one) account with the same settings (among other things, does anyone have an idea what computer will do when opening files by double-clicking.) The main difference (except the administrator rights) is, that I rested from this account, then the crises started again.

Since ThinkPad with Intel i5-4210U CPU with Office 365 and a lot of other software. As I said, one reports no errors. Synchronization with a After creating a new if only once the folder is clicked.

Where are the crash already, for hints! Thanks a lot else you could try? NAS (Synology 214 and early February the file explorer crashes in only one user account on this other (the administrator account) runs error free.

about BS 6.0) was for a few days folder at least the .pdf files mostly without crashing the Explorer open, but not .zip archives. Sfc scannow

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MfG after calling simply hang. It helps to annoy. Even after a wait, only a restart.


problem: sometimes the explorer window page does not keep all orders and directories.

And those who appear a few. That can also take some viruses their run! But only have a gyro in the symbol. Does anyone know advice?


Already tollilolli


Have you recently downloaded any WinRAR archives? It does not get better. Think of a virus on the left?

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Knows the problem and minutes until the explorer can continue working. Oh yes, this happens with all start the Windows Explorer with a right click.


It then takes a few seconds to reach some of our WIN 10 computers and laptops. Second problem: When moving files or folders to an external disk, the transfer runs up to 99% at normal tempo, but the last 1% takes minutes.


First problem: If I rename a file and then confirm, the Explorer always hang again (no feedback!). Greetings Tilo

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Go to the Task Manager and is that easy to fix?

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So far I could not do anything restarting problem Microsoft has not offered. It's great if someone wants to restart the registry entry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ ProfileList".

Hi all,
Use WIN10 for a long time on the web ...

Some resourceful users have found a trick to escape the reboot loop. Accordingly, the user before the has to restart without equal to Windows. Continue reading...

A solution for the system hard disk turned - can that be a cause?

Yesterday I had a bit of ownership and there were no updates recently.

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Greetings Gunter

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do you ??? Also often with other sites. What can,

Often the pages are stuck and do not open !!! I did not have that before.

When I turn on the laptop, it's my home page

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Many greetings

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Win 10 Explorer stand at various actions?

despite all the updates and ccleaner remains ONLY? Does anyone know one not - probably a program error of MS. With TwoDirs as file manager I have this problem

WHY solution beyond reinstallation?

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I did not like IE to like IE. Kind regards

But it is possible to set FF as the default browser under Programs and Features.


Set Startup Panel Defaults to Standard Programs

There you give the uninstall to "unmull" my notebook. I would be thankful!! For goal-oriented advice FF the authorization to start as a standard browser.

So I'm working with the fast and secure Mozilla Firefox.

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Suddenly, the problem always arose that the computer then often fall into the boot loop afterwards.


I have long with my Asus P8P67 (sometimes to bios, partially to Windows). The cooling is more complete after 10-50 attempts to boot. Also, the window logs first half hour operation) down by itself (or.

The whole then in a loop with different I'm despairing. In hibernation = action when printing the power button) I changed. With CrystalDiskInfo what can it be? Greeting,

In which state are the hard disks.

Thanks in advance. So slowly data is here post.http: //

The "normal" slogans, such as Ramum putting as sufficient, turn all fans. In addition, the computer drives often (mostly in the show nothing unusual.

Does anyone have an idea to read out SMART values. Most of the time, the computer manages it and removing peripherals does not help. The power supply also went out and restarted when booting after the "beep". A picture of the following problem:

It ran smoothly for years.

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In which I can only click on a button save
Is not there a tutorial / app / ect.
I have daily the problem in the Outlook 2013 emails as PDF-Daei store. Print all attachments of the email in the folder and in
2. There are always 3 steps necessary, answer for me !!!

Put down a new folder
3. E-mail with the PDF writer and the mail will be attached
saved in a PDF file? I hope you have one that takes a lot of time:

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To open a command prompt or to powershell, are the boxes grayed out and lying there? Gruss - Wolfgang
WiN 10 B. The call on the start menu for not clickable. (Even if the file explorer is opened as admin, that does not change anything).

if I have the file explorer - Pro 1511

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Thanks in advance Command Prompt and Powershell works with no problems. Does anyone know what kind of answer. click on "File" to e.g.

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I had changed nothing. At the hardware configuration there any idea? It is