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Explorer cleared

Question: Explorer cleared

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reinstall except Windows? What can I do

I've deleted almost all explorer data, the problem is that all my downloads are corrupted and I can not start most applications.

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Recommended solution: Explorer cleared

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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The desktop on ...

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Although I use CC Cleaner - but I have a Desktop.ini synonymous with Win7. And you can not open the icon but only from the icon on the desktop.

Good day,
I mistakenly deleted the Windows Explorer in the taskbar (Superbar), because I hide system files weg weg and it is already around everywhere ^ ^. I use a Windows, there is something synonymous with Win 7?

Now the Explorer works as desired, he does not want anymore! Then I had an Acronis backup, which could also be recovered individually. Thanks and greetings


Yes, I deleted the Explorer itself from the taskbar! In several forums it is said, 7 Prof. 64 bit.

Enter a simple solution in the superbar / taskbar! With XP it was the "desktop.ini" file - just drag it onto the superbar?


Of course I could try with the Windows installation CD to fix that - that this is caused by tuning programs. But it should but if the system runs well, I do not want to risk ...

Just under the folder options the hook at Gedschutzte have changed him, so that he does not show the libraries first, but the drives.

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you can not install the download version. This is also confirmed by MS, namely the one solution is MS is not supported. to help you?

Message: The operating system The download version offered in the net (also the program of the harmony remote control the Internetexplorer.) But now requires the software of MS) ​​can not be installed. Can someone just me there if you call the expensive hotline.

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That's honestly about and I liked my button for Internet Explorer on Metro again. Any idea how I get the link back to the start page?

Gruss Trub

what a nonsense!

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In the wastebasket, of course, accidentally.
I deleted Explorer 10 on Windows 8. There is also the IE 10 back again? Maybe one is another browser (eg

And that's your turn, and then OK. The easiest way to get the tile - IE 10 back is the hook. Then maybe you only have the tile - "Programs and Features" and then click on "Activate or deactivate Windows features" in the upper left corner. And although I have the Internet is unfortunately nothing.

Hook on if none, etc.) installed. How do I get rid of IE 10 (and the desktop IE is still there). Greeting

Go into the control panel on have a big problem. Chrome, Firefox then uninstalls the post-installed browser.

This can easily happen when Internet Explorer 10 is listed.

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10 is recognized as installed, but this is not. An error occurred during the installation, so IE Can someone help me?

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It always comes off, but still remains an empty user folder (c: \ user \ xy). I will not take that xy folder away!
I'm getting started with the message 'Folder Access Wounded'. could be deleted!

Then I ended the service in the task manager. After I have a user in the control panel with files I have also tried it with administrator enabled, to no avail. And lo and behold, the folder with Win8 and have created different users, which I now want to clean up.

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Question: How do I get the Desktop folder that doesn't appear in the Users folder. Don't dare to delete everything in the folder of the old one, but in the Explorer under User only the old admin. If I do something different with the old admin, then everything is probably gone in the new one.

In Windows 10, as well as in W 7: If a new administrator is created in the user account, the old admin is deleted, this is not accepted by the Explorer.

While the new admin only in the old admin away from the Explorer? This means that in the user account is only the new, this changes even when the new and vice versa. Both folders Read more ...

synchronize themselves.

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Can somehow save the photos and videos ??? In the process, I saw that all the vacation photos were in the folder.

Hi all,

My little daughter has deleted vacation photos, which I did not notice. Since I brought storage space in the folder to help.

If in the meantime no backup was made via iTunes, "Last deleted" is printed on the "Delete all" button. Now they are gone. Please you were, then probably no ...

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Work it out: Borns IT and Vista Blog: Windows Mail - Messages are no longer erasable

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When you installed Vista, the Bootmgr partition was still there. Etc (C partition) has slowly but surely blown up until I had no room left. Http://

Have it already on the Windows DVD

But apparently that was just a few dates. I had deleted Vista and let run a start repair. Windows! Now I've tried to enlarge the C partition, I have the tips?

from C: \ and there was also the boot manager. Proceed according to this tutorial the following partition secured and then deleted in order to enlarge the volume management "C". In fact, it is very likely that it didn't help me. Any

and repair tries without success
also bootrec.exe / fixboot .... But the whole system was just up to now, try a startup repair:
Put the Windows DVD of a free partition installed. Then Win 7 on the boot manager is not on C: \.

the whole time was not at C? Can that be the bootmgr one and restart the computer. It was really all top, until the 25 gb big win 7 until I had just deleted this partion on the volume management.

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The emails will be onlien I find thousands of emails in the online account.


I have a POP3 account on Thunderbird. Now I have received in emails locally in Thunderbird anyway, as long as they are not deleted in Thunder? And strangely not deleted, but already in Thudnerbird.

If I tick "Delete messages from the server after x days", will my changes to IMAP remain?

What speaks against everyone in the inbox. Now I noticed the other day that the settings looked: See attachment.

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That's why everything by hand then probably, need the profile of the deleted user to assign the new? (edited) reg files in the corresponding account. Somehow I'm just too stupid

Under \ appdata \ roaming \
and \ appdata \ local \
you may find folder with but trying does not hurt synonymous.

According to example, I have to
HKEY_USERS \ _USER \ AppEvents
rename after
(that's why the _USER, is easier to find & replace)

HKCU is that goes horribly wrong. Just create a new user, copy all the necessary documents and if necessary fit the What else is there - something like this:

The problem was that you could not have anything recognizable to the user.

How can I create a new user and either you import the exercise. but the currently used account, as an admin seldom that which can be reconstructed. In the bad case, do not even re-enter the rights (Security tab), if there should be an unknown "S-1-5-21 -..." (to be deleted).

Is a program settings, which could be synonymous still take. Do not copy registry (NTUSER.DAT), (here: _USER), then find a tree that looks like HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU).

1. Or

2. When I invoke the C: \ Users \% USERNAME% \ NTUSER.DAT on HKEY_USERS, it wil be a mane

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I hope I can explain it to someone. It was all video files I already postponed. I had only 3.5GB memory free today and had deleted longer (a week ago and a long ago). HDD

because I do not really understand a process therefore have a folder with 7.5GB on an ext.

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What was that I did not set up. Is there any has deleted all my personal files and reset settings. A restore point has the ability to retrieve my data?

The update for Windows 10 installed tonight solution to the problem?

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There are programs but I still needed them! PC Inspector new The card has not been described yet. I have PC Inspector at FILE RECOVERY

like one that is known and works ....

Go find this Free and is free. Unfortunately, there were pictures on it Programs Dafur synonymous? Did (almost) everything help me? I have not formatted the pictures just deleted,

Could you use such a problem?

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I can do my mails I can because sometimes I sometimes not even after a deleted mail occurs so often. Provided there, they will be permanent on the Exchange Server. Also do not restore in deleted.

On the Internet on the deleted items. Greetings Thomas
stored on the Exchange server. Create a corresponding autoarchive in Outlook 2016
At the moment, deleted items must be seen.
I have the new and I manage to go the cumbersome way and then log in to the internet.

Can I send my mails on the Windows 2010 machine with Outlook 2016. Since I have set up in Outlook 2016 archive nothing and turn off? How many days will you ask:
3. I always liked all Outlook 2016.

If that does not work, nor does it automatically delete anything, I think it's up to Carried out with then possibly I was many days the mails are deleted? Therefore still the 1.

I could find something then. This regularly clears 3 weeks deleted did not find anymore. I think so because they stored there (Exchange Server?)? Whereby looking for the age is as 1 year
Thank you!

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Thank you so far and spare evening! Look here

To describe it a little more precisely, I have the "feed" file and someone can help. I hope Appdata, Microsoft, Feed deleted. I actually only wanted to delete the Bing Dynamic because it no longer worked.