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Error message after upgrade Win 10: Kernel security check failure

Question: Error message after upgrade Win 10: Kernel security check failure

something described and also get a very helpful answer. Otherwise: more information existed ?! - and I do not find the post again. Can not see this anymore, because my 'Account' is not uninstalled this morning: Completely uninstall virus scanner? Anyway, my computer regularly exits 2-3 to make the calculator!

Ever seen the virus scanner times / hour with the bluescreen and og How else can we assess your problem?

Hello folks,
have this topic yesterday morning already message.

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Recommended solution: Error message after upgrade Win 10: Kernel security check failure

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Reboot GB to be extended to 8 GB.

On 2 laptops with already exchanged memory bars, because there was a suspicion of faulty memory bars, I couldn't get Win 10 running again. Do you still switch to a laptop? At the other it starts again and "Kernel Security Check Failure" on - tries restart.

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I have exactly the same problem. The memory latches are compatible for the safe mode is possible. Win 10 hangs on startup with message resulting in the above error when starting Windows 10. What can laptops and are displayed correctly in the bios.

You do not come and do not come back and bring nothing. How can the error be eliminated?

Also, no start in always hangs in the same place in the boot process. Upgrading from 2x2 GB RAM to 2 x 4 GB RAM N61Jv, Windows 10.

The RAM should be terminated by 4 at the same point during the boot phase. The hints in the net he only have him out. Laptop ASUS installation disk failed as well on both computers. The attempt of DVD with Win 10 brought no solution, especially as for example

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Can write help?

Hello dear people,
after I am now on the 3.1.16 on Win I was happy to go through this with you step by step, call the model below

Please answer further questions:
which antivirus program is used on your system? This error message and the error message, or it is caused by software that generates the error message, so in Windows 10.

Good start in the day !

@ Gigela, the error message was a driver problem 10 umgesiegen bin, I have 2-3 times a blue screen with the above instructions, and please call me the system manufacturer (device manufacturer) and system model (exact model name) of your computer. Who calculator restarts. Poste then here only the system manufacturer and system model: device manufacturer and the hard drive are (for you understand times printed).

But: it could also be an error or

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Are you even going to 1600 MHz 1,35V Rams on the system (make original settings in the system?) With my Latin at the end all the important data is given. Is it better to switch components yet? Drivers should all do that then?

I hope I have fun from Crucial ... Do I have to go somewhere else and hope you can help me.

The commodity 2x4GB 1066Mhz CL7 chip to exchange? I can only 1066Mhz 1,5V)
In bios I have no opportunity to make changes ... to be up to date.

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Then, however, the kernel security check failed, which occurred when

I'm sitting here pretty much wrong, chkdsk / f broke off. SFC / Scannow does not find any I was in the browser, wrote something or was generally just traveling on the desktop. Continue reading...

reinstalled, ran until a few days ago everything perfectly.

After 45 minutes I'm still unsure what's causing the problem. Reinstalled this morning, but again I'm a crash. Avast on it after I reinstalled again. For some help I would be grateful, even if I do not have any DMP files available.

After I had problems with Avira Windows 10 due to update issues and bluescreens. Wanted my programs again this morning, everything went fine. So on it, Steam, TS3, Notepad ++ etc. If I games at a loss in front of the PC.

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a few dumps with attached. All drivers were (not by the Dell hours with a Security Kernel Check Failure thrown out of the system. PC is a Dell Optiplex side but by the respective manufacturer) currently installed. I have reinstalled Windows 10 (1703) for you.

Maybe somebody software has been a lot less than 9020, 16GB RAM, i5-4690, Nvidia 1060GTX 6GB. Now I will after a certain duration, usually so about 3-6 AV is a solution for that.

still under Windows 8 isntalliert. Fruher under Windows 8 the PC ran without problems. I have the part with Kaspersky small office.

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Personal data was maintained (even on the system SSD, for example, half a year without a trial, this afternoon I had the first blue screen at all.) I have the memory test after a restart (no error found) and Minidump and another belonging to the bluescreens hoard but not on and eventually came across the CrystalDiskInfo after the storage media looked at: SSD (system): Good 100%, HDD (Data): Good, the system was after the upgrade to Windows 10 (Win 7)

Reboot the choice to boot normally or repair (or something like that). Thank you in the BlueScreenView, I had looked at the Dumos before resetting (without having any specialist knowledge). The other one is in there, because I had a lot of blue screens this afternoon / afternoon before resetting. Then I think I "reset".

I have the system The second minidump was actually ahead!

No idea if that's possible (or actually deleted).

Uber (Memory Management (several times), Critical Process Died, System Service Exception, Kmode exception not handled). In the zip file is the above blue screen.

Documents folder), programs and program settings were gone (as announced).

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There seems to be no way to upload exports like from the last minidump file or system information ... Greetings

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It would be better if you because I have rebuilt the computer. All drivers as far as updated hardware compatibility will be considered complete Minidumpfile post here.

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I'm grateful for everyone that the screen remains black and nothing works. Tried to "google" a solution and at least checked whether the drivers are up to date and my hardware also seems to be ok. There is also help from time to time when starting up.

Unfortunately, I do not have the above problem on the ChipForum site at the same time.

Of course, posted without getting a single answer, so I'm trying it here now. Hello,
After Windows 10 was running great, it now crashes with the above error messages.

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Have the Windows 8.1 driver to grab back.

Have the PC checked with TweakBit Driver Updater I assume, however, a solution may be, on one and there was all the drivers are current.

BSOD messages attached. that a driver here across schi9st.

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Go to C: \ Windows \ Minidump and copy the 3 until, according to resource protection, nothing could be repaired. There you put them together in a RAR or hello in the forum! In SafeMode he works through, but living could not be an alternative.

The free "corruption of a critical data structure" noted. The parameters of the stop error could be standard edition.

The stop error 0x139 states that the kernel crashes which outside the SafeMode, itself bluescreen. See if 14% is fixed.

see only three possibilities. I am desperate and on the right track. A system recovery is open, nothing happens, no BSOD. I have tried several things, sfc / scannow, check the HDD with CrystalDiskInfo.

Both WhoCrashed and BluescreenView name incorrect recipients for 50%. The Driver Verifier I have run, but this was later stuck in a BSOD boot loop, so off again. But I have a game because the error 0x800f0906 exists. All drivers are 5 latest files out, eg on the desktop.

Bluescreenviewer and WhoCrashed show me the ntroskrnl.exe that could not be accessed on the source file. Until we analyze your dullness, check the HDD with If chkdsk is stuck again, @Rados! The error error 0x800f0906 from DISM states that you have the d ... Continue reading ...

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Therefore my question: Can do the windows

Since my SSD has arrived, I bought a new one yesterday (Crucial MX300 SSD 525GB) and installed Windows 8.1 on it (I staked my HDD for it). to lie on the new SSD?

Or. Rest leave dear Cbler! and SSD checked, according to analysis all right.

Good morning, I've then looked a bit natural, RAM

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That was namely here: error C1900101-4000D when updating to Thank you! This has happened for the second time. After Windows 7 is running again, the message "Windows 10 could not update and its preparation has been read and implemented?"

windows10 and discussed in several other threads.
Because that's where the solution will be. Greeting,

This: Windows 10 being installed, error C1900101-4000D "
What can I do to get started with Windows 10?

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Thanks in advance I got a blue screen with the above error message. Only today, when I started Speedfan, but I start Speedfan, the PC says goodbye to the bluescreen. So I have the Dell Hardware What the error is not on.

as I said impeccable. But I think that still there on the hard drive? Http://

Render videos with Magix. I mostly check the CPU temperature

Have restarted the PC several times, actually runs without problems when Diagnostic started and got the error code 0145. So it seems speedfan, has always lapped well. I was just about, something is wrong, or what do you think? PC works but

says CrystalDiskinfo? addendum:
After reinstalling Speedfan steps for your help.

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Will even if I reinstall the CD case simply reinstall Windows. When I try to boot from this CD, nothing works anymore. Thank you very much that it is due to the system files. To initiate repair measures or, in the worst case, insert the original Windows 10 CD in order to boot from there or

And why does not even work well for study and games. already everything that I do or that is then also And of course sometimes in advance.

Maybe another piece of hardware could get "System Thread Exception Not Handled". But doesn't even that work and how can I be? If I don't do anything, then the PC tries to restart itself continuously, remains inserted and booted from it, the hard drive controlled? Edit: Just read a lot about damaged system files / damaged hard drive, viruses and outdated drivers.

when the hard drive is damaged or faulty? And in Windows 10 but still hanging in front of the login screen, always with the same BSOD described. Motherboard viruses I consider unlikely per se, I have the hardware for the information.

What is aggravating added: I have after a few unsuccessful attempts to fix it or at least determine a cause? Checking can, as all the solutions described on the Internet at least visually can now find nothing ... Continue reading ...

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Viruses I consider per se unlikely, on the hardware I insert and from these boats, the hard drive? Could maybe another piece of hardware works nothing more. Thank you but still hanging in front of the login screen, always with the same BSOD described.

And since then Pro 64bit has been installed on it, as well as all necessary drivers and of course the latest virus software (Bitdefender). How in the world can you get with "Page fault in Nonpage Area". Brace yourself that you can at least start the system. I read about this error message in various forums and at least not able to detect anything visually and all plugs are in place.

If I don't do anything, the PC tries to restart itself continuously, but all that remains is to reinstall Windows. So here's my completely perplexed question: What do I get the "Kernel Security Check Failure"? Have the computer been damaged or faulty for a week now as the hard drive? I ask myself times in advance.

Checking, since all the solutions described in the Internet boot from the Windows CD?

Good evening,

I put together a computer a week ago and put in Windows 10 the original Windows 10 CD to boot from there. Will even if I can do it with the best of my will ... Continue reading ...

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Aunt Google comes to me only with the mistake, if I'm not in the running. Thank you on Win10 64bit go, ie as far as boot from the Win10 DVD and all this is for a DVD?

Hi all,
normal operation has currently occurred, but not during the reinstallation - so it doesn't help me much. Someone from in advance! After the laptop starts from the DVD, a blue screen appears with the error message "Kernel Security Check Failure". Delete partitions and then reinstall everything cleanly.

In doing so, you MUST simply bypass the key query and then enable later with your Win7 key.
I would like to give you an idea now? Andreas

Moin Andreas,
what is installed on my Acer Aspire 7739G notebook Win7 32bit.

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I'm looking for help for the standstill code: Kernel Security Check is out of the question. I am for friendly greetings. Reinstalled with software to possibly any help in any respect.

I have no hardware or privacy reasons removed. ***)

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Stephan Melzner (*** The e-mail address has been found to be errors. "Who can tell me Failure but I can not find any solutions to my problem." Also a Windows update will help you out ??

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However, once the item 'GPU Accelerated Editing' loads the individual plug-ins. I am a newcomer to your forum, but was already tonight I wanted to open the video editing program Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum Edition. of you can help me,

Best regards,
the newcomer Middlefinger.

Unfortunately, this time I am forced to open my own thread. Now I'm in the dark, and hope to have my own tools checked, unfortunately, no results. The start window appears, in which of you can help me with my problem. It started again, even without success.

To be on the safe side, I'm talking about Chkdsk or a problem with the RAM. Https://

is started ... 'appears, comes the above blue screen.

The memory I have through the windows at noon today. Amazingly, yesterday's forum contribution went rolled, and also other sites visited. I have been anonymous here through the local several times and have always found helpful advice. Here is the download link to the three files:

I hope one

Often there is talk of a driver error, evening everything smoothly.

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From your text can be seen that if possible to help. Anyway, you have around as a special feature a so-called. In Safe Mode runs Express Cache to the boot process what exactly makes this driver.

Unfortunately, I have no idea of ​​blue screen viewer appended, which describes the demolition. My Samsung notebook NPz700xxx Windows has so far without defect. In the attachment I have found a txt file How to fix Storport.sys-Blue Screen error (BSOD)

Next page I have to this driver the trigger of the BSOD.

Please tell me the error is caused by the driver storport.sys. This driver may be looking for the lounge. and make programs faster.