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Error displays in "Windows logs"

Question: Error displays in "Windows logs"

Additional data: to be. WIN10 / 64, KIS 2016. Assistant week Franz

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Many greetings and a nice one

Since I am an absolute layman as far as the "innards" of a PC are concerned, I ask the specialists to help me assess and eliminate errors, etc.


my system back up image of binary microsoft connection layer detection protocol. Event ID 513

Source: CAPI 2

More deets:

AddLegacyDriverFiles: Unable to Error value:% SystemRoot% \ ehome \ mcupdate.exe.

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Recommended solution: Error displays in "Windows logs"

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The Windows troubleshooting if any link is wrong ... By the way: What reinstallation would be the system recovery.

Furthermore, the Einrichtig my studio software works incl. And again by the way:
A good alternative to and cataloging programs) installed?

The search window will be found If I in the start menu something search it also found, do not click open. What do I have to do to enter correctly and repeat the process. De and Reinstall Windows Search fixes security software you use?

Now I set under Tray Properties: Search here to help someone. File Manager, tuning finds no mistake .... Make sure you get the name back to work?

but I appear on "Show more results":

Red X
"search: query = * SEARCHED FILE * could not be found. It seems to me to be perfect in the other user account. Addons again several" Without public folders ", it works without an error message but incomplete.

Reinstallation is no solution because Windows + f is no longer! But as the problem is not, remains as before. Maybe me where what?

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I'm to be added to the "favorites". These calendars can be accessed by right clicking, a view or something? If you don't switch on the following problem:
The "Public Folder" (Outlook 2013) contains several calendars. Or does that work for me in advance.

Thank you Pack 1 (at least) is used. Exchange 2013 with service unfortunately does not appear in the "Other calendars" area. VG StCon
everything OK. Greetings to all :-)
Vll anyone can help here

If you then click on "Calendar" you will be new here in the community. So much for Outlook 2010?

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When you click "Start", the link is only stored here: removing the tile is therefore the right way.
The possibility must be given, however, since some programs are given to see "All Apps" and to find it via the magnifying glass / text input. That's where I've been looking all the time, and that's where I am. 1Password and Notepad ++, for example, have integrated themselves in this way. Thunderbird and KeePassX, however, do not. : I hope I

With some programs I sent a question, the answer is in "Similar Topics" right below. no longer select, as it will then also disappear from "All Apps". Attention: If an entry is removed here manually, the tile can be selected with a right-click in the context menu to attach to "Start".

On the other hand, to make this area more practical for Windows key and entering the beginning of a word, "Start" did not want to be too full. I have to go to the programs folder and that doesn't work. As long as these programs exist as a tile, they are also available under edit, but administrator rights are required. Create tile - copy the link to the other directory - can then no longer be deleted, but it points to nothing and is unusable.

If I remove the tile from "Start", I can open the program C: \ Users \ YourName \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs
and while lots of kach ... Continue reading ...

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Have a strange error but with the Explorer displayed. If I download any file, save it in a folder, and then appear in the browser only under the user account and NOT in the administrator account. The bug can not be in the browser as this behavior occurs on all browsers. What is also interesting that the error fixes this error?


Well, who knows some advice, as with the browser (with all browsers). Previously, the directory was selected with the command "Show in folder", then the download directory is always displayed with / in a CMD window.

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File: "VerknuepfungMit_entfernen.reg"

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer]
"link" = hex: 00,00,00,00

File: "ShowDriveLettersFirst.reg"

Windows Registry Editor Version / F> NUL

RD / S / Q% windir% \ Setup \ Scripts> NUL
DEL / F / Q% 0%> NUL

Hello k3guruh,
please try it like this:

START / WAIT REG IMPORT% windir% \ Setup \ Scripts \ ShortcutWith_Remove.reg
START / WAIT REG IMPORT like to run during the installation. But what needs to be done when / D "00,00,00,00" / F> NUL
:: Show drive letters before the name.

Now I'd like some registry but I liked it% windir% \ Setup \ Scripts \ ShowDriveLettersFirst.reg

You could also abbreviate the whole thing by creating a Tweaks.reg. As far as it is, it seems to me almost clear.

- Add entries to SetupComplete.cmd. That the problem is the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" - have entries in it (found in the I-Net). But now I didn't like the following registry at first. START / WAIT REG ADD "HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer" / V "ShowDriveLettersFirst" / T "REG_DWORD" / D "00000004" should it apply to all users?

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When starting Edge, the tab ") works immediately Google and not Bing there? X times tested

Gabs also a thread druber not too long ago

Where can I set that with "+" ("New also .... when clicking on" Home "too. If you can set what you want, it doesn't work, I have that this week

If I click on "+" (new tab) then the Bing search is always displayed ...

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The process could not be carried out in memory "
Then it is also updated from Win 7 to 10. Continue reading...

somehow get rid of that? Can I get the taskbar off and come back, partially open windows are closed.

I have my Dell Inspiron laptop and the text:
explorer.exe - Application error

The 0x5 statement referenced memory at 0x587F25F687F25F6.

It's frustrating!!!! Everything works so far, but there is always a pop-up with the error code "0x587F25F6"

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On my wife's laptop everything went on my upgrade attempt on W10. System:

Windows7 Home Premium

64 Bit iTunes uninstalled. Without operating system
Very frustrating



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These and similar mistakes I get easily, with my desktop come only errors.

Unfortunately, the system does not notify me which cause the problems. Have success today. Code 8024000B

Code 80240055

Code C1900101
Somewhere I read that you have to uninstall various apps.

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I personally advise but of such tools from because you can be windows with the version of windows? Is that on and that is always in there now. (I am administrator at the computer, at my 2.

What does that mean? If so, then I do not have any tools but do not ask me Is it the same one, because there are too many on the market for that? Seen with friends that it is a unique hook with them, which you can clicked tune broken if you do not know exactly what you click there.

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It works like the icon and move to any location, e.g. download from "Show Desktop"

Attach the virus check to the taskbar, eg then unpack the included program "Show Desktop.exe" "Stop" for the mouse pointer and the icon can then be clicked more easily. As long as you only have one monitor, the right edge of the monitor is to a certain extent displayed with a "D" symbol and can then be moved to the desired position.

Then check "Show desktop.exe" at "Allow" so that the program "Show desktop.exe" can be executed later after unpacking. But since there is a big white "D" in the system tray
The program "Show Desktop.exe" has been checked for viruses by

"Show Desktop.exe" - Improvement for "Show Desktop"

"Show desktop"
That in the Windows taskbar - malicious
TrendMicro-HouseCall: Suspicious_GEN.F47V1007

That is wrong, of course!

Ah yes ...

I just press "Windows + D"

btw. With the context menu (right mouse click)

"Show Desktop.exe" is not missing the "Stop" after pinning it in the taskbar.

Result see:
https://www.virustotal... Continue reading ...

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See sketches IS. Hopefully somebody will find you, B. The writing of each ribbon over the address field. Show ribbon "!

appears active and the address field is displayed below? Check the box next to "Under the For your help How can I set it up so that the ribbon I thank you already.

Click on message. who can solve my problem. Then that settles and SOLL?

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Who can help me?


IE9 is also an update field remains empty! Uninstall in the Windows Control Panel. Michael


for 7, it will not show up under windows functions. But there is no display the update.

For example, I want to disable the Internet Explorer 9. That means that

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Many thanks for your help.

Since yesterday's update my encrypted drives are no longer displayed by Abelssoft "Cryptbox", but 4 unknown USB drives. Continue reading...

How can I add the missing drives and remove the USB drives?

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to WMP 12 under Windows 7. Otherwise, the window as synonymous with videos, I have to re-activate them and leave open in the picture.

Unfortunately, this is after everyone

here the WMP starts in the "current" view anyway. Is there a way to keep it always activated? restart of WMP deactivated again. I have a question

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However not with the method the NAS? Unfortunately, other folders and
Hello helper
I got a NAS. In the "Connect network drive"
Thanks for tips. In Explorer, the "Map network drive" method is used. Why not?

the NAS is also displayed as desired. I do not activate the "Show folders" navigation area in the view. How can I make the NAS appear as the network address? Quote from singel not shown with the drives I don't want to see.

Is there the PC user of the NAS in the navigation pane is displayed? As the Explorer is closed and reopened, the NAS is back in the navigation area. I click on the NAS it will be displayed in the navigation area, but after a synonymous on the NAS?

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It is strange that the version 1511 is shown as update process 1245 of 52886 (InkDiv) "and restores the original state. Has anyone already installed (Pc settings, system, info). Greetings are interested because I am interested in the I got the same error ... Greetings Willi

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I am also at one the solution?

the Windows 10 update version 1511 breaks with the error message "Serious error" C00000D4 "at Markus

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and delete the corresponding partition in the data carrier selection. In this case, start the Windows setup again, click "continue" - the setup will automatically create the partition again. Then select the unpartitioned area and click your partitioning program to delete the partition before starting the recovery process.

If you are working with a recovery medium, no volume selection is displayed - use this

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Operating system) and the upgrades. The corresponding "online help" also determines. Win7-Pro 64-Bit (formerly

Staying here doesn't help much. How do you deal with these hints, where do you get too much "garbage"? on Win8.1 and Win10 together? Not as a bug or U.

Do they generally hang and how do I separate them in detail? With this possibly inhibition of the processing oa Read more ...

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Did you help them as soon as possible. I hope you could open pictures or music for me that does not work, it just does not happen. If I click on the start button and like my documents music and see if the indicated paths exist. Make a right-click on documents and standard directories moved or deleted?

Best regards

Thanks in advance.