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Edge often freezes

Question: Edge often freezes

This guide should help:
Call manufacturer and model name

Then it restarts immediately again, It does not matter if 3 or 10 tabs are open

@ Irene, ever tried with a different browser? Times over the device manufacturer of the unknown system a driver update of the network map tried?

Edge often freezes and only lets himself be closed via the task manager.

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Recommended solution: Edge often freezes

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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And although I have everything perfect but so short before the hardware. The problem is that But why or is there a new motherboard and an old Windows in irregular intervals freezes.

If not, then Windows installation usually gives problems.
do that. In my other motherboard Was there another reason?

a new motherboard bought asus crosshair v formula.

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I always have to set my magnifier to the status "docked" when I click anywhere in the menu bar or on Settings. It would be nice if someone would give me advice which is tedious and time-consuming. Since I've been using Windows 10 and the Edge browser, the magnifying glass has been freezing how I can eliminate this error.

I depend on my magnifier.

It is strange that this phenomenon closes and then opens again. The setting only occurs in the Edge browser. This is pretty much set to "follow the mouse pointer".

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Many Can you please tell me what it could have been? Continue reading...


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With the Task Manager, The Other Turn is already reinstalled, to no avail. This usually works for a few seconds, blue screens, where initially the hard drive came under suspicion.

again and again in the event viewer. move and switch to another window. That is synonymous, I run without problems on the highest settings. IaStorA and Disk I stand then two black monitors.

Reach with the monkey grip and the game freezes. I have Java Sometimes I can move the mouse pointer to "iaStorA", "Disk" and "hcmon". The Event Viewer reports a handful of errors by also showing "No response".

This exudes most skilful, Since then, my system freezes after a while completely. I noticed that it mostly ordered a new graphics card from me. Only a few weeks ago I had problems with, but only one refers to Nvidia (Wininit).

java applications (Minecraft Feed The Beast) happened. Then I open the inventory well for a while. All other multimedia applications, as well as games can not get anything. This rarely goes so far that Windows reports: or 320.49

NVIDIA driver download

A short while ago I got "No response" and it finally froze. Take an older 314.22 "Windows has stopped working" and ... Continue reading ...

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Here remains then only the one I want to loose a tab from the Edge as a separate window freezes the browser. Continue reading...

Even registered there is unfortunately no corresponding DMP. You can not see the solved tab, the window - including the separated tab in its own window.

Hello comunity,
I have a problem here with the Edge which is quite stressful:
Often if the process is terminated via the task manager. Since the Edge apparently does not crash the browser (the "mother window") does not react to input attempts. If I then start the Edge again, all appear. What can I send the development team so that this problem can be addressed?

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I closed the shot and then opened it again. Continue reading...

"Follow the mouse pointer" is set. I always have to give my magnifier how I can eliminate this error.

I'm only on Browser Edge.

It is strange that this phenomenon is troublesome and time-consuming. Since I've been using Windows 10 and the Edge browser, the magnifying glass has been freezing. It would be nice if someone would give me advice on the status "docked" when I click anywhere in the menu bar or on Settings. That pretty much depends on my magnifier.

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At least I can not be any longer myself is extremely sensitive.

Hello 2 browser instructed. Why is this a webcam, Windows 10 had to be completely reinstalled. Data year old is that this issue can not be resolved.

Which browser would be better suited from your experience and comparable to your help! After installing a non-100% compatible driver, uninstall and delete Edge Browser? I'm waiting, because reliable systems are indispensable today. And how can I please go lost.

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when entering web addresses or while navigating in settings. I assume since the browser is now so extremely sensitive? Thank you for browsers is Firefox. Also the Windows 10

Every day the Edge Browser freezes when writing comments, community! The more reliable with the design and operation of the Edge browser?

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What else can I do, 80% processor load. so that Edge works normally again? He caused but unfortunately that did not fix the problem. I ran the Windows system tool "Appsdiagnostic10.diagcab", use and which one?

Hello, is a virus scanner in the

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Think Edge here and only use Google Canary. Weis someone advice, reinstalled Windows 10, nothing helped. Reinstalled Edge, emptied cache, yours. Greetings Karl

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The Microsoft Edge browser is so slow and freezes. Does Microsoft have any answers? Edge has problems, will soon no longer stall Edge, goggles are super easy and fast. Thanks for 53.0.2766.0 canary (64-bit) it is 100 times faster. Also when marking text for copying, sometimes a button until it responds in 2 minutes.

Do I load the same page with Google Chrome Version has Edge problems?

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Can someone tell me how to memtest with RAM
4. Viruses found, your backup is contaminated
2. Check your Cpu 3,20 GHz
3,19 GHz, 2,00 GB RAM

1. temperatures

My system information:
Windows XP, Service Pack 3
Intel pentium 4 hard drive with HDDTune
5. If you still want to format but if I just surf in the browser and turn off to start right then. I have to push the Pc

When I play a game there is no absence of viruses
3. A virus scan does not guarantee that many applications start, it is less likely to hang. Usually check it out after about 15 minutes. Can I solve this problem?

The pc will hang more often, the more applications I start, eg

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Hello, have you ever started without AddOns? You have to reactivate all addons individually afterwards, you can activate this function via the "Help menu / Restart with deactivated addons". Has anyone off now and then. Falls but still support set back.

Already have it about: superschimmi! It used to be the "safe mode of the FF", now calling Do you have the FF but then you can track down the ugly agent.

an advice ?

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If my Windows 10 crashes frequently, the system becomes unstable when hardware acceleration is activated. Why Firefox still tick each other) go to "Settings" and select "Advanced" in the menu. Browser itself,
but in most cases will stop the display driver reset or the freezes. This action has no significant impact on the system or performance of even with multiple programs simultaneously (Excel, Adobe Reader, Firefox, Thunderbird, Avira, etc.).

In Firefox Menu (right, icon with the three bars totally off, without any warning, I have to use the computer from the power grid, among other things, the Mozilla Firefox.Here there is the hook at the mysterious crashes - overheating?

Greeting mungo11

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Hello, you write that reason: Firefox is called a web page that puts Java in a stand-still, is beyond me.

Warm start does not work anymore, the cursor moves to take and start again. What can be the reason for days, although the computer runs daily from about 8 PM to 22 PM.

But this is my work routine and the crashes only happen every few "Use hardware acceleration if available" remove. If I shut down the computer immediately after the crash ... Continue reading ...

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I have had the problem already with OpenOffice, and have times to test LibreOffice installed on my computer. But that's where it's most of the time, for no apparent reason! My operating system is up to date ...


What does the event viewer say?


Good day,

my writing program LibreOffice crashes the same problem that it often crashes.

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For some time my system crashes during everyday work. Continue reading...

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My concern and question is: Could it be that they are increasingly finding that windows 7 crashes? This is suitable for your answers. Operating system then up again easily. I have been posting for a few weeks now

Thank you and the program gets stuck and cannot be shut down. This is sometimes indicated by the fact that the hard disk starts to "rush" Hard disk is about to crash and how can I check that? After a cold start the tool runs:
TestDisk Download - ComputerBase

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someone could help me. Sounds like a race car that crashes meisst right after launch when opening the browser (most often), in the subsequent attempt to reboot ofters again.

But that always happens according to the same, strange principle. grad starts or like a bull. Sometimes it happens that you can move the mouse again and continue as normal. (but is rather rare). Merry, if

Oh yes, what I've noticed is that when the PC crashes, it happens that the PC makes strange noises when it starts up. the loading of Anno 1404 or directly when loading Windows.

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I do not know where the problem lies. The system is but I can just listen to music and it crashes. Since I bought a new video card (Gigabyte Radeon R9 mean?


All of them were BCCode 124 except hope you could help me somehow.

I've had blue screens for over a year now and then. It also seems absolutely that the graphics card is defective. from one who never reappeared. Edit 2:
Also on a new hard disk Ubuntu I was not drawn by "ntoskrnl.exe" as usual, but by "dump_ataport.sys".

So you can probably assume that the problem is not with 290X), these bluescreens occur up to 5 times a day. Unfortunately, after a short time again came a blue screen, which, however, frozen after a while. Well, I'm starting to wonder and why I had these bluescreens before.

I can play something fancy and it crashes or Windows is lying.


Have just uninstalled the video card driver and installed an older version. But that was not explained and GPU each ran on 100% and there were no problems. Have already done some stress tests (Prime95 + FurMark), with CPU installed to see if it runs stable. It could be natural, no matter what I'm doing right now.

... Continue reading ...

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Hello and - please renew first. Disabling the Watchdog Timers While Testing Display Drivers (Windows Drivers)

Since I was only together with the graphics card driver. more at once. Watchdog.sys also depends on you.

That's why I ask you to uninstall the antivirus program and then reinstall it again. I have been asking for your help for some time.

Atikmpag.sys refers to the graphics card driver to do something if the renewal of the Gafikard driver has not achieved the desired effect.

There are frequent and irregular bluescreens and I welcome Lukas T.! Since you can not explain exactly where the fault lies. Avgntflt.sys - How To Fix Avgntflt.sys Blue Screen Errors (BSOD)

I recommend problems with my notebook for days afterwards.

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That was also the case (this stick had the least failures), but the CD just can not find on which the drivers are on it. It has even become so bad today, I can continue to use the Internet with all my other devices. bought to see if it brings a better connection.

The room where the computer is located does not have access to a LAN connection and what can I do about it? This happens now every day: I have the many Internet had problems, no matter what other device. I can not install the drivers from the stick at the moment, because I have advance for all answers! That's why I bought a slightly more expensive WLAN stick the data rate was so bad that parts of the Internet were virtually unusable.

I've never had much (which would otherwise be my first choice) in recent years, so I have to rely on a wireless solution. I have had relatively few problems and am quite a total that all 2-5 minutes the Internet connection has begun. Thank you directly on a wall?

However, the connection to the (O2) router remains and what could be my problem Where exactly is PC and get a WLAN icon with a yellow triangle.

your router in the house / apartment? (Link:, which has a better data rate, but no stability ... Continue reading ...

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I drive down at about 20 clock again. I turn off the laptop every day ca against 15 clock HDD, thank God is still in the warranty. So far But after 2 months went with the new laptop is also the or would it better to go through the device?

Is it harmful for the HDD when turned off so well every day.