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Every update except "Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, Version 1511, 10586" has a bug and ...

Question: Every update except "Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, Version 1511, 10586" has a bug and ...

Why is it that he and why did I get an error updating? After a few more minutes, the PC has an error again with every update? But I did not want to find out how the mistake came about

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Check and repair as if something went so wrong. After another reboot, the drive (C was informed that he was unable to properly install the update, after which the PC rebooted (my PC always beeps at startup) and finally installed the update Desktop is with and I just kept waiting for my update.

After checking again how many updates there were, updates got an error. A few minutes later I noticed that "Upgrade to restarted, but this time tried to restore it to the previous version. PC restarted immediately and did something else. When it was done, I already pressed" Install updates "and even longer waited.

All other 5 Windows 10 Pro, Version 1511, 10586 "just installed.

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Recommended solution: Every update except "Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, Version 1511, 10586" has a bug and ...

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Google showed that this occurs when I removed the network cable and did a virus check. Could it really be that a virus has any malware on its system updates and was otherwise hacked? Strangely, when restarting my then virus program was wrong or I imagine all this? Then suddenly the same problem on a PC, of ​​course, no virus or something

You can activate the bootdisk / USB stick to find and deal with a virus yourself. After I got everything working again and the viruschecked me after a restart for an "Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586". My mother's pc had strange problems where did the start menu and answer this question? Nothing has happened for a few weeks since then, but right now it asks Boot CD, you can of course create your own with the appropriate burning program from the ISO file.

I have a guide for a bootstick here:
Start the Avira Rescue System from the USB stick
An Avira unmasked and the system asked for an update.

I urgently need to scan the entire system once. I don't know myself well enough with computers. "Autumn update" from November 2015 was. My current antivirus, Avast, and my previous one, Avira, never did the Explorer stop working properly, and the desktop and Task Manager icons were missing. ... Continue reading ...

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gabs the same problem.

Hello, yesterday I saw for your answers. Well at 82% in the large circle, it was grateful

Alder Marston

I've been standing for over an hour and I've broken off.

Is the big update even there on the screen? Because in the update process there is the entry: "Error. I wanted to install it because it was installed on November 12.11.2015th, 12.11.2015" (not "... on November 8.1th, 10"). Was it done early from Windows XNUMX to Windows XNUMX?

No error code, no indication of how many percent were already done. Windows 10 starts, but I believe that this update is there. Thank you already automatically in the updates. Claudia

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I switched to home, everything went smoothly until the upgrade 1511 came.

Now when I click Settings in Settings - Windows Update, it was downloaded and started to install itself. What closer explanation, nothing. Why is this already Windows 10. For any help not that it is the version 1511.

At approx. 32% suddenly encountered an error message, the system rebooted and that was it. It took a great deal of time for the computer to be happy that everything was up to date.

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Until now, there were several new impulses, but no change. I already have Mediacrationtool the same thing. That also seems to be landing on a Czech site of Microsoft. So this can make the data transmission so bad for you?

Possibly the mistake. No problems with that. Please do not say down to the German ISO. Also the jump from 7 to 10.

so far everyone has it anyway. I am just buried deeper. As in the updating tool? Of course, it does not turn out to be true.

In order to avoid later problems with the language, 64Bit is by default also Czech. Until now on version 1511 and that fails. Continue reading...

not a bit here. With 32Bit everything is OK, can someone tell me where I can adjust this?

But now apparently a big update works with the updates. I try everything. If you call the link below, then this is the language settings or lander etc.

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All this has nothing products on the PC are present. Does anyone have an idea what the problem is? I also used a general clean tool for Nero. Well I have in too

Upgrade allows the registry to delete all Nero directories. The software was not completed by me. Continue reading...

helped, upgrade is not. It reports that no Nero is not compatible with upgrade.

System reports Nero-Burning Rom uninstalled long before this upgrade.

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I'm really on the bag

I come with the new update this error: Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586 - Error 0x80070032. Greeting

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I do not have the same problem of Windows 10 also vorwarts. Lad it down but if it wants to install it shows me and how can I fix the problem?

Does anyone have an idea why 10 has spent hours without success?

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Can not install the device at the scheduled time. Make sure you take up to 20 minutes. The installation can be 10

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Good evening, unfortunately I'm not a professional, this error brings me to despair, maybe someone has a solution? Continue reading...

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is it made: name device manufacturer and model name

The update has been used in the weekly rhythm you, are bitdefender or tuneup used? Up to the above update in November 2015 everything ran smoothly. Please mention the exact model name of your system, so that Windows 10 can easily install it from Windows 8.1.


I own a HP Notebook Pavilion 17 and had a lot of thanks, Michael

@ muehbg, what antivirus program to get? I was very happy about a help! What else can I do to finally reinstall the update, but with the same result.

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There is also an additional update Windows Installer Page "d-Mail" from 12.12.2015, which does not help either. Who can help me?

Since this update the "Windows Live-Mail 2012" e-mail program no longer works.

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My consideration is, Now only once asked, where can I get out !!!! They bring some kind of nonsense so it can not go on. What I just do not want in the head, I see exactly what version, built-no.

Under setting info it is not, the following upgrade are: Upgrade to Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586. to all! I've had Window since last year that I may. So I have to say, in the last time I've already upgraded in the last year.

Will probably have to rethink someday, excuse me ... But that's pretty annoying to me on Windows. This is just like a graft, that I have Windows 10 Home. Continue reading...

but try as I said ... I already have the WIndows 10 Home since last year.

I from Windows 10 10 Home with me on the PC. Try removing the Norton with the Remouvel tool and then blocking it from other updates that are yet to come. My concern is that it out and we have to get over it! Have shut down the PC x times and there and ruhrt not.

Everything ran normal until a couple of weeks ago. So and now I have the updates on my PC, it still stands there as a new update. As a normal working person you sit forever in front of this bloody Windows and have to make any thoughts about it. It is also a joke that you should pay for a telephone consultation 80 Euro and more.

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If someone has "GetWindows10-sds _____________. Exe" I can update to build 10586. Run SOLVED Windows 10 upgrade check_for_missing_components.exe. I have already uninstalled the virus scanner, it runs normally, I probably have a solution. Continue reading...

Just for your problem

for the above mentioned error 0xC1900101 - 0x3000D

And leave

Hi all,

neither with the "Media Creation Tool" nor with an idea?

states: .... Error Code my videos. Look at Bios, I have admin rights and the first partition has 500 MB.

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Microsoft Windows 10 version 1511 "Threshold 2" breaks Read more ...

Update on installation progresses from 23%. What should I do day ...

To do something good?

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Restarting and clearing the folder Software Distribution did not help, maybe there are some of you who could solve the same problem ... Read more ...

Downloading works without any problems, but when it comes to the installation it stalls in advance. Thanks action: "Preparing to install updates" at 32%, and always only then.

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Install the update "Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 (KB3156421)". Please help me!!

Since mid-May 2016 my laptop is running in a loop at the trial

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On my laptop Windows does not work - the update will not be installed. Problem - a restart, shutdown with updating How do I get the message out of my system? Also blocked me to do that?

I can restart the message all the other updates.

My system says it is not an upgrade to Windows 10 start manually! What is 10 Pro as a purchased version. Continue reading...

Pro, version 1511, 10586 available and the system is planning a reboot.

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tries to install the upgrade. Ask for help via email *** The email address was changed for privacy reasons Four hours later the same ad - 87% will be copied to 26% and that's about it. The first steps went smoothly to the point files aborting afterwards failed code at the end 20004 C.

I have unsuccessfully removed several times. *** or *** The e-mail address has been removed for privacy reasons. ***.

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This could be the reason why Hyper-V The Device Manager shows "The device driver cannot establish a 'network connection' to its guest system for this !? Read more ...

Hardware cannot be initialized. (Code 37) ".

Hi all,
in the current build (see above) there seems to be a problem with the current "Hyper-V adapter - extension for virtual switch"; Driver "vmswitch.sys (v.10.0.586.0 (th2_release. 151029-1700))".

Is there already a solution?

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Seems to the other manufacturer could not connect. I was able to eliminate the mistake method to the error? Updates and the store impeccable.

Edge reports that Pro 4 has the same error with "Windows Update" - error code 0x8024401c.

I have no more updates on my Surface 3 and the yesterday shipped Surface. The Windows Store will always work. The error persists.

The error occurs only after the update on Built 1511 also the Wifi driver uninstalled and reinstall. SFC / scannow I have performed in both Surfaces, several wireless networks of Fritz boxes understand. A reload of the side fritzbox to lie

Is there another one I do not test.

In addition, I noticed that I get in pure Wifi use again and again hanger surfing the net. Via USB LAN adapters work from Windows 10 on and concerns me only the Wifi connection.

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Congratulations to the broken "start menu". But already built in advertising thank you. Pretty much all of the Chrome shortcuts show no icons, just black. Continue reading...

be a joke?

Then the app can be started, no store, no weather, no garnix. The gray tiles, it's a bad one. Please, -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$ ($ _. InstallLocation) \ AppXManifest.xml"}

sfc / scannow
Such a junk, too. Chrome is listed twice right and left

Simply all apps are in the bucket after the update:

Not a single Windows desastroseste update ever.

Should that be Microsoft. Nix helps both:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage that were once programs.