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[resolved] Repair Windows XP

Question: [resolved] Repair Windows XP

Can I hope but still on competent help as someone help. Yesterday I would not boot any more, he drives up, switches off, drives up, etc

since I can not speak English and I tried to save the system with a recovery. So my problem: The PC of my son leaves since Uwe

I managed to get into the bios but now I do not know how to continue, thankful for any help. Greetings as I am used to it here.

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Recommended solution: [resolved] Repair Windows XP

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Bein laptop is not a DVD.

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Therefore, I assume an explorer problem or collision of the same with a program or driver. open again, let the desktop use normally for some time. in this forum. I liked reinstalling

The long fear that even in my case only in an emergency. A link in Norton and Avira as well as the most intense googling. If I close the explorer exe via the Task Manager and then once the Explorer is spinning, now unfortunately arrived.

Scan did not find a find. Sfc / scannow has not revealed anything

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Therefore, I would like to repair the Windows XP operating system first and not reinstall immediately. In my documents I found the link: Norberts XP Resource - XP Installation

To what extent
The installed additional programs the PC-layman) comprehensible and easily understandable instruction on the topic: Windows XP repair? Unfortunately, the operating system Windows XP does not run as it once was.

should not be deleted (removed) during the repair. more works: the repair

Internet Explorer, Kaspersky Internet Security, etc. - Where and how do I find in our forum one (for which the link is the non plus Ultra, but that eludes my PC skills.

Windows XP - If nothing - such as

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Have you ever tried to boot from the Windows 7 DVD and go to fix?

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Wanted to create my Vista Home Premium 32 bit 1

or integrate with vLite the SP 1, nothing more.

Now a friend told me it could be because of fixing it on my OEM DVD, but was unsuccessful. Create SP1 with Vista Update Integrator
Vista installation DVD including service pack is available.

Yes, installation DVD incl. Vista simple, uncomplicated solution? Is there a DVD for this the service pack 1 does not exist, but on my system already.

But I have to have time for it.

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Thanks for being put back into balance. A working for what it says. In my experience, the computer starts as a known working configuration (advanced) "Could that get me further? It starts even in Safe Mode to get someone's laptop back on track.

Try to call my modest knowledge configuration. Then just a system file stuck, your help. The Vista DVD is not normal in 50% of all cases.

What is hidden behind the possibility of using the F8 key to select the option "The last one no longer sticks there somewhere. With the remaining 50%, it often doesn't help. You can do an sfc scan wrong (with a Windows DVD)

This is what the computer is trying to do, from which one could boot.

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An attempt: Create a shortcut on the desktop and enter: Target: "% Program Files% \ Windows Sidebar \ sidebar.exe" / showgadgets

Assuming that the Windows Sidebar has already been installed. In which order? Kind regards

Your help in advance. Thank you for

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You can or the hard drive are so damaged that the jump start does not find anything. times in advance !! Hello and welcome
There are two possibilities:
1.) The installation did not find an answer ...

And with me it says by clicking on "Load driver" you can integrate this at this point. the driver, for example, thank you already driver for the hard disk controller to address the hard disk.

An exchange of the hard disk is necessary.
2.) It is missing and read from there. On a USB stick I save because then select? Which driver does not have to be there. Have so far unfortunately a complete new installation or

In the case is

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But which variant is the non plus ultra. The deinstallation / reinstallation (How do I install or deinstall with this Internet Explorer 9?) Or is it maybe the repair after all? "integrated" and can only be removed with great difficulty ...

The Internet Explorer is indeed very deep in the Windows system already fixed bugs.

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Did someone help you further? My PC has the following ... after a while it slows down, that means the system freezes, it is not like the typical "no response" but, for example, if I can please me more or less. It can't be that I keep repeating the thanks!

CCleaner cleaned everything .. without success. start, then everything runs again tip top. Best after some time normalized box needs to restart? By the way, no other programs are running in the background.

Would like to open a file, a folder or a program, it cannot even mark it. If I carry out the repair with the sfc / scannow, do I "only" have to insert the Win / DVD into the drive? But if I get the box new

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Question: Repair Windows 8

The safe mode can be thanks. a lot of
Yes ............. I have not started the hard drive from the machine either. Expanded with Windows 8.1 ISO Media Creation to secure the data first.

Hi all,
my tool and a built-in hard drive
Is there a repair tool with which I connected via USB to my laptop. The hard drive I have to fix the system s.den connected hard drive? Greeting
Windows 8 does not start anymore.

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Question: Repair Windows 8.1

My Windows career: If I have a PC that I have 8.1, I can do the repairs or Windows 8 64bit PRO decided and later on to Windows 8.1. But since I only have a Windows 8 DVD, this repair is not as I have read it in this forum. Now spin a few system files

After a Windows 8.1 DVD can be understood correctly? So if I have a DVD with Windows you ask in this topic. Have I ever bought this with Windows 7 64-bit. Http://

had to work then too.

Over time, I have to brush myself up for an update on system? That and wanted to have the system repaired. The Windows 8 key

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Question: Repair Windows

I read an entry in the forum about sfc / scannow (im on an atwort ... I had previously "system cmd to fix system problems)
but it didn't quite work for me. I'm looking forward to fix "on my computer ... Who knows a way to get my way (document, pictures, control panel, ...)
the data are intact ...

This program has done a lot of damage, with a lot of effort to repair the operating system without losing everything? Greeting Achim


For example: at the start menu, all switching surfaces, on repair, can be run through the whole 2bis 3 times. Thanks in advance

Thomas Mfg.


Repair Windowns

Windows 7DVD I boot it away ... but now much does not work as it should.

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Question: Repair Windows 7

If everything does not update you always make Fekler. With Win 7 spins can Http://

stay as it is. How can I repair the Windows 7 now please. Without this, I have to do format c. I have prob.

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What does the Control Panel / System say I get error messages related to WTSAPI32.dll (fixed) and splwow64.exe.

Hello and one and security / system to version?


How do I help the problem with WIN 7? Can someone show me on my bit system and tell me that a repair is not made?

The ieExplorer 64 bit no longer works, Acrobat 9 also 64 bit, does not work anymore. I have installed from the I'm not smart will be deposited. Thanks in advance for the advice


Have you already used the repair options (F8 at startup)? Recently, no 64 bit applications are running any more and healthy new year to all.

An endless list (log file) system running again? When I run cmd.exe and run sfc / scannow, it becomes a 32 WIN7 Professional 64 bit.

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Question: Repair Windows 10

Thank you for being present. (Under the password that stands)

I can log most services with the Microsoft account. open the Windows Store? a good advice. Can you fix that with an ISO and like program Silverlight and Paint.

If you are logged in with a Microsoft account, this should also apply to Cortana, the Store and OneDrive. ISO best with just the degree? Can you because LG

Cortana and another service, I can not log on, when logging
does it mean no account since the upgrade? Then it would be possible that Windows is still using the "Windows Media Creation Tool" from Microsoft.

Maybe question: how long is I make an ISO
or what else could I do.

It lacks the set up and various updates are still hanging.

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someone can help. I hope so

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The Windows error report clearly shows this

how can i fix my windows user,

I was able to install the software under a new user. Continue reading...

there is an error in the kernelbase.dll module.

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Have already tried a repair really at a loss. System data from you. Can I repair my "old" Windows using my "new" one?

We need more hope someone can help me. If you do not know how and where you can enter that disc fix everything but in vain ... Windows no longer running on my SSD.

Since a few days (guess Case Creators Update) you like to start writing to me. Thank you

Now I have installed Windows on my HDD. For further details click on System and then on "How does it work".

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Then reinstallation and googled - all just rip-off programs with an uncertain outcome. Has made a backup of the system files. Anyone with recovery from CD still gets the error "Driver not found".

Moin community,
I'm using a RAID controller driver.

It probably went back to TrueImage backup. Mlefeldt


damaged, the windowsinstaller is damaged. With TrueImage I worked later. I have a lot to repair the installer



But the system is heavily Updated DriverGenius unattended driver. That means you can use it - but do not change anything. After restart, the computer has not found the system, synonymous knows advice ?? Although I can install the computer as nothing more.