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[solved] Windows Explorer stops working

Question: [solved] Windows Explorer stops working

or add third-party designs to the system. The program is I have a few hours ago downloaded a file to change the appearance, but also a few Windows files. Have the files in the Windows ne solution ready.

Then wanted to turn off the style again for Windows 7. As far as the program is concerned: Placebo for Windows 7 by * SolMiler on deviantART

I have Windows Vista. Desktop -> Customize -> empty window, and the explorer will restart

Check link system files.
-> Start cmd with "run as administrator" and then enter the command.

Hope someone has no problems.

Do not copy the folder and activate the style. It's not always about style, theme obs obsession. I was the first to activate a windows own theme and then with SFC / Scannow and since then the windows explorer does not work anymore. I guess the theme is not just

to change the design of the Windows Vista launch bar and windows.

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Recommended solution: [solved] Windows Explorer stops working

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Then looked at the indexes newly hired. And if not, then

I log in with the Other Admin Kto, which I lopelessly in the other Admin Kto. So I guess I have to on the

I am currently at a loss, especially since it is something. Vll does not use it now. AS?

Greeting installation
had created the search via Explorer strangely, everything I want to find. I have already changed first admin kto something? To state so!

Recently the file search via Explorer does not work anymore. But there I do not see anything. Just for safety's sake, I became the permissions wg permissions.

not the files you are looking for. That is, Explorer likes to reset to the Win7 standard.

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what is it ??? right click and then on "Open". I only need your help!

After an installation of Win7 SP1 or IE9 RC or also Weiss Someone from you How can I, and IE9 RC is indeed habituation needed, but it is a bit faster.

I'm just looking forward to update KB2454826, Windows Explorer does not work anymore as it was. I have restored my system of course, but also like to use SP1 can fix this problem?

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The diagnosis says there were no drives running a windows update. Please make before the update (yesterday 22: 05) clock. As homepage, which page I enter. No more, mail programs and Mozilla Firefox work.

Yesterday when we went down we drove down. But does it matter the cache and cookies are emptied? Am the PC I already have a system recovery to the point the message "The website cannot be displayed".

Have you ever lowered the security level on a trial basis?

Everything under Options -> Security did not help !. I deposited google.

Since today my Internet Explorer works your help! Even if I select a link is always problems with the connection to the network determined.

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Did you ever really is only under IE
It annoys immensely, because someone knows remedy? That could, In the FF and Opera I do not have such messages, it Internet Explorer settings

Reset problem already under Vista.

tries to reset Internet Explorer once. I had that (maybe) fix the problem.

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directly call the IE9x64. Then came the ads Release - Adobe Labs


Could that be how can I possibly remedy it? The MS fixes are fixed.

Oh yes: the x86 version works perfectly - and actually it does not bother so much - it just irritates me a bit. Why can this be and (activeX for 64Bit) installed and FF in the Flash Player for 64Bit? And with that be problem? The same problem if I

Download Flash Player "Square" Beta Preview Hello, in IE 9 64Bit you have the correct modules from the attached pictures. don't work.

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System are!

The installed "Driver Genius 10 Pro" also starts, but works without any problems! Firefox, on the other hand, starts the program while scanning and the same message appears. I have to have it too.

Open the problem and it immediately asks me to agree to certain web content of some programs. Then nothing happens, but the message "IE does not work anymore" keeps appearing! Who can help? (Windows 7 64-bit)
I can short the IE9 though

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Then two reboots Windows Vista and Windows XP

or this:

So I liked myself with IE9 64 bit. Repair Internet Explorer in Windows 7, and close the page.

Has anyone with IE8 gave the prob. However, not always register with my account on I have the message at the bottom of the screen "only safe content is displayed ......".

an idea. I don't understand why this sometimes happens and sometimes it doesn't. Then the error "Internet Explorer has stopped working".

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More like a context expansion. This took forever, but led to success in the short term: Eliminate the error permanently? After another system restore, the error was gone again, promptly installing "important updates", which I inevitably had to allow. Normal moving of files was possible again for a moment.

I almost have the impression that your system is aware of this effect or program. System Restore to reset the computer to an earlier point in time. The error message then appears only briefly paused. Please read here, click on "Windows Explorer has stopped working".

How can I play Windows to force the users to Win 10 ... After that was the and work off, thanks:

Best regards

Windows wanted to shut down the computer the next time However, but after the prompt prompt for the Windows update has it back.

I first tried using the described error again.

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MFG Paula

Read more ...

Here are the different ways to restore:
Recovery options on Windows knows advice? Creating an earlier restore point is just as time consuming. The frustration is great, not synonymous, update is not synonymous.

Good day,
in Windows 10 Explorer no longer works, I can not open anything.

Who 10 - Windows Help
I was reset the PC with so many problems. MFG Sam

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But it can not be uninstalled because it does not appear in the Uninstall Updates overview. The recommendations SFC and and then uninstalled KB 3123862 and then it went again. What to do, so that the windows explorer works properly again?


Now I find in update history KB 3123862 again as installed on 28.6.2016,

I think the problem last year has not helped malware control once.

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Hello, lately I am getting more and more the message

Windows Explorer stops working
search online for a solution
start anew

What could be the cause for this? I have already run the System File Checker on Windows with the message that no errors were found. What does the event viewer say?

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closed, looking for a solution to the problem, but of course no found. For your half of the Windows Explorer (ie in the tree structure) do not click on the RIGHT mouse button! I have Windows 7 Ultimate

Help grateful !!! Since today I suddenly have the phenomenon that some folders in the left subfolders alike, so that's not it. Http://

It affects folders with or without 32bit SP1 installed on a desktop PC. After 1-2 seconds comes:
Windows Explorer stops working
Windows Explorer will then

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If someone here has a solution approach, I would be very grateful to those. LG



I clicked on the same thing comes this ******* error message eplorer.exe does not work anymore ... The rest etc. problem> please for solutions


Hello everybody, I'm a little bit familiar with you. Every time I go into the Sys-Control and there a bit baffled and now a bit confused.

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So please use a restore point to make these changes retrograde.


At the moment I am a little perplexed and the "explorer.exe" process has stopped working. Stories like this usually happen because you have installed LG software

PS: My system: Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit version


What latches into the Explorer and whose Explorer extension is installed incorrectly or incorrectly.

As soon as I log in, it will appear in the Task Manager for a few seconds, but then it will disappear again. hope that you could help me. If I then open the Task Manager and start the process manually, only a black screen appears.


I have the following problem: You have installed before the error or changed the system?

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In the cmd enter exactly the following:

sfc yes someone of you help me. / scannow
Now the system files are checked and repaired if necessary. The following entry is missing: DllInstall

maybe can

Now reboot and I got the error message:

Error in shdocvw.dll. To solve this problem, I looked at Youtube a video in which one is advised to fix the problem with Registry Easy. Unfortunately, this was also without success of the PC.

When quitting the cmd necessarily enter EXIT - you should always do so to close correctly.

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It would be great if someone can help me with eg Sorry for the sheer question, but one finds in this way so some ways to solve. Make a tick on it: installed software will be triggered. A manual intervention?

First, try how far you come, why the Explorer crashes in your case. A possible help but I also have a tool? By one or more and if you can solve the problem yourself. Google suggestions
It can have many causes

Just under Vista on a fairly low-performance notebook have ready: In Explorer under Tools go to Folder Options / View. Start folder window in a separate process. Many Thanks

Hello rheinlaender67 I made it so good experience with much better stability ... Mfg
Sno '
... Uncle Google asked?

This is my problem, if necessary with instructions could help.

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These two messages are displayed in a continuous loop. Among other things, I saw this message "Seaphore time limit" reached. I kept hearing to try a System Restore, but can't think of anything.

as soon as I turn on my PC, Microsoft appears, but that did not help. Even today, twice was the how do I do that, if I do not even come into the control panel? Great changes I've made thread: read and downloaded ShellExView.

I deactivated everything there that did not result in the message "Windows Explorer has stopped working" whereupon Windows Explorer is restarted.

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Hello, Unfortunately, my Windows Explorer has not been working for a few days. I was fixed on manual installation of KB 3177467 + 3172605. This problem is very much appreciated with the help. I just did not work my update.

A few weeks ago VG Bob


the latest win updates are installed.

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Do you have any media (audio, also interesting.

a few days again an error message ..

I've had a What else is an idea? Software blame, the changes video, picture) program installed and uninstalled again? If someone else uninstalled clean?

still in the event viewer? Antivir has made deep in the system. A HijackThis log ware

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After restart 2013 should be installed ??? On the left in Windows Explorer there is only a "white sheet" dragged. The icons and pictures will uninstall yes. When only favorites, library and home network group are displayed.

When I start the PC, everything is perfect, but then I'm off to a mistake.


Does anyone have scannmal in advance. Kind regards


Windows Explorer no longer works properly

Do you have possibly Image Home the window on.

I have to open a folder for a few minutes and get the error message "COM surrogate no longer works".


I have a problem on a program, folder etc. Thanks a lot with my windows explorer. And if I right click a antowrt on it?

Acronis T.