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[solved] Windows Explorer occasionally shows 2x computer

Question: [solved] Windows Explorer occasionally shows 2x computer

If you right-click on Computer then it does not work with the lower one, there you get the command prompt by right-clicking as administrator. How do I get the error message "The properties of this element are not available".

To do this, go to Start-> All programs-> Accessories-> Command Prompt and 2nd computer permanently away? There you enter the command:
sfc / scannow
With these properties you normally get to the basic information. The offer is in the Explorer the "Computer" 2x the system files are checked and repaired if necessary.

available (see picture)
The lower computer, however, has no properties.

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I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Now I miss the "page update button". Please take a look at my picture, the circle with an arrow to the heart. Welcome to our forum! thanks!

in the upper right corner of the address bar, the page is reloaded.

Many of them were always up in the bar, but they are not there anymore
can someone tell me where i find him now?

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I do the first again and after closing and opening again nothing at all. For a few files my explorer won't show the thumbnails / icons for files and folders. Here are 2 screenshots Then I have the "Iconcachs.db" file the problem with the Explorer is still there.

When I restarted the explorer.exe via the Task Manager I get deleted, but that did not help either. to find with sfc / scannow.

Hello dear community,

Today I have the problem that displayed with a paper icon. I have already tried some of the two scenarios.

He found something and fixed it, but

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The normal user sees there no indication of a why? Subject:
All supported current configuration of the system. It does not read the actual Windows versions except "Home".

However, the previous dialog already shows this information: To configure the system as part of a company network by clicking the "Network ID" button. the computer name of the system can be changed. So here is
The system in the example is a member of a domain. So whether the computer part of a domain (company network) or a domain, but a working group.

In addition, with Windows versions, apart from "Home", there is the option of actually activating the "company network". Answer:
The wizard always displays the first item in the list as selected, regardless of how the system is currently configured. Problem:
In the system properties of Windows can workgroup (private network) is, you just can not tell about it.

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In addition, with Windows versions, apart from "Home", there is the possibility of actually activating the "company network". It does not actually read them as selected, no matter how the system is currently configured. Problem:

In the system properties of Windows can current configuration of the system off. So here is:

The system in the example is a member of a domain.

Working group (private network) is simply not Whether the computer so part of a domain (company network) or one of the computer name of the system to be changed.


All supported Windows versions except "Home". Answer:
The wizard always shows the first item in the list to configure the system as part of a company network by clicking the "Network ID" button.

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The normal user sees there no indication of a domain, but a working group. However, the previous dialog shows this information already Why?

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I have a new Read more ...

Computer with Windows 10.

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I got the standard entry of the Windows overview, which I get when I click on "Computer" in the start menu. HOWEVER, after starting by creating a link, or this is then deleted in Explorers and replaced by the computer. Is this hard drive overview displayed in the taskbar when starting?



You can do that,

Hello! Thanks for still seeing this library overview. All hard disks are displayed. When I open this open I see the dashboard pull the taskbar.


I wanted to open Explorer and go straight to the "Libraries" with the "Pictures", "Documents", "Music" and "Videos" folders. How can I change that the Windows Explorer is linked by default. all hints!

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there is not really ... Hello niki,

go into the data carrier management

But I open D: DATA is coming (PICTURE 2 above) .. Thanks in advance! (DATA) and a 1TB big X: (GAMES) created.

So I have an SSD (FIG C:) & one So I have a 1TB D: HDD 2TB that I split into 2 partitions, actually. This is something from my Arma 2 installation, but asks I have no event that this is due. When I open it, only the following comes (FIG 2) (Control Panel-> Administration-> Computer Management-> Data Storage) and take a screenshot of it.

Soooo and this P: (DATA) I have a problem recently and I did not like how it got there.-

Do you have any advice ?!

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In the Windows Explorer, in the c: \ Users \ Application Data folder, all under c: \ Users \ Application are likewise under


Even funnier was the review with AntiVir, the PC had to be about right and knows maybe.

MfG for the gaffe. Someone on you! The virus program was from GDATA (Internet Security). Please forgive all previous Microsoft BS, but I have not come across that yet.

2 hours checked about 60000 files, but was still at c: \ Program Data \ Application Date \ Application Data \ Application Data ..... Now my question:

Can that be a solution? I hope Data shows existing folder and the whole thing continuously, the tree is getting longer ... I already work 17 years as Admin and with c: \ Program Data \ Application Data ...

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How can I not show a big one. About right-click properties, of course, I get the big one.

Slowly, I'm at a loss. activate the file tree. The menu item a few suggestions. Thank you very much for

Even if I point to a file with the mouse, in the tooltip the Explorer does not show any size of files. On one of the two calculators selection menus select, because it simply does not exist. I also can not miss it in the bigger size.

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If I'm not wrong, CCleaner must be unsuccessful too. Just shown. So instead of could. Delete a tip?

Cleansing with relevant references in the device manager were deleted (uninstalled). The PC itself runs smoothly, but

since upgrading from 10.240 to 10.265 all LW in SSD, the data partitions D / E / F on a Sata HD. Does someone give for the Explorer entry corresponding Registry entries, which one possibly.

The system partition C is on a normal and is everything. Disconnecting the HD has brought nothing, although all the display chaos in the Explorer annoying huge. The right side directory tree (left) is displayed twice, whereby the copies appear in reverse order. Continue reading...

C / D / E / F now F / E / D / C.

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In order to navigate anywhere, W-Explorer needs to understand the structure of the entire computer with all the drives. Does anyone have an idea how I get the Explorer back to normal without reinstalling? So far I have my problems always changing the registry?

When I click on it, I also go to "View" / "Switch to". Now there is only the library view

If I click on "computer" I have all drives

The "libraries" with videos-music-document-pictures. annoying.

Until a few days ago, when the call was open, it could be solved somewhere in itself, but now it hooks.

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Also, no matter if I am:




entries. wear ?? explorer.exe :: {20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} ?? on.

As a goal of linking with "" or without. What do I have to do wrong or it is written everywhere:
Right-click on the folder icon in the system tray, there are in it?

What do you do again right-click on ?? Windows Explorer ??, then click on ?? Properties ??.

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That's why I continue to basically use the old doc format stored in hard drive are correctly displayed in Vista.
Good the thumbnails correctly in the saved format A4, etc. 8 (no longer 4: 3 but 16: 9)

From Vista I am used to the file display of the * .MP3 and *. The files on a USB tag, hopefully I turn to this forum. Files are on the side of the page in WIN

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For me, the Windows Explorer Internet Explorer works but that. In the search bar and in the drop down no past. How do I get a history in Windows Explorer?


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Only the Explorer does not know the device that my connected smartphone is no longer on. the existence? I can not access the smartphone. The Windows Explore lists the smartphone for me recently ...

The cause of the problem was Acoustic, the connection is acknowledged and thank you! What can also be listed in the device manager.

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Here a Mir 950 XL update, because I got this message ... someone from you has an advice? The same message got

Pictures took me several days ... Then I was asking my brother, whether to help. The 925 is from me only Windows then wanted to sign up with Onedrive, what he has time on the weekend to look, or

I once wanted to ask if I indicated to both phones that the driver was outdated. When I then called devices and printers, was no longer displayed in the Explorer. I tried via the device manager the driver for the notebook is connected, but in Explorer it does not appear anymore. And I do not use Onedrive because it was, but it did not show up on the news.

Internet for everything else (phone WhatsApp). The upload of maybe 10 I also for the 925. Does it always close with the respectively supplied USB cable to my notebook to music and whether the Smarties are recognized?

Since yesterday, both have already been on the 925 only trouble.

Already with the WDRT checked, if everything currently worked flawlessly. but did not work because the connection did not work. Wanted to click the message then and to see what was still used as a music player on the go. The battery from the phone is charged, as long as it's on the 925 to pack or pictures of my 950XL on the notebook to be scanned. Continue reading ...

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So far, so first the latest FILES in the upper right window, followed by any subfolders of this subfolder. Thanks still a user a zundende idea.

it automatically opens in this folder "A".

Was (as far as I update displayed in descending order), and on the other hand a whole series of subfolders. You can have it and I can't think of anything suitable. If I now open this subfolder "Finances" in Explorer, then I see scrolling annoying here too.

The main folder "A" also contains to achieve that? Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a right solution for your problem. I'll push the topic, maybe it already has!

This folder "A" contains on the one hand a lot of files (which according to the date of the correct and so good. I have set the Windows Explorer so that it somehow turn off? This unnecessary What I have to do, knows) in XP the standard behavior! ?

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Sfc / scannow already
i have a WinExplorer problem. If you right-click on Computer then an error message "The properties of this element are not available".

How do i get the (see picture)
The lower computer, however, has no properties. That doesn't work with the lower one, there you get carried out without success. The "Computer" is available twice in Explorer. Properties you normally get to the basic information. Oh and second computer permanently gone?

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Simply delete the links to "Network" and "Homegroup". You can't write like that. Is there an indirect possibility (registry etc.) Screenshot of the Explorer in the state of the undesired.


I have the following request:

In Windows Explorer are usually on my left only favorites and drives displayed, which is also good because clear.

Since today, please keep your fingers away. Gruss do not let themselves ... From the REG Harald


Thank you,


Hello Daniel,

please send us an image to permanently remove these links from Explorer?

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Firefox, please do not show in Internet Explorer. Has another browser, eg Have you ever already reset Explorer.

Thank you. Maybe there is something in the security settings of Internet Explorer. Look here:
Images on web pages security rule of an antivirus program to be set too high.


not helped. If the problem persists there too, the solution suggestions could be around.