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[Resolved] Remove / Disable Windows Explorer

Question: [Resolved] Remove / Disable Windows Explorer

replace another program .... I liked it through a Native program.

Then just install your other program. Where and how can one deactivate or remove the under Win 7?

The Windows Explorer is

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Recommended solution: [Resolved] Remove / Disable Windows Explorer

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Is there a way this even failed. You also have to remove it / uninstall or disable?

I did not remove it or disable it.

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I have not yet been able to find out how to use this functionality, I often use keyboard shortcuts. someone help? Since I program every day, the keyboard layout has been changed (DE <-> ENG). Many thanks

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switch off or completely disable the English layout, since I do not need it.

Almost daily my can do this


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can I deactivate the right preview column in the opened Explorer? Happy New Year 2014,
my question to you, how

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Can someone please show me the folder views of the videos and images no longer displayed.

I would like to deactivate the default folder in windows explorer, since i have but: many windows programs catch tell how to proceed?

Best thanks then to spin, for example, have created a drive only for all data, I do not need the standard folder. The MediaCenter needs the libraries without them, in advance! I know that I should change the folder options, and the services something, but do not know how.

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As a result, only the entry from the explorer vanishes, in the background it does something different, you can not switch off the SkyDrive integration quite easily. To do this, press Windows + R Change with a short delay without rebooting, but as a precaution it should be done. This is a fine the SkyDrive service continues its service, just invisible.

2.) You turn off the SkyDrive synchronization completely. So if I disabled SkyDrive during setup, it just works out - how to do that is very well described at Deskmodder.

This is opened by double-clicking SkyDrive. Via the app or the Explorer SkyDrive is still accessible and usable.

and deliberately deselecting SkyDrive during setup, the service will still be integrated into Explorer. The deselection previously refers only to the automatic storage of images and documents on the deactivation must be made through the registry. This works depending on

There are two ways to do this later:
1.) You will see the SkyDrive folder Windows 8.1 Pro
Here you can and get the value "1" assigned. Now you work your way to the computer configuration and enter 'gpedit.msc'.

Windows 8.1
In Windows 8.1, the Group Policy Editor is missing, here Windows Edition in two different ways. Did you but clicked on the setup or has it later, w ... Continue reading ...

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Try it: File Explorer Windows 10 but not. Do you know more Network Home Network Group OneDrive remove - Deskmodder Wiki

I liked it
mfg and thank you ...

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But since the exam is already turned off, the options are on 'off'. Nevertheless, in the Explorer 11, a call a solution? Greeting
still those annoying red-underlined hints.
How do I switch in the Explorer 11, which gives me it with PC setting the option 'input'.

Can I have been forced there by the Windows 8.1 installation, the spelling check off? In the new Windows 8.1 there

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do I have to do that? remove Internet Explorer from Vista? I have a question, if so how

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Almost at the bottom you will find the option 'Header Do Not Track There you can access the Internet options (the small addendum in the Internet options adapt option in the vast majority of cases also be set.) On pre-installed Windows 8 systems, the 10 was allowed in the desktop view to be started.

The setting can always be sent (not tracked) and can be switched on or off there.

To do this, the Internet Explorer cog wheel must be on the top right) and switch to the 'Advanced' tab there.

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Now I want the login screen to continue after the login screen does not need to enter it? I have to enter my old password and open a new export dialog
Now enter the command "netplwiz" (without the quotation marks). Then click appears but I no longer have to enter the password. When I press a key (no matter what

if I turn on my PC then confirm new but as I said I really did not like a password. Continue reading...

Hello guest

If you press the key combination [Win] + [R] for one) then I have to enter my password. first the login screen appears. How do I remove the password so that I nowhere disable or remove it but only change it.

Have looked a lot of videos how to remove it but mostly you were on "OK". If I change my password, I can do it where I log in automatically, which I don't want.

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Although I managed to enter the password myself, not so, there is this awful home screen. Later, however, he feels like 10 sec on this pointless startup screen. the boot like Windows 7 works? Can not you turn it off / off, so that

the desktop. But unfortunately this is Win 10

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Search for mshtml.dll and then easily delete it. Reboot system, insert live CD, eg Of course, goes very cumbersome while running, because this and then still in the Applications folder, the folder:


Components of that, Windows Update no longer goes and knows the vulture, what else is not, format C: is the result.

Tested under and a security risk less. just about this. For any incompatibilities, Explorer becomes a web component.

So a Linux-based file even the administrator can only delete with great effort. Of course, there is no official guidance from Microsoft. The method that I liked best was simply Windows 7. Search for the file mshtml.dll, delete all entries,

KAV Rescue CD, Paragon Boot CD, of course no liability. And to name just two examples.

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Or is the name "Disabling Adobe Flash in Internet Explorer ...". Here you can find the guideline that is too cumbersome, you can also use this prepared file. If you should print, enter gpedit.msc there to start the editor. This is given the name Microsoft Click and select New / Key and give it the name "Internet Explorer".

Nevertheless, it is possible Flash in Internet Explorer you also have no group policy editor. That's what it should look like:

Whom fumbling in the registry "DisableFlashInIE" and the value "1". Now click on this new key and activate it on the right? Activation under "Computer configuration" superordinate?

This is opened by double-clicking and activates Windows components / Internet Explorer / Security functions / Add-on management. In the case of the direct under Windows 8 and Windows 10 must completely disable. In the Pro versions, this is done through the Group Policy Editor:
Windows + R page right-click and select New / DWORD value. Now open the following path:
Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / way to be taken over the registry.

- That was it already. So call regedit and navigate to the following path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \

With the right mouse button on and the deactivation of the Flash Player applies to ... Continue reading ...

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It annoys me if I want to evaluate, that I can not see the stars and I have to look after the neighboring titles.

Hi folks, a "feature" in Windows 10 annoys me. In Windows Media Player, the stars are displayed in the playlist that I still hate. I hope someone knows how to turn it off.

The same is also in Explorer, which as soon as the text has no rating, it says "not rated" when you move the mouse over it. May be great, disappears backwards, a bubble pops up and shows the complete text.

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How can I issue the windows defender under windows 7 ??

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Part nowhere ... in the Applications folder I can't find anything either ... The service "USBDTT - USB v1.1 DVB-T adapter Driver" was due in advance. In the computer management under 'Services' is that can kill / remove so that it no longer causes crashes? Any idea how I can finalize this process

Thx following error did not start:
The specified service cannot be started. It is deactivated or not connected to activated devices. Is somehow a search for the "leftover"
Download driver cleaner cleaner and remnants of my old DVB-T software ...

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Then he adjust - I disable this. Set to Disabled LG and exit. activated again ... nnmmhh

Ask you for a tip, for this problem.

Do not go active anymore. Only after the reboot, is Mirosoft - Firewall MoD

Under Windows Firewall, double-click Windows Firewall. As the administration to the windows services.

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But that has the security guidelines secpol.msc
Local Policy Assign System User Rights Shutdown


does not log out and does not shut down the computer. And that's why I liked the stuff on the gpedit.msc menu for it from the start menu rausholen.

Hello forum, I liked the user's view, I also did not help. Anyone an idea for me?


Are you looking in but not found anything?

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Then the programs uninstall again. Can you under / 64 bit) I had purchased directly from Microsoft and it is successfully activated! I had the download version of Microsoft then copied to DVD and installed by this, with me also installed. I had that

I know that there are lots of patches on Google, but I'm using ServicePack without this SP1 beta version:

There is a here It is a legal download version of Windows 7 Ultimate (full version / upgrade display also gone.

Since the reinstallation, I now have the text:

"Windows 7 Evaluation Copy Build 7601"

stand at the bottom right of the desktop. not sure which one to take for my build version, so i ask for help. Yesterday I used the same DVD, but I did not have this text during the first installation.

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So purely with my win7 recommend and windows then instalieren on the freshly formatted partition. Did not know 7 instalieren on the same partition? Now have win7 from my DVD DVD to restore them. However, the error message in the error message is incorrect windows version
this is because of it

Mhhhh, you made it 2x windows because not really something. So right off the bat I don't boot because the linux MBR was still on it. Now I've restored the factory settings -> system installed to restore the MBR.

But as I understood you, you are at rest.

If this is the case, I was a format C because the laptop before the sale of vista has been upgraded to win7. Then you have

you saved everything you could save. that works.