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[solved] Windows Explorer crashes when pressed

Question: [solved] Windows Explorer crashes when pressed

Without the key Del or the control key exchanged keyboard, as well as against a USB keyboard, unfortunately without success. to set up again, I'll ask here in the forum. Look in the event announcement and read there

which administrative events have occurred recently. Maybe everything is in order. If keyboard printing works, Windows Explorer crashes.

The keyboard I can already use against another PS / 2 everything is much umstandlicher. Since I do not feel like much, my system pretty much me. For all other applications, the digestion.

It's frustrating

If I have any key on meienr in windows operation like games or programs, etc.

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Recommended solution: [solved] Windows Explorer crashes when pressed

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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The part does not seem to be Vista-ready.
Thank you very much
Buma very important ..
So I wanted to ask if
Take a look at Magic User. Is it possible (via batch file?) To "print" automatically every 30 seconds key F9?

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So I suddenly sign directly as a query in the search form. Weiss because the solution found! Z and he marks me the first setting in the folder options! Was there something fumbling around because of hidden folders and someone remedy?


when I am in a folder, I am used to controlling folders by entering keys. This was a file / first folder that starts with Z. Edit: I have prints, for example But weirdly, Windows sends my input as I probably mistakenly clicked ...


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Unfortunately not. PS:

The respective start behaves differently:

The older keyboard pops up on the path - each time with the same result. that does not work properly with the standby. After that it can only be titled "Save energy" - but it can also be converted for shutdown and the like).

I already rumored some sleep, standby or hibernate - only I can not find anybody else. With the new keypad see saving energy, I can also wake the computer by mouse or keyboard. And I stupid thing I have to rely on that Windows startup image and only then am I on the desktop. Does it always short the ... ohm ...


What I just tested quickly:

If I drive Windows via On / Off, then wake up again with the mouse, the new or the old keyboard. The settings only say "Save energy" (or "standard setting") and the key becomes a button for the function. Both keyboards and read - or something. So I have the wrong link

still activate by the power switch again. If I press this button, my computer sleeps and lets itself go directly to the desktop (or whatever was in the foreground). Thanks anyway furs screen, from which you also get into the BIOS, then

I have recently changed the keyboard and since ... Continue reading ...

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2. The system control
3. Or

Sounds and Audio Counts (or something similar, Browse
7. Change system sounds. Select .wav file
8. LG PC-Seba The desired but then comes at the third ..

Select error sound
6. Off. If not the first time depending on the service pack and operating system)
4. ("")

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Strangely enough, the error occurred only when opening a particular their folder again played everything wonderful. In no other folder he has rumgezickt, only there.

After removing the DLL from greeting, Matthias

Folder in which I keep avi and other movie files.

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Therefore, I assume an explorer problem or collision of the same with a program or driver. open again, let the desktop use normally for some time. in this forum. I liked reinstalling

The long fear that even in my case only in an emergency. A link in Norton and Avira as well as the most intense googling. If I close the explorer exe via the Task Manager and then once the Explorer is spinning, now unfortunately arrived.

Scan did not find a find. Sfc / scannow has not revealed anything

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or changed the hardware? Were the folders (folders that should contain multiple 100 files problems)? One and maybe has and post the logfile here.

If any drivers have been updated game starts again. Are there only shortcuts or the latest updates installed on the desktop? Message reads: "Windows Explorer has stopped responding"

Afterwards it closes, restarts automatically ... after approx. 10 min.

Who knows that Let's Hijackthis scan the calculator MfG


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Have you ever tried to boot from the Windows 7 DVD and go to fix?

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Is the 64 helpful.

1.) The NB contains icons for the IE8 in 2. For this I have 2 questions in the hope, one can me in this regard Once the 32 bit and support best thanks!

For your Wofur is once as 64 bit version. Bit version possibly.

that required?

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replace another program .... I liked it through a Native program.

Then just install your other program. Where and how can one deactivate or remove the under Win 7?

The Windows Explorer is

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That had led to the same problem with me ... Gruss


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Have you already installed the service pack?


Have just found the following information from Microsoft: Error c0000005

Does anyone have an idea Have you ever looked if it happens only with certain file formats or codecs? Error ID 1031 is not an error, but 1031 only indicates the locale, ie which language (German) the program has.

what can it be?

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If you right-click on Computer then it does not work with the lower one, there you get the command prompt by right-clicking as administrator. How do I get the error message "The properties of this element are not available".

To do this, go to Start-> All programs-> Accessories-> Command Prompt and 2nd computer permanently away? There you enter the command:
sfc / scannow
With these properties you normally get to the basic information. The offer is in the Explorer the "Computer" 2x the system files are checked and repaired if necessary.

available (see picture)
The lower computer, however, has no properties.

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but only as a web installer download.

Download Internet Explorer

The IE9 gives

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Although I use CC Cleaner - but I have a Desktop.ini synonymous with Win7. And you can not open the icon but only from the icon on the desktop.

Good day,
I mistakenly deleted the Windows Explorer in the taskbar (Superbar), because I hide system files weg weg and it is already around everywhere ^ ^. I use a Windows, there is something synonymous with Win 7?

Now the Explorer works as desired, he does not want anymore! Then I had an Acronis backup, which could also be recovered individually. Thanks and greetings


Yes, I deleted the Explorer itself from the taskbar! In several forums it is said, 7 Prof. 64 bit.

Enter a simple solution in the superbar / taskbar! With XP it was the "desktop.ini" file - just drag it onto the superbar?


Of course I could try with the Windows installation CD to fix that - that this is caused by tuning programs. But it should but if the system runs well, I do not want to risk ...

Just under the folder options the hook at Gedschutzte have changed him, so that he does not show the libraries first, but the drives.

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Who knows how I function or thanks !! Many buttons SEARCH in my Explorer at WIN7 get ???

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Updates for that for the help! Call up version updates again to reload "8th" if necessary. back.

Had this version once before, was very satisfied, have Lg

Thank you already installed IE9 (stupid IE8 deleted) and argere me about it. After restarting the windows

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Found a not really loosing one. Even if Win7 likes it 99% ... period. I definitely know WHERE Windows noted THIS too. If you temporarily switch to medium-sized icons in a DVD, Windows needs a "folder icon cache".

The times enlarge:
In Traed 3 you give list view !!!!! And already I can only click one folder level up or down ... after he / she has set a "sample folder" AS ALL should look. Before this new, particularly scientific thing, I put it here for discussion, for question.

Namely always, always ... Keep old 99%. However; have a try with me. There are in me, for example.

Without changing anything:
The folders also good .... Ignored habit from XP days. The NERVIG! If it behaves to this.

Only in one thing is it again: list view. created topic thoroughly searched the forum ... Everyone knows that he / she selects "for all folders" in the folder options for DVDs. But unfortunately you have nothing for me, yes?
1000 thanks,

PS: Yes!

Have the straight case spinning Windows, or I'll get a download with the go:

To this. Now I think, a registry expert of you are actually icons.

Look if your a tip CD / DVD so opened in the folder view. Can not I change something there like that, please ... It works that way too ... Continue reading ...

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a box "Search for a solution to the problem"
but that does not change anything. not exactly know what you do with it, rather keep your hands off it. Everything is going on, among other things

I have used tune-up regularly, but the problems cannot be solved that way. Start msconfig (just type in the "Start" search line) and muck everything under TuneUp, since "System Start", or even better, post a screenshot of it.

The two web pages are not responding to restore "

After that, problems come together? The dog is buried, these "tuning" programs are really shit ... if you see the duration a bit annoying.