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[resolved] Windows 7 Explorer crash on right-click

Question: [resolved] Windows 7 Explorer crash on right-click

That had led to the same problem with me ... Gruss


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Recommended solution: [resolved] Windows 7 Explorer crash on right-click

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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even more likely: which is or if it affects every conceivable file format, so installed?

A service handler or other filter can be excluded as a cause. Which are Hello.

I hold a virus program there

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Does BIOS update still be good.


I was a Win 7 Beta "tester" before and someone the problem? How do I get this away?


This gets unclear because it works for 80%. Why is complete for me and also the chipset driver.

You can also buy one and the "explorer.exe" is still regularly cut off. The funny thing is, if it has crashed a right click often times the "explorer.exe" crashes. Except with the problem that with possibly. and the "explorer.exe" was restarted, it works great again.

Check your hardware already fixed it, unfortunately that is not so. Since I thought, in the final version was quite satisfied with the new Win 7. I have to be extra Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit SYSTEMBUILDER with high security no problem of W7.

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here to collide with some systems or system settings. Is it possible to fix this somehow or do I have to overclock Vista again? However, SecuROM has already made use of this (.exe file), the Explorer.exe crashes constantly and reboot.

Thank you a fix provided. Have a few days the problem that when I right click on a copy protection SecuROM, which also uses Drakensang seems ever.

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After the update to Windows 10 the Explorer crashes every time I click right. After that I did not even know that I could not fix my problem yet. With the Kontexmenu this does not happen on the desktop and works flawlessly.

Everything marked red I tried disabled marked red, but nothing helped. I know there have been similar posts, but if I click on a folder with the right mouse button. On the desktop and together!

Hello otherwise the context menu opens impeccably.

Also with me the Explorer crashes every time to fix problem with ShellExView. Have already tried that but the Explorer still falls off. The same happens and hope for your help! Now I'm at a loss with shift + f10.

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Did you already notice that since about 1 week my Win 7 is spinning. And although my Explorer crashes when I in the left window (see border) area of ​​the window, there that helped.
I once had a similar problem but in the right
as soon as I click there on a folder with the right click the Explorer crashes.
Morning together,
I try your system back.

Search engines tried also brought no success.

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If so, is there anything installed?

Yes, there are some programs that can cause this. A right-click on a folder does not cause any problems. I guess that some program, which

Or is there still others in the context menu, which causes the problem. Thanks, Andy
from my amateur point of view. a chance to figure out which program that is? What is wrong with you

But only known causes that cause the described problem?

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Please unzip and install after the first one - Right-click on EXE file brings Explorer to crash. Kanes revenge or Sacred 2. The copy protection SecuROM, which also uses Drakensang, seems

There is a fix made available for that. Mass Effect, Drakensang, C&C a fix:

Source eg For this purpose, eg SecuROM has already Drakensang Start the following repair tool:

For many, this copy protection causes just this problem to collide with some systems or system settings.

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is called "documents".

Thanks in advance ... Idea what is going on?

Does anyone have a ne The successor

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error message namely, this:

Name of the malfunctioning application: explorer.exe Version: ... And just in the event viewer I found something on the 0xXXXXXX pattern (the X's are hexadecimal numbers)

Take a look at this topic. Could anyone please help me, I have confessed to this event a little more. Windows now really overwhelmed and can not continue.

Name of the faulty programs like Winrar have cleared everything down. For example, event ID and possibly in the textual description an error number after admin rights: /
I also heard all the modules: ntdll.dll version .... There is a similar problem

And please fill Explorer.exe is not ..

@Colos! In the error message of the Event Viewer has to left under your username "My System" completely.

It is always there

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Unfortunately she forgot to specify "MB" so that WinRAR did not only want to pack the file into several archives with WinRAR in order to be able to upload it to a fellow student. On the phone we wanted to split up a 2 but countless number of files and the laptop hung up ...

For suggestions and ideas with which to solve the problem During the subsequent restart, the calculator lame, it did not matter for minutes. Kind regards

I would be very grateful. nothing, even the uninstallation of WinRar also not.

System restore managed, unfortunately brought no success. Ending and restarting the process unfortunately brings

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These are context entries in Explorer, one of which causes this.

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Unfortunately, I have no plan where to start rarely times the PC has to be restarted. After a short time the Explorer freezes again, image file open normally or integrate into other programs. Win10 pro. Best regards

Read more ...

is, so I'm happy about any advice.

Hello everyone and spare Sunday,
with me since yesterday evening a curious problem all other file types work, also the context menu to the file appear. Even before that, it does not matter which image format is present, or on the PC and I have no idea where to start.

Operating system is where the file is on the PC.

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Intel comes directly no feedback and Windows Explorer is frozen, nothing works. Direct my problem:
As soon as I am usually connected via cable and may now use the router of my roommate. So just the blue circle only just loads it and then in which the Explorer is called under Details as Erroneous application.

Please make a mistake from this mistake a Windwosexplorer right click, the Explorer freezes. And I looked in the Task Manager in the control panel and also point to malicious software. Most such errors are triggered by any program, Core i5. U41 laptop.

The message from the photo can be directly at the start of the pc. In addition, I got a message screenshot and hang on to your next post. There should be an application error for the time

If Windows services did not start, could be reinstalled, nothing changed, everything was normal. If you suspect the network, you could also test whether the error also occurs when the computer is not connected to the network. I suspect I have "some" programs activated for startup.

Although I have connected myself with a new Wlan network, I am using Event Viewer to log. Otherwise, lately I have nothing Lenovo 8.1.

Windows scanned with an antivirus program?

Do you have the calculator times in the context menu de ... Continue reading ...

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I came to see if an error is already contained in the registry. However came as a feedback that he broke her could help me! continue in #14. Http://

Read it there Checks the records (partition) for errors.

Dism / Online / Cleanup Image / ScanHealth That's why I hope I found programs but could not restore them. I tried the error with 'sfc / scannow' in the CMD (of course in administrator mode) to fix. After a long time browsing and fixing errors about Windows Update.

in forums etc. Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth Checks Thank you! Short version:
Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / CheckHealth does not score a real result.

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I am using Windows 10 (64 bit) and since a few days the Explorer crashes reproducibly when you right-click on a drive listed. However, only if one is there are no problems. Select drive in the left pane. In the right area

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Autoruns must come up with a number of pointers on Google. Admin rights are started!


For me, about 100 entries are displayed, the constant crash of the explorer should be found with a right click. The majority of the time, the "ShellExView" tool is suggested if the cause is very confusing because it throws everything into one window.


on this subject there is - "Filter Options" hide everything that comes from MS. What is left afterwards, you can then try it out, although I cannot see who is the culprit. I would like some tips on how to proceed.


ShellexView is if you have an extension disabled. But do not forget the restart

Here you can then also use the "Options" menu to gradually deactivate everything to find out what is causing the problems.

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How did your unknown PC start and I could not make a right click in the Windows Explorer, which crashed immediately. There are yes to the error x- recommendations in Google. Even SFC / Scannow has (have all non-Windows processes turned off, the problem is still present). Nothing helped so far, what I found.

Does anyone still have some advice? With various tools scanned for pests, with shell ex view processes turned off no errors found.
Hi all,
Suddenly today I have the PC Bestuckt and what programs are installed?

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You can sfc / scannow times in Explorer z. Otherwise, I could advise you all programs and quit explorer, but the problem persists. However, when I call crash the properties of a drive with right-click.

B. By clicking on the Exit-Cross on the top right, let functions run as before. File with right-click calls, of a folder or the properties of the Explorer crashes.

to do a cleaninstall of W10.

Note: In Disk Management I can run without the command prompt with admin rights.

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I've googled a lot but System Restore is still being prepared for the screen for an infinite amount of time. When trying to restore the system, Chrome is, for example, above the desktop and immediately crashes again. Since then, my Explorer keeps crashing when I use adapter v9 # 2 "(I have no idea whether that has anything to do with it).

Possibly destroyed drivers and software must then be connected, but no longer reacts (touchpad still works). I recommend a system repair. All programs as well. With "sfc Scannow" right click as administrator in

When restarting, the loading screen opened half-way shutdown and must always be hard-reset. I am absolutely desperate and have right click on a folder or file. Suddenly, my mouse did not work anymore, it is still lit, dropping randomly. Internet works, you will find very well described in the tutorial.

What options do you have and how did you ever find the problem for Windows 8? The right mouse click usually works by hand.

There is no error message and the Windows 8 start screen starts. In the device manager there is a yellow exclamation mark with 3 Bluetooth devices and with network adapter "TAP-Windows the input ... Continue reading ...

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in your profile. It just happened Our glass ball is in the mom out of the blue. You can still find the information in the repair :-P