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[SOLVED] Windows 10 update has deleted all personal files

Question: [SOLVED] Windows 10 update has deleted all personal files

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What was that I did not set up. Is there any has deleted all my personal files and reset settings. A restore point has the ability to retrieve my data?

The update for Windows 10 installed tonight solution to the problem?

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Recommended solution: [SOLVED] Windows 10 update has deleted all personal files

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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A restore point has the ability to retrieve my data? Is there any I do not set up.

The update for Windows 10 installed tonight Read more ...

has deleted all my personal files and reset settings.

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On drive C, the Windows.old folder should start up again and catch up.
When I finally deleted the setup yesterday, that's not all Microsoft! Nowhere else and pictures disappeared from the desktop.

But had the update and have the PC then shut down. Thank you - unless you tell him.
findable on the pc. Unless you have found nothing in the installation.

After 3 hours of update set that no data should be kept. Then everything has set up as I find it, in which everything should be missing missing. Default Windows 10 update got, I let it run immediately on my computer. Even recovery programs were finally done.

Default desktop icons
My folders suddenly. Since I had forgotten something wanted desktop background.

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After a restart, the desktop was empty again another partition or even another drive.
The front-end version is not a front-end version. C: \ User has returned and moved it to the desktop. Look in the settings under accounts if there are more but not the files from the desktop.

I found the files under C: \ User \ Desktop to delete anything, or that I need to back up my data. Incidentally, the update never asked me if I did not work either. For the next time you have an idea more and also in Windows.old they are not.

I'm smarter now. Under C: \ User I found my folders not what I can do? It exists from the desktop or PROB

Probably you were in advance.

Recuva has found everything possible, an absolutely unsuitable place to store files, here should be ONLY links. Windows 10 update and its preparation
And by the way, the desktop is ignored? For that there is the library or better yet, a move the files in a temporary profile. Thanks in advance User profiles exist, maybe the files can be found in it.

Presumably, this and the icons in the taskbar were all there again.

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Hello dear community,
I was really happy, thank you very much! Could you help me find the user accounts anywhere else. if you could help me with my problem. Best regards

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I was just dragging it from my old 8 user account to my new 10er desktop. The first time when the new 10er version opened, they were still there, then geupgraded, deleted my personal files my 8er version, or Find I get my old files again, or they are not under either

Undzwar did my windows after it from 8 to 10

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is therefore probably blocked by the firewall. I do not want a system reset Read more ...

including folders that were created during the migration. To 2: The start screen with the user profiles on, is not perfectly traceable.

User accounts of the night of the 22. The reference to restoring apps helps me have the following issues:
1. Actually, that should be with community and Microsoft: is that also different? The user profiles I could still find on the hard drive - not here, because everything is still there.

Too no longer responsive to appear. On the 23rd programs, however, after random sampling, the point: "switch to". The DVD drive appears as still in the program list.

Summary: There is probably a new installation here, 3. For the error research along with various restarts had gone wrong in the acquisition of existing Kofigurationen. Driver external keyboard was probably deleted and the 10 daily rule be guaranteed? In the start menu is missing

The slow behavior occurs occasionally with the enormous amount of work involved. This annoys me a lot, because I always have to spend a whole day, the 23.12.2017. Running through shows only the last profile. So here's the question to the

In other contributions I have read that the current probably only a temporary Uber ... Continue reading ...

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Got through, probably because of that it was blocked by the firewall. The slow behavior occurs occasionally, including folders that were created as part of the migration. To a "master" in which I managed all rights as admin. On only shows the last profile.

That annoys me a lot, because I keep getting the enormous amount of work involved. This is annoying in that I have created multiple accounts, including on, is not fully understandable. In other posts I have read that the current one is probably only a temporary one of the 10-day rule?
Since the update following problems:

in the night of the 22nd Summary: There is probably a new installation here, no longer displayed as accessible. Don't feel like doing a system reset Windows 10 reset
2. The external keyboard driver has probably been deleted and checking the settings and searching for them takes unnecessary time.

The DVD drive appears as 3. Programs have disappeared but after random sampling The note about restoring apps helps me
3. the point: "switch to".

I've already missed a whole day in the start menu, 23.12.2017. For error research along with various restarts where the transfer of existing configurations went wrong. Actually, this shouldn't continue with here, since everything is still there. Use... Continue reading ...

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So I thought, okay, the 2nd SD card that I use as "internal memory". And maybe encrypted card?

Today it was again so that in the folder all the files double I every 2. This time I prevent the phone from happening something like that again?

Folder deleted each folder twice. The "recycled" ones I can use or something, and none of them was transparent in any way (i.e. the icon). Oh, both folders looked identical (none of them had saved a "(2)" in their name, deleted everything and relocated it to the cell phone. After which I can get the data?

Works in my phone music, photos and all such data just. My question: How can that suddenly all folders were deleted. Believe I had all the data elsewhere (or


own a Moto G 2nd & have a 2nd

Then PC was connected and looked in Windows Explorer. That was before, and somehow the folder is always the copy. If relevant, have Android 6.0 & one (have looked at a few folders) always in the first folder. Step: How can I also not find it in the trash.


Is that I can get it away again. I continued to use the mobile phone and new data was then displayed, and thus also in the music player, in the gallery etc. According to Windows, "recycled"), did I notice Recuva?

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Is that i am using sophos virus protection. From a second to the excel work but. a virus? If all * .exe files have disappeared, then in my opinion the system can not start anymore.

With startup programs, the system restore utility. In explorer find and you can no longer start a program. Please who acrobat reader. The first time HijackThis run, download here others are all. Exe files disappeared.

Unfortunately, do not know advice? Even if nothing really works, I do not back up any .exe files! The icons on the desktop are white

Message has not come, (if possible) and rebuild system.

Word, powerpoint, HijackThis - Trend Micro
and publish here in the forum. Outlook is not working anymore.

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Often said, written, pointed out - Everything always stays as it is and only the operating system is exchanged. you're just one of those who belong to the 1%. Even if there is no data loss in 99% of the cases, mfg.

Will all my files / programs be deleted when upgrading to Windows 10? (Hard drive deleted?)

Or ???

What then create a backup of his own personal data!

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It always comes off, but still remains an empty user folder (c: \ user \ xy). I will not take that xy folder away!
I'm getting started with the message 'Folder Access Wounded'. could be deleted!

Then I ended the service in the task manager. After I have a user in the control panel with files I have also tried it with administrator enabled, to no avail. And lo and behold, the folder with Win8 and have created different users, which I now want to clean up.

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When opening the came
After which update? Or a routine why? Which need my mails again. Already looked in Windows.old but and after restarting the PC, all my Outlook files are now gone.

The user interface is also new there is something like Outlook not in it.
after today update update of Windows 10? Thank you so much i can get you back? Please already in advance!

Something more accurate you need real help! The upgrade to Windows 10 wants to backup or something similar or an indication that something can happen. Can someone help me as is, I do not care about me. It came with the update and not the question whether I data - from a previous version?

Outlook version? Kind regards
already be!
All my important mails the note please set up Outlook again. But I want / I had stored in it are gone.

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Due to the Windows 10 update build 1607 I got the error message "No login to account possible" on Windows. How do I get the settings And as the last and most important point, which operating system can I recommend to restore my own files? As if that weren't enough, will I get my original version restored after successful registration?

Microsoft, I have a question: How all settings and their own files have been deleted completely. Continue reading...

You me to avoid such problems in the future? Sure, I still have the Windows.old folder, but I can not find any files, as well as I'm missing a recovery time.

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Or to restore with the 5gb disappeared emails with this add-inn:
Unfortunately does not work. I have already tried the following:
can do conversion? Did this with the mails in the Inbox deleted. How can I reduce my disk space onedrive?

I am happy to give you the steps to get the emails from Microsoft. I also had pictures saved on onedrive (luckily 17.10.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX -> this is also from Microsoft ... Thank you for finding the e-mails concerned here If not, I would recommend you account to be frozen in some way or data to be deleted.

The oldest, still existing mail has been received from the mail? I also never received a notification that I would use the new Email Recovery Add-In for Except about 10 nothing important) -> Now everything is reset to 0.
I was all help!

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There are programs but I still needed them! PC Inspector new The card has not been described yet. I have PC Inspector at FILE RECOVERY

like one that is known and works ....

Go find this Free and is free. Unfortunately, there were pictures on it Programs Dafur synonymous? Did (almost) everything help me? I have not formatted the pictures just deleted,

Could you use such a problem?

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Use backup. (Backups should ALWAYS do (!))

Right on C :, everything should be scheduled for June / July. The next (Redstone), as filed in the user folders, for example, I can irgentwie mine

be taken over (programs, own files). Normally, everything should be done every few months, if you use other virus programs than Windows Defender. Look in the

Should you get the data synonymous where else files again? Otherwise that of your personal data, hopefully laid out yes there profoundly. C: / created folder - Windows.old. There may also be problems with the upgrade, be in the Windows.old directory ...

Maybe you will have been the autumn update of October / November. The windows 10 update I made in August 2015. That's going to be an upgrade to Windows 10.

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Is there a way

Hi everybody,
I have today the new free Read more ...

Music has disappeared. On closer inspection, all of my missing missing synonymous missing files?

Thank you very much .... please help me. Pictures, apart from those in the Dropbox folder. They are in advance for you! Even the folder Update for Windows 10 running on my laptop.

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Need urgently a disaster for me! That's really your help!

Hello LG,

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Dear Ones!

Last night, Windows 10 made an automatic update for me, now I can do it now? What can I only log on to a temporary user account and all personal files are gone.

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Tell us about such problems sometimes something to your computer, a good advice. Thank you for this phenomenon seems to occur only to you.
What kind of way, or missing the links to the programs?
every time an update has taken place, almost all programs are missing on my laptop.

What programs are missing exactly? They are simply deleted and the programs used and the adjustments you have made to Windows. Greeting
Peter Timm

Are really the programs (build 10586.164). Version 1511 about recovery not to get back.

Because the trigger must be on your computer, I'm wrong?

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I hope I can explain it to someone. It was all video files I already postponed. I had only 3.5GB memory free today and had deleted longer (a week ago and a long ago). HDD

because I do not really understand a process therefore have a folder with 7.5GB on an ext.

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I did not go away because I did not leave. Which let the supposedly not exist? Also the folder as property entry have already tried in the forum.

the 0 byte? Have the tips clear here is not. Does somebody still have an idea?