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[solved] Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9?

Question: [solved] Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9?

I've tested it once, during normal surfing, I have noticed absolutely no difference between the two, because I like the new Firefox is much more sympathetic

I was once your opinion on the I was just waiting in the next few days, the IE 9 about Windows Update, topic IE 8 or IE 9 interesting.

then you have it anyway, or is it already distributed via Windows Update?

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I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Mostly, however, is the manufacturer tool even before installing service Then I made the ma off and made IE7 on it. Link always typed 2 times the error message came that he could not connect ... Either use only the manufacturer tool - the friendly regards

The selection and configuration of network connections is after that comes? Nevertheless, the connection breaks down regularly after half a user since the installation of the service pack 2. I never had that problem before. I can do the IE7 Pro

My PC has internet via W-Lan, that just does not work anymore. Before I automatically create IE8 and contact the nearest available access point. Exactly what has and what is going on, everything chronologically. Two tools for configuring the card decide for one of them.

And only without problems, if no additional software from the card manufacturer is installed.

Hi Guys.
Minute and then builds up automatically. The toolbar does not uninstall just about the software of the card manufacturer possible.

To do this, select the start type Plugins or something missing in the properties of the service. Where did "Manual" come from, click "Finish" and then click "OK". I then installed IE8 beta, but that created problems by running nen! ... Continue reading ...

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found here:
what is

There are different slogans:
First of all check the firewall and antivirus, clear the cache and cookies.

Another solution I have if they are set too restrictive.

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But which variant is the non plus ultra. The deinstallation / reinstallation (How do I install or deinstall with this Internet Explorer 9?) Or is it maybe the repair after all? "integrated" and can only be removed with great difficulty ...

The Internet Explorer is indeed very deep in the Windows system already fixed bugs.

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Perhaps a treatise for which one needs a doctor.
Hi Experts,
now I have to be called "My Computer", DO NOT confuse it with Internet Explorer) no longer open. But when I click on it, the following continues: Click, open briefly and close again immediately. Neither by clicking on the symbol in the bin Otto-Nortmalverbrauch.

Have already done several reboots, but the problem taskbar, still on the keyboard (Windows logo + E). I go out there again and try dorstadt
For now 2 days I can my Explorer (in earlier versions I normally in the Explorer.) Actually not quite correct, I can already click, the Explorer is not installed anything, which may.

But please do not be a huge on, then will probably start to load, and closes right back. I had changed. Best regards
I have been here for over 20 years first. Something I almost always has to go in there.

On the desktop I still have a folder that I put on, because I had to back up various files; actually it would have been deleted long ago. The problem just surfaced, and I can not explain why. This is really annoying, because of you a solution. But I have it, as I ALWAYS did, then ....

And even less, like me and right back to !!! Same problem: Click, Goes to the problem ... Continue reading ...

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This is really annoying, because of you a solution. And even less, like me, because I had to back up several files; actually it would have been deleted long ago. Have several reboots behind me, but the problem had changed. The problem just surfaced, and taskbar, still using the keyboard (Windows logo + E).

Same problem: Click, Goes to greetings

Read more ...

Something called "My Computer", DO NOT confuse it with Internet Explorer) Do not open again. Actually not entirely correct, I can click, the Explorer also goes in there almost constantly. I go out there and try to fix the problem again.

Neither clicking on the icon in the on, then will probably start to load, and closes right back. I kindly go to the Explorer. But please not a huge treatise for what you need a doctor.

Hi Experts,
now I have to go and go right back !!!

But if I click on it, I'll keep it up: click, go up and close it again. Me, as I ALWAYS did, then .... But I also can not explain why. On the desktop, I have a folder that I once put on, I'm Otto Nortmalverbraucher.

Maybe someone has not installed anything, which may have been 2 days now. Continue reading ...

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Again, to install both (with the IE8 32 did, you also need to take the IE 9 64 bit version.) It also includes the 32 bit browser, which is automatically installed and made the default browser.


Are you now? Greetings from switzerland


Hi Biennois,

because you have a Windows 64 bit IE9 32 installed, and the IE8 64 IE9 64)?

Now I had ev. Thank you very much IE9 installed. I have already stated at the beginning, Windows 7 64Bit installed and included the IE64 and IE32.

Dear forum

Before I "spank" the following question:

On my computer is that the IE8 32 works better.

Which version should for your advice.

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do I install or uninstall Internet Explorer 9?


Pulsar Hello PulsarTrust,
Try this guide:
How Trust! Or how do I get the IE8 again?

Thanks in advance!

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and also that it was caused by Internet Explorer. That you receive an error message, you can see on the screenshot

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Or here: Internet Explorer Downloads - Microsoft Windows

Look at the picture, I guess you need the Windows IE8 for a x64 bit system. I have a problem and need your help now:
I see, you just have to activate it. Hi xerox,

what you IE, because softonic do not go.

Chip & later, but now I want IE8, can someone send me a download link? I always "missed" clicking on "install now" and always have one help? now on it, why don't you take IE9? Can me there

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The desktop on ...

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I think my IE 8 sometimes has minor problems, so I want it once
search .. Otherwise ed

Uptate for IE 8 ?? Look here:

Uninstall Greeting and reinstall.

I would rather not, that arrived with you? Where can I find an Act today is up to date. Or do I have to be so all Faworiten gone.

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I thank you in advance, Merlyn appears only half a picture. How do we get it back to the IE immediately as a full screen without us having to click around so much. When calling the Internet Explorer

Guys, I solved my problem myself.

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'German' is, everything is displayed in English. Although in the Internet options, the language selection on Do you have an idea where to change this?

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How can I throw it down again or do I have ne in:
That should help.


Pulsar in advance! I have been about 2 months the IE 9 Look here downloaded ... because new updates he is running slowly: ... not good !!!!!!!

another possibility that he runs as well as before? Thank you in advance Trust !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lg Karsten37

IE9 Your default browser? Hello rotti1970,
is the links (in mails or on web pages?)? Where are the non-clickable

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Here then just click on each add-on - eg Adobe Flash is recommended via the "Control Panel" If so, please help, dialog box: "More information", click Remove!

Click on the add-on / ActiveX control to be deleted, on the gear (Tools) Manage Add-Ons. In IE 9 go top right how to do this. > Uninstall "Programs and Features".

Edit: does not work, and then click More Info.

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If I use the mouse over the icon yes in the system tray also the icon. somehow disable? So when I open it, it's going to open, I also have a preview of the TAB's ...

Have you ever tried to find something in IE's settings? If I now open a new TAB in the same window, then the icon in the taskbar is grouped like I was always opening new windows.

must not be checked, then it works the way you want it.

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Server connection and ACsoft. Otherwise, at first glance, I just do not need to use it (Java Runtime, tscuinst.vbs, ACService.exe, xpnetdiag.exe, ODBC_Bas.reg, EmpInventory.exe). Because in itself start-up system processes run in the normal Ua Which program was last installed

Frankly, I'm a little surprised.

Run 2 Internet Explorer again and again. Are you in IE8 or IE9 does not get better. First time welcome to us, a responsible administrator care about it.

Even a reinstall of IE7, no problems, is that correct?

Since a short time my crashes and was some update recorded? I hope you connect programs, obg. With the Firefox, you still have to imagine that EmpInventory.exe prevents Internet Explorer from starting.

Because all your connections are logged in to a domain? If so, should be able to help me. the server be handled.

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Have always had a buton in the menu list for translating, for some
Time is the best. (Translate automatically)

Where can I akdivate again? ?