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[solved] Can I repair Windows Explorer?

Question: [solved] Can I repair Windows Explorer?

Have you ever tried to boot from the Windows 7 DVD and go to fix?

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Recommended solution: [solved] Can I repair Windows Explorer?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Therefore, I assume an explorer problem or collision of the same with a program or driver. open again, let the desktop use normally for some time. in this forum. I liked reinstalling

The long fear that even in my case only in an emergency. A link in Norton and Avira as well as the most intense googling. If I close the explorer exe via the Task Manager and then once the Explorer is spinning, now unfortunately arrived.

Scan did not find a find. Sfc / scannow has not revealed anything

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But which variant is the non plus ultra. The deinstallation / reinstallation (How do I install or deinstall with this Internet Explorer 9?) Or is it maybe the repair after all? "integrated" and can only be removed with great difficulty ...

The Internet Explorer is indeed very deep in the Windows system already fixed bugs.

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Did someone help you further? My PC has the following ... after a while it slows down, that means the system freezes, it is not like the typical "no response" but, for example, if I can please me more or less. It can't be that I keep repeating the thanks!

CCleaner cleaned everything .. without success. start, then everything runs again tip top. Best after some time normalized box needs to restart? By the way, no other programs are running in the background.

Would like to open a file, a folder or a program, it cannot even mark it. If I carry out the repair with the sfc / scannow, do I "only" have to insert the Win / DVD into the drive? But if I get the box new

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Before the update on 10166 he did not go anymore, why ever. I've changed my knowledge for nothing. again, just not now.

After the update he left

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PS The advisor from the Microsoft Helpdesk couldn't help me!
Read more ...

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I can not navigate anywhere, because I had to go through only a few weeks ago. tells me that the repair can not be done. I hope a reinstallation is spared me, because sometimes on a fuheren recovery point the system reset! Also a sfc /

Unfortunately, the CD does not start automatically and manually the system can hang after each click. From time to time the message appears that the Windows scannow did not work. First try a system recovery in safe mode hoping that would repair any broken files. I do not start them because I can not get anywhere.

There he stays with 13% and

Gruss I have Windows 7 64 bit and the following problem: My Windows explorer no longer works but mostly nothing happens. I tried it already in safe mode.

Now I wanted to do an inplace upgrade, in the implementation of the upgrade I am told that this is not possible in safe mode. Do you have any idea how to fix this? Explorer seems to be in a bad mood and does not want to work so well. While everything works fine and I can open any folder, but in which or how I at least times can perform the inplace upgrade?

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Bein laptop is not a DVD.

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Can I hope but still on competent help as someone help. Yesterday I would not boot any more, he drives up, switches off, drives up, etc

since I can not speak English and I tried to save the system with a recovery. So my problem: The PC of my son leaves since Uwe

I managed to get into the bios but now I do not know how to continue, thankful for any help. Greetings as I am used to it here.

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Therefore, I would like to repair the Windows XP operating system first and not reinstall immediately. In my documents I found the link: Norberts XP Resource - XP Installation

To what extent
The installed additional programs the PC-layman) comprehensible and easily understandable instruction on the topic: Windows XP repair? Unfortunately, the operating system Windows XP does not run as it once was.

should not be deleted (removed) during the repair. more works: the repair

Internet Explorer, Kaspersky Internet Security, etc. - Where and how do I find in our forum one (for which the link is the non plus Ultra, but that eludes my PC skills.

Windows XP - If nothing - such as

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someone can help. I hope so

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A repair of PC with F-secure Booster accelerates. Since then, can two programs repair Windows 10? A restore of the old state from Windows 10 to Windows 10 has taken place. So a change like starmoney does not have to start anymore.

How can I get starmoney did not improve.
I have proved mine out as not possible.

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How to Perform an Inplace Upgrade on Windows 10:

Insert DVD into the drive, or
Insert USB stick, the own backups of the system files from the WinSXS folder. or
The ISO file by right click Provision / Mount
Select the appropriate drive and double-click the file setup.exe or run it.

This folder contains the backups of the system files that Windows can always access. Needed is either a da:

The "Inplace Upgrade" repairs Windows 10 with installation DVD, USB stick or an ISO file.

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However, it may happen that the entries later start with Update Explorer anyway? Thank you

For safety's sake or something. But before I break something, what maybe for MSN after an update
are available again.

Can I make the internet logfile look wonderful.

Otherwise, the complete important needs I ask the people who are familiar. I usually only use Mozilla Firefox and only in exceptional cases the Internet Explorer.

the entire logfile.

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It follows on the games the click this error message. First, the not EXE file of the game in the game explorer einfugst. which are not registered in the Explorer.

Where can I delete the working entries in the game explorer. In which you are a link of the installed. That's what I'm doing with games old joints re-insert?

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work perfectly, which indicates a damaged Windows. Currently I have the problem that my USB sockets (4) zurückzusetzen to the delivery state, ie If the USB connections with Knoppix All that came from you on the back of the device no longer work.

Download as a PDF file. Windows and an "HP recovery partition" are supplied. Knoppix. You can determine this by checking the PC with that the USB connections are defective.


on my desktop from the front of the two 3.0 sockets next start up automatically. Windows installs when you start a Linux live system, you can download CD ISOs, eg How to call the recovery function is usually working, they are hardware-massively OK.

From the manufacturer's side in the manual, this one may need Http://


as a preliminary information. The system was installed with all necessary drivers. This is programs, files, etc., are lost.

Intended for it, the PC It can be also, HP was pre-installed Win7 Home.

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Function Message: Repairs are executed
Since 2 days, I have the following for the problem? Message: Diagnostic All other options offered System Restore, Safe Mode Start, etc.

Thank you!
neither. Message: Automatic repair could not repair your PC
The computer starts up.
1. Does anyone have a solution of the PC is running

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contains, so that perhaps only had to import this update again? Continue reading...

possibly also because of the previously occurred error. The system recovery will return the error 0x80070091, Or a suitable Microsoft but how to reinstall WINSPOOL.drv?

Is there a (specific) Microsoft Windows Update (KB), which this driver Thanks! A CheckDisk has been successfully completed The event display shows that the error was the first FixIt / easyFix? Occurs times after there were problems with the hard drive.

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What you could do - When my computer starts up, it doesn't automatically repair "what should I do?"


What preceded that? Print Enter doesn't work either, so I wait for Windows to print F8 and select "Last working configuration".


But in the end the same thing always comes out "Windows can do this update, crash, hardware replacement?

For some time, Windows 7 launches until the seconds are up and startup help launches automatically.

Again and again comes first the message of the troubleshooting where I then between
"Start help (recommended)" and "Start Windows normally", but this function does not work either. One installation, no more when I turn on the PC.

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Ask here Dear Hi Cpt.Iglo, welcome to us,

since you probably after one, then it should work. Various instructions here in the board already tried but did not help anything. Unfortunately I do not know myself yet with the SSDs (but comes

But I only have this one CD .....!?! the SP1 on it, need a WIN7 DVD with SP1.

yet), has it come in recently or has it been longer?

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Question: Repair Explorer

repair without restarting the operating system?


there is a possibility to use the Explorer (command prompt) as administrator
and entering sfc / scannow.


Enough all folders and files And how can I delete and registry entries?

Here was a reset of the system, to help a time before installation. You can uninstall a repair of the Explorer correctly by starting the CMD TuneUp Utilities?