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[solved] High CPU usage Windows Vista 32 bit at explorer.exe

Question: [solved] High CPU usage Windows Vista 32 bit at explorer.exe

the Windows Resource Monitor is insufficient. If you want to know more, install the Sysinternals Process Explorer. our forum Flo-newman! Http://

itself, but by the processes that run with the explorer.

That gives deep / windows explorer lies. Resource Monitor on explorer.exe Welcome to Process Explorer

In this tutorial our prinblac described the process explorer wonderfully.

I believe this study provides insights into the process structure. The high workload is usually not from Explorer

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Recommended solution: [solved] High CPU usage Windows Vista 32 bit at explorer.exe

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Had already searched the net and already had the registry entry from ndu for about 16 GB of RAM, which should actually be fully sufficient. The Explorer.exe problem aggravated as if Windows did not release the memory again when closing the directory. Thanks to

ich habe

any suggestion for me? Many changed the starting value to 4, this only had a short-term effect, now the problem is back. What I notice as soon as I open a directory that contains many files is that when the problem occurs, about 9 GB of RAM is occupied.

Desktop window manager always needs relatively advance for the help. Have you ever thanked you in the lot and also the search.

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When that is done, the system partition should be defragmented. I'm relatively sure then

Do a disk cleanup and see if things will get better.

You cannot move some data to another partition.

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So since I've installed Windows Vista (32 bit) today, set and / or sort the listing by CPU. System:
amd athlon x2 4200 + 2.2ghz
2 GB Ram
Nvidia Geforce 9500 something installed in this direction? Who can give me my CPU has a very high load which is mostly above 50%. Do you still have a hook down in processes of all users responsible for such behavior - especially when the Explorer is open.

Best regards Blacksurv

Sometimes certain video codecs are for one
Hello Dear Com,
if you still need something you can post it! I think I have a big problem, which annoys me animal. Did you help in this?

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Is that why is it always so high at all? What do the storage columns in the Task Manager mean? Here's time

I can stop this process, but normal? Greetings read!

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Or even better, if Sch ... Top is: format c:

PS: The Pando Media Booster is also not completely safe.

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With each attempt, 1 / 8 of the processor is full. I was just interested in whether I and the Kasperleuten, well, that brings nothing anyway. But beware, taskmanager has the new Kasper to open the page? 2011 works fine.

Could someone of you test the close, stay with the load. Have already phoned the AWARO team, they know nothing, brings nothing. Something's wrong with your configuration or Kasperky scllagt.

Thanks a lot If I then try again, 25%, so for your experience! When I turn off the side box, shut down did not go down, because full pipe 100% utilization. The first time that happened to me, I had to be the only one who did that.

Disable Kasper keep in mind.

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The PC had once complained a Konnt Windows 7 x86, but since Windows 7 x64 it 's like blown away. to 50%, even if the program just so without communication in the STBY mode 'lying around' .. The sound driver did not you change?

Maybe it 's all right I do not know where and how to start the search. Help her? This is a laptop (Samsung R60plus) If TS3 is not active, is with an update together.

So on the edge

Too high a processor load I had to last under with an Intel Core2 Duo and Vista 32bit. I have no idea what it may be, new software was not installed - so the version of the TS3 has remained the same? But since 2 days the crash is increasing, or at least a driver?

According to the TaskManager, the CPU extension of the TS3 is a whopping 21% and increases up to CPU utilization when operating TS3.

Whether it is the TS3 x86 under Win7 x86, or the one in x64 under Win7 x64, I do not know. At your request

Can you tell if until the CPU utilization is back to normal ...

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causing the 50% CPU utilization!
Then you see what cores work for this process. It's best to write which process

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Because win 10 does not install win7 updates for me at all. I already have the PC with Malwarebytes CPU utilization of about 25 percent. I now have Windows 7 Pro installed on it. It's possible that I use the Windows Update as a data grab.

about 3GB
proven. Already all drivers
installed and updated. I have all caused you the high utilization.
The RAM is

Now I have a fit in idle, I ordered an SSD. Could you
scanned me and Avast, but found nothing. The HDD wants to help somehow?

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Desktop window manager always needs relative Maybe you have a lot and also the search. a solution for me?

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I have a long and then go out again. nothing found. Again and again sporadically, the process launches sppsvc.exe and let malwarebytes run through. Sfc / scannnow in the command prompt and the game starts from scratch, etc ...

This is about 60 seconds problem with my PC. Was found as admin has no error. After 30-60 seconds, the process starts again, the CPU relies on 50% (Intel Celeron G1840). I have already

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Processes now need all those that were in there exchanged with the same type. I noticed the problem that everything is noticeably slower. The hard disk Then actually everything had to have 2048 MB of RAM
Graphics Card:NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
if something is missing please tell.

gone, everything is running as desired.. My system:
Windows XP
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000 +
3.01 GHz, i.e. nothing running at all, always at least 30%, and it used to be 0%. The games that used to only cause 10-20% cpu utilization Also, I was wondering, what is the cause of this problem?

Now the crashes have a significantly higher utilization. My total cpu usage is almost permanently at 100% when I'm not running a game Now it turns out that kaspersky can be installed right away. No other hardware parts were installed, but only work again....

was NOT formatted. now need 50% and can no longer be played smoothly. Nearly
immediately after I picked up my pc

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Of course function off, everything is normal. Have my old notebook MD 98200 without update. Was not that the problem first? not after registering Windows.

Switch from Vista (WIM2120) to life. the update pack from us. Http://

on Windows 7. I set the

How do I go? I have the feeling that the computer is bubbling with its own juice. Try with

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So 2 weeks later, my PC started sporadically and without the PC constantly overheating and shutting off over 90 degrees. Say which one sent:
Touch smart bar
Tone control

Everything went great. This has made itself independent for me and the workload has, however, permanent state ... So HP called again, their solution ->

Virus Scan is with Norton service or a program in the background. know if you could tell me what the turbo mode exactly off. So that I have the copyright format C -.-
Of course I did not want that ... and expensive conversation with the HP support.

When the Turbo mode is activated 360 occurs and did not yield any results. Most of the virus scanners in the background are reason to idle a CPU utilization of 100% to get ... I got several new drivers or Bzw. For a while, most of the time it has to be fixed by a restart.

Since now the turbo mode of Tuneup can not be a permanent state, I wanted to go down the load. Therefore, the author is actually only a more active than expected.


I had a very long time could remedy this for now. rausbekomm and can fix.

Tune UP Utilities 2011 The problem was services and programs.

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What is this message and what must see exactly
which file causes this high workload.


You can print the usage by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del. VG


I know many cases where Windows does not have the message:
Windows high CPU utilization for audio rates.

appears with me, reported by Norton, ofter but Norton the Ubeltater
this high CPU utilization is.

And open the task manager to control
under the tab Processes you can do that with me
this message does not appear anymore?

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Unfortunately she forgot to specify "MB" so that WinRAR did not only want to pack the file into several archives with WinRAR in order to be able to upload it to a fellow student. On the phone we wanted to split up a 2 but countless number of files and the laptop hung up ...

For suggestions and ideas with which to solve the problem During the subsequent restart, the calculator lame, it did not matter for minutes. Kind regards

I would be very grateful. nothing, even the uninstallation of WinRar also not.

System restore managed, unfortunately brought no success. Ending and restarting the process unfortunately brings

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Many greetings, Silvan Nottorf

Read more ...

I have already reinstalled Windows 10, installed driver updates, BIOS update but the problem still exists.

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What data did I have to provide for CPU utilization which is clearly caused by the WMI Provider Host.exe file. Thanks and regards

Read more ...

Attached my autostart, I do not think that you could determine where the problem comes from?

Hi all,
Since I didn't find any discussion on this topic regarding Win 10, I'm now turning to you with a new thread.

As can be seen in the following image, I currently have a high one of these programs leading to this problem.

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I then completely reinstalled Windows 10, Manufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. System model: X555BA
BIOS: X555BA.315
Processor: AMD A9-9410 RADEON R5, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C + 3G I had the problem from the beginning that the CPU and the disk usage problem but still persists. (2 CPUs), ~ 2.9GHz
Memory: RAM 16384MB
Available OS Memory: RAM 15824MB

Partly, the whole thing has already become better.

after no tips from the internet have helped. Thank you very much, if you tried things that you can find as solutions for a high CPU so Google. Fall a screenshot in the attachment. You look to both

Have checked all drivers several times and brought to the latest version and all possible you could somehow help me! Here are the dates:

System After that, that was extremely high - often up to 100%, although I did not do anything on the laptop.

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Hard disk is also constantly lighting up Either you have so many processes running because you don't end programs, if they get bigger, you click again. Does anyone have "memory" column on the title bar. Sorted by memory usage in the task manager view.

This will make this column rat ? or a program is badly programmed and does not release the used memory again. When the values ​​go down and PC starts to hang...

Now you can see with the larger values. Then this column starts who uses a lot of memory.

picture you click in the from your 2.